Malawi Police quiz Rwandan ‘doctor’ operating without papers

Police in Lilongwe over the weekend detained and questioned Rwanda-born Nice Oliver for posing as a South Korea trained physician and operating a clinic without proper papers.

Oliver, who is Director of Vigen Medical Clinics, is suspected that he has been cheating Malawians the he is an agent of Vigen Medical Company of South Korea.

His clinic has two branches one in Malangalanga in Lilongwe and the other in Blantyre at the Trade Fair grounds.

Lilongwe Police Publicist Sergeant Kingsley Dandaula confirmed of the arrest.

“He was questioned and released on bail pending further investigations,” said Dandaula.

In an interview, Oliver said the police requested for his papers authenticating his claims that he is a trained physician and an agent for Vigen Medical Clinic.

“I gave them documents,” he said without confirming whether he is indeed a trained physician.

Vigen Medical Company originated from South Korea and is found in many Asian, European and African countries.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi Police quiz Rwandan ‘doctor’ operating without papers”

  1. Mr.Bambo says:

    Zichedwani choncho anzanu akuchira uku.Akhungu akuona a stroke akuyenda ofooka ku chipinda akubandula heavy.Inetu ndikuchitira umboni,munthu akuthandiza uyu.

  2. Nyangwani says:

    The guy is foreigner and u give him bail. He wil run away.

  3. Nyangwani says:

    Medical Council of Malawi is sleeping. So is the ministry of health. Conduct door to door check of clinics owned by foreigners. Immigration and police shud also conduct their own operation to flash out illegal immigrants. Go to RSA and see how effective the police is in arresting illegal immigrants. Kuno muli ndwiiiii including minister of home affairs.

  4. chifundo says:

    In the quest for cheap Labour Madisi hospital also hired a guy from Rwanda who made so many Malawian women lose their lives lucky ones only the uterus. Patients would come back days with their decomposing wounds that were improperly stitched. I blame the Malawian nurses around who couldn’t take the matter to authorities.

  5. Kharupa says:

    also check on greenline

  6. sizwe motaung says:

    komadi a malawi ndife omvetsa chisoni, everything in this country porous, a lawless nation worse than those that have been at war for over ten years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. pierra says:

    Unbelievable! Government is putting the security and health of its citizens in great danger by cosying with such practices. An agent of a foreign company is on a visitor immigration permit as obtained by such an organisation. They can carry out internal audits of said organisations but NOT practice on behalf of that organisation. That requires a different work permit application.

    Under this guise, how many foreigners have we taken into the country who most likely have proper citizenship papers by now. Malawi is facing graduate unemployment when their jobs are taken up by these foreigners who no doubt pay no taxes at all. The company should be fined heavily for breaching immigration law and the said person given 24 hrs to leave or face imprisonment.
    As a poor country Malawi allows these small scale operators to come set up shop in the country; then follow that by establishing these companies as people trafficking hubs flooding the nation with allsorts! Its time to carry out a purge of all foreign owned companies and take an account on how many foreigners are indeed working without permission. The fines will add revenue to government treasury!

  8. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Shame to medical council of malawi

  9. Malawianmom says:

    Imagine how many people like him are here in Malawi with fake papers. I can’t believe this is happen here.

  10. ndaziona says:

    Give back the charge of medical council to doctors management and not to half doctors and not to cliinical officers. There are many reputable and mature medical doctors who are malawians and can do the job. I can give you the names not Ntaba

    1. Kharupa says:

      ooooo its an attack on clinical officers now

  11. ndaziona says:

    Give back the chargevof medical doctors to a doctor not half doctors and blinical officers.

  12. MoH stand up says:

    This just shows that the medical council of Malawi is is inept and run by imbeciles, most of whom come from one region actually. MoH and Doctors association of Malawi should insist that this body should be headed by an Med Doc as is the case all over the globe. How you expect a paralegal to vet doctors?

  13. H. Davis kabeta says:

    This is a national scandle. Dr thism director this, parliamentarly commitee on this and that all noisy for nothing. Cry the beloved country.

  14. H. Davis kabeta says:

    Medical board plse speak on this issue.

  15. H. Davis kabeta says:

    In the first place where is medical council of malawi? What is there job? Everything to the dogs indeed. No political leadership and no professional leadership in this country. The story is all about higher salaries accrosscthe board. Do we really have a msdical board in this country? Tell me.

  16. eye eye says:

    How were they given the permit to operate in BT and L in the first place??????

  17. Nyangwani says:

    Confirm with the institution where he said he was trained. Phone them. Even Nyasa Times can make its own investigations. Malawi shud be very careful with foreign qualifications. Verify first with institutions where they say the studied from. People have fake papers.

  18. Mbanangwa says:

    How come? I remember during the time of Dr Ntaba this would not happen. Most nurses etc would not practice their trade in Maawi before passing through the appropriate bard in the ministry of education. I remember some nurses fro Nigeria who wanted to practice at St John’s Hospital and how thy were referred to Lilongwe Capitol Health Offices. Such doctors and nurses simply vanished into the thin air like bubbles. Dr Ntaba was at the helm of it then. Why should these guys who can not show correct credentials of their trade practice on us. Are we Ebola monkeys on which experiments can be done?

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