Malawi Police raises service charges of hiring cops by 2000%

Malawi Police Service has secretly raised service charges for hiring of Police officers from K500 to K10,000, representing a brain teasing historic percentage of 2,000.

Privately hired cop guarding prophet Bushiri

Privately hired cop guarding prophet Bushiri

In a memo signed by the officer in charge of Police Mobile service C Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police S.L.Moleni, the fee hike is with immediate effect.

According to the memo, which bears reference number Polgen/C/61/1 follows another fee hike which came to effect on 1 July,2015.

Business men requiring Police Services will now be paying out K20,000 per officer for both allowance and service fee.

“You are informed that the service charges have been revised from K500 to K10,000 per Police Officer. This is to say that a Police officer hired for private duties will now be paid K10,000 as allowance and K10,000 for service charge totalling to K20,000 per officer,” read the Statement in part.

The Police has also changed the paying system of the service where by ‘pay later’ system has been put in the bin.

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60 thoughts on “Malawi Police raises service charges of hiring cops by 2000%”

  1. Kabononkhola says:

    Zosezi kufuna kukaniza Bushiri koma mukunama, mwana ameneuja adzachita hire ambiri ulendo uno

  2. KIKIKIKIKIKKKK,….aaayayayayah BOMA ILOOOO! All this because of ..MAJOR 1…kikikiki…Mwachita bwino……..THIS TIME MAJOR 1 is going to HIRE ALL cops in the NORTH next time he will be in town kuti MUVETSE!

  3. Happy Ntunda says:

    Why raising that much,is it because of prophet Bushiri’s character but a winner is a winner,even doubling the amount hundred times people will still pay.

  4. Elin' says:

    uku ndiye kukaniza kwa uchi intellectual. Govt on move of sourcing money>>>>i see

  5. LLONZOH says:

    no more hire

  6. mtumbuka says:

    Kuganiza kwa quota system uku.

  7. MALAWIAN says:

    is part of service reforms or to prevent ,stoping others to hire the security?if it is the betterness of police so much so good if it is for political, expect security breakdown in Malawi

  8. PM says:

    Well, this is an emotional decision. What about city and district councils who hire the same police and are struggling to pay at MK500.00 per officer/person. Now MK20.000.00 per officer/person will be beyond reach for most councils. Lets refrain from making decisions influenced by emotions and politics, but be based on facts and reality

  9. Raphael says:

    Kkkk Pay later has been put in a bin! Why now?

  10. richard soko says:

    Koma yaa mwachita kudzidzimuka ngati kuti munali mtulotu

  11. Jescano says:

    Pamenepa ndi chilungamo anthu ofuna chitetezo aziperekeratu ndalamayo (pay and take)

  12. mshani says:

    An increase of 2000% is a barria to citizen to enjoy service by police.why this time? Why with such an increase?

  13. The whole government being threated by a boy called Bushiri punishing the entire Malawi because of one person Agalu simunawinedi eti?

  14. Analyst says:

    It’s only in Malawi where you pay for your own security. No money no security! Basi akuba atasa tsopano

  15. Daniel Phiri says:

    You mean that before the rise I coukd hire. Policeman for K500 per day? Or K15000 per month? No wonder Bushiri hired the entire police service to guard and sing for him. The hike is long overdue

  16. Aubrey Norman says:

    Awa ndiye njala atsazikana nayo mpaka K20,000 tsiku limodzi?

  17. Kenkkk says:

    Private rallies or functions like bushiri’s, I can agree for police to be paid but not public rallies or events such as party political meetings, govt meetings including the president or cabinets, etc where the public expect the police to be there because that is what they are paid for.

    If not careful we will end up with a police force doing most of its work in private where they get more money while the security of the whole country crumbles.

    This should not be allowed, what is the minister for security saying? Has this been approved by the president?

  18. Chathunya says:

    Kkkkkkk migwanya isangalale tsopano bola musathetse mabanja paja simuchedwa kupenga ndi ndalama.

  19. mbwiye says:

    ooooooh chifukwa cha bushiri kukweza mtengo mbuzi za malawi mumaganiza bwanji azanu kupanga kathu mumadana nazo umfiti chiani ndalama yonseyo kuba eti mukufuna muziti malawi muno muli ndalama zoti kukapasa mbava ya police

  20. Mashamase says:

    K20,000 yachepa zedi

  21. chiya says:


  22. Zanyanya says:


  23. Mgawadere says:

    My suggestion is this: TAKE HOME fee for an officer be K10,000.00 but nothing for the gun. The hirer should only be charge 10% of replacement value of bullets used whenever there has been firing.

    Why pay for gun fees as if there is ware and tare. It is just normal for police officers to carry guns in the course of their duties . After all the guns they carry and use are not personal but belong to MG and are bought using our taxes.
    Lets not loose sight here. The Malawi Polices service is mandated to protect us (tax payers) and our property. Guns and bullets are part and parcel of the equipment they are given to use fulfill their constitutional mandate.

  24. K10000 yachepa kwezaninsoni.

  25. apundi says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk boma ilo la pitala

  26. Njolinjo says:

    Cash in transit service will also go up. Dziko lanyanduka ili, we need an expatriate to govern Malawi.

  27. Benisoni says:

    Are you saying people will be paying for protection?

  28. Edoms says:

    boma ndi apolisi atsangalala koma ena alira nazo ndalama

  29. amina says:

    I wish you give the officer MK15,000 and the MK5,000 goes to the govt. Honestly these guys are not being appreciated for their services. I appreciate what they do but their take home is pathetic.

  30. Mabotcho says:

    While the fees were too low, u ve revised it emmotionally. Do u think of the consequences this may cause. U have thought of punishing Bushiri who may hired the services once in a blue moon. Companies and individuals who usually hire police will stop and the little which was on ur table may no longer be there. Will G4s, filling stations, Sulom etc manage to pay this. What will be the results ‘musova’. This just shows to us that we have dull leadership which does not have focus on decissions. The failure will be ur mapwevupwevu opanda mano nkamwa. But anyway its a good move to pull him down more.

    Security companies intensify ur training awa azolowera kudya zokuba even if we do not give them business they will rob people one way or the other.

  31. THECITIZEN!!!!! says:

    K10,000 IS NOT BAD….K500 WAS TOO LITTLE…

  32. Manzy says:

    Izi zinayambika kale anyasa times maboza awa. Ife pa 11 September this year we hosted a graduation ceremony which called for K20G per police officer. K10G was for duty station and another K10G was an allowance. If u nid evidence you can contact me I have the reciepts. Osamanamiza anthu inu

  33. Issa says:

    kwali niyawo yeleyo

  34. Kanyimbi says:

    Good news but I suggest that the allowance should be K 15,000.00 while service fee should be K 5,000.00. Because this work sometimes result in the policemen losing their life so how can the sharing be 50-50?

  35. wez says:

    Ndichifukwachache crime itokwela kumalawikuno apaseni ndalama zokwanila anthu wosungisa chitetezo, inu mukupitakunja kukanjoya ndindalama zaboma pamene police ndi army angolila ndi lent mumakwalalamu kusowa ndalama yammemo. Mulunga akulangeni nonse amuboma amene mukupondeleza apolice athu akuzuzika ndi mabanjaawo.

  36. Denguzman says:

    Prophet waphindu uyu mpakana kuwachangamutsa a Police kuti akweze mtengo .

  37. Zanyeka says:


  38. Charombanthu says:

    Zero-aid budget in progress….

  39. Mlauzi says:

    Companies like G4S use police escort everyday. Mukuwaganizila pamenepa? Komanso taonani nyumba za a polisi ku Kanjedza. Aren`t we ashamed to accommodate our law enforcers in those ramshackles? Nanga makonstable amalandira zingati?

  40. NEd says:

    long overdue but the timing shows that this has been done emotionally

  41. Kunthulu says:

    Useless police, which service should one be paying that much for? stupid decision makers. Bushiri yemweyu? are we all bushiliris? Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. umupondo says:

    kodi nyasa mwadziwa lero zimenezi? zinayamba kale kale and ifeyo talipilapo kangapo konse ma new rates mukunenewa. allowance 10 grand, gun 10 grand, vuto lanu nchani?

  43. Why putting Bushile’s as if the price icrease is a result of his recent trip, secondily can you verify with the IG office on the service fee. It appears the fee moved to K1000.00 only that there was a typing error on the memo there were additional zeros.

  44. yuona says:

    Another security crackdown as the private sector will stop involving the Police with security issues.

  45. Malawian!!! says:

    God is watching you.

  46. Moleni pano ndinu assistant commissioner of police kkkkkkkk munthuy watizunza amalawi ambiri pophulisa ma tear gas ku stadium mmosaganizila kuti anthu atha kufa kkkkkkk no wonder the fees has been raised by 2000% Moleni does not have the guts amazindikila zinthu akapanga kuti walakwisa. Odile(ordinaly) soldier Moleni, kugwila pensulo saziwa, kuwelengaso saziwa anangoloweza zina lake kuti limaoneka chonchi!kkkkkkkkk Promotion ya long service ndi kupanga nkhaza basi! Kkkkk

  47. Lt. Col. Chibwatiko says:

    Bearing in mind that the Police Service incurs costs when training it’s officers, it is only fair that the hiring charges be revised upwards.

    The Service is in dire need of resources now more than ever and requires every penny it can get. I would encourage Government to consider revising such charges annually.

    This is most welcome.

  48. Truck says:


  49. mbimbi says:

    Is this in police strategic plan launched by the police a few years ago. Part of the strategy to combat crime? Or to make sure that only the president and cabinet are protected.
    I can sense the frustration of the genuine citizens

  50. DPP has failed to govern this country its time these people to resign basi zawakanika.

  51. ngulenjet says:

    This shit government of dpp

  52. Kingman says:

    Only K10,000? Why that lito money as if security is cheap?

  53. Kingman says:

    Why that too little money as if security is cheap?

  54. Shuaib says:

    Olo mukananena k1000000 ma prophetiwa angapereke ndi olemera kwambiri

  55. NyasaBoss says:

    K500 ? It was too cheap I could have 4 policemen at my house every weekend

  56. Josophat Returns says:

    Musovenge a DPP. Killing businesses. Robbers smiling like crazy all the way to the filling station….Police abetting crime here. Good luck. I thought the police are paid using our taxes? This government is obscenely entrepreneurial. Bullshit.

  57. Its too little the hike why didn’t you make it at K1000,000.00 as allowance and K2000,000.00 as service fees. Bushiri would have been paying for us after simply messaging him of our needs for the police service. Infact he would even could be paying fat allowances for your mapwemvupwevu president and his entire cabinet including mulakho wa alomwe family

  58. mmalawi says:

    When demand is high and supply is low the obvious thing is to hike the price so that you can reach an equilibrium. Real business people Malawi Police.

  59. Nyakwawanganga says:

    Molen woyee

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