Malawi Police re-arrest Mphwiyo over cashgate scandal

Former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo has been arrested by fiscal police in Lilongwe in connection to his alleged involvement in the cashgate scandal.

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor in Malawi 'cashgate' is now called main architech

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor in Malawi ‘cashgate’ is now called main architech

He is accused of siphoning over K3 billion of public funds from Capitol Hill in Lilongwe.

Mphwiyo’s arrest comes three months after he was fingered out as the mastermind of the theft and money laundering of public funds amounting to K20 billion.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale in August told High Court in Lilongwe that Mphwiyo was the main architect of the scandal that forced the country’s main donors to pull out.

And cashgate convict, Leonard Kalonga, former assistant director of tourism at Ministry of Tourism also named Mphwiyo as the brain behind the looting of public funds at the Capital Hill.

In his affidavit, Kalonga told the High Court in Lilongwe in August that Mphwiyo was in-charge of cashgate operations, saying he “stressed that there were a lot of players involved in the system.”

“He (Mphwiyo) assured us that he was going to make everything available and he gave details on how he was going to do so, so as not to attract suspicion when it comes to single payments involving
millions ,” reads in part Kalonga’s affidavit.

He added: “He [Mphwiyo] told us to select suppliers who were in the construction industry, to avoid raising suspicions when they were drawing large sums of money”.

Kalonga said per instructions from Mphwiyo he recruited Angella Katengeza’s company, Faith Construction, among others, to share the proceeds of fraud.

Mphwiyo is a victim of the shooting outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe in 2013 when he was budget director in the Ministry of Finance.

Former justice minister Ralph Kasambara, Pika Manondo and McDonald Kumwembe are defending themselves on the attempted assassination of Mphwiyo.

Kachale once told the High Court in Lilongwe that Mphwiyo was key player in the looting Mafioso.
She said ‘Cashgate’ 2013 remains a blemish upon the reputation of Malawi.

“ It was a sinister conspiracy by criminals who betrayed her people in defrauding them of approximately MWK 20 billion. It was a highly organised, in part highly technical and certainly a highly placed raid on the Reserve Bank of Malawi,” Kachale said.

Mphwiyo became the youngest budget director when he was appointed by the Joyce Banda administration but an attempt on his life saw several people who were implicated in his shooting being arrested.

The gun-shot survivor was also arrested in 2014 on charges of money laundering, theft and conspiracy to defeat the course of justice while his wife was charged with money laundering and theft.


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80 thoughts on “Malawi Police re-arrest Mphwiyo over cashgate scandal”

  1. Ziggy wa manoma says:

    Mbava yaikulu,ikazione

  2. Ntchachi says:

    Padziko lapansi lino palibe chobisika. Nthawi yikadzakwana chili chonse chizaululika ndithu.
    Musamati mwabisala ayi nthawi yanu yikubwera muzayankha anu mafunso.
    May God help Malawi.

  3. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    For Malawi to develop ,its time it stopped grolifying thieves like Mphwiyo and others just because they can make them drinking.Malawians like worshipping thieves who makes them drunk.Mphwiyo is not hero but just a mere thief who wasted our hard earned taxes to make a name on prostitutes in LL and some drunkards in LL.Its time he nursed his swelling face at Maula because of greediness in his mafioso world where he was applauded by the woman thief Joyce Banda.The govt should clean Malawi all of these cashgate thieves.We don’t want to see them in the street again.Let them rot in jails.

  4. tan'gatan'ga says:

    BEAM yaba ndalama zaboma through MBC posachedwapa – 50 bags of cement. MBC survives on Tax payers money, how can it be making donations? Show me where else MBC has made donations? Achoka ku NAC tsopano ali kuMBC, where next?

  5. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Mota Engil must also be investigated. They get contracts and concessions in very dubious circumstances, for example, the Lake Ports concession and the Njakwa to Livingstonia road construction contract.

  6. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Cashgate inayamba 1994, anayamba kuba a UDF, kubwela DPP, PP then now DPP again. NNo wonder DPP is dwelling only to the period when PP was in power. THEY ARE ALL THIEVES.

  7. Prodigalson says:

    Asamasulidwetu milandu isanaoneke mituyake

  8. the guy is a mafiso…he luks so even in church.. so ndiye Ama zakhursa poti adalakwa kuchinjiliz nephew wawoyo koma akadatani mzimayi..cmandzi ali nkhosi ya campaign….ssshhh!

  9. Taelo says:

    kaya zanu izo kuba osakhala ndi chisoni chomwetu. wazionatu wekha iwe.

  10. Gas Machine Head says:

    Mpwiyo. My Chanco friend. I remember those days when you were a UDF Young Democrat with the other guys like Chimbalanga, Kankhulungo and others. Then you were rewarded with the NIB jobs. Then in the Civil Service, then your Master’s. But all over a sudden you were a millionaire. Right in front of our own eyes. We also have ma Master’s, we are even working in well-paying financial institutions but most of us, your college-mates were always left with our mouths wide open when we saw you, as a Civil Servant, splashing out cash, driving luxurious German vehicles, ma X5, Ma Mercedes Benz. Vehicles that we usually associate with the rich Asian community. How about that affluent drinking joint in Lilongwe towards the Palace? Kumagulila anthu ma round kumene kuja?
    God Almighty let you have some fun with Satan but now His Time has come. It’s Judgement Day. Not in heaven but painfully right here on earth. Look at the face, so disfigured. That’s how Satan works, being punished on earth. It’s Judgement Day. As the JB and PP guys who now only post Biblical texts on facebook. They had fun but now they have decided to seek solace in Prophets. I have no doubt, you will now join the bandwagon of seeking prophets in time of distress. It’s Judgement Day. Malawi had Macholowe Clive, Kwacha Ghambi and other gangsters. But Judgement Days for them were very painful. Unfortunately, you did not learn from these examples and decided to dance with Satan. God leaves such acts for a number of years and then pounces unexpectedly and very painfully. Kulangidwa pansi pompano mowawa kwambiri. Paul Mpwyo, anyamata a ku seminary Pius XII, lapani tsopano.

  11. Patriot weniweni says:

    La forty Lakwana.Kulira kwa Amalawi kwamveka.Aliyense involved in cashgate should rot in prison.We also need the big fish now .These people did not do this on their own.The high profile people knew what was happening and the Reserve Bank big boss must have a been a syndicate to all this.How could all big cheques pass through the banks without blowing the whistle?There is alot to this infamous cashgate saga.

  12. Analisti wamkulu says:

    His bank accounts needs to frozen.Medical bills paid by taxpayers should be refunded by his own money.His area 43 house and all his cars should be sold to recover some money and also go for some hidden money.Some cars were bought for Harlem of his money loving concubines.You can glean alot information from his wife and his concubines.Malawi is really a failed state with this thieves.Asiyeni azikavina chitelera ku Maula prison ndi mzake wodwala mtima Kasambara.We don’t want to see them roaming in town again.At least 50 yrs will do for these thieves.Joyce’s benefit should also be removed.She also benefitted from the loot.She is spoke highly of her friends Mphwiyo and Lutepo.Let them rot in prison.

  13. Decent Citizen says:

    Joyce Banda knew what was happening.She spoke highly of this thief in many of her gathering.Mphwiyo should pay back all the stolen money with interest.He can’t just squander tax payers money like that.He became notorious for drinking in expensive places and screwing other people’s wives after becoming big headed with stolen money.All the medical expenses to south african hospital paid by the tax payer should be paid back to the govt by his own money.Its pity looking at the situation of impoverished Malawians,while somebody can blow tax payers money like nobody’s business.All politicians linked to Mphwiyo loot should all be arrested not sparing the woman thief Joyce Banda.

  14. charles says:

    sinthawi yolimbana ndi cashgate anaba basi koma we should see where malawi is going now

  15. Fartgate says:


  16. The truth is many Malawians became rich through stealing from poor Malawi. A Nigerian said withouth money laundering or corruption Malawians were going to be poor or not have houses they have. Why salaries in Malawi are so little. During Kamuzu Banda we borrowed money from NBS (New Building Society) as it was called. After Kamuzu Banda with muluzi everyhing was changed and it was free to people to steal and build houses without mortgage. Even a rich man i. Europe can not build 3 – 4 houses in area 10, 12, 43 without borrowing. Where does a person get money? A young traffic police in area 9 B has built a big house with two swimming pool. And a bar. The yard is big. Where does trafic police get money? But he was problem now he canyy not finish some projects, he can not steal, has no job. These are few examples how Malawians have accumulated money and become rich without working hard. Check how many land people have? Others have none even they apply. Malawi is not a nation of a dream. Everyrhing which people dreamed is gone. Businesses are only for government officials and their families and friends. What dream can one have in a such country.

  17. want that child says:

    Akuluwa ananyanya. Eeeh achina manganaye ndi polesana kuchita kufuna kupherana mamunayi. Eeeh mchira ukadukire konko kundendeko. Ananyanya kuononga ndalama ngati osaphunzura ife.nkumati aaaah ntchito ya mboma momwemu? Ku finance ko ndiye eeeeh anthu anaba heavy. Investgate onse inckuding a secretaty to the treasury nanga ma.approval amayenda bwanji? ma budget offers nawo mush be held accountable.

  18. want that child says:

    Koma kumeneko. Moti all those women inckuding thandi waku ndende??

  19. Nyamalikiti says:

    The issue here is that you Malawians are foolish and bustards. You hate people with money. It is very easy to make money legally and with shit brains believe that people can not make money properly.

    Kalonga was a stupid guy he quit MBA class urguing that school is for the poor. He had 2 brand new 2014 Landrovers, 1 brand new Fortuner, 1 brand new Mercedez, was paying $500 a round for beach. He fucked all cash gate ladies. What are you talking about?

    He is a big liar he wants to go with Mphwiyo to jail. How do you expect the man in charge of Malawi K700billion plus live in a glass thatched house and wearing kabudula wa zigamba. Come one, stop dreaming don’t praise poverty. Ndalama mukalandila mumakanjoyera anzanu akupanga invest. How can you be the same?

  20. ganganfuno says:

    Tatopa nazo zimenezi ife

  21. Malawi and Malawians are laughing people and nation. Failling to rule out cases like these is a failure. The reason is all those who are in ruling are involved in Cash Gate in one way. Afraid to be next making them like what they ar doing. Why delaying cases? Winning time? What time? If Malawians want these Cash gate solved dont vote for UDF, DDP and PP. 2019. PLEASE. Clean Malawi and Malawians. We have been laughed outside Malawi. I went to Zambia and on TV was a case where a minister was suspected bribe. They stopped him from working whole investation was going. In Malawi all Cash gaters are working or doing businesses. Kasambala is working even defending over criminals, apart from that he is building a recreation hall in arear 47 sector 3. No one to . Using blood money. What a nation and where on earth can that can happen? How people stop stealing when they know nothing will happen? Iwork with donor organization and I hear what they say. No more for Malawi becuse they are not serious in working with the issue of theft. And as long as DDP is in ruling. We might think they like APM they dont. They know more than we Malawians know about the man.W are fools beliving that he is a proferssor and lived in US. The man who is not even invitade by OBAMA. JB was. PLEASE 2019 no DDP. Try Chakwela.

  22. mitu yanu tilephere kumwa chibukhu chifukwa cha inu

  23. He is just arrested. He will get out. He has the money and will keep doing this. They think they are buying time and fooling Malawians and donors. Donors ar not stupid them.
    Why do they fear him? They ar making worse. Infact they are irriteting those who want to help ordinary Malawi. How can one run a nation without good economy? How can one continue when you have nothing to offer your people? Of-Course in Africa they do. Why shall they care. Their are not suffering.

  24. If Chakwela had taken the government by now many of these UDF,DDP and PP could have been jailed and their properies taken and sold to recover the money. Why do u think ASIANS are the only ordinary people getting rich? They bribe government. Everytime a new leader comes they ar the first to go there and bribe. These have been since Muzuzi time. Did you see this during Kamuzu/MCP? NO! Amwenje dont put their money in Malawi. So they dont care. Our nation died when Kamuzu died. APM should not talk bad about MCP. Because UDF the father of DDP and PP destroyed Malawi image. All what Malawi is now nation of family thieves. The Muluzi family, Muntharika family and Banda family. How can a poor nation survive. Malawi was going to be developed if it was ruled by a man/woman of vision and love for his/her nation. It is small nation and no civi, war yet its the poorest country in the world and Africa. WHY? All Malawians are corrupted. By allowing BRIBES w corrupt. Buying things from INDIANS shops and not getting no receipt, allowing deals , pay for someone who is employed not to the company , there are many ways we as citizens contribute to corruption. To get things done by a governement employee one need to pay to him, and yet its his job. If one does not pay nothing is going to be done. One can not get electricit connected, water connected. Even at MRA and Road traffic. We should not pay to people who are employed. They are paid by doing that work. These are the things which should be addressed to people. Black changing of money is like illegal in Malawi. It is done openly at the packing in Lilongwe. This has given the Cash Gaters to buy dollars and put abroad. In Europe they check if you are depositing money especially huge sum. They ask where money come from? During Kamuzu it was not allowed to buy dollars black. The whole good system of governing a nation died with Kamuzu/MCP. We should be going forward but going backwards. And yet Malawians are supporting DDP thieves. WHY????? Are we mad or brainless people? Do you think it will be better???? Do you think Donors will give you money?

  25. Charombanthu says:

    Lock these idiots up and throw the keys to their cells in the middle of Lake Malawi. They are worse than rapists or murderers.

  26. Who in Malawi dont know that Mphwiyo was the master planer. He was shot because something got wrong in his planning and also h cheated others, he did no want to share. That is how it works in mafia world. The man is evil its nice he survived so that his secret could reviewed. If he was dead he could have been a hero. How Malawi develope when young and educated are the thieves? Look at all who are cash gaters are young educated people. Of-course big fishes are older. But young people are the future of a nation but Malawi has young thieves. Not knowing that they are killing a nation and future for their children. Rich for few poor for majority and living in a poor nation does it make sense????? It is time to teach youngsters in schools what is a nation and not stealing. It not good for Malawi when young people are like this.

  27. King Preevah de First says:

    Anthu achoncho osamangopha bwanji ena atengerepo lesson

  28. Alexbeu says:

    nkhani zakalekale bwanji osangompititsa ku ndende zitsiru inu eti

  29. khmzy says:

    chouluka chimatera

  30. Mphatso Thom says:

    Ife kwathu nktmangoonerera paja njovu zikamamenyana umavutika ndi udzu,

  31. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    There surely must have been somebody who directed Mphwiyo to take lead in the plunder of national resources!! Somebody who strategically appointed Mphwiyo to be the Budget Director knew exactly what she was doing and she surely is answerable!!!

  32. yung dyt says:

    this really is a double blow..but anyway Mr Mphwiyo take heart munaziyamba dala kutibela so u think u gon get out of this 4 free???u thinkin wrongly bra…

  33. Charter says:

    Mphwiyo, if convicted, must pay back not only the loot, but also tax payers’ money towards his medical bills in SA! Mary Kachale is doing a commendable job!

  34. Bufalo Soldier says:

    You arrested him yesterday, lero ziri pati? Chonde bail sapereka pa Sunday. Let him stay there until i come to ask him a few questions

  35. sniper from ntcheu says:

    92billion ija ikhale pa loading ……

  36. Kapitapita says:

    ODL officers in TTCs should be investigated too. Allowances of ghost students

  37. KARU UNITED says:

    If it were in some country, serious on fighting corruption this Mphwiyo cashgater could have been sentenced to death by firing squad, fortunately,he is in Malawi, he is just following the footprints of the chief cashgater, the one who illustrated how billions could be siphoned from government, Bingu wa Mutharika. He will surely live to enjoy his loot.

  38. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Mphwiyo anali Luka Modric kapena Paul Scholes midfielder kawawa wa cashgate. Lock him up!

  39. Hamza Wotch says:

    Koma ndiye eee!anthu akudya ndalama kunja kuno,mpaka Mk20 bilions,iyo!!Guys ndalamazo ndizambiri!anyongedwe basi.

  40. botomani says:

    These guys are criminals and they deserve to be rocked up. Throw the Keys in Shire river please.

  41. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Shaaah, zayang’ana kudazibomu kkkkkkk

  42. Phiya says:

    Uyu ndiye angatchule big fish zonse

  43. Bololo says:

    Mphwiyo was groomed and recruited by Dumbo Lemani and that is common knowledge.
    The genesis of cash gate was the Bakili Muluzi administration. If you track history of a lot of our politicians they have been yellow before.
    Most of these have in one way or another benefitted from cashgate, and that goes for civil and public servants and prominent business people too
    There is no desire to try and end this practice, all we are seeing at the moment is windows dressing in the hope that the scrutiny will eventually blow over.
    In fact principles of the zero deficit or aid budgets are touted as measures to make Malawi self sufficient. When you dig deeper it is just a way of trying to run away from donor scrutiny so that the impunity of misusing public funds progresses unabated since without donor contribution they will be answerable to no one but docile Malawians.

  44. Kingster Bella says:

    Lock them up!! Let the law take its course.. alakalaka akanapanda kubadwa basi. pursue them till they curse the day they were born..

  45. Oh! Pepa M’bale bola ukadangotsogola pompajatu,nanga tsala uziwone kapena ndi ameneyu? osadanda tonse timasolola pena zikaphweka!

  46. mbanga says:

    Do you think mphwiyo would have survived? no. He is the main link between all the thieves and jb. now that he is caught jb will never come back. Mark my word. Ralph will even die in prison. mark my word. out of greed these guys started eliminating each other. Mark my word.

  47. The Patriot says:

    The chickens have come to roost! Double jeopardy! Shot and now arrested!

  48. nanyonyo says:

    Ine bwanji sazandimanga nawo? I cashgated with Mphwiyo ka

  49. Rich CJ says:

    These heartless people and truly have no soul that is why they don’t care about 99.9% lacking the basc of lyf.

    Recovering some money from these soul’ess pplewould many malawian great.

  50. Mukutukwana kasambara yemwe never mentioned ndi anthu a cash gate eni ake, lero kumugwira mphwiyo ndi 3b mk osagona ku cell on bail already, what is this, jealouse ndi munthu wanzeru komanso he is fro north. A mtambo ndi mary mwazi, zilonda poison wa Ralph amwazikire pa nonsenu ndi ana anu

  51. Indian Hemp Addict says:

    koma mphwiyo wanjoya guys,amatha kulowa mu Club or mu Executive Bar ku Lilongwe ndi K2 million Cash ndikupanga spend that whole amount just for one night,akazi kumachita kumulimbilana,ife Poona nkumati koma nzathuyu anadala osadziwa kuti ndalama zake ndi za misonkho ya ife tomwe amphawi kalefe,nde ndikamamva kuti ayi ampatsa bail ayi amutulutsa kundende zimandiwawa kwabasi,izi mapeto ake enafe tidzangopita kwawo konko kukamukwenya,zanga zokha azabweze cash or else tidzangomudulapo khosi nkumapita

  52. chindaxi says:

    Please…lock him up good. He played around with tax payers money ngati zaamake…
    Buying poshy cars with stollen money…you thieves.

    Do him the Kasambala way.

    He was the mid fielder in the cashgate scum.

  53. Likoma Economist says:

    Lawyers! Lawyers! Lawyers! What is this dog shit? This guy stole our money. Freeze his assets, and send the bastard to prison. This bail in bail out nosense does not help anyone. These guys are gulity let them prove their innocence. Period!

  54. montfort says:

    Thatz mors money he vandalise need fo repent and receive charge accodingly

  55. Mzee says:

    Kalonga is a liar. Mphwiyo was not the mastermind. Kalonga and company were fools why did Mphwiyo not use Ministry of Finance accounts. Secondly is it logical for anyone to handover 3 billion without the recepient signing any document or issuing a cheque? If Mphwiyo was the masterming then Kalonga and company are very very stupid and greedy. Kalonga umachinda ndikunjoya so dont cry now. Cashgate was a bit stupid scheme people steal from govt in a clever way. Civil servants must learn from Bingu how to steal without leaving a trace.

  56. kkkkkk says:

    amayi akamva azingokozedwatu ku Johanzibeg, sabweratu kkkkkk

  57. mpingajira says:

    Its this a circus or a charade. Kachale are u playing games with us or what? Everybody knows that Mphwiyo was the main cashgater appointed by JB except you and your dull prosecutors! You must be one of the dullest lawyers in Malawi. Please step aside and let competent people do the will of the people
    Tatopa ife abale!! We are being taken for fools! Now is when u are arresting him!!???? Really???!!! You are a crazy woman! Wamisala ndithu! Areesting him NOW after all this time???!!! Really Mary?? I beg you Mary- please resign now!!! Please chonde!! This case is waaaay over your level of competency!

  58. It really pains that this man has been protected for so long. Police know about this that Mphwiyo was mastermind of Cashgate, everyone kew about this too. You did not need to wait from Kalonga to tell you guys it was plain obvious ! Just like it is plain obvious that some top DPP officials looted 577 billion but every law enforcer has been been put on slow motion so that we can forget about this issue. We need to grow up Malawians. If we want to be an economic sovereign then we need to start looking at things on objective basis rather politicising everything or only act objectively if pushed by a donor ! That is not maturity at all.

    Arrest all wrong doers and recover the money then you will see a slowdown in kusolola. Now everyone knows that justice delivery is weak and you can steal and get away with it easily. Shame. Mphwiyo should have started his 10 year sentence by now – what is he doing out there?!

  59. samson says:

    Kod amayiwa ndiye kut mukuaopa kut amangidwe, mmesa anali limozi pakubapo

  60. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    Kaya azitimwetsa ku Good Fellas ndani masiku ano. Paul mphwiyo ndi kuchitekete, amagula bad opanda kuumiĺa

  61. Alungwana says:

    To such rich people, being improsoned for ten years is just a holiday for them. Their businesses continues to grow even bigger than the so called free men out there.

  62. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business. Why is he not in prison if he is the mastermind?

  63. Mbuya says:

    We need ve big fishes like dis one enawa anangofera za eni, who’s next kkkk?

  64. Ndanena says:

    It seems i dont believe that all these billionz were missused by few individualz no no no! And what about cash gate ya DPP regime?

  65. kalukuni says:


  66. Nelson Nyang'ama says:

    It is unfortunate that alot funds was drained into peoples pockets while people are dying due to insuficient drugs in gvt hospitals

  67. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    It’s an insult to our intelligence to see this man walking free. Every Malawian of goodwill knows that this man was politically appointed to the position to steal money from government to finance the campaign for the party. In the process he manipulated for his personal benefit .

  68. Gift says:

    Tikufuna tizimva nkhani zina izi ndiye zatitopesa

  69. Chigandu says:

    Arrested 2day,out on bail 2moro that is Malawi.

    1. Wapita kale ku nyumba on bail already sanagone nkomwe. Pali chilungamo apa?

  70. Munthu the Citizen says:

    Watopa nazoyo akakolope nyanja. Ine nde sindingatope nazo. nsonkho wanga umakwana 2 million kwacha pa chaka, so it pains kuti wina angondidyera dollar imeneyi poyelayela.

    Ma donor mpaka pano sakutipatsa aid nde wina aziti watopa nazo, I just figure out as to what this chaff is all about. Ine olo milandu iyi itadzafika 2050 palibe vuto.

  71. DZIKANYANGA says:

    Kkkkkkk musovaaaa!!!!!!

  72. DZIKANYANGA says:

    Kkkkkkkk Dr maphwiyo.
    Be ready for ten years above.

  73. The Analyst says:

    Now what would you have us do? Celebrate? How can we celebrate when we know that come next Sunday, the guy will be out on bail as has previously been the case? Or whats new this time around?

    You know that you guys are acting childish, strangely, wierdly hence crazely and losing touch with justice when you arrest a person, release him/her on bail, revoke the bail, re-arrest them? These contradictions are not helping anybody as far as justice delivery and recovery of the stolen billions are concerned. When you arrest a person and release him/her on bail, wht does he do if not to hide the monies or investments therefrom? What you are doing is utter nonsense!

    Evidence is everywhere that Mpwiyo, being the budget director was the magma of cashgate vis-a’-vis his friends in crime, yet you touch him with kids gloves. Even you yourself (Mary Kachale) has consistently said it. These people stole billions of our money. Now drugs can’t be bought, doctors can’t be employed, teachers’ salaries are delayed etc, yet you play dice with them? It pains you know? It hurts! It really does!

    Now you come today and tell us we have re-arrested Mphwiyo and other nye nye nye nyes and expect us to do what? To celebrate? When we already know what will happen by next Sunday? We Malawians are a peaceful or stupid people, koma osamatiyamba dala iai!

    Arrest the Mphwiyo and his cohort, try them forthwith; lock them up in jail or wherever and recover the money! Basitu nzomwe tikufuna ife! Osati “tamumanga Mphwiyo”! lero?

    Wise up!

  74. Ndaniso says:


  75. komko says:

    3 billion munthu modzi yet in hospitals we do not have medicine. The other billions are wasted through Mulakho WA Alomwe festival. There is also anew freight of DPP cars.

  76. Bufalo Soldier says:

    Ok, now that he is arrested, what’s next? Get all the big fish and do the same as you have done with the other smaller fish already arrested. I’m watching this and my wife and my people are watching too. Let justice prevail against all the offenders. I thank you all and may God bless you all

  77. Tax payer says:

    Mutiuza mmene ziyendele ife mitsonkho tikadadula

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