Malawi Police reduce traffic checks, reviewing road block operations –Muluzi

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Atupele Muluzi, has told parliament that the Malawi Police Service has reduced the number of traffic police checks and deployed some of its personnel to street duties.

Muluzi (right) told parliament police traffic checks reduced

Muluzi (right) told parliament police traffic checks reduced

Muluzi told the House on Tuesday that the traffic police checks are now “strategically located” throughout the country and not at every 50 Km stretch of the road as it were in some parts of the country.

“As regards the issue of un-roadworthy vehicles, contributing to high level of road accidents, let me acknowledge that it is the role of the Malawi Police Service and the Road Traffic Directorate to enforce traffic laws in the country.

“Nevertheless, it is the role of the Road Traffic Directorate to issue certificates of fitness for motor vehicles,” said Muluzi.

The Minister nonetheless said police will continue to enforce traffic laws to ensure that only road worthy vehicles operate on the country’s roads to reduce road accidents.

He pointed out that, currently, the role of enforcing traffic laws is being constrained by inadequate resources such as breathalysers, traffic patrol vehicles and speed traps, among others.

MP for Rumphi West, Jacqueline Kouwenhoven (Independent) told the House that she experiences more traffic checks on the roads, saying most traffic officers are seen soliciting bribes.

“To me as a person driving on the road regularly, especially between Rumphi and Lilongwe, I do not see a decline in the number of traffic police on the roads. The notion is that the traffic police seem to have become a source of revenue collection and unfortunately to me it seems it is a strange way of engaging with the public whereby between Mzuzu and Lilongwe we can be stopped up to twelve times, seeing drivers engaging with the police and exchanging money,” she said and asked government to consider lowering the number of traffic police.

In his contribution, Peter Kumpalume MP for Blantyre West (DPP) said the reason that there are speed traps, especially at busy trading centres is to reduce accidents.

Said Kumpalume: “Unfortunately, we find that traffic officers are positioned after the trading centre. If the reason is to reduce road accidents, how does police officers’ positioned after the busy trading centres reduce accidents? Could the Minister assure us that he will do something about that?”

Muluzi said Malawi Police Service is reviewing its roadblock operations in order to improve their effectiveness.

“This will enable the Malawi Police Service to achieve effective execution of its mandate as required by law and the expectations of society,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi said statistics have shown that there has been a reduction by 11 per cent of road traffic incidences that were recorded from 2013/2014 and a further reduction that was recorded in the 2014/2015 Fiscal Year was from 1,324 to 1,178 cases.

“So, already, we have seen that there has been a reduction but of course these are figures that are not independent but certainly from our statistics, it has demonstrated that the traffic roadblocks do work in terms of prevention but certainly we will look into it since the Malawi Police Serve will be reviewing its operations.

Muluzi said he had “taken note” of lawmakers concern and suggestions.

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42 thoughts on “Malawi Police reduce traffic checks, reviewing road block operations –Muluzi”

  1. Phaju says:

    Continue doing good work for the nation, Mr Muluzi and A police. Awonezeleni ndalama za ma allowance chonde

  2. Phaju says:

    The issue is not region plse, if u dont have anything to write, just stay and read.Malawi is one .

  3. norton says:

    A police Kuba siyani .Ma driver siyani kupereka ndalama kwa a police

  4. MWASUWA says:

    Complaining about kuchuluka kwa apolice on the roads of malawi kwa ngoonetseratu kuti ambiri ndi mbava.

  5. chindele says:


  6. Balamanthu says:

    The only country that has speed traps in the city is Malawi.Police checks in Malawi dont help apart from abating corruption.Check those on Mchinji road that just collect money from mini bus drivers at MK500 per bus without doing their job.Minister mbuzi-nanji police ndiye mbuzi zeni zeni

  7. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    You are stupid tman. Who told you that police officers are dull. Chitsiru iwe eti

  8. ben says:

    AT lilongwe bridge they are there at night after 10pm, it is too much in lilonwe there are traffic cops every 2km, please transfer some to crime section to boost security

  9. Anti Orange says:

    Also for roadworthy vehicles – How many police land cruisers have 2 headlamps and 2 rear lights? How many motorists use their indicators? Howe many stop at an intersection blocking any traffic trying to turn off? Some simple driver training and good manners would solve more accidents that 10,000 traffic police!!! Driving in a straight line is not difficult and not an offence.

  10. wokwiya says:

    I do not understand what the Hon. meant by ‘positioning traffic police after a busy trading center’. After trading center depends on the direction you are heading to. All she meant some distance far away from trading centers?

  11. Chidongo j says:

    A bwana a police am’maroad block apolice ndiye ndi opemphetsa kale, amasikini eni eni. Kodi a police amasiku ano ku school anapitako or chizungu oro, chichewa chokhachokha akaona kuti ndi nzungu samuimitsa amangodutsa kuopa kuyankhula chingerezi. Musamawapatse ma allowance muziwapatsa Ration, zakudya kuti mwina asiye kupepha. Ikani ma billboard amanumber akupolice ooneka bwino pa roadblock ina iliyonse kuti tidziimba phone nthawi yomweyo. phone izikhala yaulere. osatinso apolice ndi umbuli azifunsa zambiri pafoni sipochezare .phone inkhale open kwa odandaula okha. azipita for refresher course for English. Kusambanso azisimba kungokhala ngati nyau kungoti internal security. inuyo bwana mumaoke kuti bafa mumaliziwa ndi aunikireni anthu anu.

  12. kadyankena says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kutha ma plan how can u reduce accidents when COF’s are provided galimoto iri kunyumba, munthu akukaphunzira driving lisense iri kale nthumba imagine. Even if we send the minister responsible and his IG and staff on the road nothing will change. Its hightime we involve MDF apolice achepa nazo.

  13. Sapitwa says:

    Utilization of Police resources indeed! It was just too much!
    May be the causes of accidents can be contributed to overspreading of unroadworthy vehicles by unlicensed Drivers with bribed licenses which are on the rise.One day I was coming fro KIA and hired unlicensed tax. I noted 5 faults from the Driver.
    1 Using the inlet to KIA on the T junction road from Kasungu to Lilongwe
    2 Overtaking on the barrier line on the bend
    3 Crossing the robot that was not working without treating it as a 3 way stop intersection requiring first come first go
    4 Entering a circle whilst another vehicle was near in the circle with right of way. This was a near miss collision.
    5 Stopping to right hand side of the stop street and entering on the main road using that position.
    I asked him when he had obtained his Drivers license; 6 years ago was his answer.

  14. zphiri says:

    The Malawi Police needs:

    1. More traffic officers to manage the “unruly” Malawian drivers, opanda/ogula ma driving licence, opanda/ogula ma COF, zidakwa zoyendetsa zitaledzera

    2. More general duties officers to address the increasing crimes (a Malawi kukonda kuba – kadziko kacheperenji!!)

    3. More CID officers to address the increasing crimes

    4. More patrol vehicles for various Police operations (akuba akusintha magalimoto ngati zovala – a Police akuyenda wapansi/public transport on official duties …. ngati mukuona ngati zabodza zungulirani m’ma Police station mudionere nokha). Magalimoto ochepa aliwopa awagawa pangati?

    5. More modern equipment (not much to say, just compare our police officers ndi maiko azathu AKUTUKUKA) – we must not compare ourselves with failures

    6. More training (akati training ndi ya pa recruitment basi?? are we serious???). Thieves are adapting to changes and becoming more sophisticated.

    7. If we all get worried about poor security, it means the Police plays an important role – PAY them well. Check their salaries. The quality of our work is greatly dependent on how much we invest in it. Osamadabwa chinyezi mbafa (bathroom).

    7. Parliament MUST advocate for more funding for the Police and not just rush to complain out traffic stops!!

    Some of these parliamentarians akungolankhula ngati m’mene anthu amachezera at some other places. First they should have made a thorough study on how the police is currently operating. They must first identify where the police is strong or weak and then come up with suggestions (constructive suggestions) – akatero awathandiza a Police and the Malawi nation as a whole.

    The problem in Malawi is that people would like things to move on their own, no training, no right equipment, no personnel e.t.c. It is not only the police, a lot of companies akutero.

    Relocation of traffic officers is only a short term solution. In the long run, what I have highlighted above are the solutions.

    Koma I know Malawi, temporary solutions are usually in place throughout the lifetime of a problem!!!!

  15. TMAN says:

    Eish, kupempha katangale anthu osaphunzira awa azikalimbana ndi mbanva abale. Nanga Dedza to LL kundiimitsa ka 6. Do we value time sure?

  16. G.M. Ngwira says:

    It is unfortunate that such policy has been implemented. A study by Ngwira (2014) that modeled the trend of road fatalities in Malawi indicates that the trend of crash deaths in the country had been calming since 2004 and became homogeneous in 2012. The model further predicts that the trend of the fatalities series would continue to decline for the nearer future. The findings obtained from this study were meant to validate the effectiveness of policy intervention countermeasures on road safety that have been put into place by the Malawi Govt and aim to reduce the number of road crashes and fatalities. Among such preventive measures was the increased present of traffic police officers and patrol vehicles on road. Believe me or not the number of traffic police officers has been building up around the period of intervention (2004). As might be expected, with change of policy, it is most likely that road safety could worsen again as violations of traffic laws are likely to rise. Any issues that relate to loss of life (lives) are sensitive and so could be realistic to handle them with sober mind and informed decision. The author of this research work is the RRTO (E) in the DRTSS and is currently studying PhD in Engineering at the University of Botswana. This paper has been submitted to the Journal of the Australia Royal College of Road Safety for review and possible publication.

  17. daud says:

    If u are traveling to zambia from lilongwe to mchinji border u will find 11 road blocksbetween 120 km and from mchinji border to lusaka 680 km u will find 2 road blocks and did u u see in malawi every village road blocks

  18. Chapola waku Thyolo says:

    I welcome the Idea,,Just imagine from Luchenza to Limbe….a distance less than 100km but u find 6 to 10 groups of traffic cops,,,,every 10km u find them……They must go n hunt down the arm robbers mmalo mowachedwesa anthu…..

  19. Concerned health provider says:

    I agree with the sentiments expressed in these comments. I have traveled from south of Lilongwe to KIA through ten non-functioning traffic lights including the perpetually broken robots before National Bank in the Game complex area, and been stopped five times in one trip to ‘check my documents’. Why don’t the police try to direct traffic at these intersections instead of torturing law abiding travelers? I have been reprimanded for such invented faults as carrying a box in the rear passenger seat of my vehicle, passing through a NON FUNCTIONING traffic robot without waiting for the light to change, speeding violation in a non trading center area outside of town with no posted lower speed limit, wrong size of lettering on my vehicle, leaving a petrol pump before my passenger finished fastening her seatbelt. Malawi Police Force only proves itself corrupt and totally unreliable when it behaves in such a way, and we innocent drivers have no recourse to justice from any supervising authority.

  20. A police apa Roadblock ya Dedza ine ndiye anditopetsa bwana,Roadblock imeneyi too much corruption
    amachita kupatsana ma turn galimoto ikamabwera,amandipempha Fanta ine almost 10 times a day ananva Ndani kuti ine ndimagwira ntchito ku southern bottles? Chuck them all out

  21. Tembwe says:

    mukufuna achotse ma roadblock kuti mukaba mudzithawa bwino? ayi asachotedwe ma road block!

    1. William Mzunga says:

      From Dowa Turnoff road broke then 500 metres near mai Daudi resident u find airport trafic police,airport turn off after Lumbadzi u find again Lumbazi road trafic police then at MIM Kenengo road trafic police just imagine the same car stopped 4x within 20 km

  22. Honest says:

    Chipiriganya kupolisi.

  23. tumbwiza says:

    Ma roadblock amathandiza kwambiri mbava zimaopa kwambiri kuti zikaba zikadutsa bwanji pa roadblock. Koma pali mabwana ena amadana nawo ma roadblock kamba ka zintchito zimene akuchita

  24. Zanga Phee! says:

    It really shows that the minister was busy with other stuffs,though it is his responsibility to tighten up all these rules at all times but he need some one must die first then you will see the Minister acting seriously. Shame with my Ministers in My country.See my name.

  25. Galuwapananji says:

    One thing I don’t understand is that you can have up to 7 police officers manning one speed trap camera, with some of the officers chatting in a parked posh police vehicle while minibus drivers are busy doing what Ujeni in comment # 4 is talking about not too far away from the parked police vehicle?

    Why don’t our traffic police patrol our streets to catch bad drivers in the act as happens in other countries? Why are they happy always to be stationery when they have good vehicles for patrol? At City Centre in Lilongwe we have this new but poorly designed road from the Capital Hotel roundabout to ADL House – it is the busiest street at City Centre, yet it is single lane either way and worse still it has concrete pillars on both sides. In this confined space you find minibuses parking in the middle of the road picking or dropping passengers! If our traffic police randomly fined these unruly drivers (rather than the minibus owners) we could have some sanity on the roads.

    Kanyama was a loudmouth; but he was right about one thing: There are way too many officers in the Traffic Section.

  26. kenkkk says:

    I welcome the reduction of road blocks,personally I would rather see them removed all together or as atupele says keep only those strategically placed.

    We need more boots on city or town patrols. Road blocks just waste human resources and delay travelling or journey times.

    Speeding can be checked by other effective means, not by road blocks.

  27. Nchembere Zandondo says:

    Mr Atupele Muluzi and this stupd IG will always puzzle me.

    Are you sure, you are withdrawing traffic police just because one MP was stopped 70 x 70 on the way to Lilongwe? Was that a problem. If these people have urgent meetings let them leave a day earlier.

    One day you should travel by minibus and see how we are packed with our lagguage on the lap and babies. And you will also be able to experience the motoring race that we, the poor endure on the roads.

  28. kajedza says:

    Speed cameras are most of the time placed on downhill roads. Police uss highway ambulance and patrol vehicles to take the crew and station the cameras. These vehicles are supposed to be used for its purpose and not for the camera crew. Some policemen use their personal vehicles to ferry the camera crew.

    On Domasi – Zomba Road, the speed limit is painted on the road surface. By the time you realize, there is a camera waiting for you without a receipt book

    Does any one know what is the speed limit on the M1 to KIA after you pass Area 18?

    Make it a rule that spot fines should not be collected instead issue challans and all payment to be made directly at any police station. This facility was available during Kamuzu time. In south africa, all fines are paid at the police headquarters

  29. ruth warren says:

    better deploy most of tthem ku CID anyanya kuba akapolo amenewa with this new digital system akhaula akumachita kukhala ngati ana osowa zakudya ku traffic munya kuxolowera kuba

  30. Mzimbamwene says:

    Muchita bwino kuwachotsa akakowa awa!! Too much corruption! Kuno ku Mzimba tingofunako Simbeye ndi Mgala basi! Achina Mtokale, Zigwetsa, Malanga onse adzikalemba milandu pa OB basi!! Kuba kwambiri makosana amenewa!!! Professional Officer wa m’boma akukanika kumangapo nyumba koma iwowo ma junior police officers amanga kale nyumba komanso zikulu zikulu!! Mbava izi zidzipita kwawo. Ndikuti anthu ake ndi Mtokale, Zigwetsa, Malanga, Kayanula ndi Mzimayi wina wa traffic, ndayiwala dzina!! Next ndipititsa mainawa ku ACB ngati simuwachotsa anthuwa. Mxiiii!!!

  31. John says:

    @ MP for Blantyre West Peter kumpalume: Your argument seem to suggest that vehicles move in one direction, which is not the case. Poor argument!

  32. basa says:


  33. Malawiana says:

    Traffic Police Officers have really become a nuisance on the roads. Reduce them and beef up the crime patrol teams. Police is about protecting people not torturing them with crazy fines and soliciting bribes. How can one be stopped over a dozen times just in a distance of 300km? This is madness and a cost to doing business in the country.

  34. mulopwana says:

    True, the congestion of traffic police officers in the city of Blantyre is pathetic. Driving becomes a night mare. They are located every 500 meters sometimes. And sometimes you begin to wonder as to whether owning a car is a crime in Malawi. To my surprise, you find so many minibuses flouting road traffic rules like stopping in the middle of the road to pick customers or reversing on crowded places and no police men can be seen to arrest these malpractices. Kindly. Kindly assist us motorists so that driving can be fun and not a crime.

  35. chimwemwe Mazunda says:

    For example, what’s the point of having three roadblocks between Songwe border and Karonga boma, a distance of only 45KM? And another one just 11KM after Karonga?

  36. ujeni says:

    Speed camera are supposed to be visible just like traffic lights, they even light up to show you at what speed you are going if over it will warn you to reduce speed. Thats how i know about speed cameras. But it seems in Malawi what we call speed camera they are used by mobile traffic officers to schemes road users, amangwetu when are we going to be civilised.

  37. ife ambwewe says:

    Very true and sometimes it gets boring. Like one day I was driving from Lilongwe market going to Kamuzu International Airport and I passed alot of traffic officers on the way.

    As I pulled out of the market, I met three officers just opposite Kachikungu parking area.
    I turned right passing the minibus rank and there were two officers standing close to the OIMB cash machine if am not wrong.

    Then before I join M1 road by the Chinese chop there were four traffic officers.

    Then after town hall round about, I was stopped by three officers.

    After checking my licence I continued driving and my wife wanted to buy some things at Game store. So turning by game shop, there were three officers at shoprite entrance.

    Then I used the new Sana shop road behind stansfield motors and all the way passing sanctually then I met some traffic officers at the corner facing parliament building.

    After petroda house round about, joining M1 by Chimutu school, there were traffic officers. Opposite area 18 clinic along M1 road, Mrs Mabwera was there with two more traffic officers.

    After crossing the railway bridge after Roberts, there were traffic officers as well. Then soon after Kanengo water board before MIM junction, there were traffic officers. When I reached Magwelo primary school, then there was a temp road block.

    As usual at airport junction, there were there. The question is,, how many of these do we really need on single road?

  38. ujeni says:

    No wonder we have too many accidents on roads of Malawi. How can traffic rules and regulation be only about limit of alcohol. True traffic laws is adhering to the traffic signs posts, driving rules etc. You’ll find a sober mini bus driver overtaking to the left, making a u-turn at yhe middle of victoria avenue. Stopping the car at the middle of the road, parking cars anywhere. Atupele start performing.

  39. Charombanthu says:

    Speed trap ku Malawi a Police amachita kubisalira mu mtengo and true to what the MP is saying, they position themselves after busy trading centres. You wonder what their objective is and sometimes they do not even have a receipt book meaning that all they want ya fanta. In developed nations or even semi-developed nations such as South Africa, there are even signs warning the drivers that there are cameras ahead. Atupele, you have a marmoth task ahead and you really need to discipline and educate these men in uniform of ours.

  40. kanyimbi says:

    These police officers nowadays care for money and not security of this nation. Please sweep your house Mr IG. most of these robbers are your cops.

  41. shaaaa! says:

    nanga chomwe munkachotsera ma road block ndi chani?mbava ku state house kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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