Malawi Police remove Njauji’s wreck

Malawi Police Service has removed the wreckage of the car that belonged to the murdered Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Corporate Services Issa Njauju to un disclosed place.

Njaunju car in ashes

Njaunju car in ashes

The car was found burnt to ashes at Mtsiriza, in the outskirts of capital Lilongwe but residents in the area were not aware of the time the wreck was taken away from their area. They only found it missing Thursday morning and speculations were high that the vehicle might have been removed by a syndicate of the gangsters with help of powerful people in government.

However, ACB Deputy Director Reyneck Matemba has told a local radio that the wreckage has been taken to a safe location by the Bureau and the Police.

There were fears that evidence could have been compromised if the wreckage had either missed or left to stay for long as some people started removing certain parts of the wreckage for personal use.

Njauju murder is said to have affected the operations of anti-graft body.

“Obviously you would expect people not to be happy. There is a sombre mood at the bureau,” Matemba told Capital Radio on Saturday.

He, however, said the bureau is not investigating the cause of the murder but police.

“ACB is not investigating the matter. It is in the hands of police,” said Matemba.

Police spokeswoman Rhoda Manjolo told Capital Radio: “Investigations are still going on.”

Njauju was discovered half buried by sand miners on Saturday, July 4 in a bush behind the Presidential Villas in Lilongwe’s Area 44. He was reported missing on Thursday.

It still however not clear whether Njauju, whose body had two gunshot wounds, was killed at the site or the body was simply dumped there.

Although the government has through Minister of Information and Civic Education Kondwani Nankhumwa asked people not to speculate about his death, there is high belief in the public domain that the Mangochi man might have been murdered due to the nature of his job.

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Mistaken identity


Please police arrest those heartless dogs they got no space in malawians community they must go and rot in jail, or death sentese must be introduced so that such kind of peaple when they caught must be hanged to death because they dont know the meaning of life


Works of people who had burnt MEC warehouse in LL. Someone big enough is behind this. Merciful Lord will definitely reveal who is behind this. A Malawi so mavota vota adavotera zigawenga mboma. Che Dausi mulipo? Mwasowatu.


Point of correction, njauju’s wreck taken away by dpp police.

Wovuula Mchenga

Msawanamizile anthu okumba michenga mu Lilongwe river that they half buried him.There is no grave yard close to the presidential villas and sand miners will never bury unknown person.This was a well organised crime kufufuta milandu yanu mukuba ma billions.These sand miners are struggling people to sell construction sand to feed their families while you are busy stashing billions in your pockets denying them opportunities in life.


I know those that killed him have no peace and will never have peace. If the intention was to freely enjoy the corruptly obtained money, I pray to my living Almighty God that the true identity of these thugs be known in Jesus name. RIP ISSA NJAUNJU.

The theory of murder developed by kenkkkk makes more sense to me. However did he have any conversation with his wife on the fon long before having this fatal encounter. ? If so she needs to open up so that leads to his killers can be established. We want justice be done.


Mmmh man ali busy ndi ma banquets ku kamuzu palace


State sponsored murder. …When are we going to have clean hands govt???????

We can only speculate on what happened. Obviously he was driving, so he must have been stopped somewhere or somehow by these killers. Killed him on the spot and drove him to the presidential villas to half bury him, then destroyed his car on the spot. Or drove him alive to the villas and killed him there. For him to stop his car, it is possible that the hired killers were disguised say in recognizable uniform such as police, army or other security attire and waved him to stop, so he stopped as most of us would do. They just… Read more »
Bololo Wachitumbuka

Mr Kenkkk am agree with u

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