Malawi Police say Njauju murder investigations are still going on

Malawi Police say investigations into the murder of a senior official at the graft busting body, the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Issa Njaunju is progressing well and asked people to be patient as the matter will get to logical conclusion.

Gondwa:  Investigations still going on

Gondwa: Investigations still going on

Deputy police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa said one of the suspects was already netted by police and appeared in court as required by law.

“The police are still hunting for the remaining suspects. We are using many methods and strategies to net the suspects and we will arrest the remaining suspects,” said Gondwa.

His comment follows intense criticism from the opposition benches in parliament who are asking why the government is taking long to arrest killers of Njauju who was a senior officer at the ACB.

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera and some opposition legislators want the government to explain how far the police have gone with the investigations into the death of Njauju who was killed this year and his car was found burnt to ashes near Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

But Gondwa said police investigations cannot be revealed prematurely as this can jeopardise the investigations.

People suspect Njauju was murdered by crooked people in a bid to cover up their corrupt practices.

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24 thoughts on “Malawi Police say Njauju murder investigations are still going on”

  1. The Patriot says:

    Investigations , on going, until 2019. We are reliably informed by the small kahuna that it was a “professional job and therefore difficult to solve”.

  2. sibweni says:

    Inu munachosa IG amene APM adasakha poyamba chifukwa mbava za PP zimaziwa kut chitetezo chikanabwerera ngati cha nthawi ya late bingu ndi munkhito.lero ndi izi anthu oipa ma mp osusa kuvomereza bwezi la mbava limene ndi IG wa lero,zotsatira zake ndi izi kut amalawi tilibe trust mwa apolice onse mmalawi muno.shatapo zanu apolice ndi IG wanu.I cry for mr munkhito the former IG who perfectly did away with security problems which malawians were facing before he was chosen

  3. Wa sundu magie says:

    Tisayakhule kwambiri malawians let us get used kuti kwathu kuno andalewa akafuna kuthana ndi muthu ndikupha basi lets think about the gadamas and the sangala’s in mwanza;chasowa’s case now its njauju tiyeni tiwasiye adziwa zonse ndi namalenga

  4. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Forget it!! There is untold incompetence and unprofessionalism within the Malawi Police Service!! This will not be solved at all!!

  5. MLOMWE says:


  6. musisipala says:

    Who the hell was njauju for the world to panic? His time had come to an end and is gone so to our time will come for us to leave. You think Bingu died a normal dearth?. if the so called donors make noise ask them to come and investgate

  7. Professor Calculus says:

    When the issue involves high profile people in the govt,it does not lead anywhere.That’s how Chasowa lost his life and nobody has been netted up to this day for his untimely death for this young man.Young fuck around with these murderers just know that your life is in danger.Some jobs are very risk in Malawi.You need tight security.They knew they were going to exposed alot and the next thing is to use the elimination method.Take the Scotland Yard police they will solve the Chasowa and Njaunju’s case within a week.

  8. ndata says:

    Its funny that as country we always want to be pushed in order to act. Njaunju case could have been concluded by now if this Gondwa and his bosses were serious. What about the Chasowa case? One day all these murderers which I know are politically motivated shall be exposed.

  9. Njauju was killed by mafia from police how do you see people? The truth will never come out

  10. Konza Chapasi says:

    The nation is becoming suspicious with NJAUJU’S muddlers , why keeping it so secret as if it’s they the same party people who muddled Chasowa ?

    This issue is telling a lot of stories and guess work , the nation is not knowing the truth atol.

  11. Bufalo Soldier says:

    All of you are very very stupid. We are talking of a person who lost his life. Just ask for fast investigation and not what you are saying here. He died for a good cause and i salute him. May his soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

  12. Njolinjo says:

    Our useless police. Akulephera because nkhaniyi ikukhudza akatakwe muboma omwe anawotchaso electoral commission warehouse. Our police ndi bomali are both infested with criminals.

  13. wakummawa mario says:

    Iwe mathanyux njaunju anaphedwa ndi anthu a PP the cashgaters so don’t mislead pple here u fool. Fotsake burstard.

  14. SONG says:

    Ndinanena ine DPP ndi yakhupha. Ndimbava izi please. Ine ndinavotera Laz wanga

  15. Mashamase says:

    Anthu a Mthalika

  16. John kamwela says:

    Njaunju was killed by Malawi defence force hit man hired by Paul mphwiyo and other military men . Mistaken for Rennet matemba they did this to cover up thus, sf, top prima and rummage pace payments

  17. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Chakwera said it all ‘either the crooks r better organised than the government or the country i run by better orgised crooks’

  18. pido says:

    The works of Gondwe in trying to hide his Ten Billion Malawi Kwacha stolen as part of K577 Billion.

  19. Mathanyux says:

    Iwe Gondwa, usatinyanse we need results not that you are still investigating. Ndi zomwe wakuuzani mbwiyanu Mathanyula kuti muyankhe just because opposition anafunsa? Kodi you only talk when someone has spoken about it why? Thats how timagwilira munthu/boma labodza. He was murdered by government agents full stop.

  20. levelheaded says:

    People are now much interested on an individual death which has not brought any change to this country. They are detracting from pressuring the government to hurry with cashgate cases which have left this country in ruins. Penapake dziko lino sinful in get sets a. Anthu samagwilizana popanga chinthu chimodzi. Mwina ndi chifukwa choti kusiyana ndi maiko ena onse omwe kuli mitundu yomwe ili nzika zenizeni za dzikolo, kuno Ku Malawi mitundu yonse ndi yongobwera ndiye palibe mwini weniweni wadzikoli. Tonse ndi alendo basi kumangokokana.

  21. Frank kaponda says:


  22. peter says:

    Actually the police has communicated nothing here!! So what are you admitting to us you the MPS? That the criminals are more organised than you or you are actually the criminals in this issue?? I cry for my country!

  23. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Shaaaaa nkhani iyi imandikhudza.

  24. mamaaa says:

    untill when? let me answer for you untill the end of the world.dont worry God himself will do the investigation dont waste your time,

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