Malawi Police says presidential guard transfer not linked to Mutharika’s fall

Malawi Police has confirmed the transfer of presidential guard Supritendant Ben Mwaliwa from  State House as first reported by Nyasa Times and that he has been deployed for general duties in Nthalire, Chitipa district.

Aides rush to the defence of the Malawian leader  Mutharika

Aides rush to the defence of the Malawian leader Mutharika

Mutharika  had fall at outside of Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during a tree-planting ceremony last week,

The President appeared unhurt following the dramatic fall which attracted social media buzz after the photo was first published in Sunday Times newspaper and also posted on Nyasa Times.

Nyasa Times reported this week that although government officials appeared to be publicly taking the incident lightly, it was a serious security issue that would see those who were supposed to be closely monitoring his movement in trouble.

We also reported the transfer of Mwaliwa as the first casualty.

National Police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa has since confirmed Mwaliwa’s transfer but claimed his redeployment is “normal” should not be linked to the fall of the President.

“Transfers in police are traditional and normal,” Gondwa is quoted by Malawi News.

“Mwaliwa’s transfer is normal it has nothing to do with the President’s fall,” he added.

Mutharika’s fall continues to be a hot subject of social media debate, with some saying there was nothing newsworthy about it as everyone has fallen at one time or another and argued that it showed he was human.

Others however, poked fun of his fall and the incident as embarrassing.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi Police says presidential guard transfer not linked to Mutharika’s fall”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Kodi kugwa kumeneku kuyamba kwa matenda kapena koma iiii kaya

  2. Winford Saka says:

    Kamuzu also fel,l what is strange With Mutharika’s fall?talk about other issues.

  3. pido says:

    Anati munthu akamakalamba amakhala ngati mwana nde kugwa sinkhani. Apaso ine ndikuti ngakhale kuganiza kumachepa. Choncho nayeso u president asiye chifukwa akuganiza ngati mwana. Sangathandize anthu coz akuganiza ngati mwana ndi ukalamba wakewo.

  4. Widdey says:

    What if anakagwa ndi wapoliceyu would the president be transfered to MNesa mulanje or nthalire.some behaviours are questionable there is nothing normal munthu kumupanga transfer mpaka ku nthalire..

  5. ine says:

    ndiye paMalawi pamenepo ntchito kutukwana tsogoleri mmhhhh

  6. mahomwa Baracks says:

    from corruption to collapse

  7. mahomwa Baracks says:

    kkkkk dweku dweku president kkkk from corruption to Collapse

  8. Noman says:

    Ukupitapowe Udzakasiyidwano Kwatsoyo Coz Kugwako Ckut Kwatha

  9. Bwana'mkubwa says:

    Tsopano bwanawa akadzagwa kuchokera pamwamba pa madam ndiye adzapange transfer ” BED” kuchokera ku kamudzu palace kuyipititsa ku chikoko bay presidential guest house. Period

  10. w,ambro, says:

    Transfer ndi transffer.ikhoza kuchitika nthawi iliyonse pamene pachitika zobweletsa mafunso, kapena ai,tisatengelepo mwai amalawi,mp

  11. Tukombo says:

    Mathanyula fell because he is overweight, drinks too much liquor, does not work out, and uses Viagra that is a lethal combination

  12. Koma ngat zzkhala choncho anthu ambiri avutka,coz abwanawa akalamba

  13. Ee kodi ths pple amalumbira kumenyetsa chipumi pansi jst to save bwana wapa dziko lapansi iyaa. Amunanga bweraniko. Mxiie

  14. Nthalire Chief says:

    Welcome police officer to Nthalire Chitipa. Its nice home dont worry. Life is cheap and you shall be a king here. You shall be adored for the fact that you were at state house….

    Its good for security of your life. In towns you meet overzealous political individuals who may need you to ‘fall’ as well. Dont hesitate come before you disappear into thin air. I will offer you land to cultivate and rare animals in peace. You shall no longer stress yourself with day to day routine guarding of our first citizen.
    If you are coming to us here it shall be mutual benefit to the north most for Nthalire politicians. They will learn some ‘secretes’ from your experienced closeness from our king of the land.

    You are very lucky you are not going into croockdile mouths. In those days your colleagues could hv gone down lowershire. Thanks to democracy Chitipa is receiving more of your type from NGOs, govt deprtments and the church.

    Unlike you, we came and live here happily and dont think of this area as hell.
    In conclusion, we from Nthalire now know why the government doesnt want to develop the area. It serves a purpose. Within that purpose come and enjoy your life……

  15. Isaac Nayes says:


  16. Pissed off says:

    You guys are an embarrassment. That man fell because he is an old man and you punish somebody for that ?May he fall again 100 times more mxiiii.

  17. Chilombo says:

    Koma guys!Kuchoka ku state house nkukafikila ku Nthalire,Chitipa?Olo kulangako?kkkkk

  18. Ginzo says:

    Zopanda ntchito izi.

  19. Saunders Jumah the Utopian says:

    How long Malawi Police Service be reliable? What isvit that has to be hidden on this matter? If they failed to hide the Presidents fall what is the reason to hide the reason behind the transfer and throwing away of God’s son Mwaliwa to Nthalire? If you feel that he failed to do his duties perfectly why didn’t you just fire him than throwing him that far.
    Everyone agrees that the President is human he can fall at anytime, should anyone be held responsible for his fall?
    Just look at the picture who in police or the military with whatever training could stop it?
    Stop being naive w8th our citizens who are sacrificing a lot for our country.
    If this is the fall we see in public who knows what happens in private where Mwaliwa and his colleagues are?
    Stopcontradicting yourselves, first you concede saying the president is human can fall now when you fire or transfer Mwaliwa you are denying that Peter Mutharija is not human because he was not supposed to fall.
    Malawi Police and/all other police in Africa must reform and change. You must be ashamed it was you who stood on national television and equivocally announced that polytechnic boy Robert Chasowa had fallen from the building and died from the fall when you knew that he was killed and thrown out of the window. Malawi Police you are there for service not to hide bad behaviour. Mwaliwa must be returned to his work or be promoted some where not be thrown that far. We must count the good that people do to the country and stop subtracting them when a mistake takes place.

  20. Mboba says:

    Why he didn’t fall to die this busted like his brother

  21. Zapadziko Wakuthyolo says:

    Inu mumati angavomere? From state house to chitipa. Hahaha. Akaione life.

  22. Achimidizimidzi says:

    I heard APM wants to stand again for presidency in 2019, So that he rules up to 2024.

    Kaya akungaza bwanji pamenopo.

  23. Toad says:

    I would have wanted the aides to stay put & see if the president can stand on himself.

  24. What’s embarrassing there? there’s no such thing as “embarrassing fall” Munthalika is a human being just like the rest of us, why creating news when there’s none
    Bloody fools

  25. Man of God says:

    Transfer or no transfer of the guard, but it remains true that bwampini fell. And mind you, this is just the first fall. More to follow.

  26. ine says:

    Hahahahah boma limavomereza? A nyasanunso mwina mumangofunsira umboni chabe koma answer mumayidziwa kale

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