Malawi Police Service needs more than prayers

editorial op A flurry of incidences that have punctuated the Malawi Police Service (MPS) lately are as disturbing as they are depressing. To be candid, it seems everything has gone haywire at Area 30.

Very unlikely of MPS, supposed to be leading by example in as far as enforcement of laws of our land is concerned, cops – as if high on some Nkhotakota grown Indian Hemp – are doing utterly the opposite.

In fact, some of the escapades our trained officers have engaged in or orchestrated are unimaginable.

How could, for example, ten good well trained police officers connive to steal government equipment they are supposed to be protecting like we heard from Dowa not long ago?

And on Saturday, anincident of a cop shooting himself dead in Dedza, again with his official gun, was reported.

Also, in case you did not get wind of it, the Inspector General of Police had demoted all police officers working under the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) for aiding human traffickers. The list can go on and on.

Now, this is not a resume we ought to be flying around as a country about our police service.

With the happenings that have thus far ensued it can no longer be brushed aside that there are serious problems – both physical and metaphysical – that are slicing our police service apart and need to be dealt with.

Of course, two things may so far be food for thought. The first one is the fact that probably the recent connives between police and state-of-the-art criminals could be as a result of the meagre salaries our government gives them each payday. With the proliferating living costs, ever rising, is it not just thoughtful for the police officers to connive with criminals and steal from their own government?

How, for goodness’ sake, can they manage their families and afford a cold one when they get less than K35 000 a month?

The second issue is the depression that seems to be creeping into our police officers’ minds at a supersonic speed. Our police officers are dangerously losing their minds – committing suicides and killing their own blood. Well, that is not funny!

We, at Nyasa Times, would like to urge us all to seriously think about how to get MPS back on the road. An investigation, for example, should be launched into MPS, and officers must speak out their feelings. That, we hope, will be a starter as far as unearthing the seemingly myriad problems of MPS is concerned.

Malawi Police Service needs more than prayers. We must save its face– now or never.

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4 thoughts on “Malawi Police Service needs more than prayers”

  1. John Njoka says:


  2. Kavuluvulu says:

    Nepotism is also contributing to this corruption and immorality in this Police Service.

  3. TOLITOLI says:

    People Are Happy When They See A Police Officer In Troube They Have Created For Him.Most Of These Officers Are Corrupt Because Of These People.

  4. BOMA LA KUBA says:

    You mean prayers cannot help! Go any where in the world you will notice that it is only true Religion that initiates, preserves and maintain good morality. If a individual, a community or a society does not have Christian values, you should expect an increasing criminality. Please do not quote me wrongly. What I mean is that only true Christians not fake ones are people of high good morals and high integrity. That is why we have chaplains to help our police spiritually. Smoking marijuana or alcoholic drinking have no help. If you can recall when business individuals and politicians starting money to our football nation team players then Malawi nation team stopped performing well. Money is not an answer to our problems.

    It’s not necessary about receiving high salaries or what. I laughed at those who were making jokes when the former Inspector General Loti Dzonzi encouraged the police to embark on prayers and Bible study. To the fools, he was a fool boss but in reality he was wisest IG.

    All the countries that have developed there have a good record of influence of Christianity. Thank of of USA, UK, Switzerland, France perhaps except China. Please ladies and gentle let’s go back to our roots and find out where we messed up. Our police officers need faithful prayers and they should be people of good morality. Their families also need honest and earnest prayers.

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