Malawi Police warns illegal fuel traders

Malawi Police Service have strongly warned that they will clamp down on illegal fuel traders, stressing that they will only recognize licensed selling points.

Kadango:"Our partnership with the police is not only targeted at illegal fuel traders

Kadango:”Our partnership with the police is not only targeted at illegal fuel traders

Warning for illegal fuel

Warning for illegal fuel

Those to be found in conflict with the law, according to the police, will be given a K50 million fine.

Illegal dealers buy the fuel mostly from truck drivers with illegal selling sites established along strategic and busy routes within cities and those connecting major cities.

Speaking through Tikhale Tcheru, a television programme on MBC Thursday, Senior Deputy Commission Foster Mangani, who is responsible for Blantyre Urban, stressed that illegal fuel sales cause loss of revenue related to tax and also comprises safety and security of households.

“If we find anyone dealing in it without supporting documents or license, we will be compelled to enforce the laws and we will only recognize designated selling points such as fuel service stations.

“It could not be today or tomorrow, but will sure catch you and brought book for doing unlicensed business in the country and it does not bring any tax to government for its operations,” said Mangani.

He then said unlicensed fuel traders are liable to K50 million penalties.

Mangani further requested the general public to report to police any unscrupulous trader so as to ensure communities’ safety and security.

“As a law enforcing agency authority, we only allow those with certified certificate from Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), to run fuel business in the country,” he stressed.

On his part, representative of Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) Calisto Chitsulo, who are sponsors of the TV programme, discouraged people from keeping fuel in their homes to avoid loss of life and property.

Chitsulo also advised motorists not to buy fuel form black markets for the betterment of the vehicles.

“Don’t risk your vehicles good people. The fuel that is found in black markets is detrimental to your vehicles as it is usually of low quality, and times, compromised with other liquid products,” said Chitsulo.

Tikhale Tcheru TV programme, produced by Blantyre based Elephant Media Productions, is a Malawi Police Service initiative aimed at raising awareness and combating crimes in the country.

Southern Region Police publicist Beatrice Mikuwa hailed PIL for supporting them in a bid to reduce crimes and other related vices in the country.

“We now able to reach out to the general public with vital information. We need general public’s support as in far as the fight against crimes is concerned.

“We also depend on tips from people clamp down on crimes and illegal fuel traders,” said Mikuwa before requesting other corporate entities to borrow a leaf from PIL.

“Our partnership with the police is not only targeted at illegal fuel traders; we came to help reducing crimes in the country by supporting the security agency’s community policing programmes and other initiatives aimed at combating crimes.

“The programme also highlights the duties and responsibilities of both the duty bearers and communities, so its no one man show,” said PIL General Manager Enwell Kadango.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Police warns illegal fuel traders”

  1. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    How will the police stop policemen selling fuel from police vehicles? rather than diverting attention from insecurity in the country, they will be busy focusing on non-issues. If fuel is expensive, people will find cheaper sources

  2. Anti Orange says:

    Just another example of the police poking their noses into other peoples business. It is the MRA or MERA who should be controlling the sale of fuel. But with so few filling stations in rural areas there is no option for mini bus, maize mills and clinic vehicles but to use re-sold fuel. I also agree with the statement that may be we are going to have fuel shortages soon.

  3. wales banda says:

    Ine mafuta ndilinawo, bwerani muzandimange, shupiti

  4. Bayangwe says:

    Nanga poti ka only filling station ka pa Thyolo pa boma ka makhala kopanda mafuta nthawi zonse, timadalira black market ya pa number one asaa

  5. izeeck says:

    If a prson burnt which resposibility are you taking?And even attendance of funeral you stay harshed oky

  6. Dala says:

    Oky lam under that point but before stops vendars selling fuel should have planted enough pumps in our areas

  7. salire says:

    Is very very far where we can find filling station so we as villagers.we depend pipo who have efforts to bring fuel from town to vilange and even the distance itself is almost 95 kilomiters to get fuel so l think mister have to see doctor some how your not good in your mind stupid

  8. chandamale says:

    Police be serious you have some cases to solve not,storys like this vendars are good have source to bring fuel from out side malawi.where gvmt surrender vendars start from there so why you hate them.

  9. Mwakipiki says:

    In Chitipa, ambulances and police vehicles run on fuel from the black market. They even borrow and when funding comes write cheques to pay these dealers using some ‘official’ names. It’s hard to imagine how the district can run without the fuel vendors. Government therefore need to provide the people of chitipa with filling stations first b4 talking of dealing with the vendors.

  10. George phiri says:

    Police ndi vindere vakufikapo. Pita udzikagwira okuba ndi mfuti osati dzamtudzu dzanudzi

  11. This is good pali ma business ena oti of course akuthandiza ena kudyetsa ma family awo komanso akhoza kudzetsa imfa angakhale kwa anthu zosawakuhudza. Ndi ntchito ya ma Filling Station imeneyo osati anthu wamba ayi.

  12. Mponela says:

    Shame on police for failing to do their work

  13. jojn jere says:

    Kukakhala ku dowa ndiye njale zonse sa boma zonse zimakathira fuel ku nyumba kwa munthu,kukongola mkati!kkkkkkkkk!kaya zitha bwanji kumeneko!

  14. sammy says:

    No need to arrest them they’re feeding there family as we all know it’s not easy to get a job in Malawi it was better if you were saying they should get license.

  15. Trad says:

    This warning is not meant for illegal fuel traders. It’s a warning to Malawians that fuel will be scarce anytime soon. So the government is trying to control these traders kuwopa kuti angayambe kusowetsa mafuta! Ayiwerengera patali a boma. Kutsogoloku sikuli bwino. Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear. Ine ndangodutsamo

  16. ... says:

    Mafuta akayamba kuwowa, izi ndi zimene DPP imachita, kulanda mafuta.
    John Kapito akuti Malawi is a buried state.

  17. Mr Ibu says:

    police vehicles are the ones supplying these vendors in Blantyre city especially ndirande goliyo and it is done openly without fear, just go there you will find police cruisers syphoning fuel on broad day light.

  18. Mulangizi wa APM pa za gondolosi says:

    Tikamamva izi ndiye kuti mafuta atsala pang’ono kuyamba musowa.

  19. We need more action from police than rhetoric talk. There are many illegal fuel selling points between Lirangwe Police/MRA road block and Zalewa and at Manjawira which I strongly believe the police is aware of. The police should do more than just making scaring statements on Tax payers funded MBC programme khalani tcheru. The police should also intensify on inspecting mini buses who ply within cities who are fond of keeping 5 litre jericans of fuel within passenger seats. This is a safety hazard to passengers and must be stopped forth with.

  20. zanga phee says:

    There is nothing to report here, anthuwo mukuwadziwa kale , komanso enanu mumakagula komweko, check the Zalewa road from Lilangwe to Lilongwe , you will find a lot of these bushy filling stations along the road, Lirangwe, Mdeka, Kam~mwamba, phalula, senzani chingeni , Tsangano Turn off to name a few, vuto ndi lomwe lija lomalanda makala anthu tikagula koma kulephera kulanda amene amagulitsa mphepete mwa msewu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    koma boma ili ?lanyamuka paulendo basi.

  21. haward says:

    Mukunena ndi inuyo a police? Si inu nomwe mumabwera kudzatenga ma bribe kwa anthu amenewa each and everyday

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