Malawi Premier betting receives mixed reactions

Malawians in urban areas have now a new way of making money through premier betting.

Premier Betting operations director Darren Glover

Premier Betting operations director Darren Glover

Betting is one way of gambling whereby people gamble with a company or organization by predicting different types of games.

People predict football games results before a game is played and when the prediction comes true, you would win money.

It is only one year since premier betting established a company in Malawi and from the look of things Malawians are enjoying the games.

One of the people who patronize premier games is Blessings Malukwa a Baluti township based man who is enjoying premier betting games because he says they are cheap and sometimes he has been winning money.

“I once betted K200 but I manage to win so much money, when one is lucky on that day he or she can make a lot of money,” said Malukwa.

But Agnes Banda a resident of the same township is a concerned citizen saying many men are spending a lot of time at premier betting and when they lose they fail to provide for their families.

She said with the coming in of Premier betting, a lot of men are not working thinking that the gambling is negatively affecting some families.

“Most of the men are spending a lot of time gambling at premier bet and many students are boycotting classes to go and gamble at premier betting.

“Most of the people who participate in gambling at premier betting do not have good financial base which can lead to theft in the community,” said Banda.

An economic analyst, Arnold Ng’oma said Malawi have not reached a level to legalize gambling games that many Malawians are playing at premier adding this is negatively affecting people’s lives.

He said it is high time Malawians began to spend most of their time on things that can develop the country and their lives.

“The president of this country is working so hard for this country to develop and so should the citizenry,” said Ng’oma.

Ng’oma added that in developed countries, people gamble just to play and not to multiply their money.

Premier Betting Company has opened its branches in many districts mostly in urban areas and a spot check in some places revealed that many people are patronizing the betting places.

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3 thoughts on “Malawi Premier betting receives mixed reactions”

  1. Frenz says:

    Malawi Gaming Board told us this already thru a programme called Tikhale Tcheru but what i have observed is that many are losing their monies hence umphawi kukulirakulira

  2. J5per says:

    Just a way to make the rich richer don’t gamble its haraam

    1. Just to add on a few things. I speak as someone who has worked in the gambling industry for about 14 years now providing custom software solutions to the industry here in South Africa. I am not claiming to be an expert but these are some things that I have learnt along the way. The current company that I work for I think does something stuff similar to what Premier Betting does. You can check out

      1. Gambling odds always favour the house i.e. the organisation running the operation.
      2. Legalising gambling helps. Some operations are by law required to pay out 80% of the intake while only 20% remains for the house. This is mainly in the casino. Not sure about sports betting off and online.
      3. A gambling board has the responsibility of providing civic education to the public so they know what they are getting themselves into
      4. Gambling is not allowed for people under 18 years old – in this regard, a school child is automatically disqualified.
      5. Properly licenced, these gambling operations are a huge source of tax revenues that if properly utilised would help boost the economy – though that is a far-cry in our country.

      That said, people must:
      1. Know that when they gamble, they stand a chance of losing money. It is a ‘gamble’.
      2. Have a budget to spend and should not go over that. I personally do play the lottery and I have won descent amounts for minor ‘investments’ like 500% and above. But that is just the other side of losing.
      3. This is pure luck. Despite the saying that “the more you play for, the bigger the chances”, I personally do not really believe in that: I have played for a lot and won nothing and played for little and won something and played for a lot and won a lot and played for a little and won nothing. I do not think there a real way to get it right.
      4. Do it for fun not as a means to an end. If it happens that you win millions that can change your life, so be it. Otherwise do not overdo it. I personally play the national lottery as well and one of the international ones and also dream of winning big, but I still have a day job and a business on the side (both of which I take seriously). These will always provide an income and my family will still be able to eat if I win nothing.
      5. Use your own discretion whether to spend the MK1000.00 for usipa on a gamble that you could potentially lose (or win) while you know you are guaranteed a meal when you go home if you decide to just buy the usipa anyway!

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