Malawi Pres Mutharika hits out at Nyasa Times

President Arthur Peter Mutharika told a news conference in Blantyre on Monday on his recent US trip that Malawi’s popular online publication, Nyasa Times is “obsessed with him”, claiming there are always negative stories about him on the news site.

After taking a jibe at Nyasa Times recently from Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York where he was attending the 68th Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, President Mutharika took another jibe at the online publication this time from very close quarters—at a vantage point, from the top hills of Sanjika Palace.

President Mutharika singled out Nyasa Times as a publication that pedals malicious falsehoods about him, citing a recent report where the publication reported about his alleged extravagance whilst in New York.

Mutharika:  I'm not crazy

Mutharika: Meetings took place in my bedroom

Nyasa Times had reported that the President was lodging in a region of US$17,000 Presidential suite at the historic Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue, New York City. It was also reported that he had sojourned to New York with a larger than life entourage of 68 people.

But in an attempt to clarify matters, Mutharika reiterated that he only took a delegation of 20 people “from State House” who he said included his secretary and “security”.

He did not dispute allegations that in the entourage there were also a brother and wife of his personal assistant, Ben Phiri, fully sponsored by the taxpayer.

President Mutharika, however, said if there were other delegates counted as part of his entourage, it was merely for purposes of accreditation under UN procedures. He also said Foreign Affairs Ministry officials were sponsored by the UN.

“The figure could have been inflated (68 people) by the UN accreditation procedures, which record delegates from a country as a single ‘group’ despite that the people may have found themselves in New York on different sponsorships and objectives,” claimed Mutharika.

He also repeated his denial that he was booked in one of the most expensive presidential suites at Waldorf Astoria, enjoying top-notch largesse, when average Malawians back home are floating in painful economic doldrums.

Mutharika said he was on the 13th floor in a suite that had a tiny kitchen, “which could not accommodate my two cooks and a waiter” and that important meetings that he had there were held in “my bedroom”.

He said to the contrary, it was Barack Obama, the US President who was staying in the most expensive suite at US$18,000 per night.

Mutharika said that as an individual, he is not perturbed by the reports but questioned the patriotism of Nyasa Times for writing the stories.

He said the reports do not hamper him as an individual but hamper “the good work that we are doing to improve the lives of Malawians”.

Said Mutharika: “I met one of our bilateral partners who I will not mention; a very important one. He hailed and praised me for the good work I am doing, especially on the steps to reduce government expenditure such as appointing a lean cabinet. But he expressed worry that I was lodging in a Presidential Suite, which costs government $17,000 a night, something which was not true. This is sad.”

During the entire news conference, however, President Mutharika could not produce any documentary evidence whatsoever to discredit Nyasa Times reports except for the word of mouth.

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101 thoughts on “Malawi Pres Mutharika hits out at Nyasa Times”

  1. the northern speech says:

    We wait as long as food is on the table

  2. mduduzi nyanda says:

    eeeeeeh chi zinjanthropus amwene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. chidumayo says:

    Go Nyasa Go. You are one of my best informers. There is some truth in the whole story. APM has accepted about the 68 delegates and there is no proof that the extras were sponsored by the UN. Truth pains guys. Do not blame Nyasa but blame yourself for your intentions of pleasing everybody who assisted you during the campaign. Once more Go Nyasa Go and te sky is the limit. Yap.

  4. shaibu wanemanema says:

    go! go! go! go! go! nyasatimes we want truth to prepail in our country nothing else.

  5. gerald says:

    Nyasatimes do u have proof that the president was staying at Waldorf Astoria??? This is so shameful ur indeed hurting th country.please stop this.

  6. mbadwa mzika says:

    Amalawi kukonda kuonjezera nkhani kuti ikome. Amaganiza kuti news siziyenda malonda ngati saonjezera. hahahahhahaha. APM boma mufune musafune

  7. Sec-specialist says:

    Seriously, you guys at Nyasa times are a big joke. You expected the president to flaunt receipts for his accommodation expenditure just to prove that you are wrong? C’mon, man! For the record I dont like APM but I think you guys are beyond believable. Man up, and own up to your poor reporting.

  8. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Can the President please stop attacking the media / media houses or institutions.
    He is a Big boss why attacking?

    Just remain Quiet / Cool as a President. otherwise Lalalalalalala! Media is going to SHINE.

  9. tenthax says:

    wakula ndi umbuli ku nyasatimes mupiteso ku sukulu

  10. tenthax says:

    Its true nyasa is always against the mutharikas bwanji iwowo osayimako pa u president?, munyoze, musanyoze a Mutharika awiri akulamulani basi

  11. kukhala says:


  12. chatty man says:

    keep it up nyasa you are the best paper so far so good.

  13. chatty man says:

    my president needs wisdom please.

  14. moto mwikho says:

    People with no life achievements, who will never qualify to run for the presidency are determined to micro manage the President. I wonder what starndards they are operating on and how they manage their own lives. If you are a school drop out do you really expect the President to peg his life at your level?

  15. Lemani says:

    Nyasatimes and tenthani Raphael hate DPP munya muona

  16. sylvester namale says:

    Maybe nyasa times must be the media mouth for the president

  17. Malawianmom says:






  18. Mbonga Matoga says:

    He looks like one of those great apes that existed on planet earth 15000 years ago. I can’t believe he is part of the Homo Sapiens species that lives today.

    His wife is even worse, what’s wrong with these Lomwes? Kudya mkwapukwapu kwambiri chani?

  19. Nyinithalika says:

    Kaya muthana nokha sidzanadzanali a Nyasa munali ku UK DPP campaign meetings. Lero mwayamba kulozana zala. Zanu izo!

  20. hst says:

    Please go to work — see this!

    Malawi: Country is number eight on the list of poorest countries
    (All Africa)
    The country is ranked the eighth poorest country in Africa, new data reveals. The list of poorest countries captures the outlook of the gross domestic product (GDP) in each country as of 2014. The ranking, produced by Richest Lifestyle magazine, takes into account the total market value of goods and services produced by the national economy during the last year in regards to each person in the country. “Agriculture and services make up a huge chunk of GDP, accounting for 35% and 46% respectively. [But] a shortage of foreign exchange… led to Malawi being unable to pay for some imports” reads a statement by the Magazine. Malawi joins three other SADC member states on the list, namely: Madagascar on number 9 as well as Zimbabwe and DRC which are the two poorest countries of all. Another survey conducted by the acclaimed Mo Ibrahim Foundation has established that Malawi’s economy has not improved since 2010. The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) administered by the foundation shows that Malawi’s economy has continued to fall. IIAG is the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance that aims to offer an annual assessment of the quality of governance in African countries. The economy picked up during Bingu wa Mutharika’s first term, picking from 41% to 48.7% in 2010. However, this year’s index shows that for these four years the economy has gradually been declining to hit a 45.9 mark. The foundation ranked Zambia at number 13 and Mozambique at number 22. Despite being among the top ten poorest countries in Africa, President Peter Mutharika extravagantly led a lavishing lifestyle in the United States where he went to attend the UN general Assembly. President Arthur Peter Mutharika accommodated himself at the Waldorf-Astoria where a presidential suite comes with a price tag of US$17,000 (MK7 million).

  21. jimbo says:

    The President should not pay any attention to what the press says about him. He should just get on with running the country and making every effort to raise it out of poverty. Until he gives evidence by his actions that he is working flat out for the good of the country, the press will continue to put out negative stories about him.

  22. gwadani says:

    Mr president you are doing good job so far. Haters like nyasatimes will be there to discredit you but the truth remains, the country is heading in the right direction under your leadership. God bless you Mr President.

  23. chaku says:

    let us learn to respect our leaders please, how can we say nasty things publicly even if we dont like them, how do we expect others to respect us? remember, he said touch not my annointed

    1. Mwale says:

      Point of correction @70, he is not anointed. That does not even refer to satanist. It refers to True men and women of God.

  24. Aceton says:

    Mbuzi imadya pomwe yamangiliridwa,so what?it is his time to kick the ball,he is president up until May 2019,so you will keep on crying ntil that time?or you will turn to your businesses for the better future of you and you family?Its only four months from five years,I don’t know,kaya.

  25. mr k k says:

    osadanda mr peter pano ma newspaper ambiri ali busy kulemba zaboza cholinga igulidwe osati kuziwitsa even maiko akuja zikutero continuel ur job zilibwino osafuna achoke ziko lathu

  26. hst says:

    OK he reads this. Please make sure you do not get detracted. The jury is out and you will be judged by how much development you deliver, not how much you fought with the press.

  27. fkr says:

    All the presidents we have had are all in it for themselves. Just understand that and you will then understand how their one track minds work. Give me money!!!!!!

  28. annoymous says:

    Nyasa time its time for you to learn how to respect president why a Malawi timalimbana ndikunyoza tsogoleli wanthu am staying here in Pretoria South Africa and president Jacob Zuma was there i never heard the City press, SA daily sun, Sowetan or The star this are south african news papers critise Jacob Zuma for how much he was spending per day even if our professor Peter Mutharika was spending such kind of money per night we who are you to tell us as a nation its our prrsident he has right to stay in a safe and well acomodated place do you want him to sleep outside the hotel while other presidents for various countries sleep in luxury hotel, Nyasa times am very disappointed in you if you have nothing to post on your online web page you better shut down your computers and say no word which does not exist, Peter Mutharika you are doing good job and now i can here no more stories about cash gate and jet gate in capital hill the country is calm indeed

  29. Pa banja pako says:

    Mutharika does not really care about any of this, he is just causing distractions to divert from the real issues like cashgate and donor support. He knows he’s not long for this world, and despises this country because of what his family has been put through. He does not intend to improve anything, but to accumulate wealth for his heirs before he dies. That is why he can blow millions of $$ in New York and then come and lie to our faces without so much as flinching.Malawians once again find themselves being ruled by a sociopath with no conscious and whose fault is that? Nyasatimes?

  30. cynk says:

    Nyasa gwirani ntchito mopanda mantha, we r in a democratic system, keep it up sakuphani ayi tiri nawo maso a satanic amenewa addp agaru

  31. Wawa Phumisa says:

    That’s the price of presidency Mr President. The biggest and the longest hard to fight is the battle against the media Mr president. You will not win the battle against them. At your age, just try to swallow bitter pills and keep quiet at times. I am sorry you will face more serious criticisms at your advanced age.

  32. Ku lira says:

    Really ??? High level meetings in the bedroom….hmmmmm

  33. MUNGANYA says:

    palibe amene akulesedwa kulamuliridwa ndi Chakwera. Mutenge adzikulamulira pa banja pako avomera bola kumulipira


  35. emily says:

    even if you say bad about him some of loves him for who he is ,after all his not an angel his a human too.leave him alone if he is not the president you wanted osasamuka bwanji…

    1. Mwale says:

      That is why the north and center want to be on there own, koma mukuti kakamila. Let him be wasting you tax money. For now we cannot shut up, because its our money.

      1. Inu says:

        Point of correction, only the north. For a 1000th time, do not drag the central region into this greedy move. Have you seen activitists in the central on this issue? Just speak on your behalf and let the central speak for itself

  36. Fukulani says:

    Barack can stay anywhere even in heaven and pay dollars!….you can’t compare MK to US dollar!….wopepeladi iwe eti?

  37. wobeba wanga says:

    Nyasa times so stupid and unprofessionall, you wanted the president to copy and print your stories so you could believe him? I think you dont understand the power of president.

    Amalawi yakula ndi nsanje basi sichina ayi. Musova.

    Go on Peter Muthalika, i know you will read this comment, Although some malawians hate you, but there are some who love you and will always be there for you.

  38. Nkhani says:

    Why Nyasatimes? U should also tell Malawi(DPP)Voice to stop reporting false stories about JB, Let that woman alone with ur propagandas’. She is just doing what she knows best!

  39. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    DPP has been in the driving seat for over 4 months now and at the rate we are going, 5 years will be like a centuary. The DPP manifesto so much hieghtened expectations from the citizens on their new government. So far the new DPP government seems to be chasing the wind. Issues to do with cashgate seem to be giving the authorities sleepless nights while the citizens and donors demand the truth to be told. DPP as a Party was the archtect of the IFMIS and has an uphill task of trully convincing Malawians that it is hollier than thou on this cashgate issue( mbalame yakhala pa uta). Antagonising various players such as the Media and other political leaders will not help the country to move forward in its noble developmental agenda.

  40. Elijah, says:

    How can u vote, for some one, amene safuna kulumbilitsidwa ndi Bible, and u expect him to tell the truth, achoke gay uyo tikufun Chakwera basi.

  41. Madalo says:

    Mr al we want iz transparency & accountability basi nothin else

  42. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Nyasa pena mumaonjeza bodza and many times you sound unprofessional. Zoona zake nzimenezi. Chilungamo ndi chilungamo

  43. Thoko says:

    How I wish he could just shut up. So those high level meetings were in your bedroom??? Really?, now I’m convinced this guy is soooo gay where was the First Lady for hire?? Hiding in the bathroom????

  44. Kulira says:

    I’m so glad he reads Nyasatimes. More fire Nyasa times!!!!

  45. nkhedu says:

    useless moron.busy ndi nyasatimes basi.kkkkkkkkkiest

  46. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The onus is on the accuser to show the hard data, otherwise accusations become just a waste of time. It’s not up to APM and his entourage at all. NyasaTimes are afraid their specific data may get contradicted! Go ahead, prove the allegations; otherwise you are just shooting in the dark, just hoping to hit a target. Any target.

  47. lazarus says:

    So, Malawians, is this the presidency you were looking for?

  48. nkhakamila says:

    what tax payars money are you talking about you cash gate fools.amalawi you think a real president angatenge ma documents kaya ma reciepts kumakuwonetsani akapolo ngati inu.mudikire president wopepera wa chitumbuka yemwe azachite maganizo anu you think we have forgoten all the cash gate money that you spent aimlessly kumwera ndi kunyengera ma hule mma pub pamene anthu ena akuvutika ndi njala ku mudzi.what tax payers money are you talking about and how much tax do you contribute.infact APM is a better devil interms of spending your taxes.musatibowepo apa ndi nsanje zanuzo.

  49. original KK says:

    The hotel in question has just been bought by a chi nese investor at a whooping price of 1.9bn American dollars and you call that cheap lodging

  50. bodoli says:

    A First Lady maphozedwe amawavuta,mkungokhala ngati akuzengedwa mlandu woba ndalama zaboma ndi za ana amasiye…

  51. frank says:

    Nyasatimes pitilizani kulemba zowonadi wosawopa kuti ndi prensdent kaya cashgate yomwe anaba iwowo mk92 billion lembani.

  52. Walalawalala says:

    Malawians made a huge mistake by putting this fossil into power

  53. “Self-praise is not praise at all.” Andrew Tosh.

  54. Its u now that time was JB.

  55. Mbadwa says:

    Respect the leader Osachita Msanje APM woyeeee

  56. Booze says:

    Nyas learn to respect our own leader please

  57. Damz says:

    I do agree with APM

  58. Keen Observer says:

    Naked truth Nyasatimes is very biased I saw it from the death of Bingu to date. Do you want to tell me that Joyce Banda has never done anything negative?

  59. Nabanda says:

    Ask your dear friend Seodi White, she spent days campaigning to boot JB out and now you Peter you have given her a post she is quiet. Nafenso tilowe mbwalo but with no interest in whatever position…..Nyasa keep up the good and am glad Peter knows that the whole world is watching…

  60. Power 101 says:

    I am disappointed in APM, wasting his time with Nyasa Times, they can not harm your hair, just implement what you promised and next election 70% of the nation- even minus the whole north-will vote for you. Don’t reward their jelous, they will talk until Nyondo of livingstonia synod becomes president.

  61. pearson sadala says:

    Iwe nde dubwa weni weni

  62. Kabotolokamo says:

    Kachasutu uyu …kkkkk what a ffffff?

  63. Mwale says:

    Yes APM, the truth hurts

  64. Tawadi says:

    Its good that Peter reads nyasatimes. The President of the Lomwe by the Lomwe & for the Lomwe. Give us better life. Electing very old people has negative results since they have no future but past & present ready to plunder as they knom the law won’t follow them to their graves eg Bingu.

  65. CHITUBZI says:


    1. ahhh says:

      Nanunso a Nyasatimes, Why should A P M produce more evidence, when you nyasatimes did not produce any evidence of the costs?

  66. Matako says:

    This is tax payers money show us the receipts this is our money and if you have nothing to hide allow the hotel to release your expense account. Its that simple Mr president Astoria will be more than glad to oblige!! We are sure you spent over half a million dollars for this useless trip. Everything is a secret for you isn’t it? You came back from NY with lots of pledges which is not surprising. Whether those pledges will translate into real $$$ is a different story. Been there done that!!

  67. Vyachalo says:

    A APM you are using taxpays without receipts? That is corruption and lucky of accountability . There will be no auditing? Shame

  68. Think Tank says:

    The President should note that gone are the days when presidents and their cronies were left to their whims. When something seems amiss we depend on the press to alert us on what is happening. This helps us to assess what type of leadership we have. It sounds sweet when our opponents are attacked by the same source which we encourage to write things about them by feeding wrong information. It becomes too personal when the same is turned on us. The best way is to do what we used to preach outside authority. We may be blind to what our surbordnates are doing behind our backs but we must accept the responsibility.

  69. MMALAWI says:

    If Obama was staying in an $18000/day suite at the same hotel then your room must indeed have cost a fortune, I bet not less than $15000. I am bound to believe Nyasatimes more than you Mr Mutharika. Besides you have failed to convincingly refute the allegation

  70. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I have praise only for Nyasa Times. Keep up the good work.

  71. CONGO MAFIA says:

    The truth hurts. That’s why he is not at peace. Why on earth should he take 2 cooks all the way to New York. Alibe nkhazi?

  72. peter chimangeni says:


  73. wtl says:

    what is nyasa that the pres show docoments,wat freedom is that? shut up! respect, mwazimva mukuthamanga.

  74. Nyapapi says:

    Its not Nyasatimes that is bad but the stinking comments from the foulmouthed, rotten, half-literate, nthumbidwa on this website!

  75. Mtumbuka says:

    Something wrong here Mr President, your response/explanation doesn’t hold water. Noone is against you personally but your actions. Remember you promised to bail the Nation from miserries facing the nation. Four months down the line there are still no rays to the promised land. All we hear is ‘I have talked to them’, they will assist us. Don’t use ‘campaign languadge now, you are already on the driving seat, what want now is action and results. Negotiate the bends with courage else you dump us into the dish. We are waiting, time for talking is long gone. Njala, umphawi, umbuli ndi matenda zabvuta bwana!!

  76. Rodriguas Latata says:

    By reoprt the extravagance Nyasatimes has proved the highest level of patriotism to mother Malawi.
    Osaman’jegweda ndaamazo nkumati basi tiyenazoni oMalawi soluona yayi. Pajatu chikhalitsa m’bwalo mmachidziwira chala. Simngatibwitikeso nalo lamkunkhuniza yayi, Thyolo party. Shupiti zanu. Ndipo basopo.

  77. Ise tili pheeeee kuno ku Democratic Republic of kaning’ina

  78. Dr. Mango says:

    Very trivial matter, why probe za wrist watch. Let us discuss topical issues.

  79. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    Mathanyula just keep cool Osalimbana ma media, akusawanya ku kusambwaza kolapilatu kuja. Tangolimbana ndi federal referendum akukumpweteka nayo. Ukomoka ngati mkulu wako ukatengera masewera

  80. FCK says:

    Mr President you are not talking to kindergarten kids be serious what is it you have brought that will help Malawi what was Ben Phiri’s wife doing in america? you didn’t was she a un invited guest why cheat us Nyasa times was correct and you are wrong prove it we will understand other than that you are extravagant spender and tribalistic

  81. nyilongo says:

    ts tru Nyasa z owez against d presdent. U js hv a negatve attitude against hm. Dnt push m tu thnk ur stupd mbwenumbwenu. Y nt js join d opposition

  82. Befu says:

    Mr President is still not breathing well with…What you have to know Nyasatimes covers news from all circles of life and their stories are accurate! So now Mr President you want Nyasatimes to be biased,lying to suit your preference…Mr President the State Presidency is a serious business and not honey moon business,you cannot just conduct press conference just to refute some allegations…Now the State President is folding his long sleeve shirt for Nyasatimes! Mm

    There is an element of truth this is why you are refuting!

    Mr President your administration is upside down, why you never the names of those investors?

    How could a meeting be held in the bedroom with the First Lady? This is typically a lie Mr President!

    The World Bank,IMF and the International Community are skeptical about yout your government! Barrack Obama pointed out some of the things which are happening in Malawi such as nepotism in employment, arrest threats to opposition party leaders,favouritism of some companies in granting contracts…Why is Mulli of Mulli Brothers Limited always given first preferencial treatment in the Executive Meetings of DPP to harrass other Malawian Companies?

    If you are a real president of Malawi you are supposed to fire Justice Mbendera,chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission because he is at the centre of electoral disputes and recklessness of his tongue, If you are a real president of Malawi you are supposed to fire Patricia Kaliati because of his recklessness to talk bad about Former President Dr Joyce Banda that she is just following you Mr State President everywhere you go yet she was invited by the UN to attend the UN General Assembly!

    Mr President you have divided Malawi further because of your nepotism and there are calls for the Introduction of Federal System of Government!

  83. Makiyolobasi says:

    Nganga imeneyi itivuta bwanji a Malawi. Simukuona a mirror image ya Bingu in his speeches? Kuzichemelala, mwano, arrogance. Gule woziyimbila ng’oma nkumavinano wokha. To him even USD2000.00 (MK1,000,000) is small money! Kusamva a Malawi muziona.

    1. Nabanda says:

      Achita kulira kuti ng’ooooo….bola mbuli ija JB

  84. Central says:

    Kulintchito ku Flamz

  85. Dick says:

    Nyasatimes taffuzani za golden watch he put on his wrist

  86. Thumbwefu says:


  87. Professional journalist says:

    This is where Mutharika and his press officers are failing. If Nyasa Times is wrong, produce evidence. The best way to refute allegations is to produce evidence. Where are press officer? Kugona pa ntchito. Shame on yu!

    1. BigMan says:

      Are you serious? Surely not!

  88. El Jay says:

    Did Nyasatimes produce ‘documentary’ evidence of it’s claims, which have by far been shown to have been ill-informed? Why then should we take Nyasatimes’ word over president Mutharika’s? I think the president, dislike him as I may, is not far from the truth in claiming that Nyasatimes has an ill-intentioned obsession with him

    1. John says:

      Nope! Nyasa times dont have to produce anything even if they have it. APM is the one stating facts on the contrary, he is the one refuting allegations, he has to defend himself with evidence hard enough to embrass Nyasa times. Is that not why he hired a billion advisers anyway?

      1. El-Jay1 says:

        That’s a misplacement of the burden of proof. Besides, it is true that the UN clusters delegates from one country; Nyasatimes deliberately or ignorantly overlooked that fact, among others.

  89. apm says:

    zomwezi mpaka kubibidwa nazo a pulezidenti? kikikiki ngati sizoona inu munjenjemera nazo bwanji? tiyeni nazo a nyasa. ife zikachitika timanvera kwa inu, osati zodiac inalowa libolonjeyi. kikikikiki

    1. abdulhassan says:

      Zoona m’bale, Zodiak inalowa libolonje. Olo anthu mu midzi akudabwa nayo zodiak.

  90. John says:

    Bla bla bla… Basi zomwezo nzomwe amatha ameneyo. Pakamwa!! Which good is he doing for Malawians? Just mention one, just one. I thought so!

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