Malawi President brags about freeing the state-run broadcaster MBC

Malawi president Peter Mutharika says the past few months of his rule has demonstrated how serious his administration is in upholding the freedom of press in this Southern African country.

Mutharika claims MBC is independent

Mutharika claims MBC is  now free

Mutharika told Malawi journalists Tuesday on his return of the AU Summit in Ethiopia that his administration has already managed to transform the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) from state-run radio into public service broadcaster.

“We are committed to freedom of press. We have reformed the radio programs on MBC. Everyone is now covered.  Everyone who has something worthwhile to say they will be covered by MBC television or radio,” claimed  Mutharika.

He therefore said he was surprised with an accusation published in local media where some people [chairperson for the Media Institute for the Southern Africa, Malawi chapter Thom Khanje] accused his administration of failing to honour its commitment that it will pass the Access to Information Law.

Khanje said in a published statement that the failure by Mutharika’s administration to bring the Bill in current sitting of parliament has put government’s integrity into question.

But Mutharika said it is unwise to accuse him of failure on the bill.

“We have been in government for only six months and d we cannot introduce all the laws in one session of parliament. It also should be known that there are other four bills lined up for debate during the current sitting. These are Marriage Bill, Human body parts trafficking bill, Electronic transfer bill and the sachets liquor Bill. “

Mutharika said it is a fact that parliament cannot be able to debate all these bills in three weeks’ time “so other bills will be discussed during later sessions.”

He therefore asked Malawi journalists and all those pushing for the passing of the Information Bill to exercise more patience.

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38 thoughts on “Malawi President brags about freeing the state-run broadcaster MBC”

  1. Conex says:

    za bodza zokhazokha

  2. Malawians, we should appretiate. The gvnt cannot just be in hurry to fulfill all the bills. I think we r in hurry. Nanu a Khanje tikukuonani kumene mukufuna. Mukufuna ku State house inuyo. Cant you dvise accordingly? Muli ndi phumatu.

  3. mathola says:

    zopusa zaufumu zanuz

  4. Neymar says:

    Kaya amene mmaonela tvm, kaya mumati mbc bla bla bla..

  5. No Fear Kelvin mahata says:

    Ndikufuna malipiro anga zikakhala za MBC sindimvera zimenezo koma Nollywood.

  6. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    I blame JB for not jailing this imbecile president who is fooling Malawians on daily basis. Dzitsilu so ndi anyaphaphi anamuvotera coz of mulhakhoism. Mxiiiiiii. Boma la DPP ndichipsinjo. Kuno Ku MRA akungochotsa ntchito non lhomwes , ndikumayikamo alomwe okha okha. Iwe kamoto ndi Mbilizi wakoyo, samalani. Tikudziwa kuti nkhani yaku maliseche is also at centre stage kuchotsa anthu ntchito. Zatsala ndi zaka zochepa before another state funeral. A George Mankhwala abwerera where he belongs. There will be light again to Oscar , Derby et al.

    1. Eliam says:

      Mankhwala osamubwezeretsanso pa udindowo chifukwa ndiwakuba kwambiri. Angomuchotseratu ntchito chifukwa sangathandize ku MRAko.

    2. zangazokha says:

      Kuduka mutu enanu mukamasowa ma coment muzingokhala , ziwakuti zenje lomwe umamukumbilamo nzako umagwelamo wekha . Back to sender!!!!! APM zake zikuyenda mumangovutika ndikumamutukwana ,inu tangolimbikilani muzafika pa iyeyu.

  7. amina says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. Mr President do you listen to MBC Radio or TVM? How many people listen to these two. Most families switch on to DSTV or other stations for better coverage. There is chaos at MBC. Khonzani nthawi isanathe

  8. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    surely information bill is more of priority than marriage bill cz anthu tili ksle mabanja unu a Pital simwapeze banja dzana..ndiye what marriage bill nionsense awyzeni ana anuwi asakwatidwe mpaka 18 or amwauze amalize college!



  10. I think my friend you have a problem you not supposed to defend the president because to when he was campaign he thought it is easy to run the country

    1. Eliam says:

      Ofcourse its hard to run the gvt. But as of now he is doing better. U can c the appreciation of kwacha. Idont think if u read newspapers. Hav a wider research b4 u comment Mac William Shumba.

      1. Zosautsa says:

        Who depreciated the kwacha to the current levels. May be u ve forgotten by May20,2014 kwacha was 365 to a dollar.

  11. Jelasi siwumuna amangwetu,Peter Munthalika wayambamba bwino

  12. Bigman says:

    As a matter of correction you have been in office for almost 10 months please. It appears that you have problems with counting. That’s is why you have been 74 years old for the past 4 years.

  13. Jose' says:

    By the way, are we saying it is incorrect to say there is no way four bills could be discussed to the fullest in a space of three weeks? The access to info bill is important, yes; but could it be more important than discussing the body parts trafficking, marriage age bills? fellow Malawians, let us learn to look at things with a level eye. I think the President is right. Enanu you are just drunk with nepotism so much so that you can’t make a difference between right and wrong

  14. musolin says:

    Malawi government should ban the production of these cheap liquor, it is destroying many lives…our colleagues in neighboring countries stopped the se liquor coz the government love its people..

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    My President, you’re really intelligent and bright lawyer.

    The most brazen liar, I have ever seen. Imagine, people are talking about your commitment to freedom of the press and Access to Information law but you are talking liquor and marriage. And then patience just to substantiate that you’re not committed.

    You are only delaying this bill so that people shouldn’t have access to you evil secret deeds.

  16. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Please Mr President, I would like to remind you that some peoples are paid just to make accusations; senseless or not. That is how they put food on the table. Therefore do not be sidetracked by every barking of every dog. Great leaders grow a thick skin. Bravo Mr President.

  17. Wawa Nyoni says:

    Muhlakho Broadcasting Corporation is indeed free and Not Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. Koma Mr. Ibu Mutharika. Kkkkkk

  18. ujeni says:

    Can this Pitala Mutharika stop giving excuses of being in office for eight months not six and that is almost a year. When PP government was in power for only two years you wanted it to sort all
    of Malawi problems and here you are almost one year gone with nothing to show. Will see by next year in May if by then Malawi will be developed as you bragged while in opposotion.

  19. Shoes says:

    To hell with this useless so called learned man. Prof. in papers but you can’t be practical on real issues shame on you….

  20. What the…..i could stand MBC TV during JB’s time but not now, i actually stopped watching it, abd its not only me….

  21. ngangaube says:

    which MBC has he freed. This guy lives in his iwn world. MBC is gone back to the days it was used as a propaganda tool with Bright Malopa and tbe useless Sumbuleta call8ng the shots there. This president is really ignorant of tge aspirations of Malawians. MBC was better under the Joyce Banda adm8nistration where even him who could hardly be heard by Malawians could be covered.

  22. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Kukamwako tsono

  23. Alungwana says:

    Parliament MUST discus the 50% votes bill. Dont run away from this bill mr apm.

  24. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good beginning Mr Khonje these politicians should bear in mind that there are people out who brilliant and they see what is happening,More fire Khonje See my name.

  25. Zabweka says:

    Thus a very total LIE Mr President, to me MBC had more freedom nthawi ya JB ndipo reporting yake wasnt that bias ngati pano!! so pliz tell the nation the truth

  26. abusa says:

    Bravo! Marriage and sachets bills must go addition city councils should regulate brothels and selling of liquor in residential areas. We have laws (cap 50) which is arrogantly ignored even by public officers that drink at ptc at Dowa Boma and kanengo, and all these bars in residential areas that are wrongly lisensed as bottle stores. We’ll not become any better by merely passing more laws. We also need to circumcise our hearts, develop a collective morality.

  27. hoitty says:

    APM is not being honestbon MBC reforms. Joyce Banda tried to reform MBC & for the first time opposition parties were beamed on MBC TV and radio. But the savages DPP brought to MBC changed everything. we are back to the dark ages. Mayb the presdent doesnot watch this TV. But you should remember how JOYCE used to show ur campaign on tv abd compare with what you are doing. Even the MBC News Year in review started from MAY and not January as if the whole year news started when DPP got into power. APM has lived in a democracy in USA for a vry long time, he should demonstrate his exposure to good governance and not behave like Bakili and Bingu. DO UNTO OTHERS….

  28. Nkhombokombo says:

    Bwanji kudziruma nokha? Mwanena kuti MBC pano yili free kuulutsa zawina aliyense komanso muti Billyi simunathe kukambilana kunyumba yamalamulo. Anthufe tokha tikuona tsono yesetsani kutiudza zoona. Feeding us with whitewash will miserabley backfire. People won’t trust your Media outlets. When did you cover a rally on MBC radio or television from the opposition? There plants all over the corridors to censor what goes on air. Time for cheating is long gone, let us judge the Media outlets by ourselves ‘cos’ we are directly affected by output. Don’t force us hate MBC. It is Malawian and for Malawians and not for certain party or section of a society. Don’t divide us.

  29. aphiri says:

    Freeing of MBC ? My foot. Are u serious? The goodness we no longer listen to MBC

  30. Tilibemau says:

    Thats a blue lie Mr President.Are you sure the coverage is not biased?Then you don’t spend time to listen/watch MBC or somebody is giving you false information.MBC is now worse in the history of its existance in the democratic era.The PS for information is in control of all MBC affairs.She has engineered transfers of well qualified and exprienced journalists at MBC.She is using her team -Vincent Khonyongwa,Phillip Business,Steve Maseya,Peter Makawa,Mgeme Kalirani,Gloria Banda etc who are busy making sure that those who are not DPP supporters are being punished .This whole team has been promoted.For your information those that are being punished are looking for Gods intervention and it will come to pass.We understand Chimwemwe will take over the DG position and this will be the worst decision the President will make.Opposition MP’s this is food for thought during the budget debate.Do thorough investigation Mr President these bootlickers are turnishing your image in the name of the party supporters.

  31. The Truthful One from the West says:

    MBC has not been freed from govt control. No voice against DPP can be heard on MBC.

  32. Rodriguas Latata says:

    How many months do you want to clear the shit you have brought into Malawi? Millenium? Century? You have nothing worthwhile to say so you should not be covered. Fokolo!

  33. Mmalawi says:

    Mesa izi adapanga nd jb

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