Malawi President Mutharika appoints Mgeme Kalilani press secretary

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has appointed journalists from state-owned Malawi Broadcasting Coroporation (MBC) Mgeme Kalilani as as Press Secretary.

Mgeme KaliranI: Presidential press secretary

Mgeme Kalilani: Presidential press secretary

Kalilani, who has Diploma with distinction from Malawi Institute of Journalism and studied law at the Chancellor College of the University of Malawi, will take role of presidential spokesperson replacing Gerald Viola.

Chief Secretary to the Government, George Mkondiwa, confirmed the development and also said that newly appointed Director of Communications, Dr. Bright Molande replaces Bright Malopa in that post as presidential chief spinner.

Malopa was redeployed to Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority while Molande, an academic was director of information in the Ministry of Information, Communications Technology and Civic Education.

President Mutharika has had Fredrick Ndala, Timpuza Mwansambo and Gerald Viola as spokespersons before Kalilani.

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25 thoughts on “Malawi President Mutharika appoints Mgeme Kalilani press secretary”

  1. Vendor says:

    That’s the end of him. Mark my words

  2. Fraser Moyo says:

    congl young man

  3. Nambewe says:

    A Bokho! Brightson! is the name osati Bladson ai!Yes his father was a great journalist and he was a very well loved one too! I was at his funeral it was very moving! the love of the people for their journalist was very obvious!

    Good luck young man I hope you will follow your daddy’s foot steps! he was great!

  4. Baska says:

    Mgeme Kalilani, Jean Kalilani! what a coincident

  5. Dayo says:

    kkkkkkkk wapita ase kma after that hahahaha where to? lol

  6. Tikondane says:

    Mgeme yekha mwasankha wabwino. Let us try the youth youth this time. Koma usakasinthe Mgeme wamva?

  7. Nyambalo Jackson says:

    Mathews no 14 koma nkhaniyi waiwerenga bwino bwinio, kapena chizungu suumva? Diploma in Journalism wasandutsa Diploma in Law?

  8. Kennie says:

    Mngeme has finally been rewarded for his talk to the president program on Mutharika Broadcasting TV.

  9. Khumutcha says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it.

    Wayesetsa kumenyelera DPP on MBCTV for a long time, even before the late Bingu died. And you have successfully made some of us who loved MBCTV long ago to now lose faith in MBCTV with your biased reporting and spoof talkshows on politics.

    Let the next person to be considered be Phillip Business. Let him also be rewarded for the fruits of his labor with his “Road to 2014”, “Your Manifesto” etc in his quest to please and serve the DPP, funded by hard earned taxes.

  10. Causemore says:

    congrats my brother.continue being humble.
    Jampalampa International and group of co.

  11. Yakunowa says:

    It is good that Molande is not replacing Viola as some of us were initially meant to believe. It would have been like asking a university professor to teach at Nkomachi Primary School. All the same, good luck Mr Mgeme but do not let politics ruin your career.

  12. mathews says:

    mgeme kalilani studied diploma in law

  13. BEJE says:

    kkkkkkkk Phillip Business is the next when Mgeme Kalirani is fired

  14. dpp_sapota says:

    munthu wapitatu uyu. very humble guy

  15. Yhanko Kalindo says:

    We should not hear in the near future that he has been redeployed to Min of Info or Macra as director while there are more educated and experienced staff in those offices who can’t get promotion

  16. james says:

    Please APM the kwacha is too weak it is trading at 700MK to dollar we are failing to study and pay for examinations which come from Abroad, eversine CHuka has become governor i have always paid higher fees every year, this way we are going to remain unqualified, can Reserve Bank change staff as currently they are doing a very poor job, we are always paying more every year for examinations. Can we please have a strong and stable kwacha

  17. ndondwa says:

    politics at its best koma malawi sazatheka

  18. Bulutu says:

    A thank u for the programme “straight toke to the president”

    a big up….its not a joke to be appointed into such a post

  19. Boma says:

    All the best broda. May the Lord guide u.

  20. chodziwadziwa, BSc Engineering (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon) says:

    Bootlickers!! period.

  21. Thyolo Thava says:

    Time to be rewarded for being loyal to Mapwiya.

    Time to be thanked for demonising the opposion

  22. Guantanamo Bay says:

    Ntchito yosasililika iyi. Journalists go to state house to get finished – or to wind up their career. Just go to the statistics to prove me right

  23. therere says:

    congratulation Ngeme

  24. bishop says:

    congratulations Mgeme.Groly b to God.

  25. BOKHO says:

    These are chilkdren of the then Bladson Kalilani former and professional Broadcasters during Ngwazi Dr Kamuzu Banda and Dowa children.

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