Malawi President Mutharika challenges critics to come up with alternatives

President Peter Mutharika replied critics of his economic policies, challenging them to come out with solutions or alternative measures for rebuilding the country, dismissing assertions that Malawi is going in the wrong direction under his leadership.

President Mutharika: Malawi is not going in the wrong direction

President Mutharika: Malawi is not going in the wrong direction

“There are stories in the paper that Malawi is going in the wrong direction that the DPP government is going in the wrong direction. Is trying to industrialise this country, trying to assist small and medium enterprises, wrong direction?” wondered Mutharika when he addressed a news conference on Thursday evening.

The news conference was organised to brief the media about his trip to Egypt where he attended the Third Tripartite Summit of Heads of state and Government of Comesa, Sadc and EAC and 25th Ordinary Session of the African Union Summit in South Africa.

But Mutharika took time to react to bad press over critics who include Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama) president, Henry Kachaje who has blasted Mutharika of peddling lies on the economic state of the nation.

The Malawi leader, however, shot down the criticism as not merited.

“Is bringing community colleges a wrong direction? Is Malata and cement [subsidy] programme wrong direction? Is implementation of public sector reforms taking a wrong direction? These are things we have been doing. I want to challenge all those who are saying we are going in the wrong direction to tell us the best way,” Mutharika asked.

The Malawi President said his critics will not offer any tangible alternative.

“If all these things are wrong, come forward and say which things are better for this country. I’m afraid to say they will not come up with any alternative. I’m not trying to silence anyone from speaking. Everyone has freedom of speech, so do I,” Mutharika said.

The President also flaunted his administration’s credentials in the way of attracting investors, saying security will be guaranteed.

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54 thoughts on “Malawi President Mutharika challenges critics to come up with alternatives”

  1. boma likuyenda bwino, yakula ndi nsanje.

  2. Dr Kachaje says:

    1.Is introducing tough measures on driving licences, good direction?

    2.Is raising junior civil servants’ salaries by 10%, good direction?

    3.Is changing the date for revising salaries of civil servants from 1st July to 1st December, good direction?

    4.Is forcing Malawi Parliament to sell MSB, good direction?

    5.Is cancelling debts of those who owe MSB while the bank is on the verge of collapse, good direction?

    6.Is stopping employing ODL teachers, good direction?

    7.Is planning to introduce a 5% pay cut for pension scheme on salaries of civil servants effective January,2016, good direction?

    8.Is failure to release promotional vacancies for all civil servants who have served long at the same grade, good direction?

    9.Is reintroducing school fees for primary school students particularly std 8 candidates inform of identity card fee, good direction?

    10.Is swallowing the once mighty UDF who fought for multipartism, good direction?

    11. Is appointing ministers and other public officers on condition that s/he is a member of the Lhomwe/Mlakho belt or thereabout, good direction?

    12. Is failure to solicit tax from Paladin Miners to the tune of $43million, good direction?

    13. Is awarding Malata/cement subsidy contracts to Mlakho cum DPP politiburo, good direction?

    14. Is shielding the K92billion and other cashgaters, good direction?

    15. Is removing allowance from all UNIMA students thereby introducing fees for IPTE teachers, good direction?

  3. Trevor Manyi says:

    Chonde please 92 BILLION amwene bwampini!!

  4. nyamata wa kwa Mayaka says:

    Kikikikiki Malawi economy

  5. ike says:

    Aaah aaah aaah koma amalawi tikamana mkaka chaka chino…woooza..

  6. Obster says:

    Wait for me am coming to lead the nation to a better way of all Malawian to live better, shame to see the good agricultural country sinking like a ship, it’s time for we young people to lead the country now, tired of madala people

  7. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    No 37, is APM still 75? Anyway, Malawi on auto pilot yet again, kikikikiki.

  8. mbani says:

    Alternative is to come out on 92 billion to bring the donors back.SA is rich but they are supported by donors and this god forsaken country what do u think agalu

  9. Sapitwa says:

    Most of these comments are simmilar to those of useless opposition MPs.
    APM, there is no single person in Malawi who can understand this country well.
    APM, you are doing very well with zero budget. Only extreme fools would expect more from the Government which has no enough money to do so. Non of them have the mentality of what they could do for their Government; the mentality they have is what the Government could do for them.
    APM, never invite any fool to the public domain again, they will never give any solution to Malawi problems. Continue to fulfill your manifesto, osamangolimbana ndi anthu obwebwetawa!

  10. Chigawenga says:

    Munthalika continues to dream in colors. He fails to tell Malawians what he did with their money (budget) from last year.,Can the president tell us which colleges have been implemented? Can he tell us which investors have come to Malawi? Can APm tell us how he intends to guarantee security when bank robberies are every day stories? Can the president tell us what he intends to do with the cash gate report for MK92 Billion which points at him? I will tell you what Mr president, you have no sustainable agenda for this country. Your only motive to lead is to allow yourself and your DPP syndicate rob Malawians in a day light just as you did with your brother. Greed and corruption is the only thing you know! Your cheap rhetoric is just a ploy try to hood-wink and swindle Malawians yet again.

  11. Johns Dumakuve says:

    Mmene mumabera ma vote mumafuna kuti tizakupatsani ma alternatives?Get the alternatives from Spy Dausi who was burning boxes of votes to destroy evidence of vote recounting and your friend Mbendera who was crying or hooting like a night owl imposing us some incompetent people.Look the state of Malawi now.Shame indeed for an old man crying for ideas.Where is your manifesto ideas?

  12. John Muchizi says:

    I feel pity for APM. At his age [75] it’s not possible for APM to have a transformative agenda that can put Malawi on the right direction. It’s expecting too much from such aged leadership. The public service reforms that he talks too much about are just a political gimmick. The 2015/16 budget has no single Kwacha to implement the reforms which in themselves are not transformational. History is so rich with examples of aged presidents who are just transactional leaders. At 75 it’s sheer fallacy to expect Muthalika to be a panacea to our chronic problems.

  13. Rodgers Banda says:

    Mr. President is off line. Who doesn’t know that any suggestions outside the camp is not welcome in DPP? Critics know that they are numerous promises preached during campaign which are forgotten by the same mouth that babbled.

  14. Asowa chonene APM and his team the are doing all the best in order to improve the the situation we are now.just keep your big month shirt OK APM game on

  15. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    ndye wayankhulapo chiyani pamenepa?

  16. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Kulira kulira. Zangokuvutani bambo. Tadzingopemphetsani makobili kwa azungu. Ndinunso ayaninso. Also tell us about the 92 billion kwacha. Iya.

  17. burnettie says:

    i have never seen apolitician buying alternatives from critics doing so is deemed to be weakness but look at what happens in parliament suggestions r given aliyense amafuna kutchuka

  18. I have been a DPP supporter during tough times. Amalawi nsanje ndiyimene yakukulirani. APM for life

  19. madzola says:

    Akalowere Ndinu ofana nzeru

  20. Felix Kazembe says:

    Please! indeed, we are in the same boat,malawi, help APM with good and sound ideas. muthandizeni, dumbo silabwino. failing which nonse ndi AGALU. Bwanji mumangowona mavuto opanda kuthandiza kuti tione nzeru zanu?

  21. Namaloko says:

    Ma critics tulutsanitu nzeru za chitukuko cha dziko lanuli. Osamangolongolola mbuli
    za anthu inu. Kanyeleni uko agalu inu mosogozedwa ndi m’busa wa kubayo.

  22. myao says:

    The alternative is for u to step down and payback mitharika heist to govt. Next it 92bn accountability. Stop nepotism,Ndipitilize?

  23. KALOWERE says:

    Kodi mukuti tibwere poyera tipereke maganizo athu, ndiye kuti mukugwirizana nazo zonse akuchita Peter? Akonze misewu yonse yokumbika kumudzi ndi mtauni kuti a kabanza adzititenga bwino, asadzapitenso ku Lumbadzi kuchikumbutso chaundende wofuna, reform program ibweretse poyera report la 92 Bili; azituuza ngati umbava watha m’boma.

  24. Titani says:

    Critics are never creators but followers. Economic can not fit all. These are just opinions. They are not like mathematical formulas .

  25. mbuyuni says:

    Chukuwa lero changawa malayi, tiye nazoni

  26. The Truthful One from the West says:

    The President must first commit himself that he will publicly acknowledge that the ideas he is implementing are not his and that they have from so and so. He has no new vision, policy and strategy to transform this country. For example the Community Colleges Program is based on a fundamentally flawed reasoning that there is a huge demand for artisans and that there is inadequate supply of artisans. This is far from truth. In fact many artisans are unemployed. This program clearly shows that Peter Mutharika and Goodall Gondwe have scanty understandinpg of the Malawi economy. Even if these artisans start businesses there is insufficient demand for goods and services they will be supplying to sustain their businesses.

  27. Dr Mbewe says:

    Apm is a dull president. Alternative and good development proposal he will find them in parliament. He should go there not asking president of ecama. Apm”s followers area also

  28. Professor Seyani says:

    We booted that lady leave Peter Mutharika alone. Masende anu

  29. Ngoni says:

    Sleeping president i have never seen, you dont have any clue to rule this nation. Chakwera can rule better than u. Go back to USA izi adachita kukukakamizani sizanu

  30. Marduk says:

    If only it was an honest invitation to hear the ideas that Malawians had.

    For one thing there is no industry that’s going to work if we don’t have the elecricity for it. I went to the Geological office in Zomba the other day and they have mining sights all scouted but they can’t reach them because of electricity. Meanwhile you let foreign countries mine our unrenewable resources.

    The hospitals have no water. Why not fix this rather than trying to come up with new things we’re not ready for yet.

    Even these new community colleges you’re building. Will they last more than 50 years? I’m pretty sure the infrastructure is all low quality stuff.

    In the end your vision for a better malawi is instant gratification, and your concerns only stretch as far as how many terms you have in office.

  31. This is the best thing I have ever heard. There is a saying in English which says ” constructive criticism is part of advice” now the question is that one Mutharika has asked Why just criticise without telling Malawians what should be done????????? The so called economists sometimes they goof. As Bakili correctly said that running government is a serious business not cos you have got a bachelors degree then you think that what you learnt is all practicable. Nay! Empty vessels make a lot of noise.

  32. Nyoni-nyoni says:

    Zibwebwetani chakula ndi nsanje, komatu olo zitani dpp palibenso ndimpaka 2019.APM akuzitha basi mcp kwanu kunatho.kkkkkkkkkk mtima kuwawa bwanji?

  33. Sapitwa says:

    The floor is now open; tell us what your are made of.
    Those noise makers give APM what he has requested and if you don’t, osakanyera uko ndikukatsetera pa media ai; muzingotsetera komweko mwakachetechete. Tatopa ndi fungo la nsete zanuzo.

  34. ndadabwa says:

    Peter Mutharika unabadwa bwino opanda manyazi ukamalankhula zopanda nzeru. ndi chifukwa chake timasonza pa press conference yako. umachulutsa kulankhula zopanda nzeru.

  35. peter says:

    If APM wants to get alternative ideas he should go to parliament. This is our legally instituted means of providing alternative ideas to the government!

  36. makito says:

    He has not challenged critics for better alternatives, he has already ruled them out. He knows best. Yes Mr. President, community colleges, the way they are implemented, are a waste of resources. The cement malata is not any innovative either, same old same old like JB’s mudzi.

  37. kanyimbi says:

    True, come forward and tell him what to do. Osamangonyoza basi. Even those who criticize if we can ask your wives they can say you are the worst man they have ever seen. If given another chance they can not accept your proposal. APM can not be 100% good or bad.

  38. Phodogoma says:

    Where is Juliana? What are you doing since the president says you must give him solutions. Don’t base your solution on account number one dealings. No. Make your parrotism here? Talk here. He is the head of sate and he is looking for solutions our problems.

    Chakwera where are you now? Give the solutions to the government for the problems you talk about.

    1. Zamadula says:

      DPP does not want to listen – even if they are given many alternatives to think about. For example Juliana was very clear when talking about how hospitals have been underfunded this year compared to last year. Alternative – reduce funding for the presidency and distribute the savings to the hospitals. It should be possible for both hospitals and the presidency to get the same funding as they both got last year.

      More savings to be channeled to hospitals could come from drastically reducing the number of Presidential Advisers. The past one year has shown that these advisers do NOT add any value – instead they waste taxpayers money on infighting and embarrassing the President. The plans for the ‘new’ banqueting hall at Kamuzu Palace should also be scrapped.

      On internet tax the alternative is to remove the duty reductions on vehicles with cc’s of 2000 and above. The duty on these big vehicles should remain the same as last year or even be increased. These people can afford to pay higher taxes.

      Maize production – it does not make sense to spend billions on FISP and then spend additional billions buying maize from Tanzania. Rather commercialize the growing of maize so that we do not waste scarce forex on the Taifas. Instead we should be a country that exports grain.

      Instead of building Mombera University, the funds should go towards expanding Mzuni, which in reality is still a teachers’ training college. Community colleges – good idea but improve existing technical colleges first, they are still using equipment from the 1960s. The teachers at these community colleges will obviously come from the technical colleges – will they be imparting pre-indepence skills?

      Malawians of goodwill have many constructive ideas, but the problem is that APM and his DPP do not want to listen. Always the focus is on whether a programme will mean more votes for them – sustainability or cost/benefit is not important…

  39. ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika, we are not criticising you to do something different, you just want you to do what you promised during election campaign and what is in your manifesto. You criticised JB on almost everything, you even had the nerve to call her clueless but it has turned out that you are the one who is clueless and a liar.

  40. john says:

    I agree with the President.Recently he stopped the sale of MSB and asked Malawians to bring ideas on how to rescue MSB but kuli zii

    1. Patrick Nkhoma says:

      Agree too with the Presudent, let people come up with solutions to the economy

  41. Fisi mphiri says:

    Thts true APM critisng the President n his government is nt a solution to the problems Malawians are facing tabwerani poyera mumuuze chomwe akulakwisacho and how he can solve it osakhala zongobwebwetazo apa otherwise chankula ndi nsanje apa cz to my side munthu akuyesesa uyu considering the fact that donors withheld their budgetry support bt stl boma likuyesesa ili

  42. Agnes Wanzeru says:

    Alternatives: put more money in LDF, lower the interest rates, create special window for medium loans in MARDEF/YEDEF, abolish FISP and malata subsidies, Implement the Public Reform programme, reform MBC; educate the public on things that matter eg keeping clean cities, encourage people to work hard top better themselves etc
    reduce unnecessary expenditures in ministries like agriculture.
    Actionaliase and rejuvinate green belt
    Instead of FISP do the loan programme for improved food production.

    1. Makwasa says:

      Alternative number 1: MK 92 billion audit. Thats the priority.
      2: stop nepotism
      3: federalism
      4: be decisive in your decision making
      5: Stop lying,
      6: tell us who is running the nation
      7: Your ugly wife needs to give back money to NAC

  43. bob mzunga says:

    Mr.Hastings Romeo Banda, your president does not listen. One alternative idea is that government must table the Mk92 billion audit report in parliament. He should also tell us the true about the projected economic growth our economy in 2015/16.

  44. Nsanje ndiye Vuto lathu amalawi

  45. This is what I expected from our first citizen. I have always wondered why politics of our country is always of destruction and not that of building. Some political leaders, including Chakwera of MCP, after the elections, said Malawians should come together, forge ahead, forget about the elections results, hold hands for the benefit of every Malawian. On the contrary, I have not heard from the media, or elsewhere, of anybody who has written the president altenatives or opinios (views) that can build the bright future of this country. Instead, there is a big noise in the media about the president and his DPP of misleading Malawi, but without remedies. LET THE OPINIONS COME NOW, THAT THE PRESIDENT HAS GIVEN A CHANCE.

    1. me says:


      1. Chakwera says:

        You mean appointing justice Nyirenda as Chief Justice heading one of the three arms of the government, appointing Goodall Gondwe to guard the whole government pulse and account number 1, appointing Ngwenya as the Malawi ambassador at the most highly paid and expensive embassy of Malawi government in Japan, appointing Kondowe to head the anticorruption busting body? tumbukas please stop being selfish. We have three arms of government here in Malawi and two of these arms are headed by northerners (Judiciary=Nyirenda, Legislature=Nsowoya, Executive=Mutharika). What exactly the hell do you want? Do you want to head all arms of the government or what? I would have understood if it were the central region complaining but not you wicked and evil people. Out of the three arms, it is only one arm that is headed by a none northerner – Mutharika.

        Let me warn you: A day is coming when the center and the south will open up their eyes, discover that they are in tumbuka bondage, and will be forced to free themselves. And you what I mean by that. By the way, my opinion is that Malawi is as poorest as it is today @50 because it has been run by tumbukas. Tumbukas have influenced each and every crucial decision made in Malawi except that which requires voting by every citizen. If you ask me I will say that indirectly tumbukas began leading Malawi in 1964 and they are still doing it. And the more we allow them to do this the more poorer we become as a nation. I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. But I know what I am talking about.

        1. My cell says:

          I for one I am ready to join a revolution against Northerners. They are the ones eating from plush positions and they are also the ones complaining a lot. I am from the center but we’re not complaining as the north yet we are worse of, guys lets show the north what nepotism is lets get what they have now so that they will çomplain for real.

  46. mzimwale says:

    what we want is implementation on the ground. not just words.

  47. Malawiana says:

    I totally agree with APM on this one. Malawians are just good at criticising without offering alternative approaches or solutions and that mentality of pull him down is what has derailed progress in this country. We need to go beyond constructive criticism to value adding criticism.

  48. Samarakunjuta says:


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