Malawi President Mutharika claims: ‘I was hunted like criminal, survived 5 assassination attempts’

President Peter Mutharika has said the culture of hatred resulted in him being hunted like a criminal at the time he was campaigning for the presidency.

President Peter Mutharika : I survived

President Peter Mutharika : I survived

Mutharika said it was only by the grace of God that he managed to survive five assassination plots in the run up to Malawi’s national elections in 2014.

“When I was campaigning to lead this country, I was hunted like a criminal. I survived five assassination attempts. I am happy that most of you gave me refuge, solace and courage. You have been the fortitude of the persecuted as Christ wishes,” he said during the consecration of a bishop at the weekend.

Mutharika said one of the challenges facing Malawi was the culture of hate and envy that derailed people from fighting poverty.

“There is a war of good and evil in the country. Every time people fight for the good, evil fights them and every time people fight to take others to light, darkness and its forces interfere,” he said.

Usual complaint

Mutharika has over the past two years been complaining about the persecution he suffered when his predecessor Joyce Banda was in power.

Among others, Mutharika regularly cites his arrest over allegations of plotting a coup d’etat when he was in opposition as an example of persecution.

During the Banda regime, Mutharika faced treason charges for allegedly trying to prevent Banda from ascending into power.

Treason slammed

Many analysts have said authorities in Malawi use treason charges to silence those in opposition or government critics.

One prominent Malawian lawyer recently observed that it was time Malawians demanded answers as to why a lot of resources were spent on sedition and treason offences without any appreciable progress being registered.

The lawyer Khumbo Soko said cases of treason pointed to an unprincipled use of law enforcement powers by the state.

“The history of prosecution of treason offences in this country, especially since 1994, is rather troubling,” he said.

Cases of politicians and army officers in Malawi who are arrested over treason cases end up being dropped or in acquittals.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi President Mutharika claims: ‘I was hunted like criminal, survived 5 assassination attempts’”

  1. Innocent says:

    Sono wati umphwetsere kwa prophet wathu major1. Wachepa sungatithe ife ndife ana a mulungu.

  2. Kenkkk says:

    What a joke? Peter has no shame. A total disgrace. What suffering when compared to that suffered by many Malawians?

  3. Chimunthu says:

    This is a pathetic attempt to play the sympathy card. The man needs to get real and face up to the failings of his administration and do something to put them right, instead of winging. No sympathy from this commentator!

  4. tony kanyenda says:

    He’s is an embarrassment of a president, and one ruling through the backdoor, APM survived 5 assassination attempts, in his dreams but not in the country, maybe he is confusing with the bees that attacked him sometime ago in 2014

  5. The Patriot says:

    Thank you Mr President for sharing your survival story with us! All I can say is that you are a kucky guy if these assassination attempts are to be believed. From the picture you are trying to paint, one can easily conclude that Malawi is a rotten country of political assassination attempts to opposition leaders . The question is what are you doing as a President to stop assassins threatening the lives of opposition leaders now? Having gone through tough times as an opposition leader, what are you doing to protect the lives of Chakwera , Kamlepo from assassins? Or the only concern you have is that of your own life ?
    Any progress on the Njauju murder?

  6. Machiavelli says:

    kodi inu mumafuna kutchuka bwanji. Who attempted to kill you? Treason amanama? We were there and we all saw how you and the big mouthed akweni wanted to prevent JB from getting the power. Zoona ndithu mphongo ngati inu from time to time muzikhala mukudandaula kuti munthu wamayi ankafuna kukuphani. zamanyazi, just concentrate on development. we need to see those implicated in the 200 plus million kwacha cashgate being prosecuted including the seven ministers. Joyce Banda is no longer in power and you will gain nothing on kumangokamba za mmbuyo. we want to see you transform this nation osati the witch-hunt your party has launched to kill critics like me.

  7. Observer says:

    You are a criminal kumene dyabulosi iwe

  8. Ngalamayi says:

    I don’t believe this. Is he looking for sympathy?

  9. What is this bububu talking about? Is he not the one promoting hatred in this country? You government created unfounded coup allegations for MCP members and yet that story has never seen the light of day. Who are to claim that people of this country hate to the core. As for the coup it’s true you did not want Joyce Banda to ascent to the presidency after the death of James Phiri. That was a genuine case and if Malawi justice system was perfect you would have been jailed by now. Usatinyanse.

  10. thunguwire says:

    Mr President, Kamlepo survived 23 murder attempt

  11. Nthawi zina akuluakulu anganene zodabwitsa ndithu! Lero ndiye aona chiyani kuti atiuze kuti ena amafuna kuwapha nthawi ya kampeni? Mwinatu akudziwapo kanthu zaiwo amene akuopseza Kaluwa aja eti? Nanga pamenepa sakufuna kunena kuti ku Malawi kuno anthu amachitirana chiwembu?

  12. My Malawi says:

    Tell us more about the five assassination attempts on your life Sir. I may have been sleeping or out of Malawi that time.

  13. Issa says:

    Awa mumaopa mzimayi

  14. DPP Supporter # 1 says:

    Bwana bola inu simunafepo. Komatu mkulu wachisankho wafatu, kumaliro ache inu sumunapiteko, koma muli ndi mzimu inu? Mwambo wansembe inu mukulankhulapo zachamba. why not speak that on your party rallies disguised as government development rallies. Paja inu si Malawi pajatu, anthutu tikumaiwala izi kuti inu bambo anu anabwera mdziko muno ngati wogwira ntchito ku estate ya tea kenako nkuyamba uphunzitsi. Pamene bambo anu amabwera ndziko muno inu munali ndi zaka 9 ndipo malemu Bingu anali ndi zaka 11, mwayiwala kale amudala? Inu mwaleredwa ndi mai wokupezani ngati mwayiwala. DPP woyeeeee!

    1. Kalingima says:

      Now signs are there that the president is panicking

    2. tony kanyenda says:

      imagine not attending MEC chair funeral and yet he rigged for him

  15. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mathanyula,there is no need of lying.What you experienced were just mere hallucinations.I think you are a confused fool and failure.It is absolutely misleading and shameless revelation to say that Banda planned to assassinate him during the last elections which he shamelessly rigged.Candidly,Banda had no such courage to carry on diabolical act of indecency in the history of our country.Iam not an admirer of JB,but Mathanyula’s astonishing assertions must be treated with a coarse of disbelief in that Mathanyula and his late evil brother Bingu,are a bunch of a mysteriously strange bedfellows,these two people are spoilers and hoodlums who have completely turned our country into a rogue playing field where respect and decorum are no longer in exsistence hence,a land of hate and distrust leading to man eat man society.Mathanyula,come clean and prove your allegations.

  16. JeSuisCharlieEncore says:

    Hahahah!! You wonder what they smoke at lilongwe state house..

  17. VYOTO says:


  18. KUKHALA says:


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