Malawi President Mutharika hits K1bn spending in US after UNGA as poverty takes toll back home

Rights activist Rafiq Hajat has exprssed concern over the prolonged stay of President Peter Mutharika in US, saying accounts figures he has seen puts the cost of his stay up to K1.3 billion so far.

Malawi leader Mutharika speaking at the award ceremony in New York

Malawi leader Mutharika speaking at the award ceremony in New York

Mutharika went to the US for United Nations general assembly  but two weeks after the meeting, the President is no where to be seen in Malawi.

“This is a matter of concern because of the cost, the tax payers money he is spending,” said Hajat.

Verified reports indicate Mutharika is on leave but decided to go on leave secretly to avoid a backlash in view of the ever collapsing economy which IMF has predicted would collapse completely if the government does not check the ever increasing over expenditure.

Information minister Maliseni Ndau said Mutharika is not sick as speculated in social media.

He said he is fulfilling official engagements which he failed to honour during the UNGA.

Presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani said the president cannot always give every detail of his work schedule.

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33 thoughts on “Malawi President Mutharika hits K1bn spending in US after UNGA as poverty takes toll back home”

  1. Maunits says:

    Mgeme is very useless press officer. We need strong people like Tereza Temeka Ndanga to lead press at state house or likes of Pililani Phiri. Who is Mgeme Kalilani after all because his mother is minister then?????? fokofo

  2. winston msowoya says:

    CHIGONAPAMUHANYA,what is wrong being a Tumbuka? The fact that you are a fucked up simpleton,you can hopelessly watch your country being turned into a political leper of Africa and a laughing stock of the world.TUMBUKA LIFE MATTERS!!!!

  3. winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,if you have not learnt a lesson from Peter Muthalika’s leadership,then only God the Almighty must entervene.This man has no sense of affinity towards his fellow human beings under dire manmade sufferings.Spending K1bn in the US after a useless UNGA while back home Malawians are sinking into the most fiercest inferno in the history of our country.I have time and again condemned the two Muthalika’s as spurious who came into our country to loot our meagre resources for their own greedy ends,but some unlettered Malawians call me a deadly tribalist.Seeing is believe,whom to blame now? The HINYAS? But the HINYAS have never been in the government’s leadership in 52 years of independence.SHAME!!! Right now,power and water in cities,are in hopelessly scarecity,starvation has reached an alarming proportions,crime amongst the highest in the continent and the economy is unspeakably in pretty bad shape that only prodigy will solve this problem.Until then,enjoy the leadership of MHLAKO Wa ALOMWE.

  4. be humane says:

    Chilungamo when you say “we” whim do you include? Many people like generalizing by saying “we Malawians” you should be saying “some of us” becuase not all Malawias don’t want Mutharika

  5. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:


  6. Chucks says:

    There is a way to rob daylight and this administration are good at that a country’s president going to America in charted flight are you mr president competing with mr Obama or are you showing you school in which you were a teacher that you have become something after becoming the president of our country malawi . But here there is no power in the name of loadshadding for more then 24 hours nearly every other day no water supply and you sitting on holiday and not here but in America . Following your brothers steps cause he brought fuel shortages and you creeping the countries power supply shame on your holiday and shame on your delegation wake up mr president you are destroying your country

    1. wakwiya says:

      It has been never his country. U gave him. U hated JB because she is a woman. But compare with these two brothers who has done more harm? Abale a Malawi use your brain. APM said he will follow his brother foot steps. What foot steps Bingu left?
      Why do have old leaders wo have not contributed to the nation except loot your little money u have? Do u need azungu to tell u by cutting aid. Does education matters in black peopl?

  7. Thom says:

    Apm Malawi is under national crisis high density areas don’t have power for 16 to 20 hours a day.Escom staff and management areaking DPP unpopular as votes come from high density areas like Kawamba and not area 10

  8. Jim says:

    Yes! ndi nthawi yathu tiwadyere amalawi! But don’t he is coming next week.

  9. Gule says:

    Malawians will never grow. We will be poor until Jesus comes.Many people go to nkopola lodge for rest who checks on them.
    Malawians some of you chicken thinks much far better than you.
    Peter you know America these chickens have never been to America even some of them have never been to Mzuzu to appreciate beauty of warm heart Of the North.
    They will keep making noise .abongolo inu

    1. Patriot says:

      Read your comment ten times and listen to yourself. You dont sound like a suffering Malawian.

    2. wakwiya says:

      Ignorance of majority Malawians is the reason Malawi is the poorest of all countries in the world. Of Course many Malawians in the South have never seen the lake nor know that their country has Islands. Ignorance is the reason for people who have lived abroad like APM come home and take advantage of the people’s ignorance and loot their money. When there ignorance among people they vote for someone on ground of tribe, region and education despite they don’t know and understand what is the meaning of PHD and Prof. They think when one is a Prof. One is better.

  10. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Mgeme, any employer has the right to demand to know EVERY detail of an employee’s movements and activities in the work place. Do you agree or not? Or maybe you don’t believe that we Malawians “employed” the president when we went to stand on the queues that day in May 2014? Is that the message you want your boss to take into the next election? Man, think before you comment because come 2019 we shall be remembering these “beliefs” as we go back to stand on those queues.

  11. Mwenelupemphe says:

    I dont see a difference having him here or away chifukwa magetsi athimabe, inflation going up, mavuto mmidzimu osakhalabwino, mwina the only difference can be kuwononga misonkho yamalawi kunjako mpaka 1billion zooona????????????? koma munthu uyu

  12. Thinktank says:

    Can’t believe a sound minded. Citizen of malawi defending this jolly travel disguised as UN trip.No wonder our leaders spend tax payers money with impunity. …They have some foolish Citizens defending them all the way…

    1. wakwiya says:

      All other leaders went back to their countries. Including those who come from rich countries. If he is on holidays why using tax money? If he is on medical treatment why biddin. People will understand that he is entitled to that. Stupid advisers. African why lying?

  13. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    You forbade him to take 110 people, now he wants to eat those monies himself without them at the same cost

  14. QueenB says:

    What happened to my previous comment?

  15. VINYUNI C says:

    It is sad to learn of this, the expense are made and Malawians are quiet. We Malawians are passive and do not hold accountable those in leadership. With me I find this selfish behaviour the President and his entourage very unwelcome. Leaders should have welfare of the people at heart. I urge my fellow Malawians, those who feel pain like since MRA deduct a lot of money as tax from my basic salary to stand up and fight against the malpractice. Let our voices be heard in the streets of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Zomba, Karonga , Mangochi, Mchinji and all other districts.

    Malawians feel the pinch of tax paying and you the Presidential Advisers, what pieces of advice do you give to Pres. Prof. APM. What is being done is utter nonsense, let us awake from the slumber.

  16. Chilungamo says:

    Nayeso ndi munthu apume basi! Everybody is entitled to annual leave even a machine has its time when it is supposed to rest

  17. Chabuduka says:

    Dziko liri mmanja mwa agaludidididi

  18. be humane says:

    If you able to track the expenses for the president you should know what he is doing. Just tell malawians what the president is doing. How do you how those expenses are coming from if you don’t know what he is doing?

  19. be humane says:

    Nyasa week yatha yomweyi mumati K30 million lero mukuti K1.3 billion? Masamu ake akukhala bwanji? Is this sign of ignorance with mathematics or journo mongering as your specialization?

  20. wpy says:

    Is Rafiq Hajat a Malawian?

    1. Northerner says:


    2. Patriot says:

      That question is irrelevant aise. hajat has continuosly resided in Malawi and in fact more years than Peter Mutharika. He knows better than mutharika what it means when people say Malawians are suffering.

  21. Pitala says:

    Zofuna a Malawi kutengeka ndi athu okhala kunja mwaziona chimubambo chimenechi chilibe nzeru ka mutu mwake zimayenda kaya amaganiza ngat mphemvu ameneyu.

    1. chigonapamuhanya says:

      mmene walembela chichewa chako shows you are a tumbuka e.g “chimubambo”.

  22. Achimphamba Oyera says:

    No. Mgeme is not exactly correct. The President must be accountable to the people. I thought by choosing to lead this country he chose to sell out that freedom to do whatever he wants. We gave him the priviledge to be our president. He should swallow the pride to be laissez-faire… wanting no interference. We have the right to know where he is and what he is doing. Or don’t we, Mgeme?

  23. queen B says:

    tumbler ya madzii kumbuyuko kubisa chani

  24. Withheld says:

    Mutharika is not sick but that he has gone into a cave and joined the hyenas.

  25. santana says:

    Mr Hajat mulipo kani? Can you post the accounts figures on the internet so that we see them also? If not, then you are in the class of Kamlepo.

    1. mwanamveku says:

      A Santana, Kamlepo ndi dolo kuposa Peter in every sense of the word, u know it……

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