Malawi President Mutharika reshuffles cabinet: Chibingu and Gowelo fired as Kalirani, Muluzi, Nankhumwa moved

President Peter Mutharika has reshuffled his Cabinet, dropping Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Paul Chibingu, M.P and Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Tarcicius Gowelo, MP after weeks of speculation about corrupt practises.

Kumpalume:  New Minister of Health

Kumpalume: New Minister of Health

Jappie Mhango : New Malawi government spokesman

Jappie Mhango : New Malawi government spokesman

Most ministers in their portfolios including those of finance, education, foreign affairs, justice, and gender were retained .

In the cabinet reorganisation, President Mutharika has moved Dr Jean Kalilani from Ministry of Health to be Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security replacing United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi who is now Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

The new Minister of Health is cabinet debutant  Dr. Peter Kampalume, MP a close ally of President’s communication and strategy aide, Bright Malopa.

Mutharika has also changed the government spokesman garrulous Kondwani Nankhumwa, appointing Jappie Mhango as the new Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education. Nankhumwa has been moved to become Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.

Mutharika has also appointed new deputy minister, Malison Ndau at defence.

“His Excellency the State President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by Section 94 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi, has made some changes to the Cabinet with effect from today, 17th August, 2015,” a statement from government chief secretary George Mkondiwa mada available to Nyasa Times said.

This is the second time Mutharika has reshuffled his cabinet since winning the May 20 2014 tripartite elections.

The President has maintained a lean cabinet of 20 including deputies.

Following is the full list:

  1. State President, Minister of Defence and Commander-In-Chief of the Malawi Defence Force and the Malawi Police Service: His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.
  2. Vice President and Minister Responsible for Disaster and Relief Management, Public Events and Chairperson, Civil Service and Public Service reform Commission:   Right Honourable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima.
  3. Minister of Finance and Economic Development: Honourable Goodall Gondwe.
  4. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Honourable Dr George Chaponda, M.P.
  5. Minister of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development: Honourable Henry Mussa, M.P.
  6. Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security:   Honourable Dr. Jean Kalilani, M.P.
  7. Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare: Honourable Patricia Kaliati, M.P.
  8. Minister of Health: Honourable Dr. Peter Kampalume, M.P.
  9. Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs: Honourable Samuel Tembenu.
  10. Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education: Honourable Jappie Mhango, M.P.
  11. Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining: Honourable Bright Msaka, SC.
  12. Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development: Honourable Dr Allan Chiyembekeza, M.P.
  13. Minister of Trade and Industry: Honourable Joseph Mwanamvekha, M.P.
  14. Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development: Honourable Atupele Muluzi, M.P.
  15. Minister of Transport and Public Works:   Honourable Francis Kasaila, M.P.
  16. Minister of Education, Science and Technology: Honourable Dr. Emmmanuel Fabiano, M.P.
  17. Minister of Local Government and Rural Development: Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa, M.P.
  18. Minister of Sports and Culture: Honourable Grace Obama Chiumia, M.P.
  19. Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology: Honourable Vincent Winstone Ghambi, M.P
  20. Deputy Minister of Defence: Honourable Malison Ndau, M.P.
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88 thoughts on “Malawi President Mutharika reshuffles cabinet: Chibingu and Gowelo fired as Kalirani, Muluzi, Nankhumwa moved”

  1. Ac Matewe says:

    Mr President Give Them Time Frame To Meet Goals Or Else Fire Them.We Want Tangible Developments,walk The Talk.Poverty Is At High Risk In Our Country.Should We Say Malawians Are Happy With The Status Of Our Country?No Something Has To Be Done.

  2. Mbuzi Manokunsi says:

    Gowelo was here in Nsanje installing for Chief Tengani.. KKKKKKKKK he got the news here. He belittled Chiefs and DCs thinking that he was a boss. Now he is finished

  3. Noel Mbambande says:

    Chaka chino Dakamau anyera zedi he thought he would rise with he help ya ambiyache a Gowelo. Kunyera kulipo Dakamau. You created conflict between Gowelo and DCs, plus mafumu

  4. Kavuluvulu says:

    Twenty is still too many. Fifteen can do kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  5. Bless mtechi says:

    Ok everything happens at the right time God chooses

  6. nangondo says:

    kodi inu makape Kalilani anakutanini anthu opusa inu tamusiyani munthu. mudzichita zanu. Mufune musafune Peter wamuyika Kalilani kumeneko. kupusa kwani

  7. nzungu wa nzeru says:


  8. chimwemwe says:

    Good lean cabinet but you need to fire Goodall economy is in bad shape with kwacha in ICU

  9. AKUMUZI says:

    Atuppele Muluzi CV
    former minister of energy and mines
    former minister of home affairs
    former minister of economic planning
    Minister of lands housing and cooperation

  10. LAZALO says:


  11. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    No new blood here! Aliyense Mbuzi alandira! So shame, worse to worse? Usawi chichi?

  12. Willie Chimseu says:

    Nyasa times you forget my name on the list as Deputy minister of Agriculture resiponsible for Farm Input Subsidy Hon Willie Chimseu.kkkkkk mchewa angauone umeneo makasu achabechabe(jembe)

  13. John says:

    The one you call Malison Ndau is not known to some of us despite the fact that we follow politics. At least we know Kumpalume. He could be seen on TV here and there. The author could have done better by investigating who Malison Ndau is, which party he belongs to and which constituency he represents.

  14. peter munthalika says:

    Ndine ameneyo

  15. Jeck says:

    Unfortunately i haven’t seen or heard anything that these men and Women have been doing for the past year and the progress made so far. This is just for show otherwise this country runs on auto pilot..

    Malawian we need to stand up and make them accountable and show us what they are doing to change this country for the better not just stealing our money.

    Any ideas on how we can pressure them to start working for the people??

  16. Nachibwe says:

    Another casualty is Dr Jean Kalirani because Peter Munthalika is Minister responsible for Police and Police forms largely the core business of internal security. So what is the role of Jean Kalirani as Minister of Internal security when APM is Minister of Police. Politics at work loo!!! Akuopa kuti angamati wachotsa achewa onse. Kkkkkkkkkk!!! Watchera kumewzi nkhanga zaona.

  17. Stupid says:

    Gowelo akapume wasokonezaso umfumu wa T/A mkukula ku Dowa chifukwa cha corruption . Pano GVH mputeni Ali mu polisi custody . Kagweleni uko nose mulungu akukathani mukuona ndithu.

  18. ju says:

    still 20 ministers keep it Mr president.

  19. says:

    Total madness

  20. mbuyache says:

    Maitaining Kalilani in cabinet i dont know what u were thinking Peter, maintaning Kalilani n giving her security, and u av not even added one more from udf to make it 2 in cabinet from there, guys Atupele is taking u for a ride

  21. Chibingu has been mistreating people because of his position as a minister. Let him go to hell

  22. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Nnnnhhhh deliver now.

  23. owotcherera pa mankhokwe pa kwawo says:

    kupalume namandwa bambo!kumtunda bambo,ana ophunzira apa chileka,u deserve the best,,,God bless u

  24. Bratusha says:

    Kumpalume has been rewarded for blindly defending the ruling party in Parliament. The guy is mouthful but empty headed. He talks much but with little substance. Komanso abale mayi Kalirani ndiwoti mkuwapatsa unduna wa home affairs and internal security ndimomwe chitetezo chalowera pansi ku Malawi kuno? Koma Peter Mutharika

  25. Zatonse says:

    zinaonekelatu kuti Achibingu ndi aGowelo zawo siziyenda,,,Kuchotsedwa kwamafumu a ntown ndikomwe kwam`bandulitsa Gowelo pampando ukukoma ,,,,Achibingu nde Mumalimbana ndikukweza Nyumba zaMHC Mmalo moti muthane ndi akatangale omwe achita kumayikira mazira ku LANDS&MHC

  26. chefourpence says:

    atumbuka agalu! Kodi mumafuna mukhale phwiii mu cabinet? Pamtumbo! Who do u think you are? What makes u think u deserve the best? Faggots! Swines! Leave Peter alone!

  27. becks says:

    One eyed man among the blind

  28. ger says:

    Dr Mpalume,by far the most brilliant chemist. Akulu ama distinction.

  29. Funny monickers says:

    Paul has been reshuffled for calling his deceased brother CHI BINGU.What a surname?Zoona paka Chibingu?Olo ndili one i would kicked him out.Ma surname anali atatha?Winayu angomuuza kuti Go well at least a decent exit.

  30. Moses Makoko says:

    The more things change, the more they remain the same! Show me the difference here! Instead of kicking out people like kasaila who is tormenting malawians using the road traffic, he is maintained! Is the president aware of what we are going through? Or is he indeed caring??? See you 2019 guys.

  31. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    Reshuffle without shuffling????

  32. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    Nonsensical nonsense!

  33. Bololo says:

    Much ado about nothing, if you ask me.

  34. MCHEMO says:

    Let’s give this CABINET some support and wait to see if they will sort out the ECONOMY WOES this country is facing.

    Utmost essential is how to reduce power outages! Development can only come if ESCOM is sorted out by hunting rigorously for BOT (build- operate-transfer) policy funding investors. They increase capacity of the existing HEP’s or build one or two thermal power plants in Lilongwe and Blantyre. ESCOM could then take over after the window period has elapsed. Malawi can develop from that springboard.


  35. Aubrey Norman says:

    I am so Happy to bring Goodwell Gondwe In Cabinet thats good idea from Mutharika,If some one is not doing well in His or Her possition must be out of Cabinet we want people those have effort to put Malawi on Map,Osayika anthu adyera.

  36. BWANACHIPIKA SA!!!!! says:

    Ayi izi ndi zabwino aziphuphu onse panja mwatsala enanu musatase ngati mbatata mukumbidwa nonsenu good job APM!

  37. Ndamwa Mtubulo says:

    Its the same debris forming cabinet. At least a slight improvement the removal of the big headed Gowelo, the most stupid minister of Local Government ever, bolanso Grace Maseko.

    Awuse mu mtendere uyo Gowelo

  38. Kajawo says:

    If you are Atupele MULUZI, you must feel very very afraid. If you are a performer, you are retained in the Ministry. If not, you are either booted out or shifted around. Be afraid Atupele. This is impacting on you negatively. You will have no record to show for your cabinet portfolios.

  39. Masharubu says:

    Atupele : 3 ministries within a period of 15 months . An average of 5 months per ministry . It looks like the boy is not impressing wherever he is being posted .

  40. English Guru says:

    Kalirani, Gondwe, Muluzi and Nankhumwa should have gone too. Kalirani for incompetence and Nankhumwa for talking absolute crap masquerading as information. Gondwe should have been axed because he is too old and has no clue anymore on how to run a ministry as crucial as finance in these tough economic times! I mean a whole minister admitting to manipulating the kwacha’s standing against other currencies! Where is MEJN(Malawi Economic Just Network) in all this? Isn’t this the sort of thing they provide leadership on? Am just saying! As for Muluzi, he is just maintained to make the so-called coalition with the UDF seem relevant. Methinks!

  41. Chauvinal Economists says:

    Probably the a Professor had a brain transplant. The reasoning is worse than my two year old son. Hope cardiac arrest is hovering you and will be the happiest person.

  42. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    Which cabinet has been reshuffled?? Oh! You mean the Muhlakho wa Ahlomwe Executive Committee aka Malawi disguised as Malawi cabinet??? Zisandikhudze za Ahlomwe izi!!!!

  43. Bob says:

    No comment the President is now working.

  44. Andrew chokazings says:

    Mwanamveka mwamusiyilanji ku trade.akuononga directors tonse tatula maudindo pansi ..tatopa just politely go

  45. Limbani Maxwell Teputepu says:

    Change is why the change..???.ndiye kuti ena amalakwisa…keep it up Mr President..Malawi need creative Ministers. Madeya ayi…

  46. rasta says:

    This is why the cultural sector in Malawi will never develop. I mean who pairs up culture and sports? Information, Tourism and Culture made little sense and now its worse. Other countries in SADC usually put culture under opc as its an aspect that defines us and give identity… Alas to all cultural practitioners in this financially impoverished nation

  47. Linda Madziapite says:

    Mutilore tipange phwando la kuchoka kwa Gowelo kuno ku Local Government. Machende ako. Pita uzikabwira RV wakoyo nyani pamodzi ndi Khiziwel Kadamau

  48. Truck says:

    Congratulations to my schoolmate honourable Jappie Mhango for being elected new Minister of Tourism and Civic Education.

  49. choncho says:

    Uchitsilu basi. Peter, its u who has to be fired bcoz u r just a bloody stupid president. Ur cabinet is a shame. Malawi is collapsing. Joyce Banda was right when she warned us against voting for u. Chakwera. Pliz get ready to rule. This stupid lomwe has failed. The numbers are with us. The MCP-PP coalition of 2019 should frighten u. Remember, PP boasts of over a million loyal supporters plus the MCP supporters, plus disgruntled malawians equal to victory for chakwera

  50. Nyoni phiri says:

    Goodnite Gowelo

  51. George Perekamoyo Phiri says:

    Mr president after hearing that you have reshuffle the cabinet we thought the first ministry to change would be a Trade and a Industry but Alas you have spared this Mwanamveka to continue abusing the office.Ministy of trade used to be a powerful ministry then but since this Hon ministry nothing is moving as what he knows is to make unnecessary trip even at the expense of the core assignments to be carried urgently.He just travels outside exhausting the little hard funding to run the affairs of the ministry.
    Directors felling even to work cause the whole funding is budgeted for the minister external travels.I won’t be surprised just one day to work up and realize that he has fired all the directors since he wants to be doing thing by himself.Do something before the ministry collapses sir.I used to know the ministry as one of the performing but the coming of mwanamveka has killed it.Leave public funds and let the directors work and us their expertise to run the ministry for the betterment malawi

  52. Martin Kapondo says:

    A President apa mwakwana, milandu ya mafumu basi yatha. Miolandu ya Ma DC yatha. Gowelo inali mbuzi ya minister. bottoms up

  53. Comment 16 Peter is not a politician. He is a failure prof. Without his brother he could not be what he is and because Malawians are idiots the let him rule the nation. Whyt do you think donors have not given him the money? If he was a good prof. He is not Bingu or JB, because they know why he wanted so much to be a leader. Go to Tanzania and America where he was teaching you will hear the truth about your president. The brothers use the Lhomwes to get favours, they are the first leaders in Malawi who openly separate people by tribes. Lhomwes have to be careful it can be like Rudwa. And these old man will not be there.

  54. Truck says:

    Congratulations to my Schoolmate Jappie Mhango new Minister of Information.

  55. Gu says:

    Positive development. For Chibingu his removal is normal, alione dziko ukapanga kaupo zamunthu angelo 7 amakhala akukamba zaiwe!

  56. biziwek Pakhala says:

    Pa Kalilani ku home affairs mwapala zedi abwana. Zamukanika uyu ku Health and you decide to bring her to this critical ministry. Bola Atupele amayesela.

  57. drogba says:

    I don’t see what Kalirani does in cabinet, next time, just let her go. Is Atupele incompetent he’s been moved from one ministry to another?? if he’s, then why retaining him?? is it just to please Atcheya or you want UDFs votes in 2019??

  58. Change says:

    Has the Ministry of youth moved to Labour? And culture to youth? Or what I am reading is just a mistake.

  59. ..... says:

    Nde ayika Mtumbuka ku ministry of information cholinga choti aputditse atumbuka akavote posachedwapa ku Mzuzu.
    Musazitengere zimenezo, chioani cha satanikichi chalephera. Chomwe chapambana ndi kubweretsa umphawi kwa aliyense.
    What we need id to reshaffle this gouvernment. That is the solution to our problems.

  60. Nthumbetupe says:

    These reshuffles are unfair and victimising. Why remove Hon. Gowelo a man that is professional and behaves professional. I have worked with Gowelo for some months but I am impressed with his conduct. Truly professional. I now know that being professional in Malawian politics is qualification for reshuffle.

  61. Hon Nankhumwa, a new broom sweeps better. Local Government has turned to be politically ditrtiest ministry. There is a Sena wizard there, he is Dakamau. Mfiti yoyipa kwambiri, musamumvere

  62. Alufeyo says:

    Honestly speaking it is time the number of PSs is trimmed. This will be healthy for the economy. We should also delete the position of VP it is superflous and useless. The post of Deputy Chief Secretary must also be deleted it does not afd any value to the system. Lastly when has the police become an armed force that it should have a commander in chief.

  63. kadyankena says:

    I don’t think cabinet reshuffle will answer even a single question though the two have been axed, you still have the seeds of corruption in ur cabinet mr. Peter.

  64. Eliza Sikelo says:

    Bravo Mr. President, sanity shall return to Ministry of Local Government. Welcome Bwana Nankhumwa, please be cautious of Kiswell Dakamau, he is the man behind the fall of Gowelo

  65. Mba says:

    Akuitha munthu wamkulu

  66. Loti Chikunja says:

    Atleast Gowelo yekhayo akapitilize utsiru kwao

  67. KK says:

    I am glad with the word effect, pompopompo osati ma CTS a mu UNIMA court akakupaseni ndalama zanu immediately, iwo akuti month end. kkkkkk koma sukulu ndiyofunika ndithu kulephela kutanthaudzira chizungu cha Immediately kkkkkkkk

  68. Prince says:

    kaya zanu zimenezo ndalama mukudya nokha.olo musinthe palibe ndiona ine. iya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Dr. Kanyeremuka says:

    Ofunika kuchoka ndiiyeyo peter yo chikusowa apa ndiwusogoleli

  70. GANYAVU says:

    Kkkkkkk musatipusitse mukudziwana galu ndi galu or atavekedwa suit.

  71. Wozinyanyala says:

    All the same, he should be fired too. He is doing absolutely nothing as the President. What an ignorant Proffesor this is….very useless
    Malawians, lets act its about time…this idiot is playing us for fools with his lomwe dogs..

  72. Nabetha says:

    Word of advise to APM, please form balance your cabinet by including people from other tribes and parties and by doing so people will start changing their perceptions about you. Let me also warn you that shortly the same donors who fail to assist you financially will start funding other political parties and media houses to to put more pressure on you so that you change the way you conduct political business in a democratic society.

  73. chinchin says:

    Pa Goodall pokhapo ndiye mwapalabe…

  74. The real ujeni says:

    Akuti showing leadership kakakakaka, even Nankhumwa or Kaliati can do a reshuffle given the presidency. What we lack is leadership from the president. I don’t know what they discuss at cabinet meetings, probably half the time he is sleeping. Removing Atupele for Kalirani will not improve security, we are indeed the poorest for a reason, thinking is not there.

  75. why putting kalirani to home affairs? Peter, peter peter how many times do i call your name? iwe peturo ndiwe olephera kwabasi tapezani mamuna chonde. Kodi amayiwo angadzuke usiku? Nkhani za chitetezo zimafunika othamanga magazi osati nkhalamba zakoza. Iwe peturo Chitetezo watayira agalu.

  76. Tcheso man says:

    This executive madness of moving incompetent ministers from one ministry to another will not help Malawi. For example the ministers of Health & Gender had to be completely axed. Tizaonana 2019. Tempus fugit !!

  77. Thom Chunga says:

    Having done this Mr President , we expect you to do the same on those involved in Cashgate scandle , if only justice sees no face .

  78. enidziko says:

    O,please what difference will it make. Can somebody tell hon. President to renew his mind first;
    He seem to have lost it completely now. It’s not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit,saith the Lord of hosts; Zechariah 4:6

  79. choka phiri says:

    How a man like Atupele be minister of Lands when he has grabbed poor people lsnd in Lilongwe? If this is true he is firing corrupted ministers then I salute him. He should continue

  80. Denguzman says:

    Well done APM but why ru stl kping Nankhumwa in ur cabinet? I also expect APM to reduce the number of the PS serving in govt.

  81. Malawian!!! says:


  82. Steph Thoko says:

    He has the right to do so…..let’s hope these changes will bring some sanity in the cabinet

  83. Odi uko tilowe mu boma ife. 50 ministers not including deputies. Ka 20 nkachani

  84. Malawiyano says:

    Can we say that he has started fighting corruption ?

  85. Dr Palani-State House says:

    Lhomwe smeared cabinet. Transfering inefficiecies from one Ministry to the other. Mediocrity at its best

  86. News analist says:

    He has the right to do so……Let’s hope these changes bring some sanity in the cabinet

  87. Xeenoph says:


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