Malawi President publicly congratulates VP Chilima: Cools off rift fears

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday for the first time took to social media to publicly congratulate and wished his Vice President Saulos Chilima all the best, apparently to show the cordial relationship.

Vice President Saulos Chilima with   President Mutharika  - Pic by Abel Ikiloni

Vice President Saulos Chilima with President Mutharika – Pic by Abel Ikiloni

Writing on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, President Mutharika said “let me congratulate the Vice President Saulos Chilima who has been appointed to serve on an international body that seeks to support countries in eliminating hunger and malnutrition.”

President Mutharika wrote: “I am therefore wishing the Vice President all the best as he represents Malawi at this vital council at a time when hunger is looming in our country due to the dry spell and floods that affected 15 districts.”

The post courted several comments that showed good will for the two with the majority of the commentators pleading with the President not to allow others to divide them.

“Now I am proud to tell everybody that (I) am Malawian, with President Mutharika and Saulos Chilima have trust,” commented Fareed Bitton.

Chisomo Chanza wrote: “That’s better Mr. President. Chonde (please) don’t make any mistake of to leave your VP behind for enawa (some). You will give room to MCP.”

While most of the comments had a similar message of fostering unity between the two but others also delved into the importance of the appointment as John Alfaruk Wala wrote.

“Malawi needs (to) be proud that our son of the soil has been appointed to this august body. Our top enemy is hunger and to be part and parcel to such an international body makes Malawi in SADC the captain in matters of eliminating hunger and malnutrition. We need food on our tables for it is a basic need.”

President Mutharika’s public congratulation for his Vice President comes two weeks after Chief Ngongoliwa of Thyolo also publicly advised the President against parting ways with his deputy.

“Once that happens your development agenda will retrogress because the Vice President will be the opposite side and you too the other direction,” warned the Chief.

Malawi has had bad relations of President and their Vice starting Dr. Bakili Muluzi who saw his vice Justin Malawezi resigning in 2004.

In his first term the late Bingu wa Mutharika had the worst ever relationship with Vice President Dr. Cassim Chilumpha and the same bad omen resurfaced in his second term when the ruling DPP fired vice President Joyce Banda after the quarrelled.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi President publicly congratulates VP Chilima: Cools off rift fears”



  2. EV says:

    But that doesn’t mean they are together,if they are that’s right and its what we Malawians need,but no body can climb the mountain and say I don’t Love my deputy as it has been before,publicly they proclaim something different to what they are doing behind the walls.

  3. Denguzman. says:

    Mr. Pres. Kumeneko ndiye kukhala and Chilima ali bwino kwambiri ngakhale ntchito yake amagwira ndi mantha coz he is surrounded with the crocodiles.

  4. Wonderful indeed Mr President. Chilima is the only person who can not stab you at the back, he is well principled human being, well educated & well brought up. The guy who has proved on his own that he is capable of doing the impossibles. So don’t let the greedy unprincipled politicians to feed you Sir with evil stories or ideas to divide you guys it will only be a disaster to your leadership & your party. Don’t think that the people are foolish. They’re watching with an Eagle’s eye.

  5. mary says:


  6. mtichimwitsa says:

    Chilima ndi khasu lokumbira mavoti basi

  7. kamps says:

    jealousy down ,the president and the vice president win my heart, they are cool calm and corrective,really chosen leaders,akapanda kumanga nyumba Yehova,woyimangawo ayimanga pa chabe,God had chosen them and no devil will seperate them.wolemba ndi kunena mabodza inu chitani manyazi.God Bless Malawi.

  8. ma Haters spreads shit. Don’t trust them. Did you want mr president to do What, azikamwera limodzi ndi vice wawo?

    We have realised that its somebody’s prayer that these guys should part. But as Chirima spoke sometime ago “these prayers will not happen coz God saava mapemphero a anthu ochimwa. Shame on you who wish the president ill.

  9. Ian mafuleka says:

    Ba Chilima don’t be cheated by the colour of their skin, stick to your bones. Many would want praises to fill their wardrobes rather than their friends. “When you see a toad jumping in the broad day light you must know that there something after its life”. Watch out!

  10. Wafika says:

    Ameneyo mwana wa mbwenu Mbwenu. tsamatheka anganyawa. tiyeninaoni pa tswindi.

  11. chris says:

    Dpp woyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!boma si nkhani ya ku shabeen ku ma sachet ayi.a mcp muziona,osati ndrama ayi.zokhoma.abusa aja azampepesa jzu,azabweleranso ku church asakufuna.mnzanga ukuzitcha mtumbuka uzasiya maganizo ago a polio would,I guess za chi tumbukazo uzaona pozilekera.keep dreaming u dancers,we will keep on drumming 4 u to keep rocking on De bloody dance floor. Pastor doctor lizards my foot!to he’ll with the stinking rotten pastor candidate.muyikepo uyu gwengwe yu kkkkk

  12. Shonayi says:

    Just close your ears.MCP is unhappy with and feel the vice is the contributer to its downfall.Right from day one the have created division statements.Luck enough both of you are sivilized.Kakakoma ponya mkamwa akakhala garu kuyang’ana mkwake.SHAME THEM

  13. chefourpence says:

    Be gentlemanly Mr President! Don’t make enemies with S. Chilima. Groom this kid. Support him. He is the future

  14. mtubuka 1 says:

    How do you feel wearing a suit calling yourself a president of a country when deep down your heart you know you stole the votes?? As if that was not enough,after a whole day of stealing those votes,you managed to steal only a 36% so that means maybe you only had 18% of real votes. Today the whole country is calling you Mr president! Unbelievable Malawi. Bakili said vuto la amalawi kuyiwala nsanga. Life goes on and peter is the president come 2019 it’s the same theft of votes.

  15. Angozo says:

    Mr, president please continue to be in good relationship with your vice, if you continue doing that God will bless our country more and more because it is God’s plan that you choose Chilima to be your vice. Expose those who are trying to separate you and your vice or dismis them they are not true sons of Malawi. That is my appeal. If differencies arise between you and your vice sit down and solve them amicably or invite a third party like the clergy to assist solving problems.

  16. Jonathan Willard says:

    Malawi wants action not words if the appointment can lead to reduce of hunger in Malawi we wll congratulate you for now do your work mr vice president

  17. Kadakwiza says:

    Congratulations Mr Chilima

  18. nobel says:

    Don’t be overtaken by these developments; if there are issues between the two citizens there will remain so. Suppose it was just face server? U n mi are patiently waiting for that day wen Malawi will realize the office of veep

  19. JB says:

    To hell with Dausi satana

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