Malawi presidential aide implicates Galaxy FM for forgery

President Peter Mutharika’s spokesperson, Gerald Viola, has dismissed the letter published by Nyasa Times on Friday as ‘partly manipulated’ saying the letter was tampered with by Galaxy FM management who inserted his current position as Presidential Press Secretary.

Viola : Presidential press secretary said Galaxy FM to blame

Viola : Presidential press secretary said Galaxy FM to blame

The letter that asks government departments and agencies to advertise on Galaxy FM Radio which belongs to the late President Bing wa Mutharika, the brother to the current Malawi head of state Peter Mutharika, dated July 13, 2015 has a government letterhead and is addressed to ‘whom it may concern’.

On the top left corner, there is a Galaxy FM Business Manager’s card (Temwa Msyalie), which partially obliterates the Malawi Government letterhead save for the insignia; but the rest of the letter is clearly legible saying:

“This communication serves to plead with your department to make good relations in business where necessary with Galaxy FM. The radio station would like to get adverts from you whenever you feel advertising some of your products.”

Handwritten on the letter on the right hand top corner are a Public Relations Officer’s instructions: “Take note and deal,” and signed July 28, 2015.

Galaxy Radio Station is owned by the Mutharika family with Duwa and Madalitso Mutharika listed as its directors.

Viola, in an interview with the Malawi News confirmed authoring the letter, but denied abusing his official powers and conducting himself in the manner that unduly rewards Galaxy Radio at the expense of other broadcasters.

“Of course, I wrote that letter but it was in June 2014 when I was holding the position of Director of Information. At that particular time Galaxy, just like any other media house, came with their business profile and we were only doing introductions for them. The letter I wrote at that time was signed but the one now in circulation was edited at Galaxy, I guess because we advised them to wait until the current financial year,” he said.

Viola, who was promoted from Director of Information to his current position of Presidential Press Secretary early this year, added that the letter was only acting as a plea other than giving orders to any government ministry or department.

When asked if it is common practice to write such ‘introductory’ letters for media organisations who have expressed interest to do business with government, Viola failed to give a convincing response.

He however blamed Galaxy Radio for ‘altering’ the letter, which tantamount to forgery, a crime under the Chapter XXXV of the Laws of Malawi Sections 351(ff).

Viola fell short of stating his next course of action against Galaxy FM for “altering” his original letter.

Conventional forgery under Section 356 Penal Code carries a penalty of 3 years and forgery of official documents – like the one in question – carries apenalty of up to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL)under Section 358.

When contacted for comment Galaxy Radio Station Manager, Alfred Banda, expressly said the forgery allegation is false and unfounded.

Banda said Viola should not find escape goat but ownhis own mistakes.

Viola was once a broadcaster for Galaxy Radio where he was instrumental in campaigning for the Democratic Progress Party (DPP) through various programmes aired at the radio station apart and live outside broadcasts covering the campaign of President Peter Mutharika.

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25 thoughts on “Malawi presidential aide implicates Galaxy FM for forgery”

  1. magawagawa says:

    mwayamba kufuna kumu phywisila Viola, muja munachitila Mponda ndi Timpuza atolankhani simufunilana zabwino agulu inu.

  2. Gamba says:

    Chati chubwii chili pompo sichinawoloke chimenecho wina alumidwa mchiratu apa, kaya zanu izo!

  3. Mungando says:

    Much as us at Nyasa times write breaking stories, but the Viola issues has been just too much over blown out of personal vendetta. Malawians especially of PP and MCP dont wish GV well because of his gallant fight for DPP during the May elections. I have researched thoroughly and found out that the whole story was faked.

    As Director of Information, Viola stood for all media houses in Malawi and that if anyone need help his office was the right one to do so, its like that anywhere in the world.
    Looking at mistakes accompanying the memo one wonders if it is genuine document which is not signed for.
    Above all, who doesnt know the role of Galaxy during the previous elections? Actually, Viola MUST have demanded government institutions to do business with that Radio and not pleading as he did.
    Finally, in African life, Viola is like an ambassador of Galaxy FM in Government, when the Radio keeps struggling, people ask: A Viola ndiye sakukuthandizanitu? Meaning he is greedy. And now he wants to helpp explore means of survival for the station by providing services and get paid for that, Mwati walakwa, he should be fired, serious???? Suppose it was you would you say that? Nsanje too much aMalawi. Gerald, this is a testing moment in your life.. Go and move one NEVER get bothered. Ife a Nyasa ndife ansanje too much komanso mukonze ku State House kwanuko, ene akuononga kwambiri pomatipasa mastory akonko.

  4. Kapolo Sakwiya says:

    Kuti muone kalata inenedwayo, ili ndi zofooka zambiri. 1. It was edited 2. It has two letter heads 3. It has different fonts 4. It was scanned and screened. Why all that? Pezani chifukwa china choti amchotsere Viola, anyani inu mxiiiew kkkk. Mmalo momalemba zachitukuko muli busy ndi kusakasaka munthu. Anthu oipa inu. APM keep your loyal and hard working boys Ben and Gerald. Osazimvera zitsiruzi.

  5. Nasan says:

    Yesesan kumapanga ngati munalowako kalasi mr viola komaso musazionongele mbili mudakali mwana azanuo atha kale

  6. Najere Chitekwe says:

    It seems the position of presidential spokesperson is cursed. Anthu ake sachedwa kupalamula.

  7. Chilongo says:

    Again DPP politics which will always see Malawi running down the path of destruction.

  8. mwene says:

    There is this generation which is so obsessed and believes in tricks. This generation must be taught to live straight lives by meting out punishment on anybody involved in tricks or crooked ways. This is the only way this generation can change its mentality.

  9. titus Scoti says:

    Bwana Viola, just accept that you goofed. Muname kuti wina analemba in your place without your consent? Mumationa ngati ife ana eti! How did Galaxy get the letter head? Assuming you authored the letter when you were Director of Information, were you justified? How many other pleas have been issued for other radio stations? We haven’t seen any over the years. Radio stations market themselves to various government departments.

    Please do not abuse your powers. Btw, you are just tarnishing the image of the current government.

  10. ziphaliwali says:

    Viola if you have the balls go & sue galaxy. But because you are a riff-raff you will cling to your position which doesn’t hold water at all. Alot of things don’t add up in your arguement , it leaves alot to be desired.SHAME ON YOU, YOU ARE ONE GREEDY IDIOT TOGETHER WITH YOUR GALAXY NUCKLEHEADS.

  11. fwikitondo says:

    Viola ndiofoila basi

  12. sincara says:

    My understanding is that the letter belongs to Malawi government since it has a government letterhead, meaning that it’s a communication from government to its departments and not from galaxy radio to government. A viola mukutiuza kuti u were using government letterhead muli ku galaxy?

  13. A viola simupanga resign??.Chifukwa chani amalawi tikalakwisa sitima vomereza ndikupepesa or beta still kupanga resign ngat mmene achitira ma leaders mayiko ena.

  14. chiotha says:

    But you can see the way viola looks dresses and talks that he is daft and dull combined.kaya adamtenga pa msika wakuti kaya? No class, no clue even when he’s responding to issues, Mbuzi yeni yeni

  15. Elias Nali says:

    A Viola zinthu osazitengela pa mgong’o.
    anthu amaona !

  16. Omex70 says:

    Viola, you have shown your stupidity. Your explanation is nothing but trash.

  17. Nyasosera says:

    Koma yea. We are learning some lessons

  18. Basikolp says:

    Stupid Viola

  19. Fred says:

    YA nkhani za kumudzi TayAmika

  20. Namwali says:

    Kunama kwanu baa, mumbapupuluma maningi imwe.

  21. mmm says:

    Viola is “sugar coating” his offense.
    Still, let us see if the big man has indeed balls.

  22. Alufeyo says:

    Foolish people. I got the letter it just pleads and does not make it a must. We get many such letters from many private radio stations and indeed from many many businesses.

  23. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    The Director of public procurement should make a statement of this type of directives they are not good for business as it gives unfair advantage to psrticular traders and suppliers the other directive that gives unfair advantage is the one that states that parastatal corporations should be buying toyota TXs for CEOs surely toyota malawi is faboured and kuberekedwa pamsana other suppliers with similar vehicles have suffered the govt would just have given specifications of the car and open bidding to other car dealers like kia nissan vw honda etc ODDP please play independent abd advisory roles on public procument

  24. Damiano Shumba Hara says:

    my beloved country malawi

  25. Jelbin mk says:

    Viola is a rotten potatoe

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