Malawi President’s declared wealth to go public March 2 –report

Malawian public will have access to details of the wealth of President Peter Mutharika and his deputy Saulos Chilima and selected senior public officers from  March 2 this year, the Directorate of Public Officer’s Assets Declarations  has said.

President Mutharika: Declared his assets

President Mutharika: Declared his assets

According to Director of Public Officer’s assets declaration, Chris Tukula,  other senior officials whose worth will be accessible during the first phase are the Speaker of Parliament and deputy speakers of the National Assembly, cabinet ministers, members of parliament, leaders and treasurers of political parties represented in Parliament, mayors and councillors.

“The first reason we are starting with the senior officers is because that is where demand dor scrutiny is heaviest,”  said Tukula as reported by Weekend Nation.

“The second reason is that we have a voluminous task which the skeleton staff available at the moment can nor make ready in the shortest time possible.”

Tukula, however   said his office is not compelled to release the information “anyhow”  but the public may access it.

He  explained that  a member of the general public will have to make an application with full particulars identifying themselves and citing a reason for a seeking to access the information.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi President’s declared wealth to go public March 2 –report”

  1. vuyisile ntombayithethi says:

    cartoon neckties in the state house like that, koma nyasalande amwene ndiyoyeneradi ayini ake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. James Phiri says:

    Assets are still not yet declared – we’re waiting. Given you’ve previously been in government how do we know these assets don’t include stolen wealth from you and your brother’s last time in power? Also Comment 12 is correct, we need more than just declaring assets for the process to hold public servants including the President to account.

  3. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    Ayi ee got it wrong sdsetd declaration dhould right st the time you cimento s jib not sux or te n wreks in the job…kuba jwachitika kald whst sbiut these guyd serving two periods or adminidtrations instigutions etc mudxiwa vws kugi ixo xinsli zsku macrs or sirtek or mtl…mwabeita apa msatiputditse !

  4. Kodi inu muzimvesetsatu zinthuzi. Musazimvere pa mgong’o. Kodi onse amene ali ndi asset ndi okhao ma listed officers? Messenger, driver amakhala ndi ma asset oposa mabwana awo. What matters is ambition komanso kuona za mtsogolo. Mabwana ena ndi opanda ambition. Mitala tho. Akapasidwa nyumba ya boma sangaganize zomanga nyumba ku Mtandire kapena kwa mashabini. Ambition matter. Kodi munthu asapange zake just becuase of Cashgate? Ai si zoona. Tipaonetsetse bwino apa.

  5. matchonisa says:

    Waba kale ma billion mkulu ameneyi, nde declarationinso ya chani?

  6. dee kay says:

    1 year ataba mokwanira adzapanga declare assets. only in Malawi. Ataphwisa phiwsa ku state house.

  7. Tutu says:

    Nanga uja Ali ku Amerika uja abwera liti kodi

  8. mwinidimba says:

    from the radio interview the information will be published in summary form in the media.but those who want full details will are the ones who will go for public access individually.

  9. OGO!! says:

    The assets should be made public without restrictions or limitations. Zonse ziyenela kuikidwa pa mtetete every one can access the information without any restrictions.

  10. aphiri says:

    Calista bn the coordinator of self motherhood should declare assets including Bingus one. Peter aswell

  11. Some how some good but not straight forward. I think we have to look deeper in this law.

  12. Declaring assets is fine, but who does the reconciliation at the end (2019) that say:

    1. these are the assets you started with +
    2. salary –
    3. expenses +
    4. (other income ??? (should be negligible unless already declared as being significant)) =
    5. Closing assets in 2019?

    I hope the 2019 assets will be valued at market value. What will stop politicians registering assets in other peoples names? Is there any control when the title to asset is being changed? If not why not? Surely there is an anomaly some where?

    An example is with cash gate, where people were buying massive properties, yet their monthly take home pay was nothing worth talking about. Why were red flags not raised in the ministry of lands? I feel there is a major loophole in either the anti money laundering legislation, or someone some where is asleep. Educate me on what the issue is.

    Then who raises the red flag for the anomalies and flows them through.

    Also what happens to a public officer who does not declare their assets?

    Mr Director of public assets declarations, please educate me.

  13. Patriot says:

    Tangotini phee.
    Kumene itachokere INJUNCTION inu simudziwako.

  14. Mwinidimba says:

    From what I have heard on the radio about this, the directorate will be publishing a summary of the declarations of each officer but becoz it’s not possible to publish full details of everyone those who want more details about a particular officer can go there to inspect by following a procedure which was laid down by Parliament.The directorate can’t release the info contray to what the law says.

  15. ujeni says:

    Will he declare the Lilongwe Mayors house as his? Nanga other MHC houses he bought fraudulently

  16. Ntchona says:

    Nthawi yonse ija mukadikila chani,mumafuna muonjezele chuma chanu ndi kutibela za boma kenako muzilengeza bwino? Nkovuta kukukhulupililani.

  17. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Aba zokwanila tsopano hence the confidence to declare. Mulungu akukuwonani

  18. chigawenga says:

    What was the purpose of this whole exercise if the declared asset information will not be made public except through an application? I find this very bizarre in that public information is not so public after all. I also think this is just to make Malawians think that this administration is transparent and yet there are road blocks to make it difficult for the citizens to hold those in office accountable. Why does the office of Asset declaration release or publish the information at least once so that Malawians can see what and how their leaders accumulated their wealth. We want your office to make this information public now. Other wise it is a waste of resources if indeed this is the way the whole exercise is going to be conducted. Or better yet it should be on accessible web site where Malawians can visit and view the information. After all it is supposed to be public information is it not?

  19. Frodo says:

    the thieves. the filthy little thieves..

  20. Think Tank says:

    I thank the PP government for insisting for the widening of list of officers to declare their assets. We know this will not deter seasoned thieves from thieving.

  21. Talibo says:

    Abiti Namaloko iye anakana,

  22. Moya says:

    I can forsee the applications will never be approved,, public information is public information the whole point of the exercise is for them to be accountable to the citizens of this country so that’s the main reason why everyone is interested and that’s why the whole exercise took place in the first place. We are tired of leaders milking a thin and dying cow with no sympathy so don’t try provoke us with your process.

  23. tchaka says:

    Thats my President

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