Malawi pressure group formed: Transformation Alliance

A new political pressure group named Transformation Alliance has been formed with main aim of sreening future leadership with only two years remaining before the country holds its second tripartite elections, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Chikaonda: Linked with the Transformation Alliance

Chikaonda: Linked with the Transformation Alliance

The alliance is expected to be officially unveiled at a news conference on Wednesday at Malawi Sun Hotel in Blantyre.

According to information Nyasa Times has sourced, the grouping roped in some of the country’s top politicians, academicians and corporate moguls.

Some of the notables faces linked with the grouping include Press Corporation limited Group Chief Executive Professor Mathews Chikaonda, comedian, social commentator And ADRA Malawi deputy Country Director Michael Usi as well as former minister of information and civic education Moses Kunkuyu.

Transformation Alliance  is set to keep President Peter Mutharika’s led government on its toes in terms of transparency and accountability in the wake of weak opposition side, will focus on glooming future leadership with main emphasis on the youth.

“It’s all about mind change and need for shaping the political participation and leadership of the country’s youth. It’s high time we safeguard the future of our country,” reads in part the information Nyasa Times has sourced.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi pressure group formed: Transformation Alliance”

  1. Alex ken says:

    Bwanji osangothandiza a opposition? Wastage of money and your time.

  2. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:

    If it is Chikaonda ama not interest he sold all farms under press agriculture. Maldeco will close. Only National Bank working chifukwa chobera anthu. He is a total failure. Malawi should not have been in hunger if this bastard was good.


    Chikaonda is bad news and Usi is a pompous lot

  4. kings says:

    Let them try their luck if at all they have the capabilities to contest lungs out pliz. Why so many political parties? Political parties outclassing the number of districts why then my beloved Malawianz? This symboiises the greed we are known for, anyway let us wait & see who knowz.

  5. Gatuso says:

    So Chikaonda is youthful and transformational? I wish he was 30 years old and transformed the fortunes of the ever shrinking Press Corporation.

  6. I Endorse Chikaonda says:

    Now I can be proud to be Malawian again. Chikaonda has transformational leadership skills. He prove it once, at a time when he was finance minister. Malawi Kwacha appreciated considerably. The trend was only interrupted with his immediate replacement by the now irrelevant Friday Jumbe.

    Fellow Malawians, let’s support the man if we have foresight. Tonga like myself will never support blindly. Chikaonda is the right man to change our country and rapidly move it from the 1916 state that it is in today to a very modern 2016 society.

  7. Bikoko says:

    Zianthu zoukila zokha zokha ndi zolephela pa ndale. Mukafika nazo kuti izi?

  8. ndanenandanena says:

    Usi ok koma chiakonda is serial educated theif eish indeed God save malawi…ali ndi skeleton mu closet..if were you i would just keep my pension for later .kunkuyu cashgate iwe aaah

  9. What? says:

    Pressure group or political party? We shall see more of these dying soon after 2019 polls when DPP will continue steering the nation to development. How many political parties / pressure groups will Chikaonda be part of? Signs of a desparate failure! Akakhala a Kunkuyuwo ndiye ndi chimodzimodzi a Sosten Gwengwe. Their twilight is long gone unless he wants to start abducting himself as before.

  10. mwahenga says:

    The opposition is not WEAK. It is just that DPP is not responsive. Just look at what the DPP is doing. They are threatening all political critics. Do you call Kamlepo Kalua weak or Kenny Msonda or Chakwera weak?

  11. The Patriot says:

    Looks like these guys will give the usual suspects a good run for their money! Is this group that is going to save Malawi from the hyenas who are raping the young Malawi nation for a fee? Please God save Malawi from our leaders who are worse than Aniva, the hyena from Nsanje! Aniva raped 100 girls but the male and female hyenas at Capital Hill are raping the whole nations and are being paid millions for doing the cleansing ceremony on us! I wonder why Malawians are not angry about this status quo.

  12. Pax Romana says:

    Enawo no problem koma Chikaonda yekhayo ndiye kaya

    1. Magede Si Wandale says:

      Ma cadet mumatero munthu mukamamuopa.

  13. Maunisi says:

    What for greedy people. Go to MCP please.

    1. lawson says:

      a failed bunch of pple

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