Malawi processing recall of over 50 diplomatic staff

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is in the process of recalling over 50 diplomatic staff.

George Chaponda:  Foreign Affairs Minister

George Chaponda: Foreign Affairs Minister

This, according to a press statement from the ministry is one way of trimming and rationalizing the numbers of staff in the country’s missions abroad thereby leaving a sizable number to concentrate on development diplomacy with focus on trade investment, tourism and resource mobilization.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation wishes to inform the general public that at the moment it is effecting recalls of over fifty (50) diplomatic staff and this is accumulation of recalls that date as back as 2010,” reads part for the statement.

It further explains, “There has been a slow pace in effecting the recalls due to financial constraints exacerbated by the “cash gate” scandal and the suspension of donor budgetary support.”

The Ministry, however, clarifies that recalls from foreign diplomatic service is a normal and continuous process such that everyone who gets posted to serve the country at one of its mission abroad is excepted to return home some day.

“Ideally, a tour of duty is three years with a possibility of renewal, but exigencies of services may also necessitate recall at any point in time during the tour,” the statement explains.

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47 thoughts on “Malawi processing recall of over 50 diplomatic staff”

  1. disgruntled says:

    You would be foolish to think the postings will be on merit and not nepotism. Some of us have slaved hard at foreign affairs hoping for a posting. In comes back DPP and reputed car thieves such as Symon Vuwa Kaunda jnr are now in line to be deputy ambassador to South Africa. The same country where he steals cars from. SHAMEFUL. Please Minister Chaponda explain this. I joined the government. Not the PP or DPP so why should I be victimized.

  2. Mbolo says:

    Yambisani nkhondo basi… koma munya simuunati.

  3. Malawiana says:

    So it means donor money was being used to effect recall of diplomats?

  4. machinga says:

    Tikufuna opita ku embassy akhale from the foreign affairs osangotolani ku zipani ayi ngati a tcheya mpakana ma young democrats anawatumiza ku embassy kkkkkkkk mavuto

  5. Uthenga says:

    Zonse ndamva koma a Chikwemba anapita ku embassy kukatani ndipo anapita bwanji

  6. galu Wa Galu says:


  7. Mbuchindele says:

    Kodi ku ma NYASA sasungila mfuti?

  8. sipho says:

    abale- if u didn’t vote for the guy- how can you expect him to put you in embassies?? how stupid is that?? How many Republicans did Obama put in embassies?? how many Democrats did George Bush in embassies?? u put those that are close to you in embassies to project your message not enemies?? jeeeez?? how stupid are these northeners?? there is no competence required to be in an embassy.loyalty-basi!! and a bit of English, a good suit, tolerance for alcohol and loving to eat free food. i rest my case.

  9. MADALA says:


  10. Kholowamkabundula says:

    What about Immigration Team in various Embassies kodi mumawapatsa 30 years

  11. Achaponda ndi kukhala kwawo safunira anzawo

  12. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Eya! Afuna atumuzeko achabale awo, basi. DPP the mother of tribalism in the world.

  13. prof chirwa says:

    No! This is a trick They want to recall pp members and send DPP members. Wath it Thant’s Malawi politics.

    1. Zayera says:

      Is there any logic to leave a PP member ku embassy yet a kungokhalira kutukwana President Akakhala mma office mwaomo, Dr Chaponda this is long overdue pezani ndalama achoke msanga too much kunyoza

  14. Kadakwiza says:

    Its a good idea. Just we all know that, all those 50 diplomat staff none from the Southern region will be recalled. Only those from the northern region will be recalled. May be few from the central region. That is how DPP government operates, nepotism. So go ahead with your plans.

  15. This is stupid. Why should there be short term tour of duties? So you can appease your followers? Zazii. Let’s have professionals without political affiliation in these places.

  16. Masoambeta says:

    Malawians are backward as a nation. The nation has no ambition and plan for the future. There is no continuation of policies to advance the well-being of citizens. Cheap talk from “educated” people is commonplace without any constructive actions to move the country forward.
    Malawian embassies and foreign missions are a pathetic place to visit. In the USA I saw a dusty packet of Chombe tea placed on a window as an advertisement. The offices inside smelled of sweat and the personnel behaved in a very shifty disorderly fashion, of which I concluded that ndiakwawo kwa a president.
    The high commission in London is shambolic too. The staff got a part time job at a care home. Unprofessional approach when it comes to official business. Abale koma tidzasintha liti???
    I have no home with the Lomwe government. Nepotism and arrogance will carry on from the cashgate scandal. By the way, what is the exact number of employees in the civil service??

  17. Simeon Nyapala says:

    Izi zikhudzana bwanji ndi report ya World bank. Tell us what the colleration is. Its a point that you dont put pple who you think are of the opposite views to your views.

  18. Patriot says:

    To be replaced with lomwe people

  19. Nkhombokombo says:

    Let us not hear that your brothers, cousin, neices and so forth are pickinp up those positions! Trimming, yes you are doing that, but are you not redeploying these people into the main stream? Is that substaintial saving here? You will still mentain these people in the service.

  20. dzina langa says:

    WB yayowoya kuti ndise wakavu wakufikapo sono imwe mukukana kuti yayi ndise wakavu wenecho yayi. yowoyani pela kuti bajeti yikwenda uli pa mwekha. mmaso go. yowoyani za maji agho ghasuzga muchalo muno mmaso go. yowoyani za misewu iyo yikutondeka kumala or kuyamba mmaso go. ving’unu pela.

  21. Ma says:

    You can even recall all of them, there is no value that they add wherever they are. DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THESE EMBICILES……..

  22. Mojamoja says:

    So Cashgate was already there in 2010. Thanks for the confection Minister!

  23. kekeke says:

    Eish tinyamuke tsopano

  24. mbwaxe says:

    Zakutha……k…..o basi!!!

  25. D.Y. Abbie says:

    Stupid idiots.

  26. Phodox says:

    Chilembwa Chilmbwa please try to understand of these concepts. If your family is one of the well to do family does not mean that you have to eat only dish of world class food. You dont need to use resources carelessly. Remember the term extravagant was coiled for people/countries who are well to do not for the poor. Which school of decision making did you attend? Or you are the Ken Msonda brothers. Useless brothers. Yes the government has to refute such baseless information. The world bank itself is ashamed for its own actions. Ask Laura about the this false story. Remember according to records world bank has never apologized on such case, it has done it with the small country like Malawi. We will squeeze all the balls for world bank until it apologizes while it is on its knew.

    For sure the world bank and Malawi poorest issue is the product of JB’s kitchen of lies from USA. Tivutika naye mayu amene. APM just handle this woman soon soon. If you miss to deal with the once enemy when the enemy is down , you will never like the enemy when the enemy is up, the enemy goes for your neck once and for all. So finish enemy when the enemy is apologizing already down.

  27. Parallel Market says:

    Its ok bwana, however, ensure the staff you will appoint should be competent and chosen based on merit. Dont just pick dunderheads simply because they identify themselves with the ruling party. Malawi’s interest must be ahead of personal and party interests. When they say Malawi is the poorest tikuyaluka tonse so lets revisit our attitude towards Government functions.

  28. peter chimangeni says:

    Komanso Malawi, ma diplomat ake opanda nzeru ngati awo, ntchito kumakangomwa ma tea, kukhalila ma party ndi kunyenga azungu koma phindu lake osawoneka.

  29. mapwiya says:

    Alhomwe nophiya,ulendo waku diplomatic mission tsopano wayandikira,mulhakho woyeeeeeeee!!!!

  30. Zozoro says:

    Anthuwa mukawasiya kuti as most people angokhala in their houses without being redeployed but on salary.politics will not take Malawi further.we are past politics of mean people like Chrissie kalamula,chikumbutso mtumodzi,dr kalindekafe,Dr Charles Thupi,Stella Ndau,francis Motto,Dr Oponyo,Mr Nsaliwa,Mr Bizwick basi azingokhala kunyumba all coz of politics yet these people are Malawians.APM plz with your business unusual policy change this mentality.dont listen to the people around you.Govt can lose nothing if you redeploy these the way you have done with others.why fifty people to be recalled

  31. Flamingo says:

    Good move, lets remove these excess baggage on country’s economy

  32. machinga says:

    We are tired of lip service. All this time what are u doing? Recall them plis anzawo akaoneko nawo. We need those from foreign affairs!

  33. mjiba says:

    kkkk DPP woyee DPP woyee, recall 50 diplomats, send 150 DPP symphasizers or is it cadets? kkk DPP woyeee DPP woyee

  34. Maximum Prison says:

    Report ya World bank ndi analysis ya nthawi ya JB 2012-2013 komano tione mmene report ya anamanyonyolo izatulukire! Awatu ndi ma technocrats alibe zoti azungu anituma ayi!

  35. wanda says:

    Trimming and rationalizing, you say? Who are you cheating, babies or what? We know exactly what you intend to do with the vacancies to be created by such move. Nepotism, nepotism and nepotism!!! You want to send your relatives, friends and party zealous. Big shame!!!

  36. zimatha says:

    Apart from sending them to embassy, the houses are being paid for, guard, childrens fees, why? There must be limitations, not too expensive school and the children should be biological ones kapena adopted legally. Many have stayed long time ena from 2007 not minding about others sitting at capital hill eating bonya. adzibwera asaaa, good move!

    1. Stella Hauya says:

      7 years yochepa, 10years munthu ali ku embassy a ex-Mrs Cashgate

  37. aratha says:

    Zikhala bwino akhale ochepa after all mma embassies mulibe ntchito amangogula status basi. Zomwe zimandiwawanso ndo zoti ena amatenga ana abale awo ena a neba and the government pays for their expensive school fees. In international organisations, they request for IDs OR the staff should adopt the child or children and use his or her name nde amalipila fees koma zili ku malawi no wonder tili poorest in the world.

    How can one take his or her sisters/friends child atangolandila kalata yopita ku embassy? komanso ku embassy ko apita chifukwa chocheza ndi a president, osatinso kugwila ntchito m’boma ayi. Mmayesa amayenela kukhala a ku foreign affairs so that after recalled apite back to their old offices? Malawi sadzatheka.

    We will remain poorer and poorer

  38. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    Malawi dziko lomvetsa chisoni kwambiri. mukagwetsa ka 2o basi musawone ka ndasi mwati ndikanagula, mukawona mango basi mwati ndikanagula ma orange ndikanagula.ndalama yake k2o.oo. Yomweyi.pena pake ndibwino kuyamba kusaka money yina koposa kumawelengelabe yotayika.kodi 2obn yobedwa 2o13 ndiyomwe yimalepheletsa kusamutsa staff kuma embase chaka cha 2o10?- tidzifunse amalawi anzanga.

  39. ambuya chik kay says:

    tikabweranso 2019 tidzapanganso recall

  40. Mai chimpukuso says:

    Akuchedwa monse muja

  41. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Dr. Chaponda, am sure you have an impression that you talking to your children at home. Unfortunately, you say the public should know. And you are addressing a taxpayer for that matter.

    We already knew that diplomatic staff will be called back but we do not know how you going to finance the whole process.

    Did parliament agree that you should recall all those people at this time when we have no money?, how long this take you? Is this really a priority on your reform programs? Please, highlight the implementation of program so that we you credit where it’s due.

    Am completely baffled to hear a mention of ‘cashgate’. Did you plan these recalls before you came into govt.

    Please, stop being extremely stupid sometimes, silence can save you.

  42. John Muchizi says:

    A ministry that epitomizes regionalism, tribalism and nepotism.

  43. Mdzukuru says:

    What a blue lie

  44. where are Malawians? says:


  45. chilembwa says:

    And yet mukumatsusa report ya worldbank,,,

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