Malawi Prophets reaching out to flood victims: Raises K1.2 million

The Malawi Prophets Summit held in Lilongwe on Friday evening has contributed over K1 million towards the victims of the floods across the country.

Prophets help flood victims

Prophets help flood victims

The summit attended by dozens  of Prophets from Central, South and Northern regions of Malawi made pledges to support the flood victims.

From the pledges prophets have raised K1.2 million which and their churches will this Sunday be raising money and items to help the flood victims.

“We have agreed, all the prophets from south, central and north we will be moving on Tuesday going to help these people who are in needy”  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in an interview, ”They don’t need much of what we will give them but they need our love, so what we are giving them is from our love.

He added “There is this saying that I love to tell people, that there is no one who is too rich that he can’t receive and there is no one too poor that he can’t give. So whether we have or we don’t have but we have ability to go and give out because giving is not availability of resources but availability of the love that we have and we want to show them.”

Earlier during the conference Prophet Bushiri suggested that all prophets should be together and support the victims of floods because their presence alone will be of a great significance to the victims.

He emphasized that there is a big problem in Malawi which he believes there is no one who is going to be a much help than prophets.

Bushiri also expressed how he was touched by the reports on the impact of these floods and announced that he is planning to visit and support the flood victims.

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Wizeman Paul

Masiku omaliza, aneneli abodza adzachuluka zedi. Ma uneneli awo ndi a maliro, ngozi, mabanja kwa mamembala awo, chonsenso zinthu zenizeni zofunika ulosi zimawadutsa, madzi osefukila, nyumba kumphinza anthu, ngozi malo omweomweo samauzidwa ndi mulungu waoyo.

Bri Ka

Let the negative people live negatively in their negative lives with their negative bank [email protected]

Only the Truth
Many in the comments are questioning why the prophets did not prophesy the floods. The question is, would you have believed them if they had done so? It reminds me of the Pharisees telling Jesus to show them who had slapped him. if he had accurately told them, would they suddenly have changed heart and start believing in him? I doubt. And Number 9 has already confirmed that there was a prophecy on the floods at Glorious Light. Amos 3:7 in the bible says: “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets”. You… Read more »
chemwali chimwene

you collect millions from the poor people and only to give 1.2 million. why did you not prophesy so that people could have moved upland? u profit not prophet wanu ndi wa ma president basi? musamasewele ndi Mulungu mwamva.


Kuyankhula zimene sukudziwa ndi umbuli,kwa ena amayankhula kudzera m’bible basi koma kwa ena amayankhula mpaka pano 24hours

Are these prophets realy? my Malawi where are we heading to… it seems that we have lost ,,,,iam not against men of God but lets trueth be in us . with your dip voice and knowledge of stealing from your own members and poor people . I would loved if these prophets come to the medias or not that… but at list go where victims are and help not inviting prophets and come make decision of helping victims you have proven that you can’t give unless some should arrange a meeting then it is when you will be giving. why… Read more »
Juliass ngonyama

Don’t turnish the Name of the Lord, as the Lord spoke long time ago, ask any member of Glorius Light in Lilongwe will tell you.
God still speaks.
Stay in Christ

Juliass ngonyama

Don’t furnish the name of the Lord, the Lord revealed long around October, as Glorious Light members will tell you.
God still speaks to his true servants.
Stay in Christ.

kayedza phunda

God must be honoured.


Prophets- why didnt u predict this disaster? useless clowns! nkw all u can raise is 1.2 million? after sucking the blood of your followers to buy expensive suits from RSA now this is all you can come uo with as a group?

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