Malawi Prophets summit preaches ‘united front’

The Malawi Prophets Summit held in Lilongwe on Friday has resolved that Prophets should unite and help one another in their day to day life as well as their Ministries.

Prophet Bushiri with other prophets

Prophet Bushiri with other prophets

Prophetic summit in session

Prophetic summit in session

Some of the speakers at the Summit Apostle Sipi Magawa of Living Environment Church Ministries, Senior Prophet Richard Hara for Ambassador for Christ Ministries International Church and Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) spoke highly on the need to unite as Men of God and stop castigating one another.

“Nowadays everyone wants to stand own their own but as an apostle I would like to encourage that Prophets should stand together to have one voice” said Apostle Magawa while referring to Bible that from the Unity God’s Power manifest.

The apostle said lack of unity among prophets has greatly disappointed Christians and in many times Christians have lost their trust in Prophets and left their church ministries.

“In togetherness we can make the deference, in unity we will move forward” said Senior Prophet Hara “We need each other in our lives including in our callings”

Hara, who also described their grouping in Lilongwe as a meeting which has sharpening each other “like an iron sharpening an iron” said their meeting will also benefit Malawi as a country because prophets in the summit have discussed a lot of development issues including on good governance and not only on spiritual matters.

According to Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Malawi was lag behind on unity of prophets as prophets from other countries begun long time ago to meet.

Bushiri one of the organizers for the summit said the reason prophets met in Lilongwe was because God asked him to unite prophets.

He said “One day God said to me, what you are passing through now is a mistake which spiritual fathers who came before you did and did not prepare the way for the next future generation. So he told me prepare a way not for yourself but for the future and the way you are going to do it talk with fellow prophets meet together….”

He encouraged fellow prophets to unite and be open to speak to one another and share their problems “Our Nation has for so long fault prophets sometimes because of the mistakes prophets have done and sometimes because we did not respect ourselves and we have opened a loophole of the enemy to attack us. But we are not going to go down no matter how opposition we face”

The prophet said their group will now be a platform to help one another ending mistakes being made by prophets on their prophesies as “most prophecies are being done without wisdom”. He said some prophesies are becoming threat to the nation or individuals “which is not biblical” and if that is left unchecked it will continue dent image of prophets in the country.

“This unity will help all prophets to be of discipline and help sorting out some mistakes happening in the prophetic body.” He said

Bushiri also shared with fellow prophets on topics of secret of success, his prophetic journey particularly how he endured the castigations from the public, purity and order in the body of Christ, expanding ministries, giving and empowering others, relationships between people of Malawi and the prophets and the importance of assisting Malawians affected by floods.

It was known in the summit that other prophets were against the summit and did not avail themselves in the summit. Prophet Bushiri, Prophet Hara and Apostle Magawa both said there is need to pray for those prophets so that they understand the importance of togetherness.

The summit was attended by more than 70 prophets across the nation and some few church leaders who lead various church ministries.

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60 thoughts on “Malawi Prophets summit preaches ‘united front’”

  1. thunduwike says:

    Prophets Association of Malawi (PAM) kkkkkk Asaduki inu!!!

  2. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:


  3. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    We need to identify the time we are in.There is no way prophets of Jehovah and baal can work together.We need to work on this wisely cause not all these prophets were called by Jehova and its simple and hard to know them.

  4. Nachipanti says:

    Kenakp timva kuti kuli Prophets Association of Malawi (PAM)

  5. ndadabwa says:

    koma anthu omakhala pamodzi ndi bushiri ndinu opepera lomansi otemberereka. iwe umadzicha pastor albert ndakuona. munthu wakuba iwe

  6. Dammie says:

    Eeeish, mwazipatsa kale maudindo, Major and Senior! Ndiye kumwamba mukakhala ndani? Conel???

  7. chindindindi Banda says:

    Am sorry due to heavy rain at my area l failed to attend this prophetic summit,
    This is Prophet Annointed Edwin.

  8. Dammie says:

    Why Senior, major and the like! Have never heard of Major Moses or Senior Elisha in the Bible. Why u guys? The Kingdom of God is for those who are low not high already. Mabodza apa!!!!!

  9. peter says:

    I realy thank God for what we have bn praying for,God has answerd our prayer,this is what we want to see Men of God Prophets coming together and share i dears,May God continue to manifest himself through Prophets

  10. HONESTY says:

    Ever heard of National Sunday Law? Do not be surprised with the devil’s devices. This is the beginning- assembling weapons of mass destruction- where people with eyes shall not see, those with ears will not hear but be deceived by satan!!! Daniel 7 verse 25 the Bible says.. Please read.

  11. Peter says:

    Why are all these Prophets in the cities? Don’t we need some in the villages?

    1. Eliam says:

      Devils @its best.

  12. Rodriguas Latata says:

    1 Kings 22: 1- 40, there were 400 false prophets in Judah who deceived king Ahab(and Israel’s king Jehoshephat) to go to war where he got killed. Only one prophet, Micaiah was of God and was not liked by kings and people. He lived in the mountains. He prophesied against going to war, was jailed. Read the whole chapter please, God should speak first before any human being.

  13. max ajida says:

    These are a batch of criminals who uses the Bible to invade the law. They aren’t holymen as they claim to be. We must be on high alert as these people commit heinous crimes by frauding poor Malawians and go unpunished. As they claim to come together, we ordinary Malawians must also unite to cripple their criminal activities.Many people have paid them a lot of money in search of favourable prophesies that will happen upon them. They’re misleading the entire nation.They’re here to milk us out!

  14. brutsha says:

    These guys know how to dissect major problems facing our society . They know that there are young women employed but spending sleepless nights in waiting for marriage opportunities and they promise them to pray for marriage opportunities. They know that there are both young men and women who are jobless and waiting for a miracle to get jobs, they promise them to pray for them to get jobs. They know that society is scorched with incurable diseases and these guys promise to possess healing powers. They know that there are widows and widower and they promise them the arrival of new partners through prayer. They know society has unstable marriages and they promise to usher in peace in such troubled relationships. In all this people pay hefty sums of money (K35,000.00). I saw this at Robins Park in Blantyre. Now, with such diverse clientele who can go bankrupt? Koma mwazonsezi Bible likunena mwachimvekere ndithu kuti owerenga kalata azindikire maka pa za masiku otsiriza. Unfortunately most Christians don’t read the bible prayerfully and they are easily trapped.

  15. Gog says:

    Zopusa izi, zikungondipweteketsa mutu,kodi sindingakapulumuke popanda without these swindlers known as prophets?
    Mwa onsewa palibe amene ali ndi mzimu weniweni wa umulungu-ziwanda zokhazokha, pliz save ur self from here you so called prophets

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaah inu,maprophet mpaka msonkhano,palibe mapriphet apa.onseo ndi aja yesu ananena kuti adzafika mudzina langa,ngati nkotheka,kuzasocheretsa olungama omwe,koma ntchito yao ndi ya mumdima.chenjereni,yesu adzakakanatu,kuti A Bushir wa ine sindikwadziwa.ndanena.

  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaah inu,maprophet mpaka msonkhano,palibe mapriphet apa.

  18. tambwali mchanda says:

    Anthu akuba amenewa. Opusa ndi amene amapita kukaberedwa koma chonsecho ndalama zovutikila. Kwenikweni azimayi.Wake up Malawians.

  19. lovemore says:

    Its good as bible says blessed is the man who brings peace and traquility.guys let god be the best charge

  20. notanjenjenjeman says:

    Why refer again to the poor congregants, Mk1.2 Million need not to involve members, prophets can do this without members am sure.

  21. lovemore says:

    Its good as bible says blessed is the man who brings peace and traquility

  22. A MPINGO says:


  23. Thitherward Wendo says:

    #14 How about: ‘Major Profits for Major Prophets’ or ‘Laughing Together – All the Way to the Bank’ ?

  24. ganimunthu says:

    Those of you that hate this why waste to critic the Men of God. I have problems with you. Well done. Men of God

  25. people says:

    What goes around it comes around,mukaona kuti zilupo ayi mumalalikadu

  26. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    Good development,

  27. OBM says:

    pulofeti pavutapo apa

  28. mwiithotho says:

    Muzigwirizana zokuba choncho! ! Akakuotchani kumoto muzaziona! ! Anthu oipa inu. Aphwache a satana

  29. Nalo Banda says:

    Anthu kumvetsa chisoni, you really believe that these con men are prophets. Munthu ngati inu kumakubelani ndalama in the name of a God. These are con men people and they pry on peoples desperation to con them of money. Ndipo uhule mkatimo, these con men even trick women into sleeping with them akuti mulungu wayankhula, fufuzani ngati mukuyesa bodza. Ndipo a nyasatimes nkhani ya hule Hara ija munachotseranji? Anakulipirani eti?

  30. nana says:

    mapwepwe ,,kulibe Laketi ndi tayi ku ziyoni

  31. Jacob chitseko says:

    Let God’s time be the best to malawi sure goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life.

  32. Zosautsa says:

    I bet no unity can be achieved among these so called prophets. God at particular point in time deals with only one Prophet not a multitude of prophets as we are witnessing.

    There is also a contradiction as to who has the power to regulate whether one has a true or false prophecy since each one will be claiming to receive the same from their gods?

    Finally, their is competition for resources among these guys as such it is highly unlikely to work together because when it comes to sharing of spoils they will disagree hence they cannot unite because of money.

    If indeed they are genuine calls to unite let each one of them abandon their ministries and form one ministry/church.

    I doubt these seemingly plausible calls, I bet.

  33. Gumbo says:

    Prophets for profits basi palibenso china apa

  34. Kadakwiza says:

    At least in Malawi we got prophets like other countries I haven’t heard that prophets exists. Having prophets is it a curse or a blessing? Sorry I just ask.

  35. BigMan says:

    Prophets in designer attire!

  36. nat turner says:

    Only fools believe in these frauds…they can go to the nearest hell, damn robbers!

  37. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    To HELL with these …prophets. God help us.

    1. Julia Ng'ombe says:

      Many are dough ting in men’s of God but please all these were prophecied around October and November at Gloriouslightinternational ask any member there, do please we have indeed true servants.
      Msanyoze please.

  38. Gift Nyasulu says:

    i have loved the move of coming together. one thing i can ask of these men of God is to open a door for other ministers in other offices.

  39. Mpini Walezala says:

    Kodi onsewa ndi ma prophet eti?

  40. Kampupu Baloyi Jnr. says:

    May the holy spirit pour unto you and guide your ministries into spiritual shepherdship and not just love for money.

  41. sunderstar says:

    This is good in facts its sometimes better to humble down and listen. I salute you men of GOD for doing that.

  42. mj says:

    za satanic izi zonse

  43. chims says:

    what will be the name for the umbrella body of the prophets?

  44. Mphwache wa Bingu says:


  45. Dick says:

    That is a good direction Prophet Bushiri

  46. pexzero says:

    all of them are false prophets, if they were true prophets working for same GOD they wouldnt contradict each other.

  47. chirwakankhande says:

    Keep it up men of God. Unity is power. Let God lead

  48. ayu says:

    zimbalangondo zikuwabera anthu (especially vulnerable women) ndalama ndi zimenezi eti?? zinawunjikana pamodzi. a MRA, please you could have attended this gathering, these people must pay taxes, they collect just too much from innocent, gullible people

    1. Jang`ala says:

      Sons of devil they r now regrouping. Bcareful ma fellow Malawians of these demons they gonna hum u. They want to offer sacrifice to their father who z hungry 4 more blood..

  49. frank says:

    Nice start keep on de prophets

  50. brutsha says:

    The modern brand of Christianity. Jerusalem in the latter days.

  51. INU Lalirani says:

    kkkk, nde mmadziwa bwanji kuti ine upolofeti wangawu ndi minor, kapena senior, kapena major? Musatisekesepo apa! Here u are trying to achieve unity in error! Cant remember any of the Bible prophets being so rich!

  52. Mr Ibu says:

    money spinners.

  53. dimba says:

    we are yet to kno true motive of this gathering…

  54. Edwin Bright says:


  55. opportunist says:

    Bushiri is great

  56. melc says:

    thats great devil z in trouble

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