Malawi PSs reshuffled at Capital Hill

Principal Secretary for Human Resource Management and Development Sam Madula has been redeployed to the Ministry of Health to take over from Chris Kang’ombe in what. Chief Secretary to Government, George Mkondiwa, has described as “ normal reshuffle” aimed at strengthening performance in a number of ministries.

Kang'ombe Moved to local government

Kang’ombe Moved to local government

This is a follow up to the shake-up of PSs in the civil service after the administration of President Peter Mutharika reduced the size of Cabinet to 20 as one way of reducing public expenditure and improving professionalism.

Mkondiwa sad the reshuflle is part of restructuring to relocate people where they would be most effective.

Kang’ombe has since been shifted to Ministry of Local Government where he has replaced Kester Kaphaizi who has moved to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining.

The reshuffle has seen former Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Principal Secretary Nwazi Nthambala will now be Principal Secretary for Public Service Reforms.

One of the shifted PSs is Blessing Chilabade, who was at the Reforms, will now be Principal Secretary for Human Resource Management and Development.

The Civil Service Reform Commission headed by Vice-President Saulos Chilima has been tasked with realigning the roles of PSs, but it is not clear if the new movements are the work of the commission whose members include business mogul Thom Mpinganjira and former career civil servant Bright Mangulama.


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72 thoughts on “Malawi PSs reshuffled at Capital Hill”

  1. xxxxx says:

    Will this old wood help in the ministry of local government. It appears he has worked over 30 years and he is above 60 years yet he does not to retire at all.

  2. xxxxx says:

    Point of correction. Gowero is not Mlomwe or Myao or Nsena. His tribe remains unknown till now. He must have originated from the spontaneous source, I think so. Kuchilomwe tilibe mbava ngati imeneyi ayi.

  3. bakiliwakuba says:



    Mr President, its very pathetic, yes you can change the PSs but look at how your government is ill treating Malawians who are on Government Scholarship under African Development Bank and HEST Project. How can you let Malawians in foreign lands go without stipend for three months from January to March. These civil servants are starving and have been reduced to beggers. Someone is not doing his job right.

  5. man jabu says:

    human resource is highly funded and has a project which get most funding and there is training funding for the whole civil services so how can one ask how can he steal keep quite if you dont know about the department

  6. man jabu says:

    check even the funding how it was used and you have build mansions
    houses almost in every area selfish man you are not fit to be a ps

    1. Dolobuchi says:

      awifi bakwiba fyitu loli uchala akuwaketa. alipakuwapoka fyoshi

  7. MELINDA says:


    1. Jabu says:

      If you have not built a house or two you are stupid beyond comprehension. I have checked and established that payments are made by reserve bank direct to student’s bank accounts. Even junior officers are building houses. Mansions? Stupid jealous baboons with very low IQs. Madula has helped many people including me we went to USA and returned with our masters degrees but am from Kasungu. Mangani zanu nyumba instead of nsanje. Munthu manga nyumba yabwino ndiye kuti waba? You are very stupid and you are failing to utilise available opportunities. Who doesn’t steal in government? Tell me. Just use your brain and be committed to whatever you want to achieve. In my case I have 9 houses so you baboons have me arrested.

  8. Mukati Madula akakhala effective ku Health, analowako nkalasi ya Panadol ameneyo? U’ve misplaced him.

  9. mzwanya says:

    Remove Mary Shaba and Chimwemwe Banda from their respective ministries

  10. zabwino macheka says:

    Vuto la a amalawi nsanje inayamba angakhale mulungu aadalenge dzikonkona angakhale mu National Anthem yathu tiyamitchula. Palibe dziko liri ndi verse imeneyi dziko lonse lapansi. Olo yudasi uja mutamufufuza bwiono bwiono anali mmalawi. Akakhala satana ndiye pajatu kwawo nkonkuno.

  11. Mathew says:

    Madula is a straight talker and Human resource has lost a great guy. .you can’t fault him for his personal belongings just envy his style of work..A true professional

  12. Asafi says:

    Hahaha losers. Why do you think Madula spent more than 10 years as SHRMD? Simple he is good. A well read civil servant and a very experienced public sector specialist. What can one steal from DHRMD? I must however admit the guy is very clever amawona apo before some of us realise the potential that the situation presents. He is a modern civil servant who looks at issues in a modern way. I completely rdject the accusation that he is nepostic. If Madula was nepositic Mr Lexan Kachama could not have been given a scholarship. Remember you imbeciles madula does not recruit, he does not fire and he does not promote. A word of warning though he is not a push over so dont try to intimidate him. Kodi nyumba ya madula clise to Wamkulu palace imakupwetekani to the extent that anaba ndalama zaboma? Shame on you dull souls. Building a house is not a function of money but commitment, focus, kudzimana and following your dreams. Madula’s 11 years at DHRMD can only be described as golden age. To all of you who hate this brilliant civil servant ose die peacdfully because munthu uyu ndiwokhwima ndipo akadatukuka. In the end mudzamunamizira kuti anaba Yesu. Bwinotubwino.

  13. Cristian Sokoh says:

    Madula was a briliant one, am not happy with this.

  14. Chikita says:

    When you say Madula is a thief what evidence do you have. Madula is a hardworking person who has changed the civil service through his innovativeness and reform mindedness. Together with Mr Samute they improved the pension throgh their persistence. How much is DHRMD funded? I gather it is one of the most underfunded sometimes given MK750,000 only. How then can he steal the millions you fools are alleging. You can hate him until jesus comes the man is a genius. He only spent 13 months with us at home affairs but things changed for the better. How i wish there were many Madulas in govt surely things could improve. Very humble, approachable and a straight talker who doesnt go behind your back. Ministry of Health is very lucky to receive such a man. To all distractors have a life invest you resources instead of hating Madula. Dont build toilets build houses like Madula Mkondiwa Kumwembe and others. Osamangomwa ngati zitsiru.

  15. I think madula has been transfered to a wrong ministry. He is a matured person. Panyopako? You ara not a civil servant. Do you know that civil serviice has more educated people than private? Only that there is no motivation .interms of promtions to those who have good papers. Panyopanu..

  16. Capital Hill says:

    Finally Sam Madula has moved out. May the civil service now enjoy the fruits of this brilliant move by the Chief Secretary. This man is a crook, tribalist and nepotist who favours dzuwa likuswa mtengo, a womaniser and above all the PS who has failed to modernise the department of human resource.

  17. Jihadi John says:

    Bravo Chief Secretary for moving Madula our of Human Resource. Amayendetsa department ngati munda wa agogo ake. No department should ever be at the mercy of one selfish individual. Let Madula also let capable and honest hands rejuvenate the department if human resource which he has annihilated with his selfish ego. I hope Mr Chilabade will not fall into the clandestine ways which were the hallmark of this shameless PS called Sam Madula

    1. Jabu says:

      Galu iwe Madula is the best PS. Humble but resolute. He opened the scholarship fund as a result the nomination is transparent. Some of us including in police we benefited a lot. Go go go Madula you are a star. Remember anthu sagenda Galu wakufa. Kuba kuba kwachiyani nanga inu osamaba bwanji. Munthu asamange Mumbai yabwino. Foolish people you will retire very poor and destitute.

  18. Wicked Nepotist says:

    Madula is very sinful and wicked. The greatest nepotist. Go well and may God just you with your blatant favouritism and philandering . You are leaving the department morally and professionally bankrupt. You are not fit be PS of a department that’s key to reforms. Shame on you wicked man!!!

  19. Mathew says:

    Bravo APM let madula make more money at health, too clever.

  20. Wicked Nepotist says:

    A sinful wicked nepotistic philanderer Sam Madula should have just been retired. Munthuyu ndi woyipa kwabasi. He is an anti reformist who has ran down such a supposedly prestigious department. A chilabadwe kakonzeni zinthu mukachotse nyansi wasiya Madula kumeneko. Munthuyu ngoyipa zedi.

  21. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Thats the right place for Blessings Chilabade

  22. michael mvula says:

    If reshufle in gud faith, b blessed, but if repeating our bad history, God protect Malawi! UNILIA-His Dept.

  23. Abwino says:

    Zili boooo zili sharp

  24. I hate it says:

    Amene mumakamba zamitundu nonse ndinu mbuzi za anthu. We are all Malawians I don’t see the reason why we should go talking these issues muzalira ask us who have see how ppo kill each other when tribe issues get hot a lesson from Rwanda. If you dont have things to write better go kutoilet asssssa

  25. Rt. Hon. Rev. Dr. Ishmael Adgwembwellz says:

    Bravo Mr. Chilabade. This is where you belong. At least we have a sober PS at Dhrmd now.

  26. Robert says:

    Bwana kang’ombe takulandilani ku local government. Ndimafuna kusiya ntchito koma ayi ndilipobe mundipeza

  27. wawa says:

    Lilongwe CEO ,dof, depw, and director of admin she go

  28. Kadakwiza says:

    At least no tumbuka is on the list. Thank God.

  29. sunderstar says:

    Nwazi Nthambala is a very cruel lady and its a good riddance from energy Chibwenzi cha Bright

  30. Cadaver says:

    Dakamau more fire…leave these gossipers alone

  31. Health says:

    All Secretaries as well as Personal will be his wives now and no matter what.

  32. Benald Tongole says:

    Kaphaizi pita, we will never miss you. The minister and Dakamau should follow you, kumeneko. mwatizunza mokwana.

  33. wanyabuvi kate says:

    anthu 4 basi nkumati PS reshuffle? reshuffle them All ena akhalitsa in one Ministry.

  34. Rhoda Phoso says:

    Next should be a cabinet reshulfle, remove this big headed minister Gowelo from Local Government

  35. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Zabwino sunthaniso ma controller a human resources ngati wa kumalimidwe wakhalitsa

  36. bonya says:

    Gowelo is a Lomwe from Namitambo, Mulanje/Chilazulu and not Sena.

  37. chris says:

    Nwazi Nthambala chibwenzi cha Hon Bright Msaka omwewonso akwatirana ndi Linga Mihowa former Executive Assistant wa JB.ziripo mpaka zibwenzi PS

  38. Dzimka... says:

    Anyapala awa…ife zisatikhudze.

  39. nabanda says:

    Onse ndi a sizina tole

  40. dzongwe says:

    the best administrator i have ever seen. CHRIS KANG’OMBE… osati okuba enawa opembedzela a ndale. this guy is too honest be a government official.

  41. Civil Servant says:

    Koma Madula mumalimbana naye if you have evidence why not take it to the right authorities lija ndi kale munayamba kudandaula mufa nazo ndi BP you can not curse whom God has blessed koma PS munakakhala inu osoti Madulayo muzafa imfa yowawa

  42. Tatyata says:

    Gowero is yao not sena but why pple?

  43. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Madula kukonda akazi a eni and kuchita chisembwere with married staff ku Human Resource. Asunthedi tipume!

  44. chejali says:

    Kodi ayi tiyeni nazoni a pitala

  45. yambani mulemba says:

    Kaphaizi ndiye mbuzi ya ps. Wawononga local government

  46. Special advisor says:

    I’m in agreement….Chilabade has gone where he belongs….

  47. Pacharo says:

    How about Cabinet Reshuffle.

  48. Mervice Kangaude says:

    Ngati pali Principal Secretary wama dhilu, osolora ndiye Sam Madula.

  49. Chakuchaku says:

    Mukusintha a tricky way.Tikukudziwani Mawanga Anu.

  50. Ralph Kachindankhuku says:

    Madula wakhalitsa mwachita bwino kumuchitsa. Corrupt man.

  51. Balamanthu says:

    Bwana Mkondiwa, ask us that work in government and lower level that see things that happen in government.Madula is fit to run the department of Forestry or Antiquities.kumene mwamuika akasosola ndalama za mankhwala.Mark my words.

  52. chipie mwale says:

    Nasaire pompo fikani ku min ya edu ndalama za aphunzitsi akupangira business. Ma arreas bwee.

  53. Georgina Stoke says:

    Welcome development at Local Government, the Ministry was heading no where. But remove this Sena with protruding teeth as well. He is useless and misleading a fellow Sena minister

  54. Steve Chiphaso says:

    Bwana Chief Secretary, ndapota nanu, muchotseni Dakamau ku Local Government. Anthu tione zina

  55. Franco Tsabola says:

    Welcome to Local Government Bwana Kang’ombe. But watch out, a Sena empire is building. Minister ( Gowelo ) – Sena. Director of Planning ( Zxuwao ) – Sena. Director of local government ( Dakamau ) Sena.

  56. Prince Ngondo says:

    Welcome to Local Government Bwana Kang’ombe. But watch out, a Sena empire is building. Minister (Gowelo) -Sena. Director Local Government (Dakamau ) Sena. Director of Planning (Zxuwao) – Sena

  57. Kanyimbi says:

    Sieve the civil service until you have the real gold. No impurities please.

  58. wawa says:

    why leaving CEO s of councils? councils a
    re not performing and some director
    s of councils are
    recruiting and promoting their relatives eg Lilongwe CTY council

  59. Robert Dzukani says:

    Tione zina. Bwana Kaphaizi awuse mu mtendere, a clueless PS

  60. guta says:

    Remove some directors in ministry of health, they can not make PSs tick, komanso akhalitsa monga ngati awa……

  61. PM says:

    One empire building after another. That is what needs to be uprooted at LOCAL GOVERNMENT. The empire of DAKAMAU needs to be uprooted. The ministry will move. Not at the present moment.

  62. Worried DoF says:

    But why removing Kaphaizi and leaving Dakamau behind? No work done. Dakamau has messed the Ministry of Local Government through his gossip with his Nsena Minister.

  63. Tsabola Wakale says:

    We have cried for long for this day to come. Thanx you Bwana President and Chief Secretary for removing Kaphaizi. Please finish the job by posting away Kizwell Dakamau from the Ministry of Local Government

  64. Makiu says:

    Try new hands and retire all these dead wood.

  65. Mbuzi Mayere says:

    Liberation at Local Govt, Kaphaizi mbuzi ya PS (Rest in Peace )

  66. Lumbazi Prison says:

    Ife tikufuna Kang’ombe akhale komweko koma uja anabwera kuno ku Lumbazi Police kuti azamubaye Peter Mutharika uja ndi amene akuyenera kuchoka. Apite ku Local Government osatinso ku Chipatala. PS wathu wa Health ndi Kelita Kamoto. Sam Madula akhale ku Human Resources konko

  67. Dr Bwampini says:

    Reform the commission

  68. kwangu says:

    We need new faces in the line of PSs please, same names chiyambire tili ku primary

  69. chris says:

    Koma Madula is an opportunist and corrupt

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