Malawi public has lost trust in police, says IG Kanyama

Malawi Police Service Inspector General Paul Kanyama has urged junior rank officers to reflect on their performance in the year ending and make some changes.

Kanyama:  We need to change

Kanyama: We need to change

Kanyama was speaking at the police headquarters in Lilongwe during the junior rank officers Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“It is an open secret that people out there have lost trust and confidence in us. We are not doing very well because to some extent we have not served to the expectations of the public. Police service is a noble job and goes together with integrity.

“People want a police man and woman who performs to their expectations and aspirations as enshrined in the constitution. Everytime there is a season, those of us who behaved badly please open up a new page and do good,” he said.

He promised the officers that his leadership will do its best to improve the conditions of the service men.

Among others he cited building new houses, wages and good welfare.

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48 thoughts on “Malawi public has lost trust in police, says IG Kanyama”

  1. Boko Haram says:

    pa Malawi ngati kuli station pali a Police achinyengo ndiye ndi ku Mangochi Police.Mbava zokhazokha

  2. Nantchengwa says:

    (1)Pakhale special commission (Indipendent) 4 recruitment (2) Reduce Traffic police Officers on the roads and deploy them to various police Stations to help curb crime

  3. shingirai loga says:

    The IG is stating the truth. If the police can rob and rape us then we are not safe and our trust on them is gone.

  4. Francisco Mkozomba says:

    Munena zoona bwana a police enawa ndi akawalala, ndipo ntchito anayamba bcoz of ambwiyawo kapena ulova basi, ndiye akumapezeka nawo mgulu la mbala, achoke mutilembe ife a police enieni osati a kwakwase akuba amenewa. Achoke ngati ntchito atopa nayo ife mapolisi amwambo tigwira ntchito imeneyo iyaa!

  5. namalira says:

    abale nafe ana amunaperi takwiya ndi a OC apa soche mayiwa ndi uchitsilu kuyikira mbava kumbuyo amatero?

  6. Taelos says:

    Very few polite men who admit failures, this officers dent police image due to their inborn behaviour

  7. Munthuwazeru says:

    Bwana mwanenazo ndizona chifukwa ineyo ndi mmodzi amene ndilibe trust to any Police Offecer ali kuba kuposa MBAVA ZAFUTIM

  8. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    Kanyama ndiwe mbuzi ziphuphu wayamba ndiwe abale ako okwa 50 ali ku recruit ndiye ukuganiza kuti anga gwire ntchito bwino?

  9. Shelix Munthali says:

    simply saying people have lost trust in the police isn’t enough, we want action! In fact some of us lost trust in the police way back – from than 5 years ago. The killing of the poly student (Chasowa), thugs sharpening panga knives in broad day light in Blantyre, the list is endless.

    where are we heading to?
    These days when I see a policeman/woman, I fear for my life. I don’t know what will happen next…will he shoot at me? will he steal from me? will he beg from me?

  10. Man Ifeyo says:

    At first we thought delays to reach the crime scene was because they had few vehicles but now its clear that they do it deliberately as they know some of them are among the gangs terrorising the country.Thanks Mr.I G that u have acknowledged our distrust in your pple.

  11. Perhaps the priorities are a bit off when we find hundreds of police on the roads fining people for driving above 50 km/hr while real criminals are making off with millions of dollars without any repercussions whatsoever.

  12. sothi says:

    also put motorbike in some units and post 2 ease dea exodus

  13. Go around drinking spots the earliest and last customers to leave are the police,whether on patrol or hired to guard a private premises they sneak out in full uniform and armed go out to booze,they harass,intimidate and arrest those who dont buy them booze,its a disgrace and they is alot of covering up for those involved in misconduct in police stations.Its high time Mr IG u introduced community committees at each police station,sub station and unit comprising the top local police officers,local chiefs,religious leaders and businessmen to give u monthly appraisals.

  14. viktah says:

    Peanuts is no justification for the lost trust. Even the IG idmitting that that there is no police in malawi? Thats serious!!!

  15. padoko says:

    My suggestion to Mr. Kanyama, we are tired of talking without real action, just get finger prints from all your police men and compare them with the ones you take from crime scenes. You will be shocked that almost all unresolved robberies are coming from your own house. This will help to separate police men from pothief men.

  16. Katswiri left wing'a says:

    I urge you malawians, kupeza wakuba kungopheratu. Pliz osavanso chisoni coz pobwera kwa ife samanva chison amatibela mkutimenyanso. Catch them and kill them

  17. Nankungwi says:

    The first thing you need to do is to GET RID OF CORRUPTION! Ma police getting dziphuphu kwa anthu and not upholding the law! police in Malawi have to become professional again so we can start taking them seriously! Its a disgrace!

  18. Zakhala bwino kuti kalabwi wina otchedwa IG wachitila umboni oti manyowa ake apolice sadagwile bwino ntchito pano malamulo tatengela mmanja mwathu tiona

  19. Roka kaunga says:

    Shoot to kill ndukapusa ndifa akapusa ndiombera.

  20. mukabudula kholowa amamera? says:

    I don’t understand the police how and what they learn one day we caught a thief and phone them they told us to bring the thief to them,the distance of 10km next time its mob justice makamaka apolis a pa kwathu ndi autsilu zedi shall never respect them

  21. Koma Inu says:

    What is happening in Malawi? I hear the judges are also practicing corruption by demanding money for favourable judgement and also asking for higher pay.

  22. Tito says:


  23. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Improve their salaries apo biii things will not change .

  24. Denkhule says:

    You are very true Mr Chinyama not Kanyama because you deserve all the respect. However i feel the lasting solution to this problem is that you fire all police men and women that you have and recruit new ones.

  25. padoko says:

    Very right

  26. A MPINGO says:


  27. cash gate says:

    Akuba Ndi A Police Omwewo, Ndi Amene Amabweleketsa Futi, Dziwani Kuti Anthu Akagwira Wakuba Azingopheratu

  28. Nyapapi says:

    The problem with the stupid police is that it recruits children of police officers, most of whom are hopeless cases!

  29. Young Batile Tikuswera says:

    A very sobering comment to any serious and committed Police Officer.

    The problem is most Police men spend 99.9 % of their day soliciting bribes instead of during their job.

    Increasing their perks won’t do much to change the status quo. I suggest that recruitment into the service has to be done on merit than the current practice where politicians submit lists of unemployed youth from their constitiencies.

    The police service like any other service remains a calling for the dedicated and not every Jim and jack.

  30. fanizo mbwana says:

    Thats true

  31. bt junio says:

    za ziiiii

  32. Mauya says:

    A very good observation indeed by the IG!It reflects the maturity and some wisdom in the IG’s capacity and persona.We hope he has diagnised the diseases therein and that the right treatment is being given to the satisfaction of every Malawian.

  33. M'doko says:

    Apolisitu akulepheradi koma mademo okha salephera koma mademowo angathandize kutukula maafares awo

  34. Yankees says:

    The problem here z, at Mtakataka udont teach them new technick of how they may be handling there duties, U teach them how to steal, now they want to apply the knowledge taught practicary, for example, ” U teach them to Beg, U tel them to Board vehcles free of charge, U tel them one day they wil be rich.” so asiyeni adziba mesa mumati send a thief to catch a thief. Ndimbava ka zimenezo!! KKKKKK!!!!!

  35. Concerned Malawian says:

    apolice, zomangolidza mfuti m’mayard kapena mumakomboni is not equal to tighting security. that is noise making and foolih. you tight security not by letting thugs that you are in that location unless you dont want to pounce on them. just be there quitely patrolling without even a trace of your presence. when they (thieves) come you can easily target and shoot them or catch them. osamatisokosa, mxiiii think using your heads! alah

  36. Karonga Boy says:

    You Have To Improve Their Salaries,houses&working Conditions,apo Bii Azibabe Basi

  37. Jimmy says:

    I dnt see any reason of building a houses for the policemen,Bcz you cant house someone who doesnt perform better.Bcz those monies to build them houses are will come from tax payers money whom they neglect to protect from robbery.

  38. nelson says:

    Feel it guyz boss has promised the lie

    1. Mirella K says:

      Hahaha Nelson khala serious

  39. Jimmy says:

    Fools indeed bcz i dnt see any reason of cerebrating here yet your perfomance is zero against robbers.It was better kanyama to call it a police of emergency that cerebrating for zero% perfomance,its very confusing & scaring the country bcz some policemen are even involved in robbery.

  40. Lankhulani ngati abwino! Mwangoti tembenukila kutipha ndikubera nomwenu inu!

  41. Mr.Bambo says:

    Lost trust surely.

  42. Sammy says:

    How do u think malawians can trust police Mr so called IG,STARTING WITH U,U KILLED CHASOWA

  43. wapa Nkhata Bay says:

    Police inaonongeka pa nthawi ya Bakili Muluzi. Inaliko bwino pa nthawi ya Bingu. Yinaonongekanso pa nthawi ya JB, mpaka pano yikungopitirira. Tiziona. Dziko lapansi ndila mdyerekezi. Mabvuto amenewa ali konse kuno ku Africa

  44. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Kodi ku Malawi kuli a police? What has the police done to deserve the end of year party? What a mockery to the people you are employed to serve! Organising a party to celebrate your criminal activities?

  45. A police service of fools by the fools for the fools!!!!!

  46. chulu says:

    Osamangonena nkhamba kamwa – Improve the salaries of these guys. How do you expect somebody to perform if he is being paid peanuts?

    Nyumbazo please don’t just build “TIMPHUNO” ta nyumba ngati time munamanga pa Kanjedza. Give these guys decent accommodation please!!!!!

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