Malawi pupil, 16, impregnates girl friend: Courts fines him K80 000

A 16-year-old primary school boy has been ordered to pay K80, 000 [about $186] in damages for impregnating a fellow primary school learner in the eastern region district of Balaka.

The Balaka Second Grade Magistrate’s court also ordered the Standard Seven boy, Gilbert Joseph to pay another K3, 500 for other costs. He is supposed to be paying K5, 000 every month.

According to court records sourced by Nyasa Times, the two had been in a relationship since 2013 and agreed to marry after completing their education. The girl, who is his age-mate, fell pregnant last year and when the issue was brought to the boy he denied responsibility.

“When I told him I am pregnant he denied, then I told my mother who approached him, but denied again,” the girl told the court.

This forced her parents to report the issue to police where they were referred to the court.

Joseph admitted, before the court, that the girl was his girlfriend but said their relationship ended in April last year.

“In January 2015 it’s when I heard I have impregnated her. I was very surprised,” said Joseph.

The court paraded several witnesses to testify. Handing judgment, First Grade Magistrate Victor Sibu said he found the boy liable for adultery because of his admission that he knew the girl as his ex-girlfriend.

Said Sibu: “Having listened to the submissions and the evidences, the court has observed that it is indisputable the two were friends from 2013 to unknown date because there was no evidence for the same.

“Because the defendant admitted he knows the girl as his ex-girlfriend, hence, to say that he’s not responsible for the pregnancy cannot stand before this court because there is no convincing evidence. Therefore, he is liable for adultery.”

The boy asked the court for leniency saying he is just a pupil and not working. Magistrate Sibu has since given the boy chance to appeal within 14 days.

Teenage pregnancies are rampant in most rural areas of the country forcing a lot of girls to drop out of school.

Joseph hails from Manyekhula Village in Traditional Authority Nsamala’s area in the district. He is a pupil at Nsaluzaana Primary School while the girl was learning at Namikombe Primary School.

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53 thoughts on “Malawi pupil, 16, impregnates girl friend: Courts fines him K80 000”

  1. lol says:

    the kid,the judge and every one involved…i say u have time to waste doing this,get a lyf..

  2. zinaukaona kambangamwala says:

    Commentamachokera mmudzi mwa amadyekhulira
    Zosadabwitsa afanawa ndi zomwe adacitazi ndithu.

  3. galu wa galu says:

    It is tme to get Judges with degrees and not 6months at Mpemba. This is joke jugdes who have no University degrees. That is SILLY

  4. Cadaver says:


  5. bakayawo says:

    Partenity test was the only option

  6. bakayawo says:

    Why didn’t the judge decide for partenity test?

  7. Chemwali says:

    Adultery or just plain unprotected sex? Mr. Magistrate, you got it wrong here. These kids were not married!!! The boy can easily contest this verdict on a technicality. Read your books again.

  8. mkwapatira says:

    mukukakamiza kuti mphaka ndi khoswe akhale limodzi zikalakwika ndikumakhwimitsa malamulo

  9. No wonder he comes from manyekhulira village kkkkk

  10. OMEGA says:

    anyanya kukonda zinthu.ena atengelapo phunziro

  11. amp says:

    I believe this tells us something. we are capable of producing even at 16. why raise the marriage age to 18????

  12. Alfred Minjo says:

    These Lovebirds love affair ended in April 2014, now pregnant today? Paonenitu bwino apa!!!! How many months pregnant is this girl? Manyekhula guy, kokaaaaa!!!

  13. collins says:

    Commentwhat about the girl

  14. SPENCER says:

    ana achabe amenewo manyekhula eeeh

  15. nthondo l says:

    Comment. mwana kunyekhula uyu mpaka mimba

  16. NDIMADABWA says:


  17. chris says:

    No wonder it has happened to teens but what apainful situation they will be in,there life long if the matter is not to be considered , hence consider these factors :eally marriage,school dropout,poverty , birth & death rate …..

  18. Kalizalizard says:

    Mnyamatayo anamupanga nkhanza heavy coz was not supposed to appear b4 the Magistrate court accordind to his age.

  19. Funzo says:

    Adultery? Was either married? “You were her girlfriend therefore you are guilty.” The logic is off even if he was responsible.

  20. mobility says:

    Alomwe kukonda chiwerewere! Mwana wa zaka 16 kunyenga ngati bambo ake!

  21. dafuq??? says:

    is this a serious court case or is the magistrate simply incompitent? there is absolutely no proof here that the boy is responsible. this could be anybodys phuli. anawa akungodyetsa katundu chisawawa masiku ano. needless to say, the reportage done by whoever posted this story is very hard to follow and understand (as usual)

  22. says:

    Apido Makuluniso ndinu opanda nzeru bwanji….! U mean MK80,000.00 ndi ndalama yambiri with that offence?? What can u do with Mk80,000.00 assuming ndi mwana wako?

  23. PATANI says:

    Makolo tilimbikise ana athu kuti azilimbikira sukuku nthawi zonse kuti asakhalenso ndimpata opanga zibwenzi

  24. chimangenI says:

    I don’t think the judgement is based on truth because there are several unanswered questions: how many months is the preg? If its true they broke up last year April,how come 12 months now down the line we are not talking of a child here? Did the so called witnesses see these kid together for the past three to six months? If so,why is this court not telling the duration of the pregnancy? Time is the only judge here,and that fine is nothing for all the three but only to put them apart.

  25. Thokozani Mudza says:

    This is absolutely unfair hw can this pupil manages to pay that amount..?Ok we all know hw Malawi is interms of money, I urge the court to come afresh.Thokozani Mudza south Africa.

  26. Vuto ndichani kodi Alekeni wana azichindana bwino bwino osawaletsa ayi aliyense amafuna kumva kutsekemera mthupi ASAAAAAAAA !

  27. Matimati says:

    Manyekhula’s pipo r fond of kunyekhula hevy evn that gilr lyks mafana onyekhula so wat’s de mata wit de boy?yes dats wat she wanted let a boy shw dat h’s fuly aman kkkkkkk!!!

  28. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Sad! Losing time because of carelessness.

  29. Vimbundi vikukomenge malawi says:

    Joseph a boy frm Manyekhula vge,mumayembekeza kut mfanayu atani akaona kadona,#kunyekhulira basi.

  30. Mang'anja says:

    Ena atengelapo phunziro,anawa makolo ssssshh phwedu nyobo

  31. ishmaelmaulana says:

    Hahahahha shame!

  32. bwampini says:

    Umuna popanda ukazi sipangakhale mimba. Mmene zikuonekeramu anawa anasonkherana wina umuna wina ukazi choncho ndalamayoso asonkherane wina 40,000 winaso 40,000

  33. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    In fairness, a DNA test should test whether the guy is the father of not. These tests are now cheap, even by Malawi standards. Surprising the magistrate did not order such a test, before fining the guy. Overzealous or simply gender discrimination against the guy?

  34. chinawa says:

    what is he paying for?

  35. Patriot says:

    Koma onyengana mgalimoto kuwapatsa fine ya K1000.
    Akalephera kupereka K80,000 mukammanga kuti akalandire training ya uchigawenga ku ndendeko si choncho.
    Ndipo akalipira fine yo mkaziyo asazamubvutinsenso ndi khani za ndalama mwamva, olo mwamunayo atachita bwino, atalemers mtsogolomu.

  36. Citizen 'O' says:

    Why was the 16 year old charged like an adult? That’s mob justice. Komanso man ameneyu, 16 years standard 7?

  37. G.G says:

    Why should the the boy pay for impregnating the girl of the same age, the same level of thinking? So the girl did not commit aduterly because she is female? Where is gender balance here we are trying to promote? Is this women empowerment? Does this mean that we agree that women dont know what they are doing they need guidance from the boy/man? You cannot have sex without risks of getting pregnancy.

  38. manyi says:

    Access denied

  39. prinquo says:

    poor judgement

  40. Malindima says:

    Why didn’t they conduct DNA tests of which results could have assisted to prove beyond reasonable doubt? It is worrisome to see young teenage people indulging in sex. In our time in the 70s, we started after 23 years and by that time, we mature enough and mostly working earning a living. These are shameful days indeed!

  41. Mr. Y.K.B. Pathakonyengo says:

    Still in primary school at 16?

    And you say he hails from Manyekhula Vge?

    Not too surprising.

  42. peb says:

    yalakwa. Maina enawa eee!!!

  43. Admitting that he was a boy friend of the girl does not mean he impregnated her, this case needs a DNA test to prove if the boy is really responsible. Atsikana apanopa are makhuluku amathamanga ndi azibambo ndikunyengereredwa ku chooser mnyamata yet mimba zimakhara zochoka kwina. This magistrate is completel out of bounce, nothing materialrised here. Take this girl for DNA test to prove her true story?

  44. Cyril mvula says:


  45. He is just a pupil not a student where and how can he get this big amount of money , is he the first person to refuse pregnant in Malawi ,do you want to tell the nation that only those who have got more money should keep on impregnating girls ? alright then more girls will end up having kids but unmarried I urge the Malawi courts to think wisely b4 giving judgement. Am wise man Apido Makuluni from Soutth Africa

  46. Tuntu says:

    Manyekhula village ana ake ndiokonda kunyekhula hevy

  47. Chemtukanika says:

    A 16 year boy trialed in court?If it’s true,then that’s good.

    1. Chemtukanika is also from the same manyekhula village kkkkkkkk

    2. whitehouse says:

      What’s good about putting a 16 year old boy, a minor, to stand trial? If he is indeed 16 he shouldn’t have been tried in that court!

  48. Taelos says:

    From Manyekhula village,sheee!

    1. Jentle says:

      No wonder ana ake okonda kunyekhulira man Taelos since vge z Manyekhula and sikungatuluke chabwino.

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