Malawi Queens are real heroines, sponsors Airtel Malawi says

Airtel Malawi says it is exclusively excited because the Queens have attained a world record in registering over 100 nets in one game and by being undefeated in all the games of the group statges.

Malawi Queens posing for Nyasa Times. before departure...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Malawi Queens posing for Nyasa Times. before departure…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

In a statement, Airtel expressed optimism that the Queens stand a chance to attain new heights by breaking into the top for world netball rankings.

“The Queens have demonstrated that they went there for a purpose. They are determined, focused and surely their greatness is being anchored on the world scene. This also calls for a celebration of Airtel’s partnership with the Malawi National Netball team. We are proud sponsors of the Queens and they have demonstrated that they are a true source of national greatness and described the Queens as REAL heroes,” reads the statement.

Airtel has since underlined its commitment to grow its partnership with the Queens whom they currently have a historical MK360 million sponsorship.

“From the leading brand, to the stylish, classic and impressive netball team in the world, let us inspire each other collectively to retain our winning formula,” Airtel declares.

Meanwhile, the official sponsor of the Queens has urged the team not to relax in their upcoming encounters.

“Do not relax, keep going and do not settle for anything lesser that total greatness. It is high time our country stopped looking at netball as a petty sport. Netball is big and right now, it is undoubtedly the most successful sport in Malawi,” concludes the statement.

The Queens have qualified to the next round of the World Cup after coming out tops of their group following their victorious performance over South Africa, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

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26 thoughts on “Malawi Queens are real heroines, sponsors Airtel Malawi says”

  1. pompus says:

    yaa girls we are proud of you, keep de fire burning azungu asatipusitse sadya nkhwani wa msinjjiro

  2. hugo k says:

    keep the fire burning girls we’re proud of u

  3. muloleni f says:

    Go girls go tili mbuyo mwanu all the way

  4. bwana nkubwa says:

    azimaiwa sure akutichotsa manyazi and they are putting Malawi on map. athamangitseni azungu sadya nkhwani otendera…………..gooooo queens,gooooooooo queens…….

  5. Gladson malinga says:

    We are proud of Queens,proud of sponsors. True sons&daughters of malawi

  6. Tengupenya says:

    Thank you airtel

  7. Tengupenya says:

    The next round is one of great stamina. The queens need it plenty to stay tops. They are already a top team in the world at number 6. They have been ranked higher before at number 5. Will they move up the ranks? They would have to beat at least two among England, Jamaica, New Zealand and Australia. Right now they may only regain number 5 depending on the final relative performance by South Africa. The format of the competition is not straight knockout , except for the top four after the second round robin games. They do need to win in a row the next 2 or 3 games to get a higher ranking.

  8. Nyirenda says:

    Pafupifupi ma player onse ndi akumpoto. Koma ubwino wake ndiwakuti ndi maqueens and ndi amalawi, which means all of us we are proud with them as a nation. Pitilizani kutimwetsa wamkaka maqueens!!!!!. We r behind u!!!!!!!!

  9. Richard Mtseka says:

    Go Queens Go we Are Proud of You!

  10. Lexxxie says:

    Ndalama inaperekedwa kwa mulli ija bola akanapatsa atsikanawa ndithu to travel around the world having fun

  11. Pe says:

    I liked the spirit and determination to make it 101. I heard one of them suggest the 100 mark at half time. Am proud of u, maQueens.

  12. J.K says:

    @Bazza; Mwai is just part of the team & can’t do it alone……………… Y being regionalistic?
    Let’s be patriotic………..

  13. J.K says:

    Proud of you the Queens…………… I’m really feeling on top of the globe!

  14. fight says:


  15. A Bazza says:

    Mwai kumwenda Woyeeee! mwana mtumbuka sizocheza!

  16. Opanda mbali says:

    Historic 101 baslets is already a win in its own right. The going is getting tougher and tougher, so chances of another 101 to tople us are much slimmer. So go queens go. Every netball fan in the world would want to be Malawian so that he/she becomes part of this history. Winning a game with Uganda in the upper round gives all Malawians a lot of pride across the board right from the state house all the way down. GO QUEENS GO!!!!

  17. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    It is called Malawi Netball Team,and not Tumbuka Netball Team, some people are stinky and have no vision indd.
    We are all Malawians without segregations from one another.
    Go Queens go! We are proud of you.

  18. Shekman says:

    Za Zii What Is Netball? Ndiposo Akuyenda Moyela Adzamenye Uganda, Jamaica, Newzealand, England Or Australia Nde Muzati Afikapo Otherwise Its Just The Same Level Not Yet Any Improvment Worthy Cerebrating Here Stil Hoovering Around # 5 Or 6 Wait & See, Ikankhala Footbal Bwezi Tumati Mw Ikuwina Pa Achina Djibout 7-1

  19. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thanks Airtel for the sponsorship and message of encouragement.
    You are both heroes.

  20. chenda says:

    Netball ndiyimene timaziwa otsazikakamiza football ayi go queens

  21. Queens woyee,good luck
    Be strong in the quarter finals , good luck our girls .
    Malawians are behind you .

  22. The Patriot says:

    Just shows what Malawi can achieve if we forgot our districts of origin! Pakanakhala Quota system pamenepa bwenzi atumbuka alimo mmodzi yekha! Nonse mumati Quota system is good, welengani muone atumbuka alimo angati mmenemo? We are better together! I know , ena zikuwapweteka kuti the shining star in Malawi netball is from the dreaded North! I know you will say am being tribalistic, but ikaluza Malawi! Atumbuka achulukitsa! Ikawina, takunyadilani! Zimatitopetsa ife izi atumbuka, mukumva inu??

  23. Wiza says:

    Congratulations The Queens And Malawians. For The Firrt Time In The Current History Of Our Country no one has come up with derogatory comments of the hated Mbwenumbwenus, Chawas, Ngullus Or The Chipetas. This Is A Malawi That One Would Want To Belong To And Be Proud Of. Congras Girls For Making Malawi Proud.

  24. Truck says:

    Go! Queens go!Continue carrying the Malawian Flag High!We all Malawians we are behind you!

  25. Mulomwe weniweni says:

    Real heroes indeed mukutimvesa kukoma asikana

  26. Bamusi UK says:

    Timakunyadirani Zedi, just few teams left now, u might win the World Cup, if u continue playing like that, we watching u on Sky Sports everytime, good luk all xx

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