Malawi Queens beat Uganda: Netball World Cup

Malawi Queens intensified their campaign in the ongoing Netball World Cup in Sydney on Tuesday whey beat rallying Uganda 59-53 in their final qualification Pool E clash.

Uganda's Lillian Ajio closes down on Malawi's center Thandie Galeta.-Photo Credits: Netball World Cup

Uganda’s Lillian Ajio closes down on Malawi’s center Thandie Galeta.-Photo Credits: Netball World Cup

Mwai Kumwenda of Malawi celebrates after winning

Mwai Kumwenda of Malawi celebrates after winning

Powered up by star shooter Mwayi Kumwenda goal attacker Sindi ‘Snipper’ Simutowe and Wing Attacker Bridget Kumwenda, the Queens led Uganda’s She Cranes at the end of quarter one, a by 19-10.

Uganda played catch up for a long spell with goal shooter, Peace Proscovia top scoring with 8 goals as Goal Attack, Rachael Nanyonga managed 2.

A tactical change by the She Cranes head coach, Rashid Mubiru saw Alice Nanteza start ahead of Florence Nanyonga at GK but it still remained an issue of limiting the damage as Malawi opened a 13 goal advantage (35-22) with Kumwenda dominating the baskets.

Uganda managed to keep pace with the 6th-ranked Malawi Queens for much of the game, with the third quarter coming close as Malawi led 15-14.

The last quarter Uganda scored better than Malawi 9-17 but could it was too late to upset the tables.

Kumwenda  dipped 48 of her 53 tries while Simutowe’s had 11 out of the 13 attempts.

It was another sweet victory for the Queens with good combination of play by Thandie Galeta, Grace Mwafulirwa, Carorl Mtukule and Towera Vinkhumbo.

Malawi play world giants New Zealand on Wednesday. Their last match in this round is against fourth-ranked Jamaica on Friday.

The top two teams in this pool will move on to the semi-finals. To determine who will progress, all the four teams will play a round robin format – meaning, each side will play all the other three opponents.

It’s not going to get tougher but the Queens are equal for the challenge.

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95 thoughts on “Malawi Queens beat Uganda: Netball World Cup”

  1. kho chinga says:

    We r proud of u ladies.keep the flames tormenting.

  2. Juwawo says:


  3. Martin Chitiya says:

    Malawi will beat Newzland my hopeful dream.Best Wishes MaQueens.

  4. Mbuya says:

    Mwahuno ikutimbeninge NZ……machelo ni Jamaica…ikufwamphuleningeso!!!!!

  5. Miya mwisuka says:

    We love you sisters go ahead

  6. Shadreck Ulaya says:

    Sponsorship yonse ya the FLAMES (If there is any at all) should now be for the Queens, anyamata kuchititsa manyazi, keep it up ma Queens, we are proud of you!

  7. Doreen Kwalira says:

    Keep it up ndiZosowa

  8. Nyamakumutu says:

    Apa panachematu apa. We are going kwakuya next time concentrate ladies coz this was going to be a scare we don’t know much about the She Crenas what number are they in the world. However work hard our sisters we are proud of you. And azungu please get two more of our prayers for a professional Netball. You can get out Sindi as well. She is as also good. But Mwai thanks now I can understand why we were losing when you were not there. Work hard we want the cap here not a Plate like the flames did.

  9. Go Go girls you can do it

  10. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    She Cranes yafera za eni!

  11. Henry Banda says:

    Keep it up

  12. Henry says:

    Go ahead de queen the almighty God is wth u

  13. Giyani says:

    Wawa ma gueen

  14. makawa says:

    Am worried abt newsland they r very strong and the need no mistake like what they did today with uganda. Jamaicans r tough team to beat and the Girls need to prepare for that one big tuime, if the can win newsland then I will say nothing will stop them for taking a trophy. Hi 5 to the queens well done Girls

  15. Mwiza says:

    Wonderful. Congratulations girls!

  16. Queens Fan says:

    All the best Ma Queens during the remaining games. Pasha Pasha for you all!

  17. CHRISSY says:


  18. isha says:

    My crames iam proud of you

  19. Saad says:

    Koma kuuma matupi!

  20. wasoka manson says:

    keep it up queens.

  21. becks says:

    Do we have a Minister for SPORTS in this country? Like minister like papa. So naive. You mean you cannot beam this tonerment on TV. Malawi a sorry state

  22. johari says:

    Mwawi Kumwenda I want to marry you!

  23. atsikana tikufunira mafuno abwino pamene mukusewera Australia

  24. original gobe says:

    ulendo uja ukuthela pano. zikomo kwambili bcoz mwasewera mpila osangalatsa. atsalawo ndimakhang’a

  25. Timothy says:

    My she cranes, u did great against Malawi, hope you continue to gain momentum and beat Jamaica and newzealand

  26. kasim says:

    Sweet news keep it up our girls

  27. Mike Gondwe says:

    Zikatelo zikuyenda

  28. Mike misi says:

    Maqueens mumatha inuyo osati manyaka da flames

  29. Phantom Enchanter says:

    Kma Carol Mtukule yekhayu uyu ndi ayayayayayiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!chikondi changa pa iwe sichidzatha ndithu……….

  30. ziphaliwali says:

    Am proud of you, anyone of you (the queens)who is ready to have a husband is free to come for auditions to be my wife free of charge.

  31. Myao says:


  32. PBS says:

    Queens ndi ma Queens basi sazasithidwa koma ndiye ndikumva kukoma bwanji atsikana apa ndiye apita basi keep it up QUEEENS

  33. chenene says:

    Northerners Team the Queens. Northerners de shine everywhere

  34. Dr. Mango says:

    Please let us avoid castigating each other because of our tribal origins. It does not please our God. Promote LOVE!!!

  35. Dr. Mango says:

    Bravo, Spectacular, Marvelous, Wonderful , Excellent Malawi Queens!!!!!

  36. Goodson says:

    That’s great our Queens! we expect nothing less from the Flames

  37. Atsikana yawa kufunika mabanja asamawasowe coz alikuchita zotithandiza kwabasi

  38. Wakwandewo says:

    You make our country famous.Am proud of you.Keep it up.

  39. Meme says:

    That’s just awesome…

  40. R. M says:

    Go go go go we are behind u Queens all the way!

  41. Mlauzi says:

    Congrats ladies. You are really unstoppable.

    My advice to government is that they should offer scholarships to these ladies, sports medicine for instance. I understand COM will shortly start offering the course. Again these ladies need to be supported. Why do we spend more on a losing brand (i.e. the Flames at the expense of a winning brand – the Queens?). Again let`s consider offering employment to the Queens in the public as well as private sectors. We need to empower these ladies, sports is generally a career with a short shelf life.

  42. nyavizwazwa says:


    Vileke we vibanthu vyambula mahala, with only big mouths, they make alot of senseless noise.

    At the battle there is no tumbuka, lowe, chewa what so ever but we all stand for Malawi our belowed country to put it on the map that we are also able to do some miracle in some other activities. Not that Malawi should always be a failed country. No.

    They talked about Kinna, now they want to recall him back. If the players themselves have lost commitment, whether you call Tedie Powel, nothing will happen. because the one who plays is not the coach but players, the coach only given techniques.

  43. obwande says:

    Don’t be afraid of Newsland and Jamaica you are better than them. Keep it up my Queens you are a good side.

  44. muno mu Malawi tonse tiyeni tiyisapote queens osati zoluzazi

  45. wamuchalo says:

    Tukwana, uja umakonda kutukwana a TUMBUKA uja!

  46. philli banda says:

    The Queens deserve the best sponsorship and good package rather than the Frames. I support you.

  47. Phwaks says:

    Keep it up dear girls. We emotionally support you.

  48. Still believe in Uganda She Cranes!!!

    Just fight- on girls!!!

  49. opportunist says:

    That’s my team

  50. Richard Mtseka says:

    Big up ma queens mumakwana

  51. sheed says:

    mukuchita bwino kuposa first gentle man. Big thumb!!!

  52. Martin Chitiya says:

    Work harder ladies.Eat alot of pizza and chips and get extra nyonga

  53. Nosisye says:

    Why are you congratulating the Queens now? Is this not the squad which is comprised of 95% the ones you have dubbed atumbukas?Why is the so much anti northerners rhetoric not appearing at this juncture? You will see when the Queens will just loose a game all the comments will be anti northerners. What does this mean? Frankly speaking there is no country in the world which is so backward thinking like Malawi.

  54. syamboza says:

    congrats guys kono mchipita chomwechi chikutinyasa kaya 2019 ndiliti????????????????????????????????/

  55. musolin says:

    Mwawi Kumwenda, Sono namupereka maloboro kuti titorane…mwaaaaa!

  56. Opanda mbali says:

    Really making Malawians proud

  57. Muchilamata says:

    Bravo ma queens, u make us proud……#big_up!

  58. @wordsmith says:

    Wamkaka all day

  59. @wordsmith says:

    My my my, my Malawi Queens @ it again.This team right here is overlooked by government, yet through out history they have never disappointed us as a nation unlike the other jokers(the flames) who knows best to disappoint us.To date netball proves to be the only sporting discipline doing us good service on a national level.

  60. Gawa says:

    We’re proud of you. Please work extra hard the Queens. May good Lord bless you!!!

  61. Chiza says:

    Bring the world cup,if need be get some massage before you meet Jamaica and New Zealand.Don’t allow fatigue to creep in,Coach watch out 4 fatigue.They need good food and rest mentally and physically.

  62. Dambuleni says:

    Queens yomweyo kuti wa..! wa..! wa..! waah..!

  63. bob says:

    As the going gets tough you are still making us proud

  64. wobeba wanga says:

    Big up girls, you make us proud. Not these stupid football guys. Always losing eish…….shame on flames

  65. Dambuleni says:

    Queens kundimvetsa kukoma ine eeiissh…!!! Kaya flames idzandimvetsa litiiih….!!!

  66. Rover says:

    Can somebody school me on how these scores are culculated because according to the article the results were like this:
    1st Quarter 19 10
    2nd Quarter 35 22
    3rd Quarter 15 14
    4th Quarter 9 17 (basopo)
    TOTALS 78 63

    Yet the report says our Queens walloped the She-Cranes by 59 to 53 baskets, how are netball scores recorded. Musandiseke sindine wamtauni chonde.

    1. Me says:

      2nd qt result is wrong

  67. Mlomwe says:

    keep it up be loved malawi qeens don’t do like agalantiya oyamba ndi ubwino kutsiliza ndi uchabe

  68. Mwaxy says:

    Congrats our beautiful daughters. We r proud v u ladies, keep it up!

  69. James Alfonso says:

    Conglats our Queens, you make us proud though in abject poverty striken country

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Conglats?kkkkkk Conglats, shaaaah Chichewanising English. Coglats! hahaha

  70. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    It is not yet till it is over, wishing you all the best for the remaining games.
    We are together, we love you girls, God bless mother Malawi.

  71. Dingie says:

    Congrats ma Queens! We are proud of you. Sindie Simtowe you are good player with good behavior. Expect to be the future national coach for the Queens. You’ve started well. Please keep it up!

  72. mwanyembe waku bank yofira says:

    Zoona ma queens

  73. Namwali says:

    You are the best and ae are proud of u girls

  74. Baligasima Yazidi says:

    Ugandan gals are still strong, let us strangle there is still chance. viva

  75. Tamanda Sauka says:

    Congrats gals. Why did you allow this small gap? Next time teach the Idi Amin girls a very very bitter lesson. But i want to say that apart from Chilemba, netball we are also good at gossiping and sex

  76. Smickey says:

    Very well done Queens, with such performance this should psychologically inspire the Giants of Africa (the Queens) to take on any team that comes their way…… All the best and keep flying the FLAG!

  77. Charombanthu says:

    No.1, Observer, you don’t just beam these things. You have to buy rights which I must say can be quite expensive. Sikuti amangopanga beam chilichonse chimene mumaona mu ma TV. All the same, congratulations to the Queens and keep it. You make us proud. Let’s hope the corporate Malawi is following this and may be they can change their sponsorship focus from zinazija to netball which is bringing good results and pride to the nation.

  78. chenda says:

    Mulibhoo ma queens

  79. Souja says:

    Nde MBC imeneyo they are also losers,taking into account of the perfomance of the queens,they could have made an effort to show us our proud queens,but anyway losers are losers you can even see ma programme awo,ma presenters eishh!! mabi eni eni!

  80. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  81. wakwithu says:

    shame indeed on mbc tv why nt showing even a coverage. koma basi kumangozikanda basi. we need y t b proactive and get broadcasting rights. choncho mwati tigule za madecorder zanuzo zachani???? ine bola ndizingoonera free to air wangayu, pali MAJOR BUSHIRII, NDI TB JOSHUA. KHALANI NAZO ZANUZO ZIKUORERANI. !!!!!!!!

  82. Yaya kumudzi says:


  83. Yaya kumudzi says:


  84. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Zisiyeni mbuzi za ku MBCTv zibagona. Adzingomvera za mmaluwa… Ma Queens muli bho and takunyadilani. Ku Malawi kuno amene akutiyika pa Map ndi ma Queens and Chilemba when it comes to sporting activities. Mpira wa mapazi adzisewera bwampini…

  85. chilungamochiwoneke says:

    MBC TV imakonda oluza, anthu ake amaganiza chobwelera m’mbuyo

  86. Mtondoli Jonazi says:

    I was channel surfing and ended up watching their game against Singapore and it was brilliant – my two daughters were actually surprised that I was watching netball since they know I usually watch Top Gear! LOL.

    At least there is one team that we can be proud of as a flag bearer! Go Queens.

  87. malawi says:

    Congrats ma queens wishing you all the best as you face new zealand,,,don’t fear zonse nzotheka!!!!

  88. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Malawi Queens. Our Pride.

  89. Wiz says:

    Wana wapakaya. We are proud of you. Even if you end there ours is ‘Thank you for taking away our shame’

  90. phodo says:

    Congraturation girls. It was not easy.Looking at my girlfriend Mwai in this report it shows that you sweated for it.

  91. Shimwitwa says:

    am proud of the queens

  92. Chenda says:

    congratulations Malawi Queens; keep it up Mwayi Kumwenda and all netball players.

  93. Observer says:

    Despite Queens raising Malawi’s flag high it’s surprising not even TVM is beaming the games live? Koma akadakhala anyamata aja osatha aja! How do you motivate the young ones?

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