Malawi Queens court sponsor: 77 Group Limited

Malawi national netball Queens has got an offer a sponsorship from a 77 Group Limited company.

Jovial Malawi Queesn players

Jovial Malawi Queesn players

This was disclosed by the company’s general manager Frank Mvula after the company donated cooking oil to the players as a token of appreciation for the 2015 Netball World Cup played in Sydney Australia.

“This is a team which is making us proud as a nation and it continues to expose what Malawi can do to the rest of the world,” Mvula said.

He said the donation of the cooking oil was made to promote healthy diet among the players.

“As we would like to promote healthy eating within the team we would like to establish a long term relationship. We will discuss with the officials how we can be part of the team,” he said.

He said more details regarding the sponsorship would be revealed later after the meeting with Netball Association of Malawi.

NAM General Secretary Carol Bapu confirmed that the company had expressed interest to support the national team.

“For now let me just say that they approached us to see if we can establish a long term relationship. It is a welcome development but we will have to sit down first,” Bapu said.

A group of Malawians also donated K2.7 million to the teams after the teams’ exploits in Australia in which they came so close to break into the top four.

Shooter Mwawi Kumwenda was named player of the tournament.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Queens court sponsor: 77 Group Limited”

  1. Hello! says:

    Vuto lathu Amalawi ndiloti timafuna kuthandiza munthu kapena gulu ngati ili lampira pamene tili ndi ndalama zambiri pokha. Zotsatira zake ndizoti palibe amene amathandiza chifukwa palibe munthu kapena kampane imene ili yo khutitsidwa kuti ili ndi ndalama zambiri zedi. Zimene achita a 77 Group Limited ndi zotamandika ndithu. Ngakhale munthu utagula mpira umodzi nkuwapatsa ma Queens, palibe vuto.

    NAM iyenera kukambirana ndi AIRTEL (current sponsor) m’mene 77 Group Limited ingathandizireko. It is okay to have dual (or more) sponsorship as long as there is a memorandum of understanding among the two or more sponsors and the team management. Remember that sponsorhip for broadcasting football matches on the radio is done by several companies sometimes.

  2. Kanyimbi says:

    Zingopelekani mafutawo but remember the Queens have a sponsor (AIRTEL).

  3. izo says:

    bola za health zo ndikhoza kulingalira kaye ndisanakomente komabeee aaaa mulimbuuuuuu or kuchepetsa azanu

  4. KAMBWE says:

    donation ndi donation basi….

  5. I agree with Denguzman, a donation is a donation. If the company is a cooking oil manufacturer or producer whatever is correct then it must donate it’s products period. All the sponsorship all over the world is about advertisement that’s why all the popular brands are associated with winners or achievers. So there is nothing wrong with that cos in Malawi as far as Im concerned people used to buy snatchers of cooking oil just to prove how hard it is to get a bottle of cooking. If the cooking oil is not tripple rig inde the problem is Malawi Buearue of Standards, it’s their job to police such sub standard products. Don’t say this locally made cooking oil is not good from when? We have been using Kazinga & Covo made locally at Liver Brothers in Limbe. Ahoy our Queens, Big Up!

  6. Charter says:

    Ahhhh! Mwati zukhala bwanji apa kodi? Giving players vegetable oil? Crack the code for me please!

  7. Mhesha says:

    The donor wants to fatten the players. ..Make the obese.

  8. kadamanja says:

    Cooking oil???? sure koma Malaw eeeh!

  9. Pete Nyandoro says:

    Cooking oil does not amount to good health, but rather poor heath. Locally made cooking oil has cholesterol which causes heart disease and high blood pressure. So this donation is not worth appreciating , not even worth publicizing in the media.

  10. Yatota Ilowe says:

    Cheap publicity stunt. The gals need genuine sponsorship not zawedewede akupanga apazi!

  11. Denguzman says:

    Donation ndi donation, nanga iwe ukutsusana nazo unawapatsa chani ma queens? Amalawi tiyeni tikhale ndi mtima oyamika wina akapanga chinthu chabwino.

  12. The real ujeni says:

    Malawi Queens need a big indoor Arena, all these piece meal donations are what makes us poorer and poorer. Build a big indoor Arena, and all top teams will die to come and play the Queens, indirectly bringing forex. Wake up you Malawians

  13. Khuni says:

    Does this mean that Airtel are pulling out? I just hope there will be more than one sponsors. Otherwise bravo to 77 Group Limited, Airtel and the Queens themselves.

  14. Gas Machine Head says:

    Goodness Me! Is this for real? I mean are you really serious donating cooking oil? Please, nyasatimes, do not entertain such publicity stunts. Just a load of bull…..

  15. VIYAZI TEMBO says:

    Donated cooking oil? zamasanje izi, these guys are really kidding, which kind of sponsorship will be offered when they can’t give out real donation, rubbish………..

  16. Ibrahim says:

    comment number 2, what have u done yourself to the queen, something is better than nothing

  17. myao says:

    Chi beam nanga?

  18. mbuli ya ku south and central says:

    The Queens need proper funding so that they can go on a world tour. How can they get better without playing proper teams. They need friendly games against the other top teams. Awa sima donations koma chipongwe

  19. anadimba says:

    nanga chi NAC gate chija chiyamba liti kuthandiza??pajatu chimayankhula mwathamo kuti( iwllbe there for you) eeetu ana akufunika training awa. Maluwa okha aja basi??iiiii chitani manyazi.

  20. konto says:

    Let’s be serious please. Donating cooking oil basi? They just want publicity. Ma donation enawa osamawalemba plz, unless it is substancial

  21. Bob says:

    Good news for the Queens.

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