Malawi Queens leave out star Mwawi for England series

Arrogant Netball Association of Malawi has left out  some vastly experienced players including New Zealand based Mwawi Kumwenda in a 12-member squad scheduled to go into camp on Saturday in readiness of a three-match test series against England just prior to Christmas.

 Mwai Kumwenda out of England series

Mwai Kumwenda out of England series

Malawi Queens will face off against the English ladies at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on December 14, the Copper Box in London onDecember 17 and the final game will be played on December 20 at the University Arena, Worcester.

According to general secretary Carol Bapu, the squad is as follows: Goal shooters: Sherat Kaiche (MTL Queens); Sindi Simtowe and Lorraine Ngwira (Complex Tigresses); Jane Chimaliro (Civo) and Mary Banya (Blue Eagles); Attackers: Grace Chazungulira (Diamonds); Martha Dambo and Thandi Galeta (MTL Queens); Beatrice Mpinganjira and Catharine Yikangwa (Complex Tigresses); Rose Nkanda and Takondwa Luwazi (Civonets).

Towela Vinkhumbo, Caroline Mtukule-Ngwira (Diamonds); Ester Katungwe and Beauty Nyangula (Civonets); Grace Mwafulirwa (Complex Tigresses) and Joana Kachilika from MTL Queens.

Coach is Mary Waya and Connis Mhone is her assistant. Team doctor is Junia Kazembe while team manager is Jane Kachali. NAM president Rosy Chinunda (who will be leader of delegation) and general secretary Carol Bapu complete the list of officials that will accompany the team to England.

Commenting on being left out,  Kumwenda sad she has no ill feelings.

“All the best to the squad and we are behind them. I am not bitter for being left out in the squad,” said Kumwenda, in a telephone interview from Lilongwe.

Sky Sports will also show the games live.

England v Malawi, Sunday, December 14@ Echo Arena, Liverpool, 5:15pm (Sky Sports 4)
England v Malawi, Wednesday, December 17@ Copper Box Arena, London, 7:45pm (Sky Sports 3)
England v Malawi, Saturday, December 20@ University Arena, Worcester, 3:15pm (Sky Sports 4)

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50 thoughts on “Malawi Queens leave out star Mwawi for England series”

  1. Mphwache says:

    Mwawi did not ask to be in the team, its the other way round. Mwawi is on holiday waiting fro another season in New Zealand, she does not need to go playing games elsewhere. Mwawi is a professional, when her time ends, she will go on to do other things, international coaching etc, she does not need NAM. NAM has messed big time, squandering players’ allowances etc. People, understand the situation here, should Mwawi go to England and get injured are you going to meet her expenses or her lost income in NZ? I think Mwawi is right.

  2. Mavi patako says:

    Another disater and shame to the nation without mwawi.

  3. Wake says:

    The fact is that Malawi Netball team is not Mwai Kumwenda and Mwai is not the national team. We cannot base our team on one person. If she has grown bigger than the team that marketed her, let her be. Sooner or later we will discover better players than her.

  4. kambavi says:

    I guess Airtel would love to be associated with good results! The previous trip was disaster just like the one to come. The sponsor will pull out trust me!! Let NAM officials go on this trip without allowances and tiwone ngati atapiteko.

  5. oooooho/ says:

    IS MWAWI’S SIN JUST TO ASK THAT PLAYERS SHOULD BE PAID THEIR DUES? WHATS WRONG WITH THAT? kufunsa ndukudzipopa? mw mw mw…shame… mufuna ma players asamafunse ngati zinthu zikulakwika, especially asking for what is due to them? the coach is trying to play big/boss… kuti undimva…uwona! shame…..

    Another problem is lack of ‘meat’ in this article.. the writer cd have told us the real reason why mwawi was left out this time as explained by the coaching panel… there is a gap of inside information on this issue!

  6. kambavi says:

    Kodi palibe other pple who can be leaders of delegation? the problem here is that Chinunda and her friend want to be travelling without taking welfare of players at heart. am sure ma allowance awo anatenga kalekale but players no!

  7. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Makochi munaika mahule ndiye mukuganiza angakondwe ndi mwana akuwapanga outshine pachilichonse, looks, moneys, fashion, education and everything.
    Women will always pull each other down.
    You can see that the whole NAM has gone to England. Offices closed, huh?

  8. Zitsiru, ntchembere izi zakalamba

  9. Alungwana says:

    Amadzimva suga. Amakhala ngati player ndi yekha. Kukhala ngati amamina yogati. Waiwala kumene wachokela. Munthu otumbwa. Wamatama. Onyada ngati saapita ku chimbuzi. Mwachita bwino mwamusiya.

  10. bokoharam says:

    Mwayamba kuitenga team ngat yamkhonde mwanu azimayi inu eti tizichita manyazi ife chifukwa simukumvana ndi star mwawi mademeti.

  11. golo says:

    I don’t understand why now that the team is coached by a lady we are facing problems like these. when griffin saenda was the coach no such things happened. please NAM drop these lady coaches they are taking Malawi netball to the abyss. its typical of ladies they are always led by emotions not reason .please saenda go back to the job and sort out this mess …… women women who can understand them?

  12. clement says:

    Once again,good decission to drop Mwai in the squad.Football and netball needs discipline.No need some behave like she is she that’s bullshit. Let her rot if she feels that a star.We had Mary Waya and Peace Chawinga etc and everyone knows better how good they were, so who Mwaiwao kkkkk upepetse.

  13. yonayona says:

    Gud dcsition by NAM!
    time will come for MWA & she will understand that she is not a bove NAM. ndikanakhala ine’ ndikana pepesa b4 its 2late 4me!
    achita bwino kumusiya’ alipo ambiri who can deliver than her!

  14. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I predict disaster and shame in England. There is no way these inexperienced players can beat England. It is a pity Queens are now joining Flames.


    malawians, let’s be serious, get mwai plz

  16. mwai is very stupid anthu amene akuwanyoza lero ndi omwe anamusunga atachoka ku kaya lero watsukuluzika wayamba kusibwa, ukuti ukumenyera nkhondo anzako anzako ake ndaa? uwu ndi mpira mphwangwa utha ngati makatani

  17. Rea Man says:

    alomwe zawawawa ndithu

  18. Rea Man says:

    Musiyeni mwana,bwanji kodi alomwenu?

  19. Chikopa says:

    No one is bigger that the team. Let her rot. I am told she was picked up from a village. Tsano wapeza ndalama. She will regret her stupid arrogance in the near future.

  20. A COMMONER says:

    Rose shudnt hv bn on this trip, she has messed up NAM and must remain 2 clean the mess.

  21. Msowoya says:

    @ MMALAWI ,were you obliged to post your comment?If you can’t read ask someone to read for you because I don’t see any reason for iinsulting Mwayi.

  22. Gongoni says:

    Solution is to boycot Airtel and go to MTN so that they pull out sponsorship to this evil NAM.

  23. Ndegzman says:

    NAM??? U want us to be embarrassed again????? why hav u left out MwaWi?? anthu oipa inu we cant win without her. analakwitsa kunena chilungamo??? dont tek the queens as ur personal property!! muitaneni mwawi yo

  24. MMALAWI says:

    akulu akulu mwayi sakupanga bwino dnt back ha sh z stpd f sh flz that sh z on top of NAM akunama,akadakhala ndimavuto akadapta direct ku NAM nt ku kwa atolankhani .akusewela ndidziko akhoza kupanga zoti ku newzealand asadzapteso kupusa.ukadzikweza mulungu amakutsitsa

    1. Alumwa says:

      I don’t think kunena chilungamo ndi kudzikweza. Mwayi was speaking the truth. Ask football clubs as well, they will tell you the same. People should not take advantage of others simply because mukawawopseza kuti akapanda kupita kosewera awa droper mu squad. That’s not on. Vivaaa Mwawi for speaking for other people. She even said kuti ine musandipatse ma allowance wo mupatse ma players enawo. What is wrong with that. Continue Mwawi, we will support you. Tisiye moyo wopondelezana amalawi.

  25. Mfwethu says:

    But does NAM know that the tickets for these matches were sold out because the fans wanted to watch the likes of Mwawi? Do you think the Britons will take kindly to this? This is where marketing our sports personnel we get it wrong. The fans love to watch the best, not just representatives of Malawi Netball Team. Its obvious there is bad blood between NAM and Mwawi, and frankly speaking the girl has nothing to lose, she earns good money playing as a professional than representing Malawi where the benefits only go to the NAM and Sports Council officials.
    Wake up NAM!

    1. Stanley Phiri says:

      my friend,Mwawi earns good money in New Zea land?? the girl am sure get paid peanuts coz av still see her getting on minibuses and using cheap phones.surely al the money she earns and what she earned in Australia sh cant afford a second hand Vits??? am ouzzled.i dnt think shs earning good money

  26. Bubu says:


    Everything in Malawi is not working at the moment. But still some principles must stand. Can a player be bigger than the team? No, Not at all. Not possible.

  27. zachisoni says:

    Mpila wa mapazi udalowa katangale kalekale ndi chifukwa chake Frames sichita bwino lero lino mpila wa manja watsatila za frames zotsatilazake kumangoluza chifukwa cha dyera please Airtel pull out your sponsor from this stupid NAM.

  28. Nyapapi says:

    Akagwere uko, we can do without her! Anzache analipo amanyada ali kuti?

    Ka mtumbuka kameneka olo katumbwe kadzakalambe.

    1. Piper says:

      Mlomwe wachabechabe iwe kuzolowela ma handouts !!! Others have to work to get paid !!! Mtemwende wa mbuzi iwe Mano kunsi usatinyase nyasi iwe !!!!



  30. NETBALLER says:

    PLEASE a NAM posafuna kuchula maina mutamamvako malangizo. WINA akachuka amachukisa team kapena dziko. Tsono inu mukudzidula nokha dzanja. kuli maplayer ambili ovuta ku mangalande samawasiya ayi. Nkhani ya mwawi Kumwenda sinkhani ayi mungowonongapo team apa. KODI NDINU ATSOGOLERI O T A N I ???????????????????

  31. Piper says:

    The coaching panel should go without pay and we see if they are going to happy working without pay. Pay the players !!

  32. bbsupporter says:

    Airlel <alawi where are you? as sponsors you should come forward and solve this mess. Mwawi akufunika. Kodi kumenyera ufulu ndi kulakwa? Look at that shameless NAM.

  33. clement says:

    Not bad to drop Mwai.There is no need a player to feel herself they have to be patriotic like what John Maduka did in his time playing for the Flames.All the best the Queens and show Malawians that you can do it without Mwai.

  34. Nyamalumutu says:

    You are very right to say Arrogant NAM they are indeed arrogant mapeto mapeto ake they will lose all the games a worst of our money because of their self ambitions. You don’t want to humble yourself. Ask Chimodzi he was doing the same leaving out experienced players like Anong’a and Black Mamber what was the results. And when they came in what happened all the praise went to the coach and yet he was forced to include them. Before it is too late remove the coaching panel for the better ones. This one is just a coach player and playing well does not mean you can be a good coach as well. Kaya ZANU izo

  35. Tiko says:

    Any team needs discipline. The kumwenda girl is too pompous although it is true that she is our best at the moment. Mwawi talks too much in the media and this embarasses the adminstrators of the national team. She shd change her approach to issues. Don’t be too difficult in life.

    1. LEAVE HER says:


  36. pepe says:

    Worry not my dia, yakula ndi nsanje, wamwayi ndi wamwayi basi or atakhomerera chotani.

  37. education says:

    Mudzamufunanso ngati Anong'”a ndi Kanyenda mukaluzaluza

  38. Wawaman says:

    Hahahahaha wapatseni dollar yawo atsikana.dont hide in the name of patriotism while you are cashgating these poor ladies money.amavutika okha kununkha thukuta whilst yourself are just sitting phwiii with your fat asses.enawo akupitila kususuka chabe pliz NAM give them their dues.They sweated it out themselves to get trust from sponsors.shame on you!!!!!

  39. golden eye says:

    Know where you are coming from Mwawi. Pride kills and makes intelligent people dull. What you did was match fixing, it is only that authorities did not take it seriously. Why do I say so, (THE EQUATION IS SIMPLE: 1.IF YOU PLAYED WE COULD HAVE BEATEN ALL THE TEAMS , 2. YOU COULD HAVE BEEN BEST PLAYER OR MAY BE TOP GOAL SCORER. 3.THE TEAMS KNEW THAT YOU WERE STRONG AND LIKELY OPPONENT FOR THEIR VICTORY SO THEY DID NOT WANT YOU TO TAKE PART…MAY BE THEY HAD A DISCUSSION WITH YOU AND YOU AGREED TO A LUMPSOME…TO DISABLE YOU FROM PARTICIPATING, THEREBY MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR THEIR MISSION. NDI MMENE NDIMAMUDZIWIRA MMALAWI PA MATRIP NDIKUFUNA KUTCHUKA MTSIKANAYU ASANAME ANADYA BANZI YA AZUNGU A KUMENE AMASEWERA APO AYI SOUTH AFRICA INAMUNYENGERERA) AWA NDI MAGANIZO ANGA MONGA GOLDEN EYE AMAWONA POSAONEDWA…MASO AKUTHWA SINDIMAFUNA MUNTHU KUNDIPUSISA….APUSISE ENAWO A NETBALL TEAMWO OSATI GOLDEN EYE. If you are not carefull, this might be your last honey days. We had stars like Mary Waya, they put the country on the map but were down to earth…don’t let money and your objection to over rule your life…. you are still young ……. do a soul searching…….. before you are found between the devil and the deep sea.

    1. peter says:

      We still have people living in stone age! Time to fear for unknown is long gone. Fear or no fear every individual still faces challenges in life. I am happy that Mwai dictates the course of her life not some of the us with a slavery-mentality.

  40. Sarah says:

    Am tired of hearing about Mwawi. I think it’s time we forget her and focus on upcoming players. Mwawi akuzimva kukoma.

  41. nyamusideni says:

    olo akusiye Mwawi ngati amakulipirani.

  42. Wandiputa says:

    Thas gud devlpment…..wayamba kumera mapiko ameneyo. She thnks she’s bigger than the association. To hell.

  43. opportunist says:

    NAM is busy rooting tax payers money why leaving important players?.Do u really love this country ?.Do u think ur going to fruitful results or just want to spend a holiday and see queens land. Put the interest of the country first and bitter with u for leaving several good players and am boycotting watching ur games

  44. Mary Waya,Chinunda and some of you in NAM,u r greedy amd jealousy.If this continues,ur performance wl go down.

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