Malawi Queens loses fifth position to South Africa at World Fast5 series

Malawi Queens on Sunday lost 22-30 to their African rivals South Africa for a fifth position in the Fast5 World Netball Series in Auckland, New Zealand.

Malawi Queens had a poor outing in New Zealand

Malawi Queens had a poor outing in New Zealand

The Queens also lost all their preliminary round match against England, Jamaica, hosts New Zealand and then lost and earlier last round robin match against South Africa, who had  also not won a match.

Malawi edged ahead in the third quarter, thanks to a six-pointer from their powerplay, but South Africa took the honours in the end, beating the Malawi Queens 33-30.

Buoyed by their earlier win, the South Africans took charge of the fifth place play-off against Malawi took their powerplay early, in the second quarter, but were unable to capitalise, and were just three points ahead on 14-11 at halftime.

South Africa made the most of their powerplay and had a comfortable 23-17 lead after the third quarter. The final quarter was a fierce battle, but South Africa kept the scoreboard ticking over.

As the final whistle blew, South Africa emerged the winners by 30 points to 22.

Malawi aptain Caroline Mtukule-Ngwira told SuperSport television that the weakeness had been not using their power-play turn.

New Zealand, who have not lost a game since the introduction of Fast5, pulled off a thrilling 35-31 win over arch-rivals Australia in the final, after bidding an emotional farewell to former Protea and long-time Silver Fern goalshooter Irene van Dyk.

England squeaked home against Jamaica, beating them 31-30 in a nailbiter.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi Queens loses fifth position to South Africa at World Fast5 series”

  1. Pido says:

    A Carlo Bapu Awa Sadziwa Ntchito Koma Kuchinditsa Kwa Ma Boses.

  2. Malawi did not feature 1st choice shooters-why? Next time do not overlook this problem. Look APM is also snoring with the nosedive of the kwacha falling. Do something. Time is money

  3. Piper says:

    About time NAM start paying their players, then they would show up for tournaments… Simples !!!

  4. Nyamakumutu says:

    The problem here is the coach and the leadership of NAM. They relegated Madam Sayenda who polished stars like Mwai now how can you win. There is no way one can be doing professional netbal ali mphwephwa. You now know that Mwai ndi Deal.

  5. Yobe boo says:


  6. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This is a shame and very humiliating. Queens going down badly, the Kwacha crashing sending prices soaring, after 50years of independence Malawi still one of the poorest countries in the world. Even Mozambique a country where civil war raged for many years has now surpassed Malawi in terms of prosperity. Yet there is no non-partisan debate as to what is wrong with us and what we should do. Some capable top public servants were sidelined on political grounds and no one knows what is happening to the much touted public service reforms.

    1. Gongoni says:

      Man, may be you are very ignorant! All our neibours have well established mines, others have gas and oil fields, very big Sea ports just to mention a few! Malawi is a land rocked country depending on subsistence farming and donor aid only! May be after this discovery of oil, Malawi will be at par with the neibours but its not as easy as we may think.

  7. Central province says:

    Amalawi matama basi..

  8. eye eye says:

    the absence of other key players such as Mwayi, Tina and Beatrice definitely contributed to this dismal performance and cannot be overlooked nor downplayed!

    Coach, take care hope u got some lessons learnt and work on them!

  9. nkhedu says:

    Tingosiya basi and tizongodya bonya apa.asaaah. Zatsala za anyamata zodya n’gaiwazi kuti ziluzenso. Looser gate

  10. Sips says:

    “power-play” used too often in this article

  11. iphani mudye says:

    musamati malawi queens koma nyika queens muyisovenge anyithu

  12. mr soccer says:

    Qeens inali kale kuli achina m waya osati ana azibwanawa ai io koma basi ..

  13. Kanyimbi says:

    Nthawi zina matama ndi kukula mtima kumapwetekesa. Atsikana kumawabela ndalama zawo akadandaula osafuna kuwamvera, kumanyoza kuti titenga ena. Mapeto ake ndi amenewa Mwayi Kumwenda ndi Deal. Osamanyoza mafumu achikopa.

  14. Omega says:

    We still love you our Queens!

  15. Senator says:

    The Tumbuka Power at its best. You cant do without it. Its supreme. Kungojomba Mwai Kumwenda, our Brightest star from the super North, nonse balala. Mumati?????

  16. mboma says:

    u cant win without mwai kumwenda inu mwachepa nazo, a mary waya muti chani pano???????

  17. jimmy kanzati says:

    flames failure to register a win in just ended fast5 series in newzealand has not come as a suprise that’s what happens when coaches cease to listen. Players are humans and have feelings need to be respected. Taking each other for granted does not pay any divident. Lucky enough that our sport authorities do not face stiff penalties once their charges fail to perform as expected due to disorganisations. United we stand divided we fall. Learn to respect players. What they get its not what they deserve when they get into the camp to play, its just love for their nation. Play that i dont become minister of sports or state president i shall surely take people like chinunda, waya and bapu to book including their male counterpart walter, nyirenda and chimodzi for their failure to include top goal scorers like nkutu, best winger who is also in his best form fischer, instead they are busy dependind on foreign players who are warming benches in their respective clubs. Izi zimandiwawa.

  18. Cashgate 1 says:

    Poor Preparations, poor performance, and lots of in-house fighting, well deserved. Hope lesson well learnt.

  19. opportunist says:

    The managers of team need to resign for not putting the interest of the country first .They new the outcome even b4 they started off they failed to swallow their pride .Shame

  20. Mwenecho says:

    makani too much u cant play without mwai

  21. Khamu says:

    WE were on the rise and rise but I have seen that we have become abit too overconfident and laxed. As such we have let the standards set by the Mary Waya’s, Peace kawingas and all those heroines slip away.

    We have been content at being no 5 in the world and number 1 in Africa and that has been the problem. Let the queens aim for No 1 in the World.

    Lets go back to the drawing board and do better


    UTSOGOLELI WA AZIMAI NGOVUTA. DON`T EXPECT RESULTS. Griffin Sayenda was gud. He mantained n was fighting for gud position in the world. AZIMAYI KUKULA MTIMA NGATI AMAKWELA PAMWAMBA NDIWOWO.

  23. J.C says:

    We do not want to hear more stories.Just accept the defeat rectify your mistakes.Im sure you know your shortfalls.

  24. dopababi shopa says:

    The Absence of sharp shooter was greately felt. There is always next time. Congrats to SA for being no. 5.

  25. General says:

    NAM something is wrong with you and your coach, otherwise this is the end of national netball pride, A coach it seems is failing to hand the prayers. Nanunso a NAM simukuyendesa bwino ma allowance awo dyera kwambiri

  26. General says:

    Proble, ndi coach, why is it that with her coming performance has gone down, and prayers are boycoting the team

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