Malawi Queens returns to a cold reception

Malawi Queens returned home Tuesday afternoon from New Zealand where they participated at the Fast5 World Netball Championship and received a cold reception after finishing last and failed to win any match.

The Queens on arrival

The Queens on arrival

Queens Coach Mary Waya

Queens Coach Mary Waya

Arriving at 1:27pm through Kamuzu International Airport, the Queens who had an awful performance had the shock of the day when they discovered that there was no official from government, Netball Association of Malawi and Sports Council to welcome them.

As if that was not enough, they had to wait for some hours at the airport for their official bus to come and pick them.

It had to take NAM president Rose Chinunda who travelled with the team to start making transport arrangements.

Despite all these problems, Queens Coach Mary Waya was happy with the team’s performance at Fast5 championship.

“We did our best and the girls performed very well taking into consideration that we only had 10 days of preparations.

“I am also impressed with the performance of the young players who have just joined us,” she said.

Airtel Malawi is the official sponsor of the Queens.

The company’s Public Relations Officer Edith Tsilizani said they are happy with the efforts the girls had at the competition.

“For those who watched the games they really were impressed and as sponsors, we will continue to be there for the Queens when they are in,” she said.

The results will have no effect on the Queens position as they still remain on number five in the world.


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35 thoughts on “Malawi Queens returns to a cold reception”

  1. chilungamo says:

    What Mwai did by pulling out in a crucial game is tantamount to treason! Imagine if all our Malawian players playing in South African pulled out in a SADC tournament bcoz their coaches told them not to embarass the host country? Its treason basi!

  2. Chalula says:

    I met a guy from Jamiaca in Australia on Tuesday this week and asked me where I come from and I said Malawi. I was not surprised to see him getting excited and I guessed he would comment about “Malawi Gold” (marijuana). But guess what? His excitement had nothing to do with with Nkhotakota but our National netball team. He asked me if I have been watching the netball tournament in Newzland but unfortunately I didn’t know our girls were competing again in a world tournament. Any way, he said “I love your national netball team because of their free style in playing netball. They just get out there and play to enjoy themselves’ with no coaching I put or game plan to win a game” and he laughed and said “ya man free style, but their booties are amazing! I love to watch them!”

  3. Danny says:


  4. Honourable says:

    Izi zikuonetsa kuti chisankho cha PATATU sichinatende bwino. A Malawi tikhale kaye otherwise miriri iyi yitipweteka. Ichi ndi chiyamhi cha mavuto. Donors pulling out, players pulling out, queens loosing, flames losing eishhhhh! I smell bad omen!

  5. Nyika female select says:

    Results of northerner coaches dropping top class players from South. Mxxx

  6. welldone queens, mwamenya mpira ana, awa a mwai aiwala momwe anabwelera ku bwengo amasungidwa mumanyumba mwa anthu akuwanyoza lerowa, mpira wawachapa ayamba mwano, anabwera ali osasungula aea kuchita kuwanyiika mu boom kuti asungunuke lero ndi awa akuyelekedwawa

    1. Tizgowele kumwenda says:

      Ka Mwai kumwenda ngwa ku chitokoto ka, namanyanga ngati? mbwe should just go back wakakolenge waka somba mu kasitu navitete.

  7. iphani mudye says:

    nyika queens yaluza tiyambitsa yathu malawi queens apakati ndi akumwera muyisovenge the northeners

  8. chisomo says:

    Queens keep it up,musakhale ngati anyamata athuwa ongolephera ndi za zii zomwe.Ine ndakunyadirani.Pliz National Football Team emulate what the queens is doing.

  9. chisomo says:

    Just want to comment on what people have been saying.Honestly speaking,the Queens had been good interms of performance and is the only Malawi Team to wipe out our tears than Football teams.

  10. John says:


  11. "NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Stop justifying a loss, a loss is a loss, when will Malawi be a winning Nation.??

  12. vindere says:

    How do you expect them to win when the country is in chaos with tribalism and nepotism.

  13. El-Jay1 says:

    I think this has exposed the Queens’ over-reliance on Mwawi Kumwenda. I hope Mary Waya takes the hint and begins developing alternative shooters. I doubt this would have been the result if Kumwenda was around.

  14. Kanyimbi says:

    Nthawi zina kapolo amathanso kuwonesa kuti ndi dolo. Mumafuna atsikanawa asamalandire ndalama zawo? Matama basi bwanji simunafune kugonja kenaka kupepesa kwa mapuleya amene panali kusagwirizana? Lero Mwayi Kumwenda wawoneka dolo.

  15. Hagar the Horrible says:

    Don’t lose heart ma Queens, we all make mistakes in life. The important thing now is to sit down with all stakeholders and have candid discussions on what led to the poor performance this time. Some players seemed disgruntled and failed to join the squad. They may have genuine reasons, you need to find out why this is happening and address the problem.

    Otherwise, the Queens have always made the nation proud and we have faith in the girls. We know you will do better next time. Falling down is not defeat, rather defeat is failing to rise when you fall down. The Queens have fallen, but will surely rise and shine again. Ma Queens Woyeee!

  16. EAGLE'S NEST says:


  17. Ludo says:

    Wanzeru ndani anganyadire timu atagonja chotere? shame!!!

  18. mr soccer says:

    Uyu mary waya ndiwokula ntima ndiye u coach ndi ntima siziyenda ai nchifukwa chake MTL sichitabwino, MTL ili ndi maplayer abwino koma vutolawo ndo coach……Sayenda abwerere azimayiwa kukulilana mitima kumachuluka zinthu sizingayende ai….

  19. sapota mapeto says:

    apaseni a Griffin Saenda zimenezi ndiye ayini ache osati awa angotha ndalamawa…za ziii

  20. Pido says:

    Wy Should Govt Recieve Them Warmly Yet They chased both Council & Govt, Officials from the Trip. Who cud be the link

  21. zamkutu says:

    Welcome back loosers………………

  22. Momo sam says:

    Losing all games and the coach is happy and proud of her players,know this mary WE ARE NOT HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOUR PERFOMANCE..shame

  23. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    There was no transport, what about airport shuttle as was the case last time? Nyengo zimasinthadi indeed!

  24. Nyapapi says:

    I told you, this bunch of hos is praised to the skies for nothing?

    How can you be proud to be bumber 6 (or 5) when only six countries in the entire world play netball?

  25. Nyamakumutu says:

    The problem here is the NAM and the couch too bring back Mr Sauenda akazi okhaokha kudana. Muja tikambira kuti mpongo zidana akazi adana. Mwai ndi deal make peace with her and make her happy osati zososolanazo after all she will still be our only professional. By the way was my Sindi there.

  26. tenson mkumbwa says:

    mwayamba kutengera ma brothers anu ma flames eti?

  27. Charter says:

    The problem is administrative, it is not in the court!!!

  28. Waya says:

    Griffin Saenda must be back. Utsogoleli wa azimayi okhaokha ngovuta. Amatha iwo kukulilana mitima basi.

  29. Yobe boo says:


  30. Cashgate 1 says:

    Vuto lanu ndiloti munapita kokagula katundu. Infact next time you will lose mudzayenda pansi kuchoka ku airport mpakana makwanu. Chibwana eti, osachita manyazi kuluza ma game onse and kukhala chitseka khomo, kapena kuti numbala yomaliza. (6). Bolani Flames imachitako draw imodzi ndikuluza ena otsalawo, koma inu onse. Next time mudzabwenzanso ma allowance munatengawo. Ikakhala Flames ndiye tinaiwalako kale.

  31. Think Tank says:

    educate me on still number 5 in the world when just two days you said that number has been surrendered to South Africa!

  32. Bongololo says:

    Keep your heads up my Queens! You’re still have a much better story to tell than the Flames. Quite frankly the Flames should better be know as the Ashes because that’s how cold they really are. But I have no doubt that the Queens will take the lessons from this experience seriously and use it to get things done next time.

  33. Oh says:

    Next to loose this weekend is the perennial losers called the flames

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