Malawi Queens to get Airtel money if they beat Jamaica: K100, 000 each player for win against Jamaica

Airtel Malawi has engaged a big morale gear by putting at stake MK100, 000 for each player of the Malawi Queens, if they win against Jamaica in a decider encounter on Friday at the World Netball tournament in Sydney.

Airtel Malawi Public Relations Relation Edith Tsilizani: K100,000 for each Queens player if they win against Jamaica...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Airtel Malawi Public Relations Relation Edith Tsilizani: K100,000 for each Queens player if they win against Jamaica…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Malawi Queens can still qualify for the semi-finals of the global netball showcase if they can beat Jamaica’s Sunshine Girls.

Airtel Malawi’s Public Relations and Corporate Communications Manager Edith Tsilizani said as an official sponsor, the company is thrilled and feels duty bound to propel the Queens to their maximum potential.

“This is a must win game  and the brand Airtel is  dedicated and committed to seeing the Queens excel and shine in their World Cup game,” she said.

According to Tsilizani, the Queens have put up an excellent performance so far and they have all it takes to upset Jamaica.

“The Queens have proved to the world that their prowess in netball circles is destined for greatness. From the games played, we are double sure that the girls went there with a mission to win.

“As an official sponsor, we are impressed and quite motivated to do more for the sake of glorifying the beauty of the success of the Queens,” she said, adding that inspiring them this way stands to encourage them give out their best and crown the pride of Malawi.

Meanwhile, Airtel has called on Malawians to offer the much needed support to the Queens, describing them as heroines.

This comes barely a few days after the company gave K7 million to the Queens as a send off package on their departure to the World Cup.

Airtel Malawi sponsors the Malawi Queens courtesy of a historical MK360 million sponsorship package that was hatched in 2013.

The Queens will have to give out something extra if they are to cause an upset against Sunshine Girls, a side they have never beaten before.

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35 thoughts on “Malawi Queens to get Airtel money if they beat Jamaica: K100, 000 each player for win against Jamaica”

  1. Kumeneko ndie kwalimbisa mitimakwabwino, asikanawa amatichosa manyazi ife amalawi.

  2. lyso sc mabaso says:

    A Edith, kunena zoona atsikana amenewa achigwira chi ntchito, ndangoti ndipemphe kuti mowalimbikitsa, mukanawaganizira kuwapatsa ndalama, one goalmargin is a distinction close to a 100%.

  3. Hardson says:

    Be thankful, please!Aitel has tried it’s best ask TNM what are they doing? Carsberg? Access? Chibuku? Toyota Malawi? Boma? Morta Engel? CFAO? Nanga inuyo mukuchitapo chiyani? Idith wanenanso, tonse tichitepo kanthu. They are not doing that under any pressure! It’s out of free will! Thank you Airtel Malawi we love you as for me I will kiss almost every player and coaches live @ KIA. Waiting!

  4. Ankhoma says:




  6. Jimuni says:

    About $200.00 for each player and thats news?

  7. Mashamase says:

    Mtumbuka soccer & netball at its best , not mapwevupwevu

  8. Isaac says:

    wish u all the best ma Queens. I nw u will do it, may God be wth u my beloved Queens! I nw we may not be there bt u r all in our hearts
    nd we r all behind u.from the beginning until the end .We love I nw u will make it.

  9. Mbukavu says:

    Girls we can beat Jamaica!

  10. u r the best ma queens

  11. not myname says:


  12. kemwa says:

    The issue is about the queens not atumbika,lets be patriotic on the tremendous tremendous well done.

  13. Nganga says:

    Mwayambapo. Bwanji ma promise okhaokha ndi ma conditions. Team iyi yachinya the number two team in the world. Osangowapatsa bwanji ndalamazo.

  14. Zangazatha says:

    Please support Atumbuka its the only tribe that puts Malawi on the map

  15. Willie Chimseu says:

    It is my wish & hope that they are going to deliver as they have all it takes to do the job.

  16. segerege says:

    what the queens has done, is worthy more than K100,000. don’t let them play under pressure coz of money. They deserve the money even if they loose!

  17. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    bwanji osawapatsiratu ndalamazo???? mose akhala unbeaten muja bwanji simumawapatsa ndalama just to thank them and encourage them?? besides k100000 ndi mtengo wa sapato pa ma shop pa ginnery corner..this is silly and go back to the drawing table

  18. makito says:

    The queens have ranked 5th at best in the various international games, against Sunshine Girls’ 3rd position. Wishing them the best of luck, me behind you in spirit our girls.

  19. Phodogoma says:

    Queens and Jamaica game is 50-50 considering their scores against Newsland in the same competetion. Check the scores of queens vs Newsland and the these sisters of Jah men, Selassie in Addisbaba. All the same let us keep praying. God will hear the prayers of God fearing nation unlike the prayers of these Indian hem chain smokers. Hahahahaha I do enjoy it.

  20. Ndatero ine says:

    100 thousand to these queens is an insult plz 1000 dollars to each for a win
    Apanga kale zakupya

  21. Chris says:

    Iwe Tamanda ukutanthauza kunyengetsa kkk Koma uli booo wamva. Ndizakupeza

  22. Tamanda Sauka says:

    Go on girls. Zisiyana ndikupeza ndalama wosakhetsera thukuta. Mukudziwa chomwe ndikunena

  23. viyezgo Lungu says:

    Bravo Manyasa

  24. Mlauzi says:

    Inu a Airtel how can you offer peanuts when you rake in millions every day? If they compare that pittance to what the other teams are getting its really shameful. MK 100,000 ndi chiyani????

  25. alexanda says:

    please can more companies come in and boost the moral like airtel’s action.
    big up to airtel. that is the way to go.
    shame on those commenting negatively. please airtel make it 1000 000.00mk.

  26. I see nothing with this gesture. Airtel already sponsors the queens. this is very welcome and it will boost the queens’ morale . amene zamunyasa ndiye sadzathekanso. Go airtel, Go Queens. Airtel continue supporting the queens and netball in Malawi

  27. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Airtel you are doing injustice to me. Why do you divert Queens’ focus from the competition to money. You don;t need to announce it now.

    These sweeties will start budgeting for lipsticks and hair extensions instead of concetrating on the game. Mentally these girls will be affected.

    Anyway so far Airtel has shown great commitment

    There is no gain without pain, work hard girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. jack Phalombe says:

    100000 poyambira is good monies

  29. asaaa says:

    This is great. we need to plan for a heros welcome for them. they have done well so far and we must be very proud of them! Kudos to Airtel and kudos to the Queens! we love them. Mwaa

  30. Samson says:

    That’s it. Girls do your best. Take it as a challenge. You can beat these Rastafarians and let ’em smoke wen dey get bac ‘ome. Jah Rastafarai!

  31. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Typical Malawian mentality. Buying loyalty.

    These ladies were playing very well without this stupidity.

    Did they tell you that they play better if you promise them money?

    Why do Malawians like degrading others, by implying “everyone has a price”

    What they have done so far can not be translated into cash. They have given the country pride. Is that worth K100,000? IDIOTS

  32. otsutsa kwambiri says:

    y can’t you donate that money to the needy?Those people do not lack money as ndi ma mistress amachinditsa..Lack of marketing strategy from another who do the same trade kuchinditsa.

    Debate :Is it worth it or the money should be donated to needy people?

  33. Tchinga Chisoni says:

    Choonde ma queen athu more musaluze pawili amenyeni ma rastawo timakufilan thanks airtell koma mukadamapanga chonchi ngakhale ndi flames mwina xidakachita bwinonso

  34. Joseph says:

    To get Mk100.00 or Mk100,000? Koma zinazi abale. Don’t you send your articles to editors first before publishing them? Embarrasing.

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