Malawi re-introduces school inspectors -Minister

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology says it has re-introduced inspectors in the education system in accordance with the education Act of 2013, 20 years after they were abandoned.

Minister of Education, Emmanuel Fabiano

Minister of Education, Emmanuel Fabiano

Education Minister Dr. Emanuel Fabiano made the announcement Wednesday in Lilongwe at the launch of the national education standards and the ministry of education standard charter.

Fabiano said re-introducing inspectors was a necessary move as the introduction of the national education standards would demand provision of effective mechanisms for monitoring, evaluating and enforcing their implementation.

He said the core business of the inspectors will be to ensure that all stakeholders adhere to the education Act of 2013 and the set standards.

“The inspectors will also evaluate performance of students, teachers, schools and management systems to determine the impact of stakeholders’ actions in implementing the standards and promoting national education,” said the Minister.

The ministry abandoned the use of school inspectors 20years ago and introduced Primary Education Advisers (PEAS) who only played an advisory role to teachers a move some education stakeholders blame for the country’s dwindling education standards.

On the launch of the charter, Dr Fabiano observed that for many years Malawi had straggled to articulate her expectations and standards to help students achieve their full potential through education.

He said that it was pleasing to note that the national education standards provide a set of benchmarks of educational experiences and achievements of the students.

“The standard will ensure that every student across the country is getting the best possible education no matter where the student lives,” he said.

Themed ‘Raising education standards in Malawi’, the launch was attended by many education stakeholders who included Ministry of education officials, representatives of civil society, teachers union of Malawi and development partners among others.

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39 thoughts on “Malawi re-introduces school inspectors -Minister”

  1. Mayo says:

    Inspecting children learning under trees. Build schools First before appointing those inspectors. How Do expect the performance in govt schools to improve considering the learning conditions. 21st Centuary and Malawi is still in Stone Age era. Teachers are not motivated at all getting their pay on 62nd day. Yet maphwevuphwevu is the order of the day. Shame.

  2. zabwino says:

    that is just to create job and share the government cake,Why not training the existing PEAs instead of having such along chain of duplication i. e :head teacher —PEA— CPEA— INSPECTOR —DEM ……………………………………..,

  3. Rules, or inspectors will not correct the situation better build better school blocks, provide better resources like labs and books, build good and decents teacher houses, pay good salaries to teachers and in time. I think the whole minister is missing the point here

  4. Watereka says:

    What about those teachers that self upgrade themselves when are they to be promoted?……standards start with better conditions first

  5. Charombanthu says:

    This is commendable. Another contributing factor to the dwindling education standards in the country is the location of schools. Some schools are in townships such as Zingwangwa, Mbayani, Kawale, Zorozoro, Chinamwali – near bottle stores/pubs or by the road side and hardly have enough space for sporting facilities. Licenses for such institutions should be reviewed and where possible withdrawn until they relocate to appropriate locations conducive for education.

  6. Namisako. says:

    Good move though too late,this should have happened after Muluzi departure.PEAS were corrupted by teachers and heads.

  7. Congratulations! says:

    Muluzi anaphwasula zonse atangotenga boma, mapeto ake ndi zimenezidi. Good moe Fabiano, lets hope ziyenda bwino. Komanso ophunzitsa ku DEC adzikhala ma qualified osangoti long service.

  8. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Who should be inpected here? The inspector wll have his allowance given before going to inspect the teacher who has not received salary months on end, leave grant let alone hardship allowance. Koma Pitala! Anyway, I retired nthawi yo oNgwazi oyamba aja, musova.

  9. ndugumvwinya says:

    first review de curriculum & solve trs’ problems b4 zimenezo.

  10. clement says:

    Good move, go ahead with inspection.

  11. Shokolokobangosha Chapatakhwa says:

    Then revive corporal punishment as well.

  12. Sapitwa says:

    Analakwitsa ndi mchawa uja; kungophwatsula chiri chonse cha Kamuzu ndi chogwira ntchito chomwe.
    During my time from 1963, we had District School Inspectors who could come to any primary school at any time to see what teachers were doing. We also had a simmilar set up with CCAP schools and it really was a very effective system.All was going well until the uneducated President Muluzi who saw no value in education but preaching business.Of the many systems they dismantled, this one was an Education killer.

  13. Thanduxolo says:

    Mwawona kuti zinthu zafika pokanikilatu ndiye mwati tiyambe kuchitanso ngati mmbuyomu! Mu ulamuliro wa chipani chimodzi zoyipa zidalipo monga kuphwanya ufulu wachibadidwe. Koma tsono padali ndondomeko zina zakachitidwe ka zinthu zomwe zidali bwino.Kungofika mu ndale zazipani zambiri, zina zabwino zidatayidwa akuti kuti afufute Kongilesi. Lero ndi izi. Koma zigwira? Tiwona!

  14. Yonz says:

    Mr fabiano du u think that can change things? That inspection will yield nothing. U first find out wat iz the problem then the solution. Kaya anduna ameneo. Kkkkk

  15. Nyatwa says:

    And that will solve all our problems kikikikikikiki

  16. Gibson says:

    Good idea but make sure that you look into issues affecting teachers seriously. Musathamangire kukolola zipatso zabwino pamene mbewu simudasamalire.

  17. Yes go back to the basics,?its simple just do it the way Kamuzu did it cos it worked. People tried to fix education which was not broken instead they broke it.

  18. Patriot says:

    Same song siiince time memorial.
    bla bla bla
    Next reshaffle please, this one is…… kkkkk

  19. anadimba says:

    shupit.tiyamba ndiwe Fabiano kukuchita inspect.have you given us our overdue arrears? When do you pay teachers? What bout welfare i.e to say houses for teachers? Those who have retired,have you given them their money? Those from training colleges have they been employed???those mobile labs for new curricular have you brought? Iwe tu wadya zero. As your inspector giving you suspension .waiting to report to your boss peter((mr president sir this person is not fit to be aminister.)) terminate his services.

  20. MKWAPU says:


  21. mattem says:

    Paliso good idea pamenepa stupit

  22. mattem says:

    U Fabiano mutu ngati macopolo moti muwaonjezele malipiro aphunzitsi,mukupanga zithu mwau stupit umuuze nzakoyo wa mutu ngati sitimayo mupiteso Ku xool

  23. Headteacher says:

    The proper wording should be National Education Standards and Service Charter NOT…..the national education standards
    and the ministry of education standard

  24. Blessed Banda says:

    Long overdue. We needed this yesterday. It went the wrong way with Muluzi.

  25. James Phiri says:

    At least someone is thinking at capital hill. Bring back school fees or a levy on booze to prop up teachers salaries. Teachers, lawyers, doctors and nurses deserve more from this cashgate nation

  26. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    One wonder whether this country is providing an education or is just cheating people lol. Zanu izo ali ndindalama azingopititsa ana ku ma private and after that ma universities akunja basi

  27. aphia says:

    Totally stupit en childish idea sometimes you should think twise before you bring en alter those worthless ideas
    How can you introduce inspectors when you are failing to properly pay the teachers at the same time you can’t improve education when the school facilities are not good….. Uuuudi ndi mpanjedi aaaaaaaaa

  28. This is bullshit, you think by underpaying teachers, not paying salaries in time and not paying leave grants, no teachers wellfare, no promotions and just bringing so called inspectors will change anything. Only day dreamers would expect anything from this. Do a research before bringing any no sense in the system. The only solution to dwindling standards of education are building good and enough school blocks, labs, decent accomodation or pay house allowances to teachers, pay good salaries not peanuts and pa payday penipeni, introduce corporal punishment for undisciplined learners, make good loans available to teachers and here i mean loans which can enable someone to buy a house before they retire, and the list is endless not this inspector no sense otherwise nothing will change in the schools of mw

  29. chepetsani says:


  30. commentator says:

    What are some of the key benchmarks? Can an aggrieved pPatty complain/seek redress

  31. chipsyenthe says:

    Good developmen, going back to old days when there was discipline and hard work among teachers.

  32. S soso says:

    Za usilu basi. Mu education sector osangalala ndi amodzimodzi omweo, mphunzitsi mmangomuyesa khasu. Muyambe inspection mma office mwanumo

  33. chipie says:

    Who will inspect gvt that it is providing all necessary teaching resources n expertise towards implementation of the intended standards? Otherwise, don’t put much emphasis on teachers but all stakeholders. M’masukulumu mukusowa ngakhale ma teacher’s guide, yet you want quality edu. Can a teacher improvise a book, marker, chart plus… in this technologised world? Shupit!!!!!!! U want just to eat money. Ana athu akulephera kulandila edu yabwino coz of govt. Osati inspector.

  34. Peter says:

    Mamuna this about education respect yourself please you ex MCP PP member

  35. The first thing govt must do is to look at teachers problems such as promotions and housing. How can one teach effectively yet he is not cared by by the same govt?

  36. Nyatwa says:

    You can’t pay teachers on time, now you are going to hire inspectors for what.

  37. clever lonje says:

    What a good development

  38. time mack says:

    They should hv added inspectorate respondibilities to PEAs other than bringing in a parallel structure. So what will happen to PEAs then? I know PEAs were doing the inspection not only advising. Govt should look at whole picture of problems inter alia resource allocation

  39. Mamuna says:

    Bullshit! And who will inspect government officials to ensure there is accountability and transparency among them? Fokofu!

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