Malawi reduces fuel price: Cost of living expected to decrease

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has announced the reduction of fuel prices effective Sunday, January 11.

Cheer for motorists as fuel prices reduced

Cheer for motorists as fuel prices reduced

In a statement MERA says petrol pump price will now be selling at K760.40 from K856.70 while diesel will be selling at K785.40 from K865.90 and paraffin will be at K678.80 from K756.10.

“The price reduction has been necessitated by a fall in global fuel prices as well as appreciation of the kwacha against major foreign currencies”.

Economists and consumer rights organisations have recently been pushing the energy regulator  to reduce fuel price in accordance with the Automatic Fuel Pricing Mechanism which the country follows.

Meanwhile, Malawians are eager to see whether the government will also reduce prices of everything it raised due to appreciation of the Kwacha like passport fee which jumped from K15, 000 to K45,000.

It is expected that the cost of living will decrease as motorists will be enjoying the extra cash as they’re charged less at the pumps.

And so consumer spending will go up. If people are feeling better off, they will spend more. Retailers can hope to feel the benefit as consumers shift their money from fuel costs to spending sprees.

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85 thoughts on “Malawi reduces fuel price: Cost of living expected to decrease”

  1. Redeemed says:

    Its really sad that a porverty stricken country like Malawi, where is is estmated that the majority of citizen are living just under a dollar aday, have to cough up so exhorbitantly for a necessity like Passport, yes unlike here in RSA, a passport in Malawi falls in the category of a cecessity because that is the only recorse for many families to improve there family lives. and I have just acquired my RSA passport two month ago for only R400, which is equivalent to less than K16,000.00 and guess what, the waiting period was just two weeks.

    With great humility, may I urge the Malawi authorities to reconsider this critical issue of passport for the sake of poor Malawians who sought to independantly improve their lives with both dignity and pride.

  2. Pitala Pamtanda says:

    Why are DPP trying to make this an issue and claiming that APM is the one who has made the fuel decrease possible? This is a global trend and no politics should be at play.

  3. jay b says:

    Good development bwana peter muthalika

  4. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Malawi adopted: Automatic Fuel Pricing Mechanisms to be in-line with global fuel prices. Globally, fuel is selling at U$50 per barrel from U$100 – a 50% reduction. Petrol was MK856.70 is selling MK760.40 – a 12% reduction. We are told that reduction in fuel price is a result of appreciation of MK and decline in global fuel prices.

  5. Big man Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    regarding to that, I, Yohane K. & the consumers ass. of mw will be taking to the streets to foster fr price reduction. kkkkkkk

  6. Daud Maid says:

    nkhani aliyense ayimvetse sindale koma global market . wina asatengere ndale apa ayi! nchifukwa chake umphawu ukumatikwatira Kupembedza anthuko.

  7. Mpandamphanga says:

    Sikuti zili bwino ayi zinthu zambiri zinakwera kale mitemgo

  8. kwabaniso says:

    Is Magetsi (ESCOM) and Water Board going to lower their Tarrifs, and will MERA reduce the 1% LEVY??????? Stupid Mera!!!!!!!!

  9. Kakha Erutu says:

    Mtengo wa passport sungasike ndipo usasike. Musayelekeze kusisa mtengo wa passport. Those who want passport processing fees reduced are part of the syndicate that aid foreigners to abuse our Malawian passport. I would rather have the fee increased. After all, a passport is not a necessity for a common Malawian life.

  10. Youngman says:

    K15000 to K45000 passport K30000 hike, izi sizoona itsikedi basi.

  11. atleast the govnt has done a recomendable in reducing fuel prices however it should also look into critical issues like servant strikes,shortage of drugs in our govnt hosipitals,unemployment e.t.c

  12. musisipala says:

    Thanks, good news, but commodity prices are going the opposite direction. Malawi sugar selling that much?. The so educated are sitting phwiii in trade offices.tell Illovo our concern. We are fed up with cashgate ,Nac and demos by foolish CS0

  13. Malindima says:

    We as business will not lower prices for the commodities we keep are driven by various PPI/CPI indices and not only fuel. Our prices will however stabilize thus giving relief to the consumer. Expect good news as the oil producers have agreed to increase more supply on the market as the discovery of more gas fields will flood the market with more fuel thus through GTL process.

  14. JACOB CHITSEKO says:

    Let the peoples’ Government does its duties if kwacha is appreciating in december and january what about march -september more fire. may God continue doing His mighty works on us.

  15. mukhitho says:

    Tiona mmene zikhalile

  16. BOLA pamepo zithu ziyenda bwino ziko lizitero zithu ziziyu

  17. Jimmy says:

    Immigration yatsala bwanji????Passport zitsike komanso building materials bcz malawi is the highest in Africa as far as building prices are concerned.

  18. Baba wa Boyi says:

    It can only happen in Malawi, where people compare crude oil prices with the price of petrol.

    From crude to petrol, there processes that cost, therefore you should compare the price of petrol in countries that extract crude, then add transport from those countries to Malawi, then add profit for those companies that sell petrol.

    The UK fuel prices are higher than Malawi, and we beg from the UK.

    1. rajab says:

      The fact that a raw material price has fallen the end product cost will also be less than it used to cost simple maths here my friend

      1. The Undertaker says:

        Are you really that dull?

    2. chitopa says:

      There no suggestion of matching the prices.. Proportionate reduction..could you justify why the pump price in the US is lower than ours? Its not. Arithmetical.

      1. The Undertaker says:

        What is wrong with You people. Follow the link I have given. then import “Theoretically” from one of the countries that produce fuel, add transport, taxes,profit. You will see that the fuel in Malawi is at bargain prices.

        Venezuela has the cheapest petrol at $0.02 per liter, but would you import from Venezuela?

        Try to be realistic, petrol has fallen 4%, thats a start, but to expect it to fall 55% just because crude has fallen 55% is a display of ignorance.

  19. Better but we need other commodities slashed as well

  20. Alungwana says:

    If it is 4% it is not AFP.

  21. Kirininti Yowehiwana says:

    Ai bwana Patriot simutimva tikunena kuti wasitsa mtengo wa mafuta ndi Pitala ai. Tikuziwa wasisa ndi Joyce. Mai uyu akugwila ntchito yotamandika ndithu. Tithokoze chifukwa cha K400000000 yomwe watumiza in foreign currency to fund her demos this Tuesday. It had an impact on the lowering of fuel prices.

  22. BINGIZA says:

    Thumbs up consumer rights organisations for pressing MERA.
    A minibus association chitaniponi kanthu. Nanuso tikuchitani press.

  23. opportunist says:

    It was supposed to be reduced to around K500 otherwise this will not have any impact to somebody like me at the village.

  24. wangalusa says:

    In June 2014 fuel was 115 dollars/b at world market. Six months down the line, it is below 50 dollars/b. May the relevant NGOs who speak for the voiceless push for further reduction in fuel prices at home because we’re not there yet.

  25. Dr. Odala says:

    Only 4 % ndiye chani?

  26. Vikhumbo says:

    Akakwera mukuti President akatsika mukuti Global,paja mumango tsutsa chilichonse bwanji?Mulungu tu sangakudalitseni mtima wa nkhwizi.appreciation of MK big up guy,,madly,,appreciation of MK without Donor aid,ikabwera donation ndi Tobacco sells ndi more.

  27. chitopa says:

    There are questions’ crux and cues of fundamental landscape directed to the Government of Malawi and the Technocrats to address. In June 2014, Brent crude oil sold for $115.00/barrel. This Jan 2015 its selling for the low of $57.11. A decline of 50.34%. 1. We need a caveat why the price drops of oil commodities here are in less than single digit percentile. Present it as it is meant for consumption for readers who delve information. 2. Store shelf commodities like sugar, cooking oil, bread and also machinery and automobile parts have shot up in the last three months by 33% +- 10%. Who determines and under what jurisdiction do these price level changes occur? Can you establish enforcers who will ensure these prices have shifted back to where they were before, or, even lower? Traders have ever profiteered in this respect at the expense of the poor consumer because of either, laxity, or, negligence on your part. As long as shifts of price commodities don’t reflect downward trend to benefit the populist masses, as Government, you are unfairly depriving these members’ birth rights to “Popular Sovereignty” and inherent yields. That is to mean, you should secede your privilege to govern. 3. May it be noteworthy, that the majority of beneficiaries of gains from overcharged goods are same perpetrators responsible for foreign reserves erosion of this country whose bases of economical empowerment they attain through the weakened, or, none existent frame of laws to protect ourselves against foreign budiness usurpers. They trade here solely to externalize all monetary wealth accrued. Yet, we can clamp all this through rigorous trading agreements conditions such as, as foreigners, they should partner with a local, and hold minority ownership, they cannot own land, or, capital premises perpetually, unless they are indigent, or, forced to sell it past a stipulated tenure. 4. Questions cloud the atmosphere as to what better protectionism agenda the Parliamentarians can table to lobby towards instituting laws as such??

  28. chimango Mtanga says:

    Passport yisike plz plz.

  29. Jim Chambo says:

    Its still very expensive by world standards. Our colleagues around the world are paying about K500, with salaries and wages twice as much or more compared to Malawi.

  30. Moni says:

    Anyasa times, m’malo moti mulembe zotsegula anthu m’maso pa kuba kwakukulu komwe achita ndi matsitsidwe akewa, inu mukuchemelera kubaku ngati achita zabwino. Mtengo timagulira mafutawa ndi wa US$116/barrel ndinso MK520/$1 = MK856/litre pump price. Ndiye pano mafuta ali US$50/barrel ndinso MK465/$1 = MK760/litre pump price? Masamu ake akuti amenewo? Apa mchachidziwikire kuti angopanga za kukana nsalu ya akulu nkubviyika/ kuba kweni kweni. Kwacha yakwera ndi 12% pomwe kogula mafuta atsika ndi 57%. Pump priceyi atsitsa ndi 12% molingana ndi m’mene Kwacha yakwerera. Apa zikuonetsa kuti a Malawi sitinapatsidwe phindu lina lirilonse pakutsika kwa mafuta kunja komwe timagula. Mungatifunsireko cholinga chawo pakuba kumeneku? Akufuna profit idzipitilira 120% kuchokera muthukuta la a Malawi? Mpofunika abwelere akakmbirane bwino, osati chinyengo apanga apachi ayi.

  31. Mukhito sapepesa says:

    Bravo APM Boma ilo

  32. Mpaliwalingwa says:

    pali kutsika yapa? mbuzii!!!

  33. Fathara says:


  34. Kenkkk says:

    Good news, small reduction but better than nothing!!!

    Next time mera don’t give us stupid reasons for not reducing fuel prices. So has the price reduction board been apointed overnight?

    Well done Kapito for pressurising these mera people!!!

  35. Kadakwiza says:

    Its not big deal, 4% is nothing compare to global oil pricing as now is US $58 Mugolo For Malawi oil price could be at least K650 per liter, since its a land locked country. K760 is still expensive. So Malawians don’t smile, angokupakani pa mulomo nthochi adya ndi ena.

  36. Tithire zimenezi, but a MOAM asalephere kutsitsa mitengo ya ma mobile coffin awo! Wina asakwere pa nsanja. This is automatic and not the pee of DPP!

  37. MANYI AMOWA says:

    ATUMBUKA MUZIYAMIKA, NTHAWI ZONSE KUSUSA BASI, Tikuthamangisani muzipita kwanu ku Kaya muzikaweta ng’ombe

  38. Kika Kanawe says:

    The government should also reduce tax,Malawians are heavily taxed.Our salaries are eroded by heavy and punitive taxes.We have no breathing space,why Malawi?Malawians are robbed of their hard earned by the government through punitive taxes which does not benifit the citizens.These taxes fatten the pockets of few politicians.Until when shall we be starved?

  39. John Nyirenda says:

    There is no MERA board to effect the change in price! This is illegal
    I will get an injunction to stop who ever has done so from reducing the prices!

  40. Big brain says:

    Khaki I chete why reduce fuel my take if that Govt would have maintained the price and use and the money for uplifting some dilapidated schools in rural areas but in a transparent manner I would be happy ! I will call this a lost opportunity !!!

  41. jedi says:

    4% vs 56%…????? F#@*

  42. sothini says:

    original cost was 100$/per barrel, reduced to 49$/barrel, what % do u get…
    Mera how `ve u come to 4%.
    Have u slapped off the automoted, and embarked on National regulated system.
    Corncerned motorist, else apa nimabodza pera!pera!

  43. mtila zomba says:


  44. Malawian says:

    Nanunso a nyasatimes passports and driver’s licences prices were not adjusted because of neither the weakening kwacha nor the hike in crude oil prices at world market but it was the government’s own scheme to robb its own people without mercy. To justify my claim fuel prices have never in world history jumped by 300% actually in the whole world no any commodities have jumped a such except in Malawi where the poorest people live, now I do agree with those mps of the house of lords in Scotland who said Malawians have lived under kleptomanias.

  45. christian says:

    I lk the kapito is afighter, government is alistener

  46. Hu Jintao says:

    To be honest, this price reduction is only for the kwacha appreciation. Check records, when kwacha was trading at the same rate against the dollar, fuel price was at this reduced rate. This is good price based on the appreciation of the kwacha.

    Now we need price reduction based on the price slump of the black stuff by 59% on the world market. The current price should be MK380. And this will make Malawi still the most expensive in SADC.

    Compare the prices is SADC.
    Zambia: MK 340.00
    Botswana: MK280 (7Pula)
    South Africa: MK360 (9 Rand)
    Zimbabwe: MK517 ($1.10)
    Madagascar: MK 215 (MGA 1 400.00) Malagasy Ariary

    It is important to compare with other countries and measure up of our abilities. We say USA is the strongest country on earth because we compare it with other strong nations.

    In short our leaders are ripping us off from every angle. They amalawi ndi ogotomala.

  47. Charter says:

    Fuel prices fell last November! MERA has made money already by selling the commodity at an unfair price. Watch how swift they are in responding to price increases on the international market!

  48. Tawonga says:


  49. J. Manda says:

    Amuna ndi akapito osati zitsiru zinazi zopanda mfundo koma mademo basi zamkutu.

  50. Mbobo says:

    Nde malipilonso atsike. Sichoncho nanga. EEEtu, zonze sitsike basi

  51. tutuli says:

    Mera is taking us for granted. The price of fuel has gone down by 50% on the world market and they offer us a mere 13%???? Where are the other savings going?? I would have appreciated if they gave us at least 20%. For the CSOs this is an issue that you need to push govt. for not petty issues.

  52. Amadikira chiyani nthawi yonseyi?

  53. chimbowo says:

    Masamu ake akuti imeneyi ndi 4%

  54. [email protected] says:

    no bodza limenero la 46%.nt more than 10% lik here in rsa frm R12 toR11.ukamalimbana ndi peter wagwa nayo.ngat anawina ali otsutsa nanga pano bwa ali m boma.ife phe chimwemwe



  56. Mbanangwa says:

    The fuel is still high! We can not celebrate over this . We still need to lower the fuel price as a country.

  57. aphiri says:

    But few days ago Macra was saying hands are tied coz they don’t hv a board. So Wat has happened now without a board? Kungofuna Kuba basi

  58. ManWitty says:

    Mpuso wokhawokha basi

  59. Amon ezara says:

    We deserve that but we’re looking for another cosideration soon.

  60. Humphrey says:

    Zaziii afike pa 300mk

  61. Chabecheker says:

    Airtime by tnm and airtel costs be reduced as well

  62. Chipoya LJ. says:

    This sounds good development and its high time you Mr. Mtambo and your so called CSO, (January 13 demo organizers), to borrow a leaf from Kapito’s voice not just sticking to your evil notorious motives in the name of demos. People need brains like of Kapito not like of these failed political morons (PP sympathizers) like Kwataine, Sembereka, Trapence and this ugly faced guy Mtambo.

    Kapito should now come out and mobilize government and other stake holder for the reduction in prices of essentials like groceries and others otherwise the reduction of fuel price will be meaningless to the poor Malawians. How I wish government to see to eat that this fuel reductions is to benefit every one especially the poor who are hardly hit by our economy downfall.

    All in all, GOD bless Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Namalila says:

    Thanks MERA! This is the way to go but you can still improve your effort by reducing further the pump price considering that World wide fuel rate per barrel has significantly reduced.

  64. Ahaz says:

    Ku malawi kuli ma ufulu wa zamalonda wa utsiru ,palibe ichi chitsikepo apa.

  65. Magongwe says:

    Tawonga koma tikadasangala akadafika pa K450

    1. sikusinja says:

      There is no need to reduce commodity prices coz fuel has gone down just by 4%. I thought people have already asked for higher wages. If Escom and BWB tariffs were reduced too maybe. 4% reduction is too little.

  66. Patriot says:

    Nde muone ma komenti a Nyapapi apa amvekere watsitsa ndi pitala chonsecho angosisa ndi 4% yokha pamene pa dziko lonse mafuta atsika ndi 56%.
    Amalawi tulo, azikudyerani masuku pamutu choncho.
    4% ndi kachani????

    1. ineyo says:

      Iwe pa 4% suukuonapo kanthu?..come on be civilised,u dnt even knw economics!..pathetic

    2. Bokonomics says:

      Kodi nyapaphi iwe 4% ukumutenga kuti…. bwelelani kusukulu masamu amakuvutani akulu

  67. Brady says:

    Thanks for that but what i disilike is,when prices of commodities hike coz of fuel nobody wish to reduces in times when fuel decreases,

  68. Yankees says:

    Mutsittse ma Pasport, Drivers Licence fee, insurance for all Vehcles, human and goods, then after that thats when u can switch on to shops supervision and other institutions such as industries and education, other wise I dont think izi muzipanga I dout!! Pa Air mwalengezadi but bussines Transactions the same. Shoprite, Sanna, Pep, gemstoresmitengo adapanga kale SAVE pa Compyter ndiye pali kitsika mtengo kwazinthu apa!! Dont fool us Malawi adawona Heavy!!.

  69. Munthuwazeru says:

    Pafunikaso zinthu za mu grocery zitsikeso Bwana mwagwira nthito yotamandika thanks kwambiri may GOD bls U. You are true malawian Sir.

  70. A kulu palibe zauman spa mafuta asika pa world market by half umbuli ndimatenda.

  71. francis chinyozi says:

    Good development… Atleast pple can now wear smily faces

  72. kambwali says:

    Mwatsitsa pang’ono. It is not making sense just to reduce by k100.00 . The world prices n gaining of kwacha,, they should have bn a significant drop not a mean one like that

  73. KU MW says:

    Thumbs up KAPITO. Malawi need people with direction on their arguments like KAPITO. Not just going to streets. Once again congratulations Kapito.

  74. yohane says:

    Kapito you are a maaaaaaaaan

  75. Wawa says:

    Long overdue, but very welcome.

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