Malawi ref Kwimbira to officiate at Fifa World Cup in Canada

Lady luck continues to smile on Malawian referee Bernadetter Kwimbira as she has been selected to officiate at a FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 this June in Canada, North America.

Bernadettar Kwimbira-Mzika

Bernadettar Kwimbira-

FIFA has selected Kwimbira to be part of the tournament’s officiating team because of personality and quality in terms of football understanding by being able to read the game and the team’s tactical approaches towards each match.

She will be the first Malawian to officiate FIFA World Cup tournament.

Last year, Kwimbira also became the first Malawian to officiate at the African Women’s championship held in Namibia, Youth Olympics in China and CAF Elite A course in Egypt.

Moffat Champiti was the last Malawian assistant referee who participated in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations.

“It feels good to be part of high profile tournament,” said Kwimbira.

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Referees Development Officer Maxwell Mtonga observed that Kwimbira’s involvement in previous high profile tournaments has put Malawi on the map.

“Her education has contributed a lot. She underwent a computer analysis of match situations at CAF Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt and emerged number one in her class,” said Mtonga.

Kwimbira, mother of two and an employee of the University of Malawi (Unima) in Zomba, is also pursuing a degree.

Other African referees heading to Canada are Gladys Lengwe from Zambia, Dambou from Raissa from Cameroun and Tafesse Ledya-Ethiopia.

While assistant referees picked from Africa are Dzodope Ayawa Mana from Togo, Rakotozafinoro Lidwine Peladie from Madagascar and Moroccan Oulhaj Souad.

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42 thoughts on “Malawi ref Kwimbira to officiate at Fifa World Cup in Canada”

  1. Boko Haram says:

    sizoti mukachindise kumeneko,,,thats my advice!

  2. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    Make good use of ur time, do not make blunders out there, make Mw burning.

  3. george says:

    Comment,abale mwaonjeza sopano nkhani ikhale ya bb!kwasa ntchile kupita moto okey anyway.

  4. Mwama Du says:


  5. Kankobo says:

    Wife of a policeman…proud of u dia. Rise en shine

  6. Ajuju says:

    All the best dear,

  7. Chimphamba Nedi says:

    You look cute, healthy and of a strong personality. It does not come on a silver platter! It is all about your choices and priorities. You make yourself and family proud. I hope that goodness continues to be kind on you and that you celebrate and enjoy being a woman. Celebrate Life!

  8. chancy says:

    Keep the fire burning

  9. james says:

    Thats amazingly great. be blessed all the way!!!

  10. noel says:

    d@ cool
    Well done dear

  11. Chimbofwa says:

    Congrats lady,mukatichotse manyazi ife a malawi posakakwera timu but show that u really know principles of football game.

  12. Ili bebs yako ungamango fila bho all the bext Bena achina Champiti manyaz bwanji paja munango gwila flag onily game imozi kkkkkkkkkkk Anton Rafael ref wamaule

  13. makito says:

    Congratulations lady

  14. Mtunda says:

    Congratulations n good luck! It shows that education has an impact on refereeing. Let others emmulate that.

  15. chims says:


  16. Kunozga says:

    What a match! Your name “Kwimbira”and your profession. All the best Madam.

  17. Hass jo says:

    All the best. Congrants…

  18. Congrats nchito zamanja anu zakuimilani umboni osati agalu enawa

  19. gulugufe says:

    Point of correction Benadetha is mlomwe by tribe. Capable people do not come only from the home of Nyapapis ie Karonga.

  20. Bokola says:

    Zilibwino mai muona kusintha fast aft Canada games, congrats!

  21. Mubarak says:

    Ine kusilira mai. All the best!

  22. MBACHI says:


  23. thus sign ov victory..
    mumatha mama

  24. Chenda says:

    Keep it up Bernadettar. Pursuing a degree while officiating at an international level is not a joke. Good luck.

  25. popapo says:

    Ameneyo ndi mwana wa Nambisa pa Miyombo Ku Karonga. Encourage intermarriages you will produce real Malawians like this one. Inbreeding will always bring long time defects !!

    1. Tummenye says:

      I think you are right. Yo mwisukulu Mbisa pa kwao pali chigayo as we go kwa Mwenitete ku right uku. Am very happy for your achievement Bernadettar. Congratulations

  26. Lufita boy says:

    is awelcome development ccta,congrants

  27. Lawrent waya says:

    Wish u all the best. congrants

  28. mbwiyache says:

    Congrats Benna my classmate mu 4 East pa Chichiri

  29. matchonisa says:

    Thats why she also looks beautiful

  30. zoona says:

    a Bena……..timayesatu mukadali ku MDF…congrats mwali

  31. Phodos says:

    Koma ndiye udyerapotu……pakamwa pako.

  32. Education is a key to any success. Our players learn something out of this.

  33. Alick Kalima says:


  34. alukosyo says:

    Good luck. a shining example both ku ground ndi mkalasi enanu mukutani

  35. Suppoter wa panyumba says:

    I salutes you

  36. Alfred says:


  37. tent says:

    Congrats .. kudyera u ref…..good show! keep it up!

  38. Precious Phiri says:


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