Malawi rejects US rights report: ‘Based on incorrect information’

Malawi government has denounced as incorrect a recent Country Report on Human Rights Practices published by the US State Department last week which accused Malawi on human rights abuse as evidenced by, among many cases, government’s failure to bring to justice police officers who were charged with manslaughter in July 2011 anti-government demonstration and on Robert Chasowa’s death.

Soliciter General Dr Janet Banda: Incorrect information

Soliciter General Dr Janet Banda: Incorrect information

Solicitor General, Janet Chikaya Banda, rejected the American report as being founded upon “incorrect information”.

The report, which is based on the occurrences of 2014, and was posted on Malawi’s US Embassy website on Friday, June 26, states that police arbitrarily shot and killed innocent people in the course of their work mostly because of indiscipline and poor training.

The US report noted that Police officers arrested in connection with the 2011 deaths of anti-government demonstrators remained free on bail.

The report also faults Malawi government’s government’s failure to bring to justice regime agents who killed university student activist Robert Chasowa.

“By year’s end, a trial date was not yet set for eight police officers arrested in the 2011 death of student activist Robert Chasowa, and they remained free on bail,” reads the report in part.

But the Solicitor General said some of the contents in the report about Malawi are unsubstantiated and false.

Banda said the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) ordered another investigation to be conducted on Chasowa’s death because the first one was not properly done.

“The earlier investigation was not properly done, it had a lot of loopholes and after going through it, the DPP ordered another thorough investigations that were going to seal those loopholes because no one wants to go to court with a case they are going to lose,” Banda said, as quoted by local press.

According to the report, police were inefficient, poorly trained and corrupt as evidenced by involvement of Malawi Defence Force (MDF) for support in internal security although the latter’s responsibility is external security. It also notes impunity as another problem.

The US report also noted that although an independent police complaints commission is provided for by law, it was not yet established by year’s end.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi rejects US rights report: ‘Based on incorrect information’”

  1. Wachikond says:

    Like it or not u r killers God will punish u

  2. who did you send to jail if you say the report is unfounded? mmangokhalira kutsutsa zinthu zooms nkani mukumakanika kulipira ma salary awanthu

  3. Tengupenya says:

    Chasowa is indisputable evidence of cruelty of Malawians. No one is actively protesting the lack of justice on the matter. No government office has been taken to account for the tardiness or inaction on the justication of the matter. This is cruelty of a society. It is abuse of human rights by the government.

  4. kagunde pamwamba says:

    Poor solicitor general. She is even failing to put an argument to well published US report.
    Word of advice, ‘don’t say things unprofessionally’.
    Malawians r ebo 2 c things clearly.

  5. jasitasi chilungamo says:

    Much as i may not like the failed president of Impoverished of Malawi,Pitala mbyofyo mbyofo wamutharika,its hypocritical for US that Police are shooting ordinary people in Malawi,poor human rights and other ill treatment from the police as a total lie.Police have always shot hardcore criminals who have been armed most of the time and shooting back to the police.We have watched news of white policemen killing young men as young as 18 but they have never condemned their police as unprofessional.US has a lot of double standards when dealing with foreign issues.They like acting holier while they have alot of skeletons of their own.How many people die of gun crime in the US?How many black’s have died in the hands of their policemen?Pastors losing his life in the church together with its congregation.Is this a civilized country?

  6. Let the Americans look into their own issues like killing of black people like dogs in their country. They are shameless producing a report as if they doing well.We know by now that American had money but not peace in the world, in American black life doesn’t matter but whites.Go to hell we don’t theoretical rights but practical ones.We are better than them on human rights issues in Malawi.

  7. duduzi says:

    Malawians, Let us not be stupidly and unreasonably emotional ……… The whole of the US Report is TRUE…..the Solicitor General is defending the wrong horse. Zochititsa manyazi kwambiri ndithu! Tiyeni tivomereze, mnzako akamakutsutsa mowona ngati apa…….vomereza.

  8. mwanamulanje says:

    Clement most of the time I do accuse you for your short-sights over national issues. There is no body who is refusing that Chasowa was murdered . Remember this just medical report which sometimes works on assumptions, I am a doctor I myself. Anyway lets take the medical report to a true picture of the murder, still there is a question of who killed Chasowa as there is no tangible evidence on the ground.Its out of frustration to mention DPP as responsible without the evidence.No body was caught red handed at all. Its just because of his wider mouth as what his sister Jessie is saying that somebody wants her blood yet she doen’t qualify at all. If she failed to convince a mare plumber as a husband, then does she qualify for the whole APM to spend sleepless nights over her. so I mean if Ken Msonda of PP kills Jessie in privacy, is it necessary for people to mention DPP as responsible. Nonsense. Idiots.

  9. The Truthful One from the West says:

    It is really shameful for a highly qualified professional such as Dr Janet Banda to speak in these terms. The USA Report is accurate and true. Of course Dr Janet Banda has to defend a DPP Govt and Chasowa and others were killed during the terrible rule of the DPP govt in 2011.

  10. chingolopiyo says:

    Let US state department set her house in order before they point a finger on Malawi. We have seen their well trained police officers killing young an armed black people and not perscuting the police. Black people are suffering everyday in the hands of the so called well trained police, and nothing is happening. Before America advises Malawi, let them set their house in order. Are the people being killed and harassed by their police of no value to them. What is human right for God’s sake!

  11. Joseph says:

    It’s high time US stop interfering in other countries affairs and focus on its internal affairs. Stop the senseless killings of black people by your police officers before lecturing us on how to run our affairs.

  12. Sweet Boy says:

    We still habour the “Azungu andiuza” mentality. Just because this human rights report comes from the US embassy doesn’t mean it cannot have flaws. Why were they wrong to assume that if they invaded Iraq weapons of mass destruction would be found? Why can’t we be objective instead of being subjective in our analysis of issues involving the state?

  13. Jelbin mk says:

    I would rather be a mere person in a society than be a government official who would always be defending the indefensible which is a very difficult task because you defend without facts. Look at the solicitor general she is failing to give facts as to why she denies the report.

  14. kaya says:

    Koma commentator boudicca let us learn yo be short andbto the point you sre writing like an article and outside the issues stupid careless thoughtless and senseless commentators nyasatimes muzichitako edit zinazi aaaaaaas

    1. Boudicca says:

      I see what you mean by short. Your comment is so short you didn’t even have space for punctuation or proper spelling. Good grief.

      Thank you Mr. DPP cadet.

  15. clement says:

    Can you publicly mention the loop holes in the Report madam Solicitor General. Am beginning to think that you are somehow connected with these criminals. You tell us that the Inquiry, chaired by the current Chief Justice was fake and you need another one? So u suggest that pathologist erred in saying Chasowa was murdered. Madam Banda, so yu agree with police that chasowa indeed wrote the suicide note. I think you MUST resign. Anthony Kamanga was replaced by weeds as solicitor general. The police is indeed corrupt, poorly trained and inefficient. How dare u contradict the american human rights! We are watching u madam Banda. You intend to stifle justice.

  16. kaya says:

    Boma must correct the abuses osamangokana for the sake of it stupid finalise the chasowa case and all the human rights violations cases

  17. Boudicca says:

    The police are ‘inefficient, poorly trained and corrupt’.

    Of course they are!

    Are you denying this Ms. Banda?

    Everyone in Malawi knows this. The Inspector-General admits there are ‘bad apples’ in his force.

    The President himself says they need more vehicles, and more recruits.

    Crime and corruption and running rampant in this country.

    Of course, the police are a great way for you and your cronies in politics to steal money from the tax-payers through corrupt and fake contracts for uniforms, equipment and supplies at inflated prices, which in many cases are not even supplied! And, of course, the cars which are used as personal cars and not maintained until they fall apart barely a year after they’ve been purchased!

    You know this Ms. Banda, you can’t admit it because it benefits you and your fellow crooked politicians.

    Never mind. Just blame the ‘foreigners’ for ‘misleading’ reports. Same old story.

    Of course, many gullible Malaiwans will buy it hook, line and sinker.

    What a sad state of affairs.

  18. Boudicca says:

    ‘Incorrect information’??

    Can you provide us with the ‘correct’ information Ms. Banda please?

    The problem is the government of lies and deceit.

    Maybe if the government provided accurate information in a timely manner, people could write more accurate reports.

    The investigation had ‘loopholes’. What loopholes?

    What evidence have you gathered. When is the trial going to take place. What sentence do the suspected murderers face?

    There’s no information at all Ms. Solicitor-General!

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    The ‘cash-gate’ cases. CCTV evidence was provided to the ACB, says your government. The next day they say the cameras have never worked there. The ACB itself says it has received no videos.

    Ben Phiri has ‘resigned’. The next day – no he hasn’t, there was a typo in the letter!

    The currency is stable, we took a loan. No, it wasn’t a loan, it was a ‘currency swap’. We’ll pay it back somehow – we just have no idea how!

    MSB is for sale. No it isn’t, we need to consult the public. It needs a capital injection. We’ll write-off the debt to out political cronies. It’s no big deal, only billions of Kwacha! We’ll ‘recover’ the money somehow – maybe in a 1000 years!

    Maybe if this phony government knew how to convey accurate and timely information instead of bare deceit and lies, people could have a better picture of the country.

    Maybe the donors would even re-consider if you had transparent investigations into the corruption.

    Alas, that report is another story, delaying and trying to shift the blame on others, as usual.

    Poor Malawi to be cursed with such politicians.

    Wake up Ms. Solicitor-General!

  19. Moya says:

    Its nothing but the truth, moreover dont waste more tax payers money doing another investigation on chasowas murder,we already know the facts we can only afford to waste money feeding you (the murders) mgaiwa whilst you are in jail. Ofcourse the murderer cant admit being guilty so nothing surprising with the rejection but we the entire malawian nation of goodwill fully welcome the report and we commend the good job of USA of remind the murders that they can only delay justice but we havent forgotten until the day justice will prevail. One day, one president and a judge will make this happen.

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