Malawi Revenue Authority arrests businessman for fraud: Rafik Amad

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has arrested Managing Director of Intertrade Agency and Mozimplex, a Mozambique based company, Mohamed Rafik Amad, for allegedly using false custom documents to externalize forex.

Arrested: Rafik

Arrested: Rafik

Amad was arrested on Tuesday, June 16 2015 for presenting fake custom documents to banks for remittance of $720,000 and $768,000 to Hong Kong, according to MRA Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs.

The fake custom documents were presented to the banks on two separate occasions.

“On each occasion he justified the remittance as pre-clearance to import 4,500 tonnes of cotton seed.

“However, the importations were never made. On both cases, Amad knowingly faked customs documents to deceive banks, contrary to Section 135(d) as read with Section 143 of the Customs and Excise Act,” said Kapoloma.

Meanwhile, the tax collecting body is working with the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) and other enforcing agencies to arrest more unpatriotic and unscrupulous business persons who are also externalizing forex through fake custom documents.

Kapoloma has since appealed to the general public to always report issues of any malpractices such as tax evasion, smuggling and corruption.

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51 thoughts on “Malawi Revenue Authority arrests businessman for fraud: Rafik Amad”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    When you visit Canada,USA,Britain. and other Western countries,you will be extremely amazed to see buildings owned by Asians living in poor Africa especially those from East Africa and partly from Southern Africa.You would wonder how these people smuggle our meagre resources ( FOREX) to outside world.First and foremost they infiltrate higher offices the central of powers,these include so-called Presidents,Ministers,police Chiefs,Bank top notch and high placed Customs officials.That is why they look down upon us and proudly boast openly without fear.They proudly and openly say ( NDALAMA WAtHU DZiKO WANU). Candidly,this proves that we have lost sense of responsibility,respect and pride.Wake up Africa this is 21 century.

  2. daud says:

    What about mapeto?????????

  3. think says:

    What about the special favour of the illegal bailout of Mulli Brothers and the like????

    Why is it that nobody’s following up such huge amounts of money????

  4. zotu says:

    The comments I read here are full of emotions and are short of objectivity. It’s very difficult and almost impossible in Malawi to get the money in currency of preference where the initial capital investment was made using foreign money. I would give an example, my personal experience. I invested in Malawi using capital which was sourced in US. Once the money gets into this country it has been really hard to send it back to US. It kind of like one way traffic – how can the country encourage foreign investment when the economic environment does not allow free movement of money? It very easy to send $5000 from US to Malawi into a personal account but extremly difficult to send the same amount back from Malawi to US. That’s why businesses tend to use illegal means to get their money back. The externalisation thing is all farce.I personally have put tens of thousands of dollars into the Malawi economy, money from US but I have had no luck getting some of it back to my US acount.

  5. The Patriot says:

    Excellent work, keep it up our Law Enforcement agencies! Amwenye amationelera kwabasi, eeish! Afiti opemphera!!!

  6. johntembo Kuffor says:

    what about the K50billion tax evader uja??????? and the theft of MRA Computer?????????????????

  7. Pata phiri says:

    Has tax and been paid on this type of huge amounts

  8. hoveliwa says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk law enforcement malawi way

  9. Majid Aboobakar says:


  10. KENMAN says:

    Mawa muva watuluka ali pa belo kenako zathera pompo dziko ndi anthu ake.

  11. amina says:

    This pictures shows your stupidity. You allow this bustard to use a fone and you look on what kind of security is this. If its me you tell us no fones instead hand them to OB for safe keeping or someone get your fone. What are you trying to imply here. As a Malawian you put handcuff on but no handcuff on this one. Does that mean that his act is acceptable than Malawians. Thats how you guys you are shot coz you relax with these foreigners. Let the law take its course on whoever has done wrong regardless of their colour period.

  12. amina says:

    How can you treat someone whom you say has stolen lots of money like this. Yet you are treating Lutepo like that. Is they logic in here. This person is using our monies outside and Lutepo used the money in Malawi. What a shame to you the government of the day. There is something big wrong here.

  13. Wakwa Ngolowindo says:

    Sindiwaonepo mwenye doing time in Malawi.The Mra are here to hoodwink us that they are doing a job.Money has changed here.They like money like prostitutes.

  14. Malawi wa Lero says:

    They arrest these traders to make more money for themselves. Despite their illegal dealings, Indians and Pakis, whatever they are called, do not like to hear anything to do with the police or indeed courts. They quickly pay their way out. MRA, ACB, Immigration, police etc know this so, exposing an Indian like this is simply increasing their take home. You will never have a follow up story. Whatever fraud or theft you hear in Malawi, you will never see a convicted mwenye. Go to any prison in this country and you will believe me. Dziko iri lawola basi silizabwereranso pakale.

  15. Madzi ndimoyo says:


  16. Steve kajombo says:

    Mapeto ameneyo

    Can some one give me the name of the receiver in hong kong

    Gaalu wa mapeto siku cheena boyz and arkay plastix

  17. Greencardless Malawian says:


  18. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Mra doesn’t win cases they just make noise look at how they embarrassied siku and ended up apologiding they need a very strong legal team l think and not laywers who doesnt know tax law regime x

  19. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    No 10 you are so right. Which Asian has EVER been sentenced.

  20. zachisoni says:

    He will be free from prison to-morrow. Mark my words

  21. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    Put a central information centre so that before externalization is done MRA must be informed and should give a go ahead. Vetting kind of action. We need patriotism to move forward. The president and his arrogant dpp are just in the driving seat. We should all take part. We need a special session on patriotism for our lawyers. Money is not should not overcrowd their vision of where we need to go as a country. Let’s play fair!

  22. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    Malawians let’s look at these issues seriously. This country is in a crisis through corruption of all kinds and at every level. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This crisis needs to be dealt with in an unusual manner. When a Malawian steals or cashgates he builds IN MALAWI. These others send the money OUT OF MALAWI.

    and then our unpatriotic lawyera scrambling to defend them.

  23. Okonko says:

    I kind of already watched this movie last week. There, the guy was calling his lawyer who has top GVT links and the lawyer asked him to give the phone to the one incharge of the operation. The Asian guy then has been told to just calm down since the corrupt lawyer will come pick him up at the ACB offices around 4:30pm in his expensive red 4×4 car. Anakakhala munthu wakuda pamenepo akumuvulitsa lamba wa thalauZa ndipo phoneyo bwenZi atamuwuza kuti ayisiye kunyumba konko. If this country is in trouble its because of the weakness in our legal system.

  24. Mweneeee says:

    Am always in support of zenophobia, it sends very roud and clear message to foreigner.bravo south africa . No shit like this can ever happen down south

  25. Patriot says:

    Tisamve kuti mwamuombera.
    $1.5 million US Dollars ndi ndalama zambiri.
    Zibwelere kaye kuno ku mudzi then you can shoot him if you like.

  26. daud says:

    Wer is mapeto issue?


    Go ahead. Good work

  28. mjiba says:

    arrested doesnt look like an arrested perrson to me he is walking free talking on his cellophone while the Police are idling ARREST THE MAN IN HANDCUFFS DONT TREAT HIM LIKE A DIPLOMAT HE IS A CRIMINAL THAT IS WHY POLICEMEN GET KILLED TOO CASUAL WITH CRIMINALS

  29. kantiki says:

    The institutions that are entrusted to be vigilant and take action on such blatant cheating and theft of forex should not rest until all these dangerous criminals are incarcerated in jail. These are the practices that have sunk the economy and will continue to cause havoc to the population through heavy taxes as money which is supposed to remain in the country takes flight. It has been said in some quarters that these thieves collude with people who are supposed to protect the country. What we do not know is that these thieves have families and relations in foreign countries who are living off on money stolen from Malawi. The businesses they have in the UK and other countries cannot support their lifestyle there, hence Malawi is an easy place to take out money through illicit means. The result is that the economy in Malawi is sinking while these thieves bask in opulence. We will be subjected to heavy taxes when the thieves dont pay a penny of the taxes they are supposed to pay with the aiding and abetting of some MRA personnel.
    Even reputable big corporations fail to repatriate or declare their profits in western countries on the pretext that they are paying for loans that they had taken. But this is not declared to MRA and the Reserve Bank. Do some staff in Reserve Bank protect that this evil practice should continue.

    This country will never develop as we have completely lost control of everything for far too long. Forests are being harvested by foreigners, Asians and Burundis are constructing houses in Area 49, area 6, area 25, 36; minerals are being exported under our very eyes without being taxed, prime land for farming being grabbed by foreigners; what are we going to become; cattle herdsmen? Something needs to be done urgently otherwise the money that is supposed to contribute to our taxes will continue being lost and we will still continue paying a heavy price through draconian taxes. Please Root out corruption at MRA and Reserve Bank and let people who have requisite education and skills be put in positions to provide technical input to tackle this massive problem. Cry the beloved country.

  30. Asset Declaration says:

    I am just waiting for Nyasatimes to report that computers with reports pertaining to this issue have been stolen. I know how this story will end kkkkkkkk

  31. myao says:

    Sanapereke swahara kwa mafumu antauni a MRA. Azakeyuwa, amadziwana anthuwa, wa FMB ndi ACB uja zilipati?

  32. vilimmwera says:

    amagwira oti sanawanyemere

  33. my right to speak! says:

    Better to burn this one and not goat slaughters!

  34. kumakhululuka says:

    mveleni chisoni mzanuyo akuoneka odwaladwala. komaso amasala ana amasiye!!!

  35. Mabvuto says:

    Mmwenye ameneyu nkhani sipita patali. Right now his asian colleques are busy calling senior goverment and rulling party officials whith offers offers of funding ruling party. Its only in Malawi where 90% of goverment business contracts are given to few asians. I remember 3 years ago one mmwenye supplied 80 % of medical supplies to central medical stores. The excuse is that indegenous Malawians have no capacity and supply low quality stuff……what a bull….. Do you know that most of the office stationary and other stuff are brought into this country by crossboarder indegenous people, mainly women who then supply amwenye for peanuts because they can not secures orders m’mboma, chifukwa these stupid procuremt offers think only asian should and nowhere in Africa where this shit can happen.
    Most of these asians bank there money in foreign banks. 70% of forex in malawi is externised by asians and Burundians/Ruwandans. Have you ever seen these people in any of our banks despite being involved in big business? Its because the take the money they make to Burundu/Rwanda and can not take MK.

  36. Sibusiso Mugemezulu says:

    Malawi the only country in africa amwenye amayidelera.

  37. chris says:

    kape ameneyu. he must be deported with immediate effect. give him 24 hrs after his judgement.

  38. Am sure he doesnt knw anyone in the High Offices like some untouchable Asians……tax evaders….

  39. mfana wa DPP says:

    Dear APM
    Please let us focus on local investors..please send strong message that no big business should be given to Asians…the country has never heard that a malawian of malawian origin externalising funds only asians

  40. chichi says:

    You mean womangidwa ndi amene akuyankha phone yo ? Ma rubbish

  41. kanyimbi says:

    Job well done

  42. Scelo says:

    Tell me one prisoner of Asian origin in Malawi jails? and yet these people commit offences everyday. Atuluka uyu don’t waste our time please, we know money will exchange hands for his release

  43. John says:

    Kapoloma, most traders in Limbe do not issue VAT receipts because they don’t want to remit VAT to MRA. you may wish to investigate on this.

    Send an officer to buy something and ask the trader for a receipt. Next time you go there to buy more goods, these traders will simply say they don’t have the goods in stock because last time you insisted on getting the receipts.

    Ndaulula ine patriotic Malawian.

  44. Concerned Citizen says:

    No 1 has a good point. What is the progress?

  45. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    So what?

    I thought you prefer foreign investors to Malawians.

  46. Kes says:

    Job well done MRA…well done to the Dpp government of bwana Munthalika for leaving no stone unturned in the fight against these wicked vampires.
    Problem is with our very corrupt judiciary. This man will walk free due to our very corrupt judges and lawyers.
    My advice is also tackle the judiciary.

  47. hahahah says:

    How can you arrest someone and that guy in on a phone call?

  48. Ndatopanazo says:

    Vuto a Malawi ndikulorera anthu akunja kumachita business za fake kuno kwathu. Check with the Nigerians amene angoti mbweeee wa!!!!!!! Eishiiii!!!!!!

  49. sindi says:

    Nyenyezi Trading of second hand clothes in Limbe also does the same. He falsifies entries into EFD machines and the difference is changed in US dollars at some forex bureau in Limbe and his relative travels with the forex outside. Investigate Nyenyezi also. I am an employee here and knows what happens.

  50. mwahana says:

    How can a mozambican registered company come to externalize forex from Malawi????? It stinks beyond imagination!!!! It is these Asians impoverishing Malawians and they don’t care!!!! Idi Amini was right to chase them away from Uganda!!!!


    nanga aja anaba ma computer ku MRA muti chani?

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