Malawi Revenue Authority chases K21.2 bn from Asians: Mapeto DWS case ruling due

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is chasing a total of K21.2 billion which is stuck in courts in various cases of tax evasion by Malawian businessmen of ‘Asia origin’.

Political cover: Latif of Mapeto with President Mutharika

Political cover: Latif of Mapeto with President Mutharika

Nyasa Times investigations at the High Court in Blantyre has revealed that most of the cases are being deliberately frustrated by the Asian businessmen of Malawi origin by getting injunctions and seeking unnecessary adjournments to buy more time.

Ironically, it is the same courts that complained that they do not have funds to even buy stationary, yet there is more than K22 billion which is stuck with them through various court cases.

A file which Nyasa Times has seen, the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal is yet to make a ruling on a case where MRA is demanding a total of K950 million from Mapeto DWS through Value Added Tax (VAT) income tax and other taxes that it has not paid to MRA.

Just last week President Peter Mutharika commissioned a weaving machine with pomp and fun fare at Mapeto DWS.

Another file that caught Nyasa Times interest is that of Nazir Ayub Omar who owes taxpayers K1.2 billion in various unpaid taxes and this case is awaiting the Supreme Court to set a date for hearing.

Another interesting case is that of Abdul Batatawala involving K16 billion.

Batatawala went to court stopping MRA from registering their interest over Batatawala property for the tax collecting body to collect unpaid taxes from Batatawala.

Politically connected Batatawala is contending that government owes him money too and that he should be paid his money from government first then he will pay MRA.

Nyasa Times perusal of this court file did not indicate when the case will come up for hearing.

Another case is that of Mike Appel & Gatto involving K1.2 billion in unpaid taxes, at least this case is coming up for hearing at the High Court in Blantyre on July 28, 2015. Whether it will continue is another matter.


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55 thoughts on “Malawi Revenue Authority chases K21.2 bn from Asians: Mapeto DWS case ruling due”

  1. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Let’s all Malawians agree that once a president is elected into power , the new president should not be visited by Asians business community immediately he is elected , the Asians community should only have an audience with the newly elected president after three solid years.

    Once a new president is elected Asians go to corrupt our new presidents with cartons full of billions Malawi Kwachas buying favours 100 times more than the actual money they spend in corrupting our presidents. These Asians are in Malawi controlling our economy and our presidents.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Alfred, totally agree about these corrupt Asians.

  2. Ganizani Phiri says:

    Why are we Malawian so unpatriotic , No wonder Malawi is the poorest country in the world and if we dont change our country will remain like this for hundreds of years no progress

  3. Ganizani Phiri says:

    Kamtedza you have put it rightly

  4. Ganizani Phiri says:

    These guys will skin Malawi alive

  5. Bobo says:

    Batatawalas nail him down MRA wake up and let this matter go in hands of president it’s a huge amount!

  6. vilimmwera says:

    north is not dead, northerners, it goes without saying, few as they are, have infiltrated all points, corners, gorges, plains and brooks, if the north were death lomwes would not be flocking there to work in farms as labourers, pluck tea at kawalazi after being ferried from their belt. talk less and do more

  7. phodo says:

    Timothy Mtambo, you are just quiet while these Asians are evading taxes. You dont care at all. You would have acted if the name of Ben Phiri, Mr Mpinganjira, Muli Brothers and more Lomwes were mentioned. You are very bad SCOs executive indeed. This is good time for you to stand up for our taxes. You will see how Malawians will support you for demos against these tax evaders .ATumbuka osamapanga choncho ayi. I think south and center should stand up for feuderalim or complete seccession from dead north.

  8. Khoza says:

    Mapeto usatikwane wamva unayamba kuba ndi kale muno mabwana onse ku MRA amakuopa wakumana nazo pano. Mmalizeni ameneyi. Boma lililonse amfuna azilamulira.

  9. Chenda says:

    When there is nothing to comment , it is a good idea to remain quiet rather than spreading the virus of not knowing what to tell others and to advise others otherwise MRA is doing a very good job.

  10. yohane Khofi says:

    Thank u Nyasatimes. U are a true media house. These Asians mentioned above have silenced all media houses in Malawi through its editors. Mapeto Dws recently cheated Malawians that it employed 2000 employed at the presence of President. Mr President should verify these figures through MRA PAYE or ministry of Labour if it is functioning. Machines Mapeto bought are not for cotton fabrics but synthetics like nylon. Therefore all inputs have to be imported. No value addition Mr President. Your Industry Minister akugona or wadya sikono.

  11. Wakodza Pogona says:

    Kodi inu mungolimbana ndi Amweney bwanji, nanga Lazarus Chakwera bwanji akulipira msonkho? Nanga tchalitchi chake cha Assemblies and ma Tchalitchi ena akulipira? The Bible encourages everyone to give what belongs to Caesar. Start taxing Laza and his friends, makamaka Kanengo Congregation ya Livingstonia Synod!

  12. Sapitwa says:

    In other countries, you pay first and log a dispute later. Failure to pay leads to sequestration of those businesses by the tax bodies through government legislation. Courts then come in at this level to hear both sides. Appears our tax body has no teeth to bite and is politically manipulated rendering it powerless.
    This is just the right time when the opposition majority in Parliament can propose a bill that would deal with empowering MRA, stop political interference, and that the top jobs at the body to be filled by deserving candidates through a rigorous interview process and not through political appointments.

  13. chefourpence says:

    Malawi will be a better place without two types of viruses; Asians and Tumbukas.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    And then you mr president and your dpp thieving thugs in collusion with corrupt racist Asians preach to us about patriotism? Your love of money and obscene amassing of wealth while the majority of Malawians are suffering and paying their taxes through their noses, is that your definition of patriotism or being patriotic to our country?

  15. mike says:

    What about the list of malwian bussiness man of malawian owing to mra & importing goods without paying taxes
    Atlest this asians & foreigners Are paying taxes other wise we all have our relatives working in every goverment department so we huat yse them to jump taxes

  16. mbuyuni says:

    Characteristics of adjuvant professors. How can one go and sit with him discussing issues of developing Malawi when he is part of these people making Malawi poorer. Paying ngongole za Muli ku MSB, the machine for mapeto

  17. kunena mosapyatila says:

    Ziko ndi wanu ndalama ndi wathu. Kodi ndalamazake ndi zothawa kulipira misonkho? This is the reason why Kamuzu anawabalamusa m’midzi kuti aziwaonera pafupi mtauni because he knew amathawa kulipira misonkho.

    What our mafia govt does is to connive with these swindlers by delaying court cases and not convicting some of them altogether. To add insult to injury it introduces tax on internet & SMS, multiple charges on driving licences, exorbitant passport processing charges & the various dubious taxes that APM and his cronies have introduced to clean cash from the poor Malawian.

    These cases are going to rot in courts just like the case of Muluzi & the so called big guns in cash gate cases. If I may ask, has Muli and other DPP sponsors repaid billions the to buried MSB? This govt will do nothing. Let’s wait and see as the years go by.

  18. Mwana Mulanje says:

    These crooked asian accomplices to the ‘professor of doom’ are evading tax. Today is 22nd and the DPP govt has not paid pensions that were due on 14th. God save Malawi!

  19. daud says:

    Lets go for demistration with mra

  20. mwenye we malawi says:

    Nanga K577 billion cashgate kuchokera 2009 mpaka 2013 anaba achina DPP ndi PP adalipira MRA zawo?

    Amalawi nkonono okha basi

  21. Anti Orange says:

    I also wonder how much is owed to MRA by Malawian politicians of Malawian origin doing additional “Jobs”???

  22. Youn says:

    Ine salary yanga yochepayo kuidula mosayang’ana nkhope pomwe anthu olemerawa kuwaleka chinchi?……Akumatinyengeza ndi ma dinner dance omangira ma hositelo a atsikana yet they know where government money meant for those activities zilimmanja mwa amwenye?….iiiiiihhhhh!!!! Ndadandaula kwambiri ndipo ndipemphero langa kuti Mulungu alowelerepo chifukwa amphawife patokha sitingathe kumenya nkhondoyi. Tikapita kokamtcha akatiomberanso ngati abale athu pa 20 July paja. Am am taking this case kwa Judge wa ma Judge (Mulungu) kuti atiweruzire miranduyi.

  23. daud says:

    Better remove tax from malawi now

  24. Phodos says:

    CSOs lets go on national demonstration for the Asians to pay our taxes soon soon.

  25. mwahana says:


  26. REX MSISKA says:

    It is time all malawians seek the face of God for intervention. God is Righteous, the perfect judge. With one voice let Heaven hear the voices of pain. God hates oppression of His children in any form and by any one .

    Its either as a nation we have failed God by rejecting Him to lead us in our choices of leaders. All the same I know the God I worship and walk with is a merciful God and if we turn back to Him and repent He will hear from Heaven and forgive our sins.

    Please this is the time to show the world that we are truly a Christian Nation.

    As for the President, malawians whether you like him or not he is the president of the Country, even whether by devault. Let God be the judge.

  27. Jelbin mk says:

    What will our country look like in the next four years with rampant tax evasion by Asians who are well connected to the regime elite? I pray that God should intervene before things get out of control. Before this devilish party destroys it completely I believe God helps but not those who fold their hands and expect a miraculous change we have to initiate it and God will give our initiation a blessing for triumph.

  28. REX MSISKA says:

    It is time all malawians seek the face of God for intervention. God is Righteous, the perfect judge. With one voice let Heaven hear the voices of pain. God hates oppression of His children in any form and by any onend .

    Its either as a nation we have failed God by rejecting Him to lead us in our choices of leaders. All the same I know the God I worship and walk with is a merciful God and if we turn back to Him and repent He will hear from Heaven and forgive our sins.

    Please this is the time to show the world that we are truly a Christian Nation.

  29. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    DPP cannot bite the fingers that feed it. Nearly all Asians are well connected with corrupt regime. Cry my beloved Nyasaland!!!

  30. Salvador says:

    Olakwa ndani..ife a Malawi eni ake..tulo losatha tinakaliza mkonono..amwenye chitani momwe mungafunile..every system performs the way it does because majority of those in power like it that way..they feel loss not the change..until there is nothing to lose on their part, expect no change, none at all..

  31. KAMTEDZA says:

    I personally think the problem is not the Asians themselves but rather we the black Africans are the problems. Why? Check everywhere an Asian Malawian is involved in corruption or tax evasion there will be an white collar aboriginal Malawian helping him. Up until all political parties (in government or opposition) will learn to generate their own money and stop depending on receiving handouts this problem will not stop. These people are just taking advantage of the lack of patriotism, the greed that we indigenous have and how we don;t even care about whether we sell our country for the little momentous gain that we might get from ziphuphu.

  32. Wozinyanyala says:

    The Proffesor himself is a gang leader of this bad group terrorising Malawians called DPP…He should also get arrested.

  33. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Did you ever hear Kamuzu commissioning such small projects? Why have the Minister of Industry and Trade then?

  34. Hon Kadzamira said this country is subjected to a wrotten system that enjoys stagnation and I see more sense in the observation you have made questioning whether it was prudent for the proffessor to visit Mapeto when the company is not tax compliant.My opinion is in agreement that given the facts of tax invasion, it was not proper to rub shoulders with the company that envades tax coz it gives a bad impression!

  35. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    You lawyers kuchedwaku mulowa nazo mu katangale . This money can buy enough medicine. Speed up the cases.

  36. yangu Aino says:

    chondiwawa ine a city ku blantyre akulimbana ndi anthu ogulisa chips, apples, mavembe mumzindamu anthu ali omwe osauka kale. a city, pitani mykathandizane ndi MRA kulanda ndalama kwa amwenyewotu.

  37. JB says:

    Lets keep these guys in the news our voices together and loud can yield something. Shame you Peter Muntharika gov should be the first to not do business with any business that doesnt comply with the laws. Uchitsiru basi you are a sell out.

  38. Aslam says:

    What a deceiving headline
    A few crooks and headline paints all Asians as tax evaders

  39. mtumbuka1 says:

    All these Asian business mafias falls into dpp mapwevupwevu equation and they know who to phone when the Malawi revenue authority guys try to squeeze them. They are well connected to these corrupt politicians who they know got their backs. We have a long way to go as a country,it’s a vicious circle. We need a fair minded president at the helm who can crack a whip. Malawians are paying taxes through the nose while our foreign friends enjoy immunity from the government and slapping them on their wrist when are found guilty and the high court is just walking their cases in circles to buy these thieves time. Mutharika must not pretend he doesn’t know what is happening, there should be a political will on the part of the government to fight this vice. I would suggest when your president organise the so called development rallies he must challenge all the relevant authorities (mra and others) to crack on these tax evaders other than telling the country of his desperate boyhood life of collecting bottle tops. We need a president in this country and we need him now. There are plenty loopholes in our government financial system which are deliberately let loose to benefit thieves. corruption from head to toe in every department and everyone is stealing as they please but we expect to develop as a country it’s like the tale of the fool who was using a sieve to draw water pouring into a broken bucket with the hope of filling it. How amazing we dream of donor aid coming when we can steal our own limited resources through cash gate, corruption or shit like that. This country is not doomed as most people put it, we choose wrong people deliberately for instance, who in this country did not know that bingu and peter were stealing our money together and opened off shore accounts where our money is stashed? But you had to trust peter with your money just because his brother is dead. Sadly all we hear from mutharika is I will win again in 2019. If a ballot fails in 2019 a bullet won’t Malawians are done in with this go into the Bush and get rid useless government.

  40. Yusuf Hofmally says:

    Point of correction: There is nothing like: ‘Malawian of Asian origin’ the same applies: ‘No Asian of Malawian Origin’. Tulo bwanji? Kodi poti ndife amphawi ndiye kumangozingela basi. To hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Matchado says:

    Faisal Mapeto will never pay those millions to MRA . Do you know how much he paid to Peter just for Peter to go and commission his weaving machines? It will be inconsiderate for Peter to let MRA pin down Mapeto for tax money at the same time that Mapeto is paying him hefty kickbacks .

  42. kanyimbi says:

    So the case of a Malawian (Mike Apple and Gatto) has started fast? wanting to kill your fellow countryman leaving the strangers? Foolish Malawians. But do you know how painful are the taxes to us poor Malawians?

  43. sososo says:

    The Mapeto case has been dismised.
    Kuwa chaja mumati azipulinta zitenje zaulere za DPP nda?

  44. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Unless you remove Kamoto, Mbilizi, Kajombo and George Mankhwalaa ife kuno ku MRA will shall always be on slow motion mode to collect enough for government and we shall be on fast motion mode to steal. The aforementioned pupils are a bunch of failures, tribalists and MBAVA number one.

  45. jcholomandenga says:

    Free cashgate money , invest it in a business and you don’t even have to pay tax, that is Malawi.

  46. sir bentby says:

    vuto so MRA, koma ma court athu Ali shallow kwambiri.

  47. Cry my beloved country.We have politicians who are determined to destroy their own country.People marked for self-enrichment through dubious connections with Asians.Look how miserable the whole APM is-entangled in a fix to shield most of his Asian friends…tiyeni nazoni.

  48. DR.CASHGATE says:

    It’s all because of our own incompetent Lawyers who are fond of obtaining unnecessary injunctions & seek unnecessary adjournments nkumadziyesa madolo yet it just shows how incompetent they are.

  49. Benson Chirwa says:

    The problem is our presidents getting caught up in the corruption web. Where on earth does a whole president commission a mere machine for a factory? Kufuna kulandira basi. Same case of HTD. Komatu munkamunena JB not knowing it was actually envy. Ziliko! !!

  50. clement says:

    Here in Mw its only big businesses and high profile people who hv the privilege of contesting their taxes in court. The course shud be reversed. The law shud make the businessmen pay the taxes first and complain later for a refund. Another sad thing is that these tax evaders are “friends” of ruling politicians. They fund their parties with money that was intended to be remitted to MRA

  51. Kumbukani says:

    Just imagine the whole president giving a pomp to the commissioning of a weaving machine belonging to a company that does not want to be fully tax compliant! Pali nzeru apa? And many people know how connected Batatawala is to the powers that be. Malawi ingatukuke chonchi? Ndithudi otukuka azingokhala anthu pang’ono chigulu chonse chikungosaka. Any wonder that we have the lowest per capita income in the world of $250? My heart bleeds for Mother Malawi!!!!!!

  52. katema says:

    Malawi…… eni nthaka nkumalila ndi tax pamene obwera nde kumapatsidwa grace period… shame! Go to their countries and see if you can be spared

  53. captain says:

    Government of professors of doom.kkkk

  54. peter muthanyula says:

    A free-for-all country. MRA has deteriorated very much since the departure of Ernest Mtingwi. Pano it is back to the inefficiencies of the Customs Department (before MRA). Too much corruption and too much political influence. Sitingatutkuke if we continue behaving like idiots. This country is cursed basi!

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