Malawi Revenue Authority chases K21.2 bn from Asians: Mapeto DWS case ruling due

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is chasing a total of K21.2 billion which is stuck in courts in various cases of tax evasion by Malawian businessmen of ‘Asia origin’.

Political cover: Latif of Mapeto with President Mutharika

Political cover: Latif of Mapeto with President Mutharika

Nyasa Times investigations at the High Court in Blantyre has revealed that most of the cases are being deliberately frustrated by the Asian businessmen of Malawi origin by getting injunctions and seeking unnecessary adjournments to buy more time.

Ironically, it is the same courts that complained that they do not have funds to even buy stationary, yet there is more than K22 billion which is stuck with them through various court cases.

A file which Nyasa Times has seen, the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal is yet to make a ruling on a case where MRA is demanding a total of K950 million from Mapeto DWS through Value Added Tax (VAT) income tax and other taxes that it has not paid to MRA.

Just last week President Peter Mutharika commissioned a weaving machine with pomp and fun fare at Mapeto DWS.

Another file that caught Nyasa Times interest is that of Nazir Ayub Omar who owes taxpayers K1.2 billion in various unpaid taxes and this case is awaiting the Supreme Court to set a date for hearing.

Another interesting case is that of Abdul Batatawala involving K16 billion.

Batatawala went to court stopping MRA from registering their interest over Batatawala property for the tax collecting body to collect unpaid taxes from Batatawala.

Politically connected Batatawala is contending that government owes him money too and that he should be paid his money from government first then he will pay MRA.

Nyasa Times perusal of this court file did not indicate when the case will come up for hearing.

Another case is that of Mike Appel & Gatto involving K1.2 billion in unpaid taxes, at least this case is coming up for hearing at the High Court in Blantyre on July 28, 2015. Whether it will continue is another matter.


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Alfred Munduwabo

Let’s all Malawians agree that once a president is elected into power , the new president should not be visited by Asians business community immediately he is elected , the Asians community should only have an audience with the newly elected president after three solid years.

Once a new president is elected Asians go to corrupt our new presidents with cartons full of billions Malawi Kwachas buying favours 100 times more than the actual money they spend in corrupting our presidents. These Asians are in Malawi controlling our economy and our presidents.


Alfred, totally agree about these corrupt Asians.

Ganizani Phiri

Why are we Malawian so unpatriotic , No wonder Malawi is the poorest country in the world and if we dont change our country will remain like this for hundreds of years no progress

Ganizani Phiri

Kamtedza you have put it rightly

Ganizani Phiri

These guys will skin Malawi alive


Batatawalas nail him down MRA wake up and let this matter go in hands of president it’s a huge amount!


north is not dead, northerners, it goes without saying, few as they are, have infiltrated all points, corners, gorges, plains and brooks, if the north were death lomwes would not be flocking there to work in farms as labourers, pluck tea at kawalazi after being ferried from their belt. talk less and do more


Timothy Mtambo, you are just quiet while these Asians are evading taxes. You dont care at all. You would have acted if the name of Ben Phiri, Mr Mpinganjira, Muli Brothers and more Lomwes were mentioned. You are very bad SCOs executive indeed. This is good time for you to stand up for our taxes. You will see how Malawians will support you for demos against these tax evaders .ATumbuka osamapanga choncho ayi. I think south and center should stand up for feuderalim or complete seccession from dead north.


Mapeto usatikwane wamva unayamba kuba ndi kale muno mabwana onse ku MRA amakuopa wakumana nazo pano. Mmalizeni ameneyi. Boma lililonse amfuna azilamulira.


When there is nothing to comment , it is a good idea to remain quiet rather than spreading the virus of not knowing what to tell others and to advise others otherwise MRA is doing a very good job.

yohane Khofi

Thank u Nyasatimes. U are a true media house. These Asians mentioned above have silenced all media houses in Malawi through its editors. Mapeto Dws recently cheated Malawians that it employed 2000 employed at the presence of President. Mr President should verify these figures through MRA PAYE or ministry of Labour if it is functioning. Machines Mapeto bought are not for cotton fabrics but synthetics like nylon. Therefore all inputs have to be imported. No value addition Mr President. Your Industry Minister akugona or wadya sikono.

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