Malawi is roten, Jesus help us  — CCAP’s Reverend Gondwe

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP ) cleric has  said Malawi  is rotten because of the stinking poverty around the citizsens, official corruption and the extreme suffering of the people .

Chakwera: MCP is changed

Reverend Kondwani Gondwe made the observation during a sermon in the events to mark Kamuzu Day commemoration on May 14  in Kasungu.

Family and relations of founding president late Hastings Kamuzu Banda organised a memorial service for the former leader to celebrate his life.

May 14 is Kamuzu Day, a public holiday in Malawi set aside to remember and celebrate the life of Kamuzu.

Reverend Gondwe reminded the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration to treat people fairly.

Gondwe gave examples of some people who were arrested after they were found with huge sums of money in their houses while others involved in similar acts, are not being arrested.

“This country is rotten,” said Reverend Gondwe. “ There is no direction towards development. What is common is theft in both government and other organisations. Kamuzu shared developments on merit. But now things have changed. Let Jesus [Christ] help us,” he added.

Kamuzu, who is believed to have been born on February 15 1898, died at a South African hospital on November 25 1997. He ruled Malawi from July 6 1964 to May 21 1994.

Aparently, Kamuzu was a dictator and Malawi a bad human right record until Bakili Muluzi—who defeated Kamuzu in the first post-independence multiparty general elections in 1994 — took over,

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera, who is also Leader of Opposition in Parliament, told the gathering that his party has undergone a metamorphosis period and that Malawians will never experience the atrocities that are associated with the one party rule.

Malawi  is due to hold its next presidential, parliamentary  and local government election in April 2019.

Mzimba West  MP Harry Mkandawire aid Kamuzu  was a visionary leader and that managed to handle the country’s economy through meaningful agriculture activities.

“If some of us fail to admit that Kamuzu was visionary, it means we are jealous,” saidfrank speaking Mkandawire.

“Getting rid of white minority rule was not easy. Construction of roads and ensuring that tobacco farming benefited local people was not an easy task. Not these lies that are happing now,” he added.

Former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika reintroduced the May 14 holiday in his first term. It was celebrated as Kamuzu Birthday during the MCP rule.

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Ngozo Che Bwemba

Chimumtolo,let me answer you in this way; Leadership is Leadership be it at the church or political party. You do castigate Chakwera but the only person whom the treasury is paying in the name of Leader of Opposition is Chakwera and the only person whom treasury is paying in the name of president is Peter.So these people they know the strength of one another but they cannot tell you the truth. If opposition is not important why the very same government loosing resources paying opposition mps.


May God help us


Kamuzu day is a big joke.
Keep on praising the gone dictator who fed his own people to the crocodiles. I cannot believe that some malawians can easily forget this self proclaimed intelligent man who chased all Tumbuka teachers from the central and south – God forbid, I will not easily forget that dictator . By the way , was he Malawian?

Njala Nsanje ndi Nthenda
Njala Nsanje ndi Nthenda

Vuto ndi Lazaro. I sometimes wonder why Elias doesn’t pump sense into the head of one Lazaro. I know one Lazaro is pompous and always wants to be seen as a clever guy. If you have been a member of his church, you can agree with me that today the church leadership is more organised than his time. The guy was ruling the church with divide and conquer principal. He has not yet metamorphose from this, no wonder ndale zikumvuta. Ifetu tingoyembekeza convention in July akubwerayu. Mudzaona zinthu.

be humane

But we are currently lacking a visionary leader like Kamuzu Banda. Chakwera is far much worse even Muluzi was better. Only if MCP puts up a promising intelligent man, Malawi will come back to Kamuzu Banda but in Chakwera mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 2019 the same trash we are being ruled today


That is the culture in Malawi, when one dies he or she is praised. Some of the people praising Kamuzu today were his enemies and did not see anything good from him. But today we stand and praise the dead?

North Star

ALL OF US were MCP therefore if there is blame then we all share and successes vice versa. No one with reasonable brains could think MCP is notorious party. We have evidence of current political parties in multiparty killing people. Njaunju,Chasowa, the list goes.


Kodi who is more powerful between Jesus and God ?
Search me please !!!.

Kamuzu was a defender of women rights you tout today. Beating, raping and battering mbumba was an offence. What was wrong in it. Today you say the same. Card was for identification. Today the police if they find you without it, you are arrested. Anybody has to pay tax. Lazy people are not paying tax today hence cannot work hard to make themselves prosper. CORARRY, Today students who are not supposed to pay tax are paying tax through tuition fees yet elders at the production age are not paying tax. They have become irresponsible so much so that they destroy… Read more »

MCP my foot! this party will rot in opposition. kumwamba sikunakhululuke. Remember this Kamuzu was calling himself the ‘Messiah’ Prince of Peace and other biblical names referring to himself as JESUS CHRIST. now this party is also being led by someone who has deserted the work of our good Lord. What can this person bring to Malawians? This man is a curse, his party is a curse, we don’t want the whole country to be cursed because of this Malawi Cursed Party (MCP). Continue rotting in opposition brothers and sisters.


Apparently we are already cursed by having DPP as a ruling party. Even after they killed Chasowa we still voted for them. What foolishness is that. Yes we are cursed.

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