Malawi ruling DPP wins by-polls, add two MPs

Malawi ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has won all two parliamentary seats in the by-elections held on Tuesday in Thyolo East and Blantyre North.

The party has also won both seats in Northern Region’s local government polls-claiming Zgeba Ward in Karonga and Mbalachanda Ward in Mzimba. The other two – Lifupa Ward in Kasungu and Lisanjala Ward in Mchinga- have gone to independent candidates.

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has grabbed the Kandeu Ward in Ntcheu North East Constituency

DPP scored an important victory by holding on to their parliamentary seat in Thyolo East which fell vacant after the winner in the May 20 election, Peter Mutharika, was also declared winner in the presidential polls.

Mutharika and MP-elect for Blantyre North, Francis Phiso

Mutharika and MP-elect for Blantyre North, Francis Phiso

DPP’s Greyson Solomon won the Thyolo East seat while Francis Phiso emerged winner in Blantyre North.

In the local government race, three seats are reported to have also been won by DPP.

In northern region Mzimba Mbalachanda ward, DPP’s  Moses Kamanga won with 2,579 with an independent candidate Davis Chipato Gondwe coming second with 2438 votes.

Speaking after the announcement, Kamanga said he is very happy to emerge winner in the ward following a stiff competition against his other contenders.

“I am very happy because my biggest competitor was being sponsored by the sitting MP thus I feel like I have beaten the MP in this race”, Kamanga said.

District Commissioner for Mzimba Felix Mkandawire said the by-elections were “free, fair and credible.”

Out of the 18484 people who registered in the ward, Palipose John Chipeta of People’s Party (PP) got 326, Davis Chipato Gondwe an independent candidate got 2438 and Moses Kamanga, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) got 2579 respectively.

Meanwhile, DPP secretary general Jean Kalilani commended the voters saying that have with certainty rejected opportunism and meaningless political rhetoric in preference for national development and unity.

The by-elections were marred by voter apathy as in some areas less than half of registered voters turned up to cast their vote.

Political analyst Dr Augustine Magolowondo attributed the low turn out to people’s frustration with challenges that marred the May 20 tripartite elections.

Magolowondo also faulted the Commission for not conducting adequate civic education to woe more voters.—(Additional reporting by Juliet Mlowoka Chirwa)

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71 thoughts on “Malawi ruling DPP wins by-polls, add two MPs”

  1. KK says:

    DPP ndi machine dala!!

  2. Changoima boy s4 says:

    Zamkutu basi DPP ndiye boma len ileni mu 2019 Dpp idzatenga ma seat 173 enawo adzagawana woyee,chapananga woyee,changoima woooooooooyeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Hon Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kubwera booo! DPP WOYEEEEEEE! Prof APM woyeeeee! – CONGRATS!

  4. real life says:

    Amalawi when shall we stop the tribalist bickering. sizitithandizatu zimenezi. timange Malawi with people who can lead our country with passion and deligence.Remember, there will be none outside our Malawi that will come to rule us. Ine zazigawozi zimandinyasa ndi ndikunditopetsa koopsa. Tikumutaya tokhatu malawi. tikuchedwa nazo zimenezo. lets rise above partisan politics and build our nation.

    othere countries akutiwerenga kuit kwathu nkukangana. tiyeni tizilimbana ndi ma investors kuti kodi ndi chiani angapangire Amalwi, nanga mpati tili loose kuti dziko lathu liyende bwino osati ati hee achakwera, a msowoya, peter. nzachabechabe zimenezo abaleinu.
    tiyeni tikhuzumuke

  5. anonymous says:

    ine kimva kukoma basi DPP the party of the people

  6. budadiko says:

    Ine ndine wa chigawo cha pakati. Ndinavotera MCP. Ndimakonda MCP. Congratulations DPP kuti mwaiwina, apa zasonyeza kuti anthu akukondani apa zobera ndikukhulupilira kuti panalibe. Ndimakonda chilungamo tha is why I am congratulating you the DPP koma ndimakonda MCP.

    Chenjezo kwa inu anzanga nonse a MCP and especially the Centrals. Chakwera wants to sell us to the mortherners. northerners ndi anthu odzikonda, they just want to use MCP through Chakwera za Fedralism. Mulekeni Chakwera adzathandize the northeners koma ife ayi, Chakwera akulamulilidwa ndi mkazi wake nya Kayira wa ku Rumphi ndichifukwa chake anasankha Msowoya kuleka kutenga a Sidiki Mia kapena a Munlo ngakhale mwina a Munlo wo nso akadajoina the northers popeza akazi awo ndi aku Karonga. Referendum alekeleni atumbuka adzavote tione ngati paokha angawine. Ife a pakati tasafala for a long time multiparty itangolowa atsogoleri anse amene alamulira amakondera aku mmwera ndi ku mpoto ife kutisala ndiyeno iwe Chakwera kuti utiyuze because of nya Kayira ife takana. Mukhale cheru apakati nonse ndi Chakwera. 2019 tidzasankha President wapakati pomphano osati wa zigawo ziwiri ayi. Tiyambiretu kuganiza za president wathu ife apakati, Chakwerayu tamuona kuti ndi SATANA ndichifukwa chake analeka ubusa anayamba uve wa mu ndale za dziko lapansi. Uladi Musa adanenatu kuti Chakwera ndi Yona akuthawa kutumikila Mulungu kukayamba kutumikila Satana. CHAKWERA USATANA WAKOWO USAULOWETSE MU MCP

    1. mario pei says:

      Chakwera is a hopeless hope for MCP ndipo sandzalamulira Malawi koma palibe chifukwa kukwatira mai Nyakaira she is a well mannered lady with natural looks a good example and good model for all the skin bleached crew

    2. kanchenga says:

      I am sure you don’t come from the centre and I can understand the pain you are taking to convince the chewas that they are better off with the lomwes. Unfortunately the chewas are neither comfortable with the Nyika nor the lomwes. You are all useless where developing a country is concerned. The tumbukas are good clerks and lomwes make good manual workers and policemen. Oh ooh and good thieves too. Federation is a waist of time Chewas please come back home. You southerners and northerners go home. You mama is lonely. GO HOME GO HOME GO HOME……..

  7. chinyama says:

    Mbwenumbwenu, learn to respect your friends. This should not be a platform to insult people.

  8. chinyama says:

    You mbwenumbwenu kutukwana anzanu? learn to respect your friends

  9. Kabwiro says:

    Next tifuna referendum ya Quota System kenako federalism tiwone maganizo a Malawi. Nanga si inayamba ndi quota system before the so called federalism?

  10. Nambewe says:

    D phi phi boma ilo

  11. Me and Myself says:

    agwamba or whateva you call yourself,ngati kutukwana kokha ndikumene makolo anu anakuphunzitsani this is not the place to show it.anzanu akupanga zinthu zoposa nsinkhu wawo. At yur age zomwe dziko mutalipangile ndi chani kuposa nyasi mwalemba apazi…we don’t need yur congrats ..zinvereni chisoni muyambe kuganiza ngati munthu not as an animal..stinking mouth

  12. Me and Myself says:

    agwamba ngati kutukwana kokha nkomwe munaphunzitsidwa ndi makolo anu…this is not the place to show it…in fact we don’t need yur congrats do something pple can see,,if yu are really human.

  13. dadaboma says:

    DPP is euphoric about winning a ward in Mzimba. But here is why DPP won that ward:
    1. Northerners, in contrast to people of other regions, are not tribalistic – they are objective about the credentials of the contestants and choose the one best suited for their development. DPP is a southern region party, with most membership there and its president from there, and yet northerners would not stop voting for a suitable candidate just because he/she is standing on that party’s ticket. On the other hand a southerner would never vote for a candidate standing for a party with affiliation to the north (e.g. voting for someone in Thyolo Thava standing for AFORD), let alone voting for a northerner (e.g. voting for Chihana). So credit must go to the northerners for thinking above tribes and regions when voting. Can you people of the south learn to do the same! We are all Malawians. Why are you so obsessed with tribalism? You want the north to support you but not you supporting the north? For how long shall the north tolerate this do you think? So winning this ward is not occasion for DPP to celebrate but to conduct soul-searching and stop being tribalistic. You are so boring with your tribalism tendencies.
    2.DPP has done nothing for Mbalachanda ward to deserve a win, but the people have seen the potential of Mosses Kamanga to develop their area. So they voted for Kamanga as a person and not for DPP as a party. Kamanga and his supporters have reason to celebrate but not DPP. DPP supporters should tame their euphoria and become ashamed for celebrating a victory that does not belong to them.
    3.This by-election was seriously marred by voter apathy. Only 29% of registered voters turned up to vote. 98% of PP supporters did not turn up to vote because of loss of confidence in MEC and also because the party took a stand to boycott this by-election for what MEC did in the recent tripartite elections. Thus DPP has no right to claim beating other parties in such a boycotted election. DPP members must restrain their madness and pause to think as sober-minded people, which I wish they were.
    4. Most northerners in the villages still do not understand how DPP is victimizing them and killing their prospects for development. For example they don’t know why their school children are selected to go to CDSSs and not to Boarding schools, and why most of them cannot go to public universities. They don’t even know about quota system and how it is a tool for DPP to victimize and kill them. If they knew they wouldn’t vote for anything with DPP colours. So DPP should feel ashamed for claiming victory on basis of peoples’ ignorance about things. Mbalachanda people did not make an informed party choice – they do not know that DPP is synonymous with eveil. They do not even know that the party of Death, Plunder and Pilferage (DPP) is the architect of the infamous CASHGATE, and even though they hear of cashgate, they still do not know how it affects their life. In short DPP won the Mzimba ward because the people are not adequately informed about DPP. And this ignorance will not continue. Very shortly we’ll embark on a serious civic education campaign for the people of the north to understand what DPP means to their life and the life of their children and the alternatives available for a secure, fair and just future. So DPP has reason to worry but no reason to celebrate – I’m sorry.

    1. Inu says:

      I thought we are told that people from the north are well educated and informed? Are you saying that they are just as ignorant as us from the centre and South? This is really news to me

    2. kanchenga says:

      Two points.
      1. Is kamanga aware of the atrocities committed by dpp in the north. If yes why did he chose to use it. Wouldn’t it have made sense if dpp failed to find a candidate there.
      2. Are you saying that educated as they are the northerners are not aware that they are being marginalised . So who is this Ngwira representing. You people are just cheap clerks requiring work instructions from Chewa chief Executives in order to perform. Mumaoneka ngati anthu chifukwa choopa Kamuzu. In 1994 instead of stand alone you opted to be in slaved by southerners. Muli vichewa vendere vakufikapo. Who is vindere now. The whole nkhata bay school no northerners.

    3. DPG says:

      Everything you have written is bunch of trash. You northerners have voted for DPP because that’s what you do best. You follow blindly. You are king makers as far as Malawi politics is concerned. You make too much noise but with little or no substance at all. Remember you once voted for MCP during Chihana saga. Vindere veni veni.

  14. Waakulu says:

    tseketseketseke. Chipani changa. Wina kupanga maths abodza. Akuti anthu omwe anavota ndi 5000+. Kkkk, those are the ones who voted for DPP and others voted for other parties

  15. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Enjoy the luncheon and remember its my vote and am forgotten.

  16. Mwenecho says:

    i cry for wanyithu

  17. kamps says:

    king of israel be ashamed of ur self, dpp is a national party take it or leave.

  18. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    We told you DPP will expand its caucus in parliament; just as we told you DPP would win the general election. But the party will not rest on its laurels (amangwetu) ladies and gentlemen. The strategy is still on winning by a landslide in 2019! The momentum is still with “Chala m’mwamba” party.

  19. Chisyuli says:

    Vya ziih,vindere imwe,

  20. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Chizungu chake ndiye cha kumurhakhotu. Nanga ameneyu kusukulu anapitako? Muzingolemba chilhomwe. Mbuzi!

  21. anonymous says:

    number 33 shame on you we love DPP just like ANC in south africa people they dont like Jacob Zuma but still they have no choice to vote any other parties because there worse than ANC. number 34 i support your comment alot of people we dont like MCP and PP or whatever they call themself what name of there party is, i will continue voting for DPP for the rest of my life as i dont see any predecessor of DPP who can do better, this is new season of DPP let we give them time to deliver the servicies nationwide.DPP boma basi APM 2019 boma

  22. Quota system says:

    It means quota system has come to stay. Federalism is our hope

  23. Peter says:

    Every dog has its day para mavinamo tivinemo nase

  24. Gamah says:

    Akwere, akwere nawo, DPP yanyamuka!

  25. Mulungu simunthu wafuna kukusekani anthu amene mumati DPP inabela mukhala choncho.

  26. Victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    General elections confusion still lingers on.

  27. wapa Nkhata Bay says:

    Chipani cha DPP ndichokhacho chili ndi ochisatira zigawo zose zitatu. Sizikumveka ndipang’ono pomwe kuti muziti DPP inabera mavote pa 20 May.
    Chikundidabwisa ena mukuti Peter Munthalika anamukana anthu pafupifupi 65%, ndiye Chakwera anamukana ndiangati, kudusa 72%, nanga PP, anakatidwa ndi anthu kudusa 77%.
    Ndiye mukuti chiyani ndi DPP. Panopa DPP ngakhale munene bwanji, ipitabe pa tsogolo. Ngakhale kuzakhale Federal Government, izalamulirabe ku mpoto.

  28. King of Israel says:

    Malawians we will never learn from our mistakes, dpp hasn’t done worth mentining and yet we are voting for it, shame on us!

    1. Lloyd says:

      Not us!!!! Bt shame on u!!! Kkk

  29. Wodanda says:

    DPP bomaaaàaaaa. Ndikumva kukoma but don’t take things lightly. Malawians want positive actions not promises. APM we expect alot from you bwana. Do not be mislead by your so called advisors.



  30. ggggggg says:

    I am happy with the official results DPP has won eeeh ena amva kuwawa basi koma kumwamba kukalemba basi nanga titani tingomvomera basi waiting for a referendum and to experience the scoltland thing ena adzalira ndithu. God has a final answer to all these questions and he grants us the final result he will for the good of the people not personal vested interest in the federation waiting and waiting basi tikavotenso basi zikundibebera ine zovotazi ndithu a MEC apeze ntchito ina before 2019,

  31. Papa says:

    Mzomera ukutiponji pa nkhani imeneyi, munyera mmadzi ndi amako.

  32. hahaha atumbuka mwaonatu kuti simungapange kanthu kadzeru ,bakha wamupweteketsa maulidi basi

  33. chatonda says:

    By the way, how is Bessie Chirambo feeling after losing the elections oiut of mere frustrastrations and made silly noise about folly relationship with the DPP? Shame mai Chirambo. The guys from the North are mostly too nepotistic such that they want all good things to them and not centre or south. Referendum is about numbers and not intelligence. You are heading for doom.

  34. chakhalira says:

    What is it that you are celebrating here? In total, 18,484 registered and only 5,343 voted. This expressed as percentage, it means only 29% voted and 71% did not want to vote. Then the winner is 15.6% this means that 84.4% do not want this man and his DPP. Can you not see this sense?

  35. KK says:

    DPP imangondiwaza!!!! Ma guy awa amazitsata heavy

  36. Gwamba says:

    Solomon congrats mwana iwe mahule akuphe bwino …kungowina wansiya kale mkazi wako ntumbuka uja wachita bwino ukwatile mwana mulhomwe wa zokoka osakhala akumpotowa ….kulipila mkazi wopanda zokoka ndiye mumalipila chani agalu inu…. congrats solo nophiya

  37. nangozo says:


  38. Ineyo says:

    This only happened because there was apathy. Those for other parties did not turn out to vote.

  39. Mwananjovu says:

    Mzomela Ngwira ndi Enorck Chihana mwawonatu kuti anthu amakonda DPP. Chitani manyazi. It will be the same when people from the north will reject federalism through referendum.

  40. Pastor Wadi. says:

    Congraturations all winners!! Please work hard in your areas and focus on developmental activities to be trust by people in the next elections. Seek God’s guidance always to succeed. God bless you!!

  41. Kalingonda says:

    Dpp siizatha komabe ndimalira Bingu, ok ndimmene zitazakhalire 2019 eti”

  42. gaza says:

    ndemwati kumzimba wawina ndiwa DPP

  43. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Technical knock out,round one!! Yatsala iyi ikubwerayi para mukuti REFERENDUM.Muzawonanso za kwa azungu ku SCOTLAND.MUNYA MABI a kondowole chaka chake ndi chino

  44. where devils reside, things are sweeter, DPP is a walking devil, it will be brought down by the blood of Jesus, the will of people. Why should people go and vote yet they know nothing is to change! Things will remain the same either voting for DPP or not, so nothing to celebrate here, dont build Castles in air, DPP is a devil’s advocate. God is in control, leave the cowards die in false pretences thinking they are successfull yet total destruction is on their kneels.

    1. muonosile says:

      Iwe ndiye KAPE weni weni sukudziwa m’mene znthu zikuyendera uzingolira choncho DPP ikutakata badi.

    2. Gongoni says:

      Here the devil is you Hardwick Mwenda! You were cast down to earth and now you have been casted further down the trenches! You will not succeed with your plans of dividing Malawi.BULLSHIT! Chitani manyazi anthu adyera inu a PP. Mwagwa nayo!!

    3. Hypocrite says:

      Usatchule dzina la Mulungu pachabe!!

  45. Kantchowa says:

    kkkkkk….Odi uko!!!!!!

  46. Barton Chikaya says:

    Izitu ziripoyera, tonse tirikuona, anthu ayankhula. Ndipo sindikaikira mpang’ono pomwe, adzayankhulanso ikadzafika nthawi ya referendum ya Fedralisim.

  47. madzo says:

    DPP doesnt believe in talking but actions, if you failed to beat us today you wont beat us tomorrow.

  48. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Hehee! I knew this is gonna happen.Continue crying. APM Boma, DPP Boma!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehee!

  49. Uchindami says:

    …the more people dispises.. by MC Bwampampa. Kodi munali pachangu polemba zimenezi?

  50. Mc Bwampwapwa says:

    Nang pamenepa muziti mwabeledwanso. Poti mumangolila pa chisankho chilichonse,nanga a Kabwila akuti chani pamenepa poti zavuta ku chipinda cha MCP ndi PP vs AFORD.

  51. Uchindami says:

    Munthu akalankhula zinthu ngati zangochokela pakati osati mu bongo zotsatira zimakhala zimene alemba a Pumbwa ndi anzawo a Chekambewa!

  52. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    More fire DPP, koma nkulu wawinayotu azikayankhula ,osakangoti nkhongo gwaa mutu phwiii ayi .

  53. Kabwiro says:

    Ndiye pano Chakwera aziti akusapota federalism chifukwa mkazi wake ndi wa ku North. Thinking from his balls rather than his head. These northerners want to use you as a condom and dump you after advancing their agenda. Be man enough Chakwera.

  54. Mc Bwampwapwa says:

    In Mzimba Mbalachanda ward,PP candidate got 326 votes against DPP candidate who got 2579. What a shame to PP. The more people dispises DPP,the stronger DPP becomes. What a shame to all the haters. DPP is the only national party here in Malawi,and even if you can organise an election tomorrow DPP will win with land slide. To all PP and MCP MPs,watch out for 2019 election DPP is coming into your costituencies like what they did in 2009 election.

    1. Nyandeni says:

      Dont you know that ku Mbalachanda kuli Alhomwe ambiri m’ma estate. Si zodabwisa zimenezo. Ikabwera referendum ya federation muzaonanso kuti there will be a big NO in the Northern Region. Alhomwe anazigulira malo kumpoto ndipo akuberekana kwambiri. 2019 izavuta zedi.

  55. chekambewa says:

    Boma boma boma para wanganya imwe muchitenge manyazi with the results from your own bedroom. KKKKKKKKKKKKK

  56. PUMBWA says:

    DPP Woyee!!! Federalism Uko!!!

  57. MTIMBUKTU says:


  58. Ku Blantyre mumasapota chipani ngati team ya mpira kkkkkkkkkkkk. I thought kuli anthu ambiri osamba kumaso.

    1. Nyapapi says:

      Why don’t ask the intelligent tumbukas why they have voted Diphiphi?

      Matako ngati nalimata bakha wachabechabe Iwe!

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