Malawi second-hand tyres trade: Govt urged to ban foreigners

The Indigenous Second Hand Tyre Dealers are pressing Malawi government to ban foreigners from selling second hand tyres by February 1 this year failing which they will hold demonstrations.tyres

In a petition sourced by Nyasa Times addressed to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the indigenous dealers say they are not comfortable with foreigners who have ventured into their business saying it posing a danger to their existence.

The traders say most of the local dealers operate on a small capital and grow slowly and with the coming in of foreigners with large capital therefore it is becoming difficult for them to compete on the market.

“Most of us operate on the small capitals and grow slowly from the those small capital, in contrast the foreigners venturing into the business with large capitals that are not even comparable to ours it is making us difficulty to compete on the market,” reads part of the petition.

The dealers are also surprised on why government issued a permit to this kind of foreigners to conduct such business which can be ably done by Malawian small medium enterprises.

Commenting on the petition Chairperson of the Indigenous Second Hand Tyre Dealers, White Ali Imran, said they have been discussing with the government officials for a quite considerable period but it seems the authorities are not ready to respond to their concerns.

“We have been in talks with Southern Region Trade Officer Brenda Bvalani who has been assuring us the her ministry is doing everything possible to stop foreigners selling second hand tyres but up to date there is nothing to that course,” Imran said in interview.

Imran said through their business they are able to look after their families and pay school fees to their children hence providing an alternative source of income to many people who have been jobless and idle.

“We started this business during the Kamuzu Banda era, the idea was to help poor Malawians who could not afford to buy the brand new tyres. The business has helped many young men to have a source of income for their daily living thereby providing an alternative to employment. We also pay taxes through the profits we realize from the business which contributes to the development,” Imran said.

He said they are now failing to hold their patience therefore they are asking government to order foreigners to stop the business.

Nyasa Times has established that most of the shops selling second hand tyres are owned by Nigerians, Somalians, Burundise and Chinese.

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62 thoughts on “Malawi second-hand tyres trade: Govt urged to ban foreigners”

  1. Nachipanti says:

    Nalawi walero seems to have very intelligent people koma enanu ndinu anzeru mopusa kwambiri..

  2. omeck peter says:

    Wake up Malawi…..there is no need to allow them ventured on small busness if we can let them who can invest a high companies….stop fuck comment

  3. CY says:

    Imran or what ever you call yourself, stop deceiving local Malawian’s as you said, with these your senseless ideas. Please I will like MRA to visit these so called Imran and his association to provide any document showing that these people are paying duties or Tax when there importing the stolen tyres from truck drivers and company cars drivers.. Stupid and fake name Imran. Even self your name sounds foreigner as you said.. Mind you stop addressing us as a foreigners, coz where not. Call us investors. Because everyone in Malawi is a foreigner. Basii.

  4. Bwantasa Gomdwe says:

    Asilamu inu ndinu opusa kwambiri simudziwa kuti bisiness ndipikisano? Mukufuna akawaletsa muzitibera mitengo kkkkkkkkkkk. Malamulo a Malawi amakana kupanga restrict business kwa munthu modzi iwonso ali ndi ufulu ogulitsa ngati wina aliyense. Why do moslems always think of shalia law. Stupid idea.

  5. A MPINGO says:


  6. If the idea is stupid like others may suggest,why government moved all Chinese from districts to big Cities?

  7. musisipala says:

    Govt should NOT restrict this busness to Malawians only.let those who have the capacity do the busness in a fair trade. We are in a global village. Imran Ali is using a foreign name and is againist the owners of his name. He is a racist

  8. Dominic says:

    Let Malawian dealers know that we leave in a global village. Malawians charge highly. Let the foreigners do business here for they give us fair prices. Malawian dealers only want to rob us of our money by hiking prices.

  9. Chawanangwa Mlori says:

    Malawians wake up, you always want to sound very clever and intellegent. You are too quick to judge your fellow Malawians. To me it seems you speak first and think later . It should be visa versa. Every democratic Country has free market economy but in many developed nations there are products they will always protect no matter what. This is to protect the interests of their Countries.
    and their citizens in particular. Do you know what big and power nations would do if their
    interests were jeopardised. Search me. Mtedza wathu opita pita ku misika yakunja umakanika malonda akuti uli ndi chuku. Umphawi wathu siungathe kwathu ngati tipilira kuphwasulana ndi kupikisana pofuna kukondweretsa alendo. Tiyeni tichite balance apa. Tiwakonde obwera koma titeze zomwe zingathandize kutukula mabanja achimalawi poyamba.

  10. zikujaza says:


  11. Amazie says:

    I don’t agree with this. We should be able to compete even as indigenous locals. Having little capital is no reason to strike. Striking is no solution in this. I should suggest we craft nice business propose so that we are able to secure capital and be able to compete.

  12. fkr says:

    So if you can’t compete with someone else then they need to be banned? What a load of crap! !!!! Forget what colour or passport you competition has. He is human the sane as you. If you were not there to compete and sell cheaper then he can charge anything. The customer at the end of the day will win and that is the free market concept. This is NOT a communist country the last time i checked even though most of the foreigners here are communist Chinese

  13. A good example i can give is Dubai cars.There are alot of Dubai cars being sold in Durban,but the SA government saw it was causing danger to indigenous car sales company,it stopped Dubai cars from operating on its roads,hence forcing corrier industry to take cars from Durban to Beitbridge boarder post as a way of giving chance to indigenous companies to get something out if the business.So Malawi government should also find an alternative way to make this tyre business competitive,either empowering indigenous dealers interms of capital or something else,but stoping foreign dealers could worsen internatinal relations & bring a bad image to Malawi which the ministry of trade & industry is aware about.Hence making some delays to consult widely before taking a decision.So in this regard i would urge the Ministry of trade & industry to address these indigenous deales that they must be patient and give time bcz they are the ppl that doesnt know the effects of chasing away foreign dealers.

  14. nuji says:

    I support the idea. We have our own Malawians who are capable and able to do that. The problem with our govt is that they give forst priority to foreigners nde zimatiwawa kwabasi. We can not do that in their countries, be awake pliz.

  15. Ma says:

    tHATS BEING STUPID, ITS A LIBERISED economy and why should government ban foreigners? Leran to compoete in business after all who told that doing business is easy in modern world?

    Its not about capital but competition. All you want is to make your tyres expensive after having a monopoly of the business. As for us customers, we are happy like this to have tougher competition and then we can have wider choice why restrict us customers to you poor guys who dont even offer any discounts…. GO TO HELL AND START BUSINESS THERE WHERE SATAN IS YOUR ONLY COMPETITOR!!!


  16. ndangodusamo says:

    You are scared of foreign dealers because your prices are not competitive. You overprice your merchandise while the foreigners offer them at affordable prices. If you demonstrate we consumers will also demonstrate against your demonstrations. Musatitopetse.

  17. Anamuna Amphongo says:

    There is no issue to demostrate for. As a nation we need standards. Industries are closing for lack of business because if second hand items. Government has a responsbility to protect investers. Malawi is not a dumpung field. Just revoke all the licences. We were able to afford brand new items during Kamuzu era. What can stops us now.

  18. chims says:

    the problem is that the so called local suppliers a crooked interns of pricing and quality that’s why customers shun them for foreign suppliers.too much overpricing.

  19. Yobe wa ku Jombo says:

    Ki ki ki ki. I also propose kuti atseke Shoprite (because timagolosale ta anthu mu malokeshoni titsekedwa)! PEP (amagulitsa tizovala totchipa ndiye kuti kaunjika sayenda malonda!), Game Stores ndi ma shop onse obwera!


    Banning anthu obwera from doing business is not the solution – no matter what business they carry out. Do indeed encourage them. But the government must just exercise more control when issuing business licenses (if it does) and tax these business appropriately and make sure they conform – if they do not – well, close them down. That will mean a bit more cash in the government coffers (for more CASH-GATE??).

    And kwa aMalawi anzanga – we are part of a global community. We must just learn to do business on a more competitive level. Osawafunsa obwerawo kuti amapanga bwanji business and try to emulate them? Or partner with them as one of the other guys mentioned?

    It would even be a bad idea kuti ‘gavamenti’ ikamapanga issue ma permit kwa obwerawo pakhale an agreement with a clause to enforce some partnerships ndi eligible small scale indigenous businesses. Your small operating budgets mukunenawo should buy some share-holding mu ma business a ma foreigner mukuwazondawo and make sure you are involved in the day to day running of the business – in that way you gain valuable knowledge, contacts and suppliers the foreigners use and mupindula. Get the Mwakhwawas of this world to help you draft a proper business contract and make sure it signed by both parties otherwise you will be taken for a ride!!

    Mmene mukunenera zikungofanana ndi zimene zikuchitika kut Joni’tu. Akhuphwanya ma-shop a anthu obwera for the same reasons mukunena. And guess what the crime anthu obwera commit?

    When they go to stock goods for their shops, five to ten or more shop owners organise themselves, contribute ndalama for the stock (depending on their shops’ individual needs), go to a wholesaler and buy in bulk. RESULT: hugely discounted stock, which they also sell at HUGELY discounted prices to cash-strapped locals who are more than happy to get the goods at the bargain prices.

    Inu ngati eni a timabizinesi tating’ono ting’ono, why not come together (financially) and become one huge force? Let us just try to be competitive. Learn from these guys the tricks they use and beat them at their own game.

    Alipo munthu amafuna kugula zinthu modula?

  20. Jaan says:

    The Imports of second hand tyres is a very risky thing all tyres have expry dates the tyres that are old more then 4 years are dangerous to have it on your vehicles especially the used tyres which may have been returned with some faults or damages and then they are dumped into malawi. Peoples life depends on the four wheels of a car it is advisable to have
    same pattern and make of tyres on all four wheels Tyres are the most important equipment on the vehicles

  21. Zovala ngakhale ma panti ma Kamisolo ma G-String komanso MAKONDOM zones second hand Ku Malawi ndikuntaya chifungo kununkha ngati chiphwisi go around the streets of Blantyre ,Lilongwe, Mzuzu and else where in Malawi FUNGO LOYIPA Is the Order of the day Kuchimbudzi anthu akenso Mphutsi “Why can’t we demand for better services from the Government ? After all its our money that will be used to Finance Health Projects Koma ayi kumangokhala kumangowayang’ana akutibera kutidyera Masuku pamutu KUTIKWATA MTCHALITCHI

  22. Mbudye says:

    Malawi is heaven to foreigners. One day we will wake up only to find out that Malawi is owned by foreigners. Malawi govt should go SA and Botswana and learn how they deal with foreigners. They have good policies to protect the interests of the locals and they implement them. They also have good monitoring systems. In viz countries you can’t see a foreigner selling air time or opening a salon. They dont issue such licences to foreigners. Komaso boma liunikepo bwino pa maukwati coz ma foreigners amalowa ndiyokwatira mmalawi ndikumuyuza kenako ndiku mutaya akakhazikika. Ziunukidwe zimenezi. A Malawi amene amayenda amakumana ndi zokhoma kwambiri koma ma foreigners have more freedom here.

  23. Telala says:

    Ma tyre olembawo nde mudandaula chani? mufuna kupha anthu pa nseu. Raise enough capital and order your tyre container.

  24. says:

    Malawians want to get rich overnight, and amangofuna azidutsa moyela ngati ana; chilichonse kumangoti boma, boma. Some of the so called dealers have been in the business for ages koma mpaka pano akuti they dont have a ‘fat’ capital; its becoz probably they dont plough back and they dont diversify kumangoti kakakakaka ndi business imodzi. Nonsense! Let the foreigners come as customers we want competition for us to make a better choice

  25. Bongololo says:

    Obviously, they’d rather get rid of competition that way they can sell substandard stuff and charge us whole bunch more. Thieves!

  26. Sister to real patriot says:

    You can say that again my brother

  27. chembe says:

    Amalawi kuchulutsa chinyengo.Mitengo as if u are buying a brand new in South Africa.Kuzolowera kutibera basi.

  28. Moses says:

    We sold this country to foreigners long time ago. How many local malawians own plot or houses in areas like 12, 10, 43, Namiwawa etc

  29. WAKWITHU says:

    leave foreigners alone.inu mmatibera

  30. man chiko says:

    buziness yosafuna competitn ndiye yofuna kumabera amalawi. akunjawo akutchipitsa pamene malawn dlers have high prices for same quality 2nd hand tyre. bola forenaz yomweyo.

  31. jesus is lord says:

    Oh dear me, this is why our country will never develop always thinking on a small scale surely Mr Imran wouldn’t want to be kicked out of the second hand tyre business simply because his capital has grown I’m sure he would be very happy if he had a capital base three or four times larger than his competitors allowing him more variety of tyres as well as more stocks I would see big capital being a plus in any business. By the way if you started in the Kamuzu days and are still not big enough to this day then you are in the wrong trade because I’m sure your business must have grown, peaked, and now is in decline. Think outside the box Imran you can’t stop people from choosing what business they should do simply because they have more money than you if that’s the case then surely we could argue that kwik-fit be closed too coz there are plenty of young people out there who can change tyres and can’t afford to build shades to work under. Anyways Imran I understand why you would grow frustrated with the current situation but in truth we are a country that allow competitive trade hence there will always be competition there will always be new comers to the trade and old ones who pullout of the trade or diversify that’s how it goes sorry but its how business goes honestly we let ourselves down our tyres are poor quality even for second hand but we want people to buy at high prices go to a foreign dealer shop not only will he charge a similar price he will also give you choice from a wider variety as well as give some advice on which tyres work best for different purposes commercial etc and in so doing build customer base let’s be honest the foreign boys are more organized and have a better understanding of business. Business is a dynamic thing you can’t just sit still and think what work in kamuzu days will keep on working today you need to adapt to the changes you need to constantly “chameleonise” yourself to fit in with the new surroundings or be spotted and get killed. If I were you guys I would lookup the term conglomerate just might give you some ideas of what else could be possible other than protesting or demonstrating all a waste of time we all pay taxes and we all feed our families from the trades we do no-one is special so no deserves Royal service in the business world you have to out wit your competitors or be wiped out.

  32. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    nxowona put more pressure to stop secondhand items.
    .unless malawuan has min 20pct share in tge budiness..fhis is so in middls east countries..!!

  33. Charlie Hebdo says:

    If it is too hot in the kitchen, leave it. You local tyre dealers, do you want to milk the already thin cow, thinner? Why should you live comfortably at the expense of consumers. Competition is good. If you can’t compete, leave the field or find an easier game.

  34. sikusinja says:

    Who is a foreigner? Do u all guys have business licence.

  35. It’s a sign that Malawians are failing to compete because they want to steal from fellow Malawians by charging too much. The same goes with spares parts. The shops owned by Malawians are more expensive than those owned by foreigners. The government should not listen to these xenophobic minds.

  36. Malindima says:

    More fire! We will join you at the Demo. Just let us know the date, time and places. We are vendors and that is our game; we have what it takes to even bring the government to its knees.

  37. peter muthanyula says:

    Ban the sale of second hand tyres. They are the number 1 cause of road accidents (and deaths) in Malawi

  38. Real Patriot says:

    Malawi a dumping ground for second hand tyres and second hand cars.Nobody cares for this country.If i was a president i would have banned all unroadworthy rotten cars and tyres in Malawi.I don’t know how this country will look like in the next fifty years to come.It has got no standards and very dirty for that matter.Polluted with useless second hands from underwears to everything.A country with no pride.

  39. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    Uku ndiye kupusa uku. Malawi is a liberalized economy. Last time we heard of secondhand car dealers expressing fears of the arrival of Be Forward who will be selling vehicles right on our door step. They made same noise. Please spare us from this madness.

  40. pac says:

    Malawi govt doesnt have any policies in place when it comes to these foreigners,they can do whateva they want in our country but the qstn is,can these nigerians n somalians let let hs do all these nonsese in there countries?we are a sorry state indeed as long as zako zikuyenda basi zilibe ntchito zoti kaya ukuononga dziko thus malawian spirit

  41. Why can’t you guys come together, open one large company with massive capital and own shares?

    1. Sister to real patriot says:

      I never knew there are intelligent Malawians like you. I thought all of them amangoganiza za ma demo

  42. chikondi says:

    mmmm!!!! koma nkhani zake!!!! pakufunikadi aonepo abomawa kuti zikomere mbali zonse.

  43. de' Morgan says:

    Kudulitsa kwambiri a Malawi, bola kukagula kwa foreigner shiT!!!!!!!

  44. big mac says:

    at last! dumb malawians standing up for themselves. ndi udindo wanu kudzisamalila you fools.

    akudyelani zingati ma naija inu muli ndwiii? i hate malawi, it’s so backward.

  45. Chimenecho ndiye chamba. Yambani yamandazi ngati yakulakani. Bwenzi mukuonetsa luso lanu popeza mudayamba nthawi ya Kamuzu. fundoless kkkk…….

  46. business samaletsana, just be competetive on the market fullstop.umenewo ndj ubulutu,inu mumasoka ma tayala ndikupako phula ndi chifukwa anthu amakuthawani,aMalawi mwalowa chinyengo too much.

  47. Chamwaka says:

    You have been selling second hand tires from Kamuzu era and up to now -three presidents in between -you have not grown your BIZINEZI? You are the problem not the foreign tire sellers.

  48. Mbuyanga says:

    Kodi pamenepa olakwa ndani? Nanga malamulo akuti chani?

  49. aaaaa…mungozivuta boma lake liti lingabane maforeigner-lo fiti zake zadyela ndindalamazî,zinagulitsa kale dziko lino kwama4reigner.muone mmene ma4reigner kupezela malo ndimanyumba kwathu kuno koma kuti mmalawi azipeze madelay akewo

  50. Kenkkk says:

    Just compete. Stop complaining. Provide good services, customers will flock to you. Copy them and see where it takes you. Motorists want affordable tyres and that can only come through market forces and competition via quality as well!!!

  51. prof chirwa says:

    I can’t see anything wrong! When there is competition in bussines it is why the Malawi government take time to respond
    , the idea is unacceptable in bussines practice and it is the same thing cause the rooting of foreign shops in south Africa and cause the death of one Malawian, the best way of solving the problem is to form co_operative of small bussines and stock your goods in larger quantity to compete with them.

  52. nonsense and shame on you second hand tyre dealer why don’t you find huge amount.competion it is good on business. just work hard you w’ll gain much

  53. JJB says:

    Will foreigners include Asians?

  54. Bwande says:

    The problem here is two-fold.
    1. a Malawi ambiri timafuna phindu lambiri pa ka nthawi kochepa and from substandard business. Eventually our prices are always high and we fail to attract customers. We blame foreigners for our shortfalls.
    2. There is lack of regulations in business conduct. In other countries businesses are regulated in the best interest of local businesses. Conditions for business licences address this.

  55. ujeni says:

    All the way from Nigeria and Somalia to sell kaunjika in Malawi. And corrupt stupid government officials gives the permit for that? If you inquire of these Nigerians and Somalians, you will find they hold Malawi passports, and if you search them more, you’ll find they do print fake kwacha and are involved in money laundering. Nigerians and Somalians all they know is steal; destroy and kill, boko and alshabab in Malawi

    1. Malindima says:

      Every government has a duty to protect its indigenous people! We are tired of this shit if seeing Indians, Nigerians, Chinese etc killing the small businesses. Let Malawians compete one another and this will be a fair play! Let the foreigners invest in manufacturing which is what we want; not jumping the fences to Malawi to sell old underwears! We will stage a powerful demonstration like you have never seen before and perhaps the government will listen!

  56. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Kufuna kupha anthu ndi ma tyre anu olembawo eti?

  57. Novirikana says:

    Of course these foreigners are “adding” (akuonjeza). They are almost selling anything second hand and every substandard products, ranging from second hand vegetables, razor blades to condoms. Shaaah!. But if you indigenous traders want to mount a better demo, go to the T. Mtambos, M. Semberekas et al. Mafanawatu amaitha, Iwo amakhodza kumatcha even anthu five okha basi. Ndinaonera ija adachita posakhalitsayi ija inali very “ashemed!”

  58. Mdicai Longwe says:

    Ine ndine M’Malawi koma zoti anthu ogulitsa matayala akanize anzao a kunja sindikugwirizana nazo. Pano ndiri kuno ku South Sudan.Amene akuchita malonda ndi anthu obwera kuchokera ku Uganda, Eriteria, Ethiopia, Rwanda ndi maikoa ena ozungulira. Pa chizungu amati Foreign investors.

    Anthu akunjawa abweretsa forex

    1. Malindima says:

      But not with that stupid investment! These pirates killed in Somalia and that money obtained from ransom they trekked to South Africa to kill local tuck shops. This can not be allowed in the name of competition!

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