Malawi singer Fuggie Kasipa arrested for illegal gun: Updated

Malawian musician  Fuggie Kasipa of the Dale Wangayu song has been arrested on suspicion of illegal firearm possession, Nyasa Times understands.

Fuggie: Held over illegal gun possession

Fuggie: Held over illegal gun possession

Kasipa was arrested in Blantyre on Wednesday night.

An eyewitness, who did not want to be named, reported seeing police  at Kasipa’s home to search.

Blantyre Police Station, according to the station’s spokesperson Elizabeth Divala confimed to Nyasa Times that Kasipa is being held and police are investigating the matter.

He was picked on allegations that he acted as a middlemen in a firearm deal.

Kasipa was allegedly used as an agent to find a buyer for the firearm which is connected to fours suspects police are keeping.

According to police, Kaspa was contacted a Blantyre based businessman to source a gun for him. He managed to get the unlicensed  gun from Dumisani Mvula and  Chipiliro Gombwa.

Police says gun related crimes are on the rise in Malawi. Hadly a night goes by without reports of an armed robbery.

Poverty has adversely contributed to these crimes, even the badly paid police officers are sometimes aiding the criminals by providing arms to them.

  • Matter of fact: We had erroneously mentioned Blessings Mvula earlier in the article but it is Dumisani Mvula. The editor regret the error.
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19 thoughts on “Malawi singer Fuggie Kasipa arrested for illegal gun: Updated”

  1. Geoffrey says:

    Yet to be proven guilty right? until then let’s wait for the professionals to handle this.
    big up to our Police service at least…

  2. The Swartkop Guru says:

    Malawi Police and Media are confusing everything.

    Here is the real story: There is this guy his name is Andy is the same person who offered a gun to Kasipa and Kasipa directed the contact sent by Andy to the Korean.

    Like in there case of Dumisani Mvula. Andy used a guy his name is Keith to conduct the transaction.

    Dumisani /Chipiliro did not know that the gun had no papers nor that the gun was used in criminal activity.

    Dumisani /Chipiliro/fugi are not criminals as presented by Nyasa Times / other Media.

    Please let us avoid vilifying innocent people. Malawi police should present accurate information.

  3. manze says:

    mulungu atithandize

  4. Ku Lilongwe says:

    A matter of fact: It is Andy Machinjiri who had the whole deal of gun

  5. 2016 welcome says:

    Akalowe basi. He is one of the notorious thugs terrorizing our neighborhoods

  6. Violet Zulu says:

    Malawi security service,nowadays most of you ulesi & liking private works most instead of fulfilling what you are assigned for, remember your under oath of securing your country & safe guarding it

  7. KUKHALA says:


  8. KAYA ZAKO IZO says:

    Mukuchititsa manyazi inu……Ena akulimbana ndi akazi a eni, ena Kulankulana ndi Satana apa ena ndinu kufuna kuzunza/kupha anthu osalakwa. chuma chikuvuta ndipo ambiri tili pa umphawi wa dzaoneni but this is not a solution at all…..tiyeni tigwire ntchito molimbika basi….Mulungu amadalitsa otero.

  9. Philimon says:


  10. KAYA ZAKO IZO says:

    Mukuchititsa manyazi inu……Ena akulimbana ndi akazi a eni, ena Kulankulana ndi Satana apa ena ndinu kufuna kuzunza anthu osalakwa.

  11. Nkasai says:

    Oyimbawa akutichitisa manyazi.Wina ndi uja wathesa banja la eni !kupanirila sugar mum osabeleka mwini wake ali ku tz ! Chonsecho ati gospel singer !kumudyera mai mamillon !kodi magalimoto umasintha aja ali kuti !

  12. Amwene Fuggie Kasipa ndichianinso nanga? Umakhelwani wami at Makata in Ndirande township, Mwatichititsa Manyazi Amwene, Mwayamba liti khalidwe limenelinso Achimwene? Currently I’m out of Malawi but shocked to read this sad news of Fuggie Kasipa.

    1. Siyako says:

      Kasipa angakulonde ndani iwe, Mapaz ako

  13. Ajifu says:

    No lead a lavish life style, but you do nothing for a Ma Blacks says “waziyika mukapolo kufuna moyo wapamwambaa!!!!!!!

  14. nyoni says:

    Are you sure that you were keeping guns? No I will never work with the killer even when you are out of the prison.

  15. supply gondwe says:

    sory mr kasipa

  16. Rodrigues Latata. says:

    Hadly? Hardly.

  17. Yusuf says:

    Shaa, umangodziwiratu !

  18. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    Tell us something guys, is he on of those involved in any crime? uh.

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