Malawi skipper Kamwendo refuses to be substituted

Malawi national team Captain Joseph Kamwendo refused to be substituted during the team’s 2-1 loss to Zimbabwe in a Group L qualifying match of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations at the Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Saturday afternoon.

Dejected Kamwendo and Nyondo...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Dejected Kamwendo and Nyondo…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Veterans Esau Kanyenda and Fischer Kondowe on the bench....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Veterans Esau Kanyenda and Fischer Kondowe were left  on the bench….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The Flames were humiliated at home by Zimbabwe Warriors, who arrived in Malawi by road a few hours before the game.

With the scores tied at 1-1 in the second half, Head coach Young Chimodzi told his Captain to pave way for Gerald Phiri Jnr but Kamwendo defied the order, leaving his boss with no option but to substitute Dziko Mkanda for Esau Kanyenda.

Surprisingly, soon after the substitution, Kamwendo gave Kanyenda the Captain armband in an act of anger that even left his team-mates puzzled.

”Initially Kamwendo was earmarked for substitution at half-time but he was having none of it’ and was not prepared to listen to the coach,” revealed one of the Flames players.

Kamwendo’s defiance and weird behaviour towards his coach confirms reports of divisions in Flames’ camp.

And, although Kamwendo turned down his coach’s orders, Flames failed to use home advantage and beat the Warriors despite good display.

The Warriors of Zimbabwe defied the odds and got their AFCON 2017 qualifying campaign to a great start beating Malawi 2-1.

Malawi head coach Young Chimodzi on Friday said his team won’t have any excuses if they fail to beat Zimbabwe.

The Flames of Malawi have had great preparations for the game and had been in camp since the Cosafa Cup while the Warriors preparations had been a disaster.

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49 thoughts on “Malawi skipper Kamwendo refuses to be substituted”

  1. Koma amasewera ku TP mazembe ameneyu mdakayika

  2. Kalithera says:

    Coach amene adzaikenso golo boyi uyu mukuti Mcdonald Harawa pagolo la Flames yake izathera pompo, zitsiru za ma coach ,Young ndi Jack, inu simunaone ku cosafa kuja mene Harawa anatiluzisira ndi Mozambique , ndi mmene Swini anabathira mpira tsiku la finals

  3. A Wachiona Ndani says:

    Chichewano tsopano.Inu ma coach ntchito mwazichotsa nokha chifukwa chongokhala pansi mkumawonela mpira mmalo mogwira ntchito yanu,mumenyesa bwanji team yopanda goalkeeper? Ife timawona kuti pagoal palibe munthu,olo a esau, akamwendo ndi amalata mmati azitani ground,we want the team that played in south africa basi,kupatula goalkeeper ndi malata,try swin or?????

  4. emmanuel says:

    the player is not bigger than the team don’t say that he was denied from substitute thats i maturity did you tell the responsible person for the disagreement ?

  5. Mr Chifumbu says:

    Old people are useless, Young Chimodzi & Jack Chamangwana are old, now you can draw a conclusion

  6. Monday Coach says:

    Please Mtawali can you find the list of boys who played in south Africa during COSAFA except few who were scoring in their own goals. Please use that team. For sure it will deliver not the Kanyendas, Kamwendos,Nyondos, Harawas. These players are useless and are big headed.

  7. kanyimbi says:

    Do you remember that a certain European Flames coach removed the captain from Kamwendo and gave it to Moses Chavula? The guy is not capable of being a captain and his football is too slow for modern mid fields. No wonder he just warm benches in foreign clubs. Useless creature. Why showing arrogance?

  8. Pata phiri says:

    Suspend him for life even at club levels

  9. Mbwiye wofatsa says:

    I hope thd team was the one which brought the COSAFA Plate.Why bringing bad players who deny to be substituted? Don’t call again these miserable players.Am fed up.Stupid

  10. austin says:

    Where is the team that played in RsA.Player kulamula coach? No wonder we lost poor leadership skills.Coach go we need a coach who can’t fear players.Remember he denied a friendly aganst Zambia y calling?taona wakuchotsestsa ntchito..

  11. prince says:

    Pls fire this idiot coach young you have fooled us shit and I don’t want to see you any more idiotic man

  12. Ingwina says:

    So you mean he cant be managed by coaches. He had nothing to offer in that previous game. Akhale pansi akatopa.

  13. Jentle says:

    Where z Chipuwa?

  14. Trevor jere says:

    Player amaziva kwambiri uyu

  15. Damage says:

    Who is fooling who ?

  16. nyasa boy says:

    My man kamwendo just resigned national team its bullshit

  17. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Kamwendo also is a spent force.

  18. hango says:

    To all Malawians, the team is good but blame the carpenter “Chimodzi”. Masub auchitsilu and bad choice of first class players cost us the game. Foolish coach – Nyondo, Kamwendo, Malata, Harawa kwa ine sakanasewera ayi.

  19. Nyezelera says:

    The Technical panel and whole football govern body (FAM) must go because they are not delivering , they must pave way for other people who are serious with football development in country than talking same story for many year. As if there are no football Administrators in the country whose inerest is to see that the game of football develop.

  20. 27 says:

    kamwedo’s conduct is not fit for a captain he must be dismissed, he lacks discipline. I think Fischer Kondowe would do better as skipper.

  21. Don,t blem any body but halawa he is foolish.

  22. mayeso says:

    Goal keeper is not fit for football bwanji simunayike amene anagwira final ija tinabwera ndi mbale kodi goalkeeper uyu amakupatsani chani plse plse substute him he is not fit as a malawi goal keeper.we are malawians who are losing not you coaches its tax money plse be seriouse guys.

  23. enuf said says:

    Mweneyes are to blame for this too!

  24. BB woyeee says:

    Pa Kamuzu stadium azingotenga bullets chifukwa siyimaluza

  25. Massive says says:

    Idont blame acoach at all. Once the players given achance to work for they country, they should done whatever they could to make thy fans proud..and idnt know why every one they pointing afinger to the coach?? This kind of problem we got here, no any coach cn change it, evirn though ucan haire jozy morinoul or eny famous coach, it will be the same, bcs thy going to use the same players, they not gonner go to buy aplayers fo our national team

  26. osman usu justin says:

    Kodi line-up ya ku cosafa inalakwa chani?

  27. Angry Fan says:

    This should be the last time we Malawians will see that mediocre golie manning our posts. He is a dull idiot.

  28. mbava says:

    Harawa and Malata hav shown that they are not national team materials! Why was Gelard Phiri jr on the bench?

  29. NYAKWAWA says:

    kanyenda,kamwendo,nyirenda,kondowe and nyondo……its tym to gooooooooooo…………panopa ngati kuli kuluza tiziluza ndi enawa

  30. abale samalani says:

    Kodi goal keeper ameneyu mumamutenga chifukwa ndi mtumbuka basi? Koma mupha ma supporters

  31. NYAKWAWA says:

    kanyenda,kamwendo,kondowe and nyondo………..its tym to goooooooo……….panopa chabwino tiziluza ndi enawaaaaaaaaaaaa

  32. Live the flames as it is,just advise of possible ways to change the system.We can’t keep changing coaches and players now and then.Even the players themselves they don’t like to loose but that’s competition,had we won the game Zimbabweans could have responded the same we do.Lets pray for our beloved team.Its not the end.

  33. A COMMONER says:

    No excuse frm both parties, the coach had lost it all and the handwriting is on the wall. The defence line with too many loop holes and the keeper like he is stil in his sleep. The wingers no show, the midfielders misunderstanding always, the strikers fighting 4 glory as usual, the whole team finger pointing. Confusion confusion confusion, no jetlag issue here, Zimbabwe was just a gud team and the road trip they took gave them a gud run on the pitch. Beaten in ur own back yard is terrible.

  34. Gift Kayipa says:

    Kamwendo we are proud of you, But you could have shown your humbleness as a leader.

  35. Edwin says:

    I wish he could substitute the goalkeeper or even tryied someone else I lost trust in this harawa long time ago

  36. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Eeeeeeeeeh kungoti iyeyo Super Mario,koma akuluakulu team iyi idzatipha ndi ma BP,bwanji ikanangosiya kumenya National team just for two years only???

  37. Lucky malata foolish

  38. mbani says:

    U change the system instead of using the tactics u used in South Africa

  39. ahoy says:

    Vuto la coach akama nyenga mababie ama player, ulemu palibe

  40. what a good is dis 1?i can jst say all best to our flames players.zafikapa bola big spain if the national team there is any barca player the team cant do well and its the same here no Big Bullets player no win.BB more fire.

  41. Mavuto Pwiya~pwiya says:

    I Am not happy atall what Couch and his masterplan he was using. He is a faulier indeed.

  42. SOOTH SAYER! says:


  43. Under Kinna Phiri such nonsense cud not happen.Joseph refused to play cosafa so why now?

  44. njomba says:

    kodi Kinna Phiri anapita kutiko?

  45. Billy kamanga says:

    Player sangakanekutuluka osapanga ripot kwa 4th official bwanji?or kumulanda ukaputeniwo

  46. Alik Katunmga says:

    coach is not in control then. why should a player refuse to be subsituted. Komanso a goalie sali bwino konse

  47. chris gavin says:

    mbuzi za anthu zikudziwana mpake kudererana

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