Malawi sleepwalking into failed state: Catholic Church says ‘Mapwevupwevu’ is misplaced priorities

Malawi is sleepwalking into a failed state as the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) an arm of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), has noted that instead of transformational leadership, the country is still experiencing “the same way of governance styles.”

Head of CCJP, cHRIS Chisoni:

Head of CCJP, cHRIS Chisoni:  Malawi full of anxiety

In a statement released on Tuesday, CCJP said Malawi is “slowly becoming a nation full of anxiety” and a nation that is becoming “entrenched into poverty”.

The church governance watchdog pointed out that Malawi is “slowly forgetting peace, a nation that is growing impatient and is slowly sliding into disrespecting the sanctity of human life and a nation whose citizens are gradually emerging unpatriotic to the national values and needs.”

Right to decent life compromised

CCJP stated that there are continued reports in many Government departments and public health facilities of low funding and supply of necessary resources to affect service delivery.

“For example, as a result of low or no funding at all, many district hospitals have scaled down their operations, their ambulance services grounded, their medical supplies drastically reduced to few essential drugs, provision of meals to patients reduced to only one meal per day from three,” reads the statement.

CCJP urges authorities to locate where the main problem is.

“If it is inefficiencies in different line ministries and departments, capacity building processes must be embarked on soon; if it is negligence from responsible officers, authorities must take drastic measures to sort out this negligence. This is because the right to health, development and a possibility of a descent life for many Malawians are hugely getting compromised,” it said.

‘Mapwevupwevu’ Priorities

CCJP observed that that there are misplaced priorities by the government where it is spending money for less important issues.

It gave a specific example being a banquet which was organised by President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe for lawmakers – dubbed Mapwevupwevu – to celebrate the passing of the national budget as signal of “misplaced priorities.”

The opposition boycotted the banquet.

“Such bad signals in the face of growing poverty and frustrations among people continue to be a sad trend in Malawi,” the Catholic Church pointed out.

Cooked’ Macroeconomic Indicators

CCJP has also lashed at government for “cooking” up economic figure to paint a picture as if there is growth while people continue to be impoverished.

“There are growing levels of poverty, desperation, hunger and shrinking public service delivery that are untimely and quality compromised,” noted CCJP.

The influential Catholic church called on leaders to give the nation the “right information “ so that diversified strategies can be explored to improve the lives of the majority poor Malawians.

“The right economic indicators would also assist in seeking international collaboration for Government to have the needed capacity to fulfill its roles,” stated the church.

National Insecurity

CCJP has also pointed out that Malawi is currently gripped with “saddening experiences of sustained insecurity.”

The church said it is more worrisome, in some instances, that some police officers, who were supposed to be law enforcers, have joined hands with criminals terrorizing the society in an unprecedented manner.

CCJP also expressed wary with vigilante justice where some communities have started taking laws into their own hands as they are torching and killing suspects due to perceived non responsiveness of our security and justice systems.

“We are also worried that this menace will chase and scare away prospective foreign investors whilst Government has been embarking on a serious drive to attract the much needed investors, a positive initiative for our country.”

The church called for a multi-sectoral approach that Malawi Police must lead in seeking better ways of combating crime as it will not be possible for our Police to successfully combat this high level of crime alone.

New Systems

CCJP applauded government for facilitating the procurement, installation and utilization of the new system at the Road Traffic offices but observed that the “bottlenecks” that all people seeking road traffic services are facing are worrisome and frustrating.

It said government should sort out the problem of delays and unnecessary long queues.

“We think if the software is the problem, the installers must come in faster; if the workers are not capacitated, capacity building processes should be embarked on soon and if its workers’ sabotage of the system let the authorities deal with such malpractice once and for all.”

Meanwhile, CCJP is asking the Peter Mutharika administration to deal with developmental challenges Malawi is facing other than focusing on petty politics.

The church also urges political parties and people of goodwill to focus on development initiatives and leave retrogressive politics of campaigning when it’s not time for elections.

The Catholic Church said government should “honestly” lead Malawi through consensus building and create an enabling economic and political environment for the transformation of the nation.

“We further urge Government to thoroughly consult on national policies for the betterment of who those policies will serve,” said the statement.

An appeal has also been made to donors to resume direct aid to Malawi “as not to do so is slowly aiding Malawi into a deathbed.”

Malawi lost up to 40 percent of the budget support it was receiving from foreign donors after the European Union, the World Bank and the United Kingdom decided to suspend aid pending the results of the government investigation into the alleged corruption scandal, popularly known as “Cashgate.”

The donors have said they won’t resume until the “cashgate” puzzle has been resolved and until it has established better financial and management systems.

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60 thoughts on “Malawi sleepwalking into failed state: Catholic Church says ‘Mapwevupwevu’ is misplaced priorities”

  1. prince says:

    a failed state indeed. those of you refuting this are benefiting from this greedy Govt. go to hell bolanso mai JB.

  2. phomuphomu says:

    pastoral letter mwansangasanga

  3. Munganya Uyu says:


  4. MAKO says:



  5. phodos wa phodos says:

    Mr Chisoni please try to reason before coming out. If you need a scono just ask one. You argument are baseless. Just check the following macroeconomic indicators:
    1. Interest rates Assessment
    2. Gross Domestic Product
    3.Consumer Price Index
    4.Employment indicators
    5.Retail Sales
    6.Balance of Payment
    Government Fiscal & Monetory Policy.

    Questions to Chisoni
    1. Do you understand how these work for the economy or you just read in newspaper or its businness knowledge you acquired at MSCE.
    2. Do you know who is responsible for preparing these figures?
    3. If the figures produced by government are wrong the where are the correct ones you have prepared with your fail church men?
    4. Do you have internal standards for preparing these figures?
    5. Which measuring scales are you using to declare that the figures are wrong?
    6. If your given a podium to explain your argument, are you going to substance what you saying in economic terms?
    7. Next time try to produce your correct figures matching it against the wrong figures.

    Kukula mutuwo a Chisoni ndi mayesa ndi nzeru. Zoonadi kumina mamina ambiri sikukula mphuno ayi. Ndaonera a Chisoni kukula mutu koma nzeru ayi. If Tumbukas were like this useless Mlomwe I would be happy. Chisoni critizes the government regarless which tribe is ruling( sorry for mentioning tribe)

  6. Lucida says:

    That’s DPP for you, all they know is how to party. If it was not the late Bingu hosting a party then it was Callista, now we are back to the same trend while Peter is hosting mapwebvupwebvu Gertrude is busy assembling ladies to partying, asking them to get dressed in expensive clothes, wasting money meant to sustain their families just to keep up with the Muthalika’s extravagant way of living while the country is on fire.

  7. MAN KENYA says:

    Pathetic! We Africans are to blame. We elect leaders who have no vision or mission. Their work is to accumulate wealth, witch-hunting their predecessors and keeping the opposition at bay once criticized. We just celebrate that our tribesmen are at the highest office yet we are all (citizens) suffering equally. I would rather be ruled by a mindful foreigner rather than a corrupt, visionless statesman. JB for example is alledgedly accused of cashgate. APM will spend most of his time pursuing JB. The cycle is endless. When shall the country develop? That is the trend even here in Kenya. We Africans expelled the white colonialists only to be ruled by a black worse colonialist. Compared to developed countries, we are “not yet freedom” both economically and democratically. May God intervene.

  8. OWINA says:

    thank you the catholics hope it will be the same as in 1994, 2012,

  9. george says:

    Mapwevupwevu basi…..Kamlepo said it

  10. Whiiiwuu... says:

    Thats what happens when we want to die learners……we are in an impatient train ….full of greed, nepotism, regionalism and corruption… Malawians, we knew the board but missed the target. This would have been different if MEC had its values at heart.

  11. CD practitioner says:

    Love is all we need

  12. Think Tank says:

    Those in the clique of clueless lead pack cant see sense in the article. Instead all they see is rocking the gravy train they are riding into disaster. When our Bishops wrote pastrol letter in 1992,Dausi was in the thick of things to condemn the Bishops. Simply because he was the darling of Ngwazi. Years latter,he is enjoying the fruits of multi-party. Before last year,Big Man was in the thick of criticising the gvrnment. Now being in the system,he sees nothing wrong is going on.

  13. BigMan says:

    More useless barking.

  14. Jabulosi says:

    There is no way Malawi can improve. I feel like I am in the pot. People are poor below the line because of highly corrupted officials. I would love if there is law whereby a country can be sold, I would ask Lil Wyne to Malawi country.

  15. Pinyox says:


  16. Balamanthu says:


    1.Look at what has been written whether it makes sense or not.In my view, it does not matter to blame Chisoni and what opinion you may have of him when what he has written is the truth.Unfortunately, most of us as a people like wallowing in untruths and would rather kill a messenger than look at the message.

    2.Fort the future, we must unite to elect people that are willing to serve the masses.What we have in power are looters that dont care about the welfare of the people.

    3.The Electoral Commission needs to change the way it conducts its lecetions and reform itself and the procedures it follows.If we were allowed to follow facts and take them to conclusive end in the last lecetion, the story should have been different.

    4.Those of you that interact with mapwemvupwemvu of this ruling party, make no mistake and advise them that if they dont sort out the security issue, they will lose the next general lecetion ragedless of what they may be planning to do.

    5.As a government, they should focus in helping to sort out our problems rather than engaging in petty issues led by one Akweni.Those issues dont help at all.Kunyoza Chakwera kungobweretsa mkwiyo wamulungu.

  17. Malawian Patriot says:

    I believe it is time Malawians appreciated what government and governance is. The government has access to people and resources in the country. It can also tap on international resources (donors). What Malawi needs first is unity of purpose. As a team we should all agree what Malawi needs. What I note from most of the comments at thsi forum is ignorance, nepotism and anger as guiding principles in politics. Government does not have resources for a few people to enjoy but for a majority to contribute and allocated to according to needs. Development issues have to factor in the level of national cohesion and understanding of greater good. Some of us are committed to provide the necessary tools that can lead our country into prosperity. However, unless people have hunger for change and appetite to improve their lives, these tools will be put to waste. I believe that Malawi has reached a point where serious sorrow searching has to be done and each one of us has to identify our roles as Malawians. We have to participate in our national building by contributing to its success rather than stealing from it. Umodzi Party can provide this platform by creating jobs and educating everyone. This does not require money but innovation and appreciating environmental challenges that we face now. UNICEF made presidential candidates sign a declaration to look after the youth. One of the recommendation was education for all. You can see how easy it is to partner with others to achieve a common good. This is currently difficult for DPP government to achieve because of historical reasons. DPP has very good ideas but the history makes it difficult for them to implement these ideas.

  18. MKWAPU says:


  19. Philosopher says:

    When i look at what CCJP has said, there is need of not only critising but also offering concrete solutions, for instance on donor aid, the donors have said to they will use other means to provide donor funding,the donors have a right to safeguard their money i mean after all it is their money,we need to move away from depending on donors and start developing new strategies, for example, Mining, what we have right underneath our feet could provide the necessary foreign exchange, which we are struggling to get, Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in order to complement with current drive for foreign direct investment, subsidies companies that are exporting more than importing.

  20. PRAG says:

    I totally agree with number 22. That should be the way to go…..

  21. ziphaliwali says:

    The leadership of this country is SICK TO THE BONE MARROW, its a bunch of failures paja ukapanda kuseweretsa ma toy uli mwana umafunitsitsa utaseweretsa utakula likewise if you didn’t party when you were young you try tooth & nail to have it at your 90th birth day. Remember his brother (Bingu) was also full of merry making at the expense of our poverty, I cry for my beutiful motherland. God please heal us from this vice & cancer.

  22. Hendrix says:

    History teaches us that the past is there for us to learn from. Thé présent is here with us to manage that which we have learnt from the past. And the future is there for us to change things for the better. Thé problem with malawians is that we dont capitalize on the lessons from the past. In fact we are averse to learning from the past and therefore we lack a fundamental base from where informed decisions can be made with regards to the future. Some us knew that Peter is a specialist in failure judging from the few positions he held during his brother’s era. Even the likes of Chisoni knew that the man is a flop yet they supported him. Many educated people like Chisoni who do not stand for the truth but continue to deceive Malawians into voting for leaders they know will not deliver are the ones subjecting Malawians into untold poverty.

  23. Chigawaneni says:

    Job well done CCJP! The problem with some Malawians is mediocrity, even those who went to school. They are themselves not transformed but claim to lead transformation. Thats a joke! Clear and straightforward observation along with possible solutions, you attack Chisoni as an individual. Do you think we can develop as a nation with such kind of retrogressive thinkig?

  24. Cheap politics must stop and we can not expect the few active politicians to initiate it. The general citizenry must learn to look at policies that our leaders are advancing rather than being cheated with a few kwachas or tribalisim.Civil Service Organizations must educate masses about government responsibility and how to hold it responsible and accountable.
    Both the working class and the business community are gloomy.Where are we heading to?It is not one man’s job but somebody is leading and everything that happens he must get both credit and blame.Put objectively,Malawians are suffering.

  25. Maliroagonepati says:

    Mr Chisoni, end “envy” and this govt will perform. According to the President (Kasiya road speech) and his senior ministers (addressing Malawians in Lusaka recently) “envy” is holding back DPP efforts to develop this country.

    Where on earth did “envy” ever stop anyone from achieving what they wanted in life? This administration is so incompetent it can’t even come up with some plausible excuses for its abject incompetence…

  26. phodo says:

    Chris just join politics. Cant you see what the Tumbukas when they have strongest representation in the government. All Tumbukas grow death ears and dumbness over burning national issues. Some even counter attack those who attack the government. For example all the Tumbuka remained dumb during PP because of Mrs Ricjard Mtila Banda and Kachali Mabed. Cant you see? Alomwe mwatotanije. Tilimbane ndi a Tumbuka ndiye tilimbanenso ndi a Nguru anzathu ngati Chisoni. Uzikhala nanzeru nguru iwe. Alomwe sitimakondana ayi.

    1. kanyani kumutengo says:

      critisism is a spice of governance if ignored it leads to political turmoil

  27. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Kaya mutinene ife mapwevupwevu tidyabe basi. Za umphawi wanu usatikhudze ife a DPP.
    Afterall or titalakwitsa tidyabe mpaka 2019 ooooooooooooooooh. Ok ndikubwela kaye
    ndikapukute mafuta pakamwa.

  28. mbex shana says:

    Thank you the CCJP for your good observations all these challenges have been there since our so called independence.We have almost changed four presidents but none of them has transformed our country honestly.There has been thefty of government funds not poverty alleviation at all.What do we need as a nation?,not huge money no! (this is a small country) or highly educated individuals no!! but the God fearing passion heart broken giving leaders.Such people don’t think of enriching themselves or attacking its people but rather improving the lives of people in the society.Meanwhile I don’t see such leaders coming very soon,so we need just to change policies of governance especially for presidency.They should be given target of socia-economic developments during their tenure in office not them telling us what I call blue lies.I remain a patriotic citizen … viva CCJP

  29. Mlauzi says:

    Actually as a catholic myself I was surprised with the stand that some sons of the church (priests) were taking in the run up to the general elections in 2014. Yet they were very much aware of the atrocities the DPP had committed, the fuel shortages, murdering of the economy and many other evils. It`s good that they can now see the light. Let`s hope that we will continue to be guided by light

  30. Byron says:

    The same Peter Mutharika spoke with pomp during campaign that he was gonna combat crime with full force,but where is his promise?

    Some stupid Malawians will vote for this irresponsible fake leader in 2019 after he demonstrates some few projects funded by others. It’s not the economics of infrastructure, it’s the economics of the buying power for all citizens that determines a leader’s wisdom.It’s the same thing when one borrows money and buys an expensive car but doesn’t have anything as a liquid asset in his/her bank Account.

    Most African leaders fool their people by touting their infrastructure achievements and yet there is no movement in the country’s growth as indicated by the country’s GDP and GNP.They deliberately put too much emphasis on conspicuous projects while people are still rallying in poverty because they like to use projects as campaign tool and yet projects don’t have significant value in GDP.This explains why Malawi has gone poorer between 2004 and now.Under DPP there are more projects than what is produced to earn income and improve the buying power.This has resulted into more inflation,lower standard of living,and less savings for the people in the bank.Such a situation is a result of a government that has wrong priorities.

    You concentrate on massive productivity first and create more jobs,then projects will follow naturally.Things like hotels,highways,universities,stadiums will always be there as new projects when a country has uplifted itself from poverty because many investors follow where there is no poverty to initiate a project-it’s the buying power of the people that gives magnetism to their investment.

  31. guta says:

    The responsibility to build the nation belongs to all of us

  32. Marcus Zimbiri says:

    Hahaha. Chisoni nde mbava inanso ntauni muno. Kungolemba chifukwa ndi ntchito basi.

  33. chimwemwe says:

    The issue effecting national security, prices rises, devaluation, funding to hospitals has to improve or else we are heading to unimaginable poverty and life

  34. Mr Chisoni shame on you. You are one of the useless person plus the whole CCJP zimene mmafuna zilimbanani zisiru nokanoka

  35. xxxx says:

    Mr Chisoni come and address us here at Nguludi Roman Catholic hospital where drugs are out of stack. Dont blame the government alone.

  36. It was all wrong to give DPP another chance after Bingu completely flopped between 2009 and 2012. He died as result of his failures. Malawi experienced fuel shortages during Bingu era and we were stupid to get these thugs back. Peter left Malawi in early sixties and resurfaced when he was already an old frail man. He is not committed and just wants to end his life on a high note with a state funeral. The leaders we have are not there to serve the interests of Malawians. Malawi has achieved very little after Kamuzu. There are no jobs for the youths. Education is below standards. The judiciary is not working especially the Industrial Relations Court. We are paying many for doing nothing. The poverty levels can be seen with a naked eye. ESCOM continues to disappoint. Muthalika is behaving as if he is a ceremonial head of state like the queen of UK or the president of Germany.

  37. Shocker says:

    Transformation should start with the electoral law. The 50+1 rule must be the way to go. This will surely make those vying for presidency perform. This will also increase competition among the candidates and will contribute to making electorates consider what the person vying for presidency can offer and not what party, tribe and region they belong or come from. These tendencies have contributed greatly to this country having mediocre presidents. It is discouraging to see that even educated and enlightened people vote for candidates based on tribal and regional lines. Lets us transform our institutions and processes for us to move forward. Malawi should be treated has one country where all people, tribes and regions are equal and treated as such.

  38. orila says:

    Am happy we are facing the challenges together bcz some people are like superglue kumamatira DPP koma ikukagwera kudzenje iyah

  39. ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika has FAILED!!! News to our ears? no! we knew it before, he is a failure, he failed in all ministries he headed.

  40. Namukachapa says:

    Mr Chisoni is a hypocrite and therefore the wrong vessel to carry this message. Can’t the church find anybody else?

  41. Patriot says:

    Malawi is led by a very rotten leadership full of Cashgaters, MHC house grabbers, Chasowa Murderers and now Njauju. What do u expect from very old guard that have days to live: eat, root and plunder. After all politics is a dirty game played by very filthy players.


    So Mr Chisoni you have now realised your mistake? You supported this Panga Wielding Terrorists Party called DPP when there was glaring evidence it had stolen our vote.You sold us out to these thugs who have no vision for the country but after plunder of our nation.Though you, the judiciary,sacrificed 16 million souls at the alter of your selfishness our God will fight all the pain will go. The wise thing Bwampini and Company can do for us is to step aside.Donors can not just come in K550 Billion Cashgate is unravelled.The ongoing plunderof Chikangawa Forest is checked.

  43. Kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Good afternoon. I wish to commend CCJP for its feedback on the progress the ciuntry. No one should blame the opposition for the feedback as is usually the case. Even if Mr Chisoni supported and may be voted for the DPP, that could have been in his personal capacity. The issues raised are for the national interest and not partisan. Let as many Malawians give their view of the situation in our beautiful country. Let pilitics be the last aspect to guide our actions. Those of you directing the policies of the country listen to any feedback that might come to you within defending yourselves. Bravo Malawi.

  44. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Chris Chisoni ndi womvetsa chisoni…..

  45. Charombanthu says:

    I spent the whole day at the road traffic directorate yesterday and did not manage to renew my drivers’ licence and as if that was not enough, came back home only to be met by an electricity blackout and water shortage in the evening up until 10-11 pm. I am now back at the road traffic to try and finish off what I started yesterday and things do not seem to be moving at all. We are indeed sliding into a failed state after 51 years of independence. Eish…..

  46. nzungu wa nzeru says:

    The observation by CCJP is very right. Malawi leaders are the same they are all blind and deaf amamva akamatchidwa basi.

  47. Trevor Manyi says:

    Masikoni yatha?

  48. Sapitwa says:

    The main Challenges to our country:

    Lack of funds to support daily needs( this is the main one). It doesn’t matter who ever would have been President: JB,Atupele or Chakwera, there is no way these could have resolved the daily issues in need of funds. The point is Government has no money period and we are to expect more suffering if the Donors harden their hearts.
    The second challenge is lawlessness by the citizens who think Democracy is about breaking the laws and having liberty to do what ever you want. There is no patriotism in Malawi. You may wonder why Kamuzu was very hard on us; he studied us and resorted to becoming autocratic in all his dealings to Malawians. The churches including the Catholics should assist in shaping their members about being a good citizen to a country becomes equal to being good to God.But this is not happening.

    Third, many people are dependent on the Government for free issues even including those that earn a living through vending on the markets and those that are working. The Government can not cope with these people. It’s time now that those who earn a living should fend for themselves meeting all costs thus education, medication etc. easy to catch these people through Banks.
    The fourth one is lack of the Governing body comprising various Technocrats from the business,the political parties and independent policy thinkers. These could have been driving the country even if the new President and new party came to power today, this body would still continue to pursue standing issues on the desk. That is why Democracy is ineffective in Malawi because any new party that comes to power comes with new policies ignoring some good ones of the previous party.

  49. emene munavotera dpp mulungu akuoneseni kulakwa kwanu..

  50. Observer says:

    Chisoni is playing politics. He comes from Phalombe and was supporting the DDP in the just ended election……….so what is he doing? He wants to look neutral when he has already taken sides

  51. BBC says:

    Please donors do not resume your support because your funds will not assist a common man on the ground. The big Mutharika stole your funds to build a very big mansion.We don’t have government in Malawi but a group of village opportunists who are there to enrich themselves without considering the suffering of women and children. We will need the funds in the future when we have a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

  52. Xeenoph says:

    Eeeee! Achisoni mwatero! Mwina si a Chisoni amene ndiwaziwa. Ngati ndi a Chisonidi nde ayamba kuluma chala chao chomwetu. Tiye nazoni tionana mkati mwa nthawi

  53. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thanks CCJP for speaking my behalf. I am 100% sure, that Malawi is sliding into hopelessness. As a nation I don’t think we are doing things the right way to correct our situation.

    Donors are saying we have to prove that we are making reforms, but it is time when government minister decides to lie about our economy.

  54. bob mzunga says:

    We are where we are because people like Mr. Chisoni have not been standing on the side of truth. We are reaping the fruits of the bad seed we planted during the Tembo’s Section 65 vs. budget saga! The whole civil society was busy castigating the opposition forgeting that the dangerous enemy for Malawi is the executing branch of government and governing parties. Now we have a DPP that does not care about the pain that malawi is enduring. And we have CCJP has a soft spot for catholic presidents and vice presidents!

  55. amatelo says:

    its pathetic how quickly we are plunging into a new disaster…peter seems not lady to acept any differing view regardless of its cotent n on e other hand…Chakwera n his mates are not doing enough to stop this bubu frm raping e constitution…apolice treat them as great contributors to e developmental proces of e country…n see e boom….ma k250 tambala wa ayi oho…ndatha ine wanu

  56. James Alfonso says:

    Osatalikitsa nkhani, phunzitsani anhtu ZA udindo wao mu democracy and national development on one hand as you school our politicians on governance. I believe a knowledgeable society and good governance can lead us to prosperity.

  57. Mbiyazodooka says:

    I have my reservations with Mr. Chisoni because he is the one who was at the forefront supporting the DPP during the campaign when it was clear that the party, going by its past record, had lost the moral authority to govern.

    1. Chikdzakowani says:

      My own thoughts exactly. A good number of people at the Catholic Secretariat did not even make an attempt to hide their staunch support of DPP in the run-up to the 2014 general elections. APM and other DPP leaders were frequent visitors to the secretariat in Area 11. As the saying goes “Be very careful what you wish for…because you may just get it!”.

      The lesson learnt for 2019 for ECM should be to remain apolitical or neutral. A Roman Catholic presidential ticket does not guarantee efficiency and good governance…

  58. Malawian Patriot. says:

    Mapwevupwevu gouvernment must be IMPEACHED.
    It has once again FAILED malawians.
    Peter must step down.

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