Malawi soldiers face allowance cuts in DRC

Soldiers from Malawi Defence Force (MDF) serving on UN peace keeping mission in Democratic Republic of Congo are protesting angrily against government decision to drastically cut their United Nations sponsored allowance.

Soldier in combat operation

Soldier in combat operation

Chief of military operations Valentino Phiri confirmed soldiers are not happy with the government decision to cut allowances from the UN to fund other military operations both back in Malawi and abroad.

The government of Malawi provides the soldiers and the UN is responsible for their allowances which are wired direct to the government purse upon completion of their assignment.

“There is welfare problem within the military. We know the economy is not doing well back home but you can see the terrain our soldiers are working,” said Phiri.

The army has taken a contingent of Malawi media both from the public and private for them to see the difficult conditions the soldiers are in and dispel rumours from some soldiers who claimed the military is embezzling their allowances.

It has however transpired that the military was using some of the allowances for other operations in view of huge government budget cuts affecting all government departments.

Chairman of parliamentary committee on defence Willet Kalonga who is also in the DRC said he would lobby to parliament for more budgetary allocation to the military.

“The government should ensure that our troops are equipped. As you can see here, the forest is thick, vision is up to five metres they are in bad terrain,” he said.

Deputy defence minister Malison Ndau who is also in north Kivu with the troops said the government will always support the troops.

Soldiers stay in DRC for the UN mission for year up from eight month.

Military officials are however reluctant to disclose how much they pay  soldiers when they finish their mission nor could they say by how much the allowances have been reduced.

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26 thoughts on “Malawi soldiers face allowance cuts in DRC”

  1. Maxmos says:

    Mukuseweretsazo ndi same kutenga galasi mmanja

  2. Mitu yayima Pa Nyasaland says:

    Boma lipindulepo apa.why not government benefit all trainningand expenditures?

  3. jolozakapokola says:

    Guys, just overthrow the government and they should see how important you are. Otherwise, they will finish you off.

  4. Mwenye says:

    Nanu aboma osayamba mwaona anthu ot nkuwabera?MDF if this wil pass show ur work in ths gvt.

  5. Chilikuphiri says:

    Thats not fair but may b its what u have agreed with them do it …..ine ndesindidzakuvotelaniso a president mukangovomeleza zimenezo

  6. Kabungo says:

    Guys, you have the guns and fighting techniques what are you waiting for? Fight the idiots who are cutting your allowances to feed their protruding bellies.

  7. Wapolisi says:

    Pliz leave their allowances alone. Ntchito njophana iyi. I hate this no problem guy, idiot.

  8. Nilibe pulobulemu Ni Masoja says:

    Masoja a Ku Malawi tulo. Kundoya, kupepera.

    Pano mukuphunzitsa a Police za Military, Mwasanduka ma game rangers ku Dzalanyama, kenako muyamba kulondera mmipandamu, kenako tikupangani hayala mma ukwati kulondera ma K50 ofupa.

    Ikakhala Ration ndiye munayiwala, ma barracks nyumba kuchepa mpaka kukagona ku rent ma solder.

    Pano ka allowance koti mwapangira risk moyowanu akutapanso, kuthandizira mavuto a zachuma ku Malawi. Mwasanduka security company yoti client akalipila mwini company amatenga zonse inu nkukunyotsolerani?

    Wake up from Slumber. Osapepera, Apolisi akuposani inu.

    Ma Soldier a ku Malawi…..kundoya kwambiri.

  9. ZOMBA says:


  10. slashing their wage is inevitable, what do they do to deserve all that money anyway?

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    It is totally unfair and undemocratic to slash allowance payments for our brother soldiers who are exposed to a precarious situation in DRC.Worse still,many of these soldiers have families back home facing hard life due to no fault of their own,but due to the government’s ineptitude.The government must think wisely before it embarks on this cruel and unpartriotic trend.Mind you,these entrapid young people are representing our country in the most dangerous country in the world.It is very different from flying to the USA for sight seeing and paid hefty allowances.Comeon,be educated.

  12. harry jere says:

    Ahaaaa! malomoti mlembe asilikali ambiri mukungo wabela ndalama zaziiii! pezaninjira yina yopezela dollar pemenepa zikuvutani asilikali mkuwaziwa kale mwashosha yolakwika.

  13. Omase says:

    apa ndiye cup basi yakwana kaya ena mmati kupu

  14. Ine Mkuzidwi says:

    This is very inhuman by the responible authorities because they are not considerate regarding the dangers, threatening conditions the officers and men ecounter in these hostile environment. I beg you these are not your sla

  15. 2016 welcome says:

    Initially Malawi government (DPP) wanted to play down the economic hardships but see, you can hide sickness but not death. By and by Malawi is being eaten up to the core yet the head of state is still snoring in deep hibernation.

  16. cbk says:

    Leave them alone and let them do their job,ngati pasowa pogwila ndiye musawapute ameneo please .

  17. Charity makawa.nottingham says:

    Money shouldn’t be the motivator or reward to perform national duty.only pationate patriotic individuals should be allowed to represent other national people should be paid extra for doing their day to day which they volunteered for. People should understand that offering a service to the nation shouldn’t be a job but a duty. I deployed to Iraq in 2007 and afghan in 2009 as one of the many malarial in the British army. We were getting less than 20 000 leachate per day of allowance today they still get between 40 000 kwacha and 60 000 kwacha per day..when fighting overseas..and about 10000 kwacha when training locally. Remember the British army receive a better pay that Us army
    .however if given better equip and better training and if the state is clearly looking after soldiers by offering them the best it can honestly do..then it’s like working for No..or Banks the salary is good enough to live need to cry over allowances..the basic pay should be realistic so that our soldiers.
    National team and other citizens performing national duty shouldn’t loose out financially compared to those in private sectors..we can only achieve this if we kill corruption by introducing good governance
    Our boys and girls are risking their lives. Give them some better pay to appreciate who they are and what they do.. Not allowances to suppress their misery temporary. Amen

  18. Nathan says:

    Ine m’mene ndimawonera asirikali a kwathu kuno, sindinu oti Boma lingakubereni. M’mene zikuwonekeramu, bomali silikuganizilani mpang’ono pomwe ndiponso bomali limakudelerani. Yankho ndi Coup basi!

  19. Winston Msowoya says:

    I have seen a handful of Africa’s Armed Forces the way they behave,but Malawi’s Armed Forces are different from them in that they preserve their dignity and respect while Malawi’s are obsequious used by leaders for their own interests.This is the army which was used to protect and defend the murderous Banda’s regime for three decades of slavery and oppression.Look now,their pitiful salaries are thought to be slashed,how are they going to feed their families in the wake of economic uncertainty which has drastically engulfed the whole nation.Our Armed Forces are too much of the YES BWANA,while prostitutes in the government are treated with golden gloves.

  20. Jj says:

    Angomulanda dziko usirikari sintchito ya masewera kupita ku drc kumakhala kusaina kukaphedwa kapena kukhala ndi moyo paja chaka chatha taluza wina koko

  21. Jahan says:

    Everything else is having its budget cuts except the state house and ministers allowances…? Infact, the state house is even having an increase in budget, the president has a moving toilet in case he wants to poo while on the road. This is very funny!

  22. Eliot Chamveka says:

    Malawian leaders always corrupt soldiers are busy working while others are trying to pull down the tremendous job they do.plz give them the allowances agreed

  23. Alungwana says:

    The blood of the dzalanyama men will haunt you and your accounts!

  24. born says:

    Onunkha chiphwisi mkamwa nde wawonjeza,nawenso army commander uli phwiii osalanda boma,malawi wangaaaa!!!! shupiti!!!

  25. jjjj says:

    coup basi

  26. kanchenga says:

    Khobidi loti mube labvuta pa Malawi mwati mungobera asilikaliwa. Muzichitako manyazi. Padzanso mumabera wodwala edzi. Ahaaaa nzosadabwitsa. Koma apa pokha chitani manyazi usilikali ndiwowopsya. Musaabere anthuwa.

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