Malawi soldiers, police battle with villagers

Malawi army soldiers have been deployed in Dedza to battle charcoal burners, a week- long exercise that has confisticated 200 bags of charcoal as of Thursday.

Malawi Army soldiers

Malawi Army soldiers

Alick Mitawa, district forestry officer for Dedza confirmed his office was working with over 30 soldiers in a fight against deforestation in Dedza.

“We had a successful operation in Thuma forest, we managed to successfully flush out the charcoal burners and we will now be moving to Chongoni forest,” he said.

He said the exercise, which started on Monday, was initiated after a similar exercise in Dzalanyama forest.

In Kasungu, one police officer was injured after irate villagers grabbed and assaulted him as police officers were recovering bags of fertilizer meant for the farm input subsidy which villagers allegedly looted from a truck following a misunderstanding.

Sekani Tembo, officer in charge for Kasungu Police said her officers went to Chisizime village in chief Kaomba’s village to recover the fertilizer but met stiff resistance from villagers.

The police had to use teargas to disperse the angry villagers.

Eye witnesses said the village looked like a besieged battlefield as the police recovered the fertillizer in a fierce battle with the resisting villagers.

One Admarc official was arrested in connection with the theft of the Fisp fertilizer.

In Phalombe four people have been arrested after they failed to explain how they were found with 50 bags of Fisp fertillizer which they were transporting to Blantyre on Thursday.

John Chiwalo of Phalombe police said initially the suspects said they had bought the fertilizer from Admarc but when the police insisted they go to Admarc to verify, they started changing tunes.

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30 thoughts on “Malawi soldiers, police battle with villagers”

  1. amfumu says:

    Without any alternative,forests will disappear in Malawi.We need sound policies (not police)on sustainable energy.Without electricity,wind or solar energy makala is the only way for the poor.Sending soldiers will work in the short term but people will not sit and be intimidated for long.Very myopic policy

  2. mmalawi weniweni says:

    Kodi za nyanja zili pati Ku Tz Ku ?

  3. DOLCANO says:


  4. chipie says:

    Wa army “MDF”, Wamakala “charcoal burner”. ehehehe sound vry funny.

  5. zandikhudza says:

    Mumati ndiphikire chani? ndi anthu angati amaphikira magetsi ku Malawi kuno. kumeneko ndiye kuganiza kopanda kusova problem. Olny 10 percent ue electricity in Malawi and Government expect to solve the problem of charcoal burning? Encourage people to plant many trees and government to provide electricity to all people.

  6. Mphepo Zinai says:

    In Mulanje, army deployed to contain Mulanje cedar poachers. The tree will soon be extinct. I hear yesterday alone 30 people arrested. Keep it up army!

  7. Masiku Otsiliza says:

    MDF, MPS & Forest personels! what do u & ur relatives use in coocking ?! God shall ask u of ur deeds while on Earth. Be wise & careful!

  8. Charles Tsoyo says:

    Nyasande my country

  9. ngongoliwa says:


  10. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Osakamenya ndiasilika a Magufuli bwanji?????? Akutilanda nyanja mukuona

  11. Mashamase says:

    Mumapanga check Malala koma mwpeza fertilize, zoseketsa zedi,

  12. swiswiri mbewa says:

    Let us protect our forests at any cost. These greedy charcoal burners should be flushed out of the natural forests. No excuse for breaking the law (destruction of forests).

  13. Jayjay says:

    Most people in cities with electricity prefer to use charcoal other than electricity because it is found to be cheaper than latter. The root cause of deforestation is abnormal electricity tarrifs, deal with blackouts and electricity cost in addition to assisting citizen acquire power alternatives then go and enforce that law.

  14. Yona says:

    We need to stop charcoal business that’s all. It’s unfortunate we have been talking about this for so long that people think Government is not serious in anything. But we need to quickly promote alternatives. Encourage businesses to bring in gas stoves and remove any tax for such importations. Make gas an affordable commodity etc. Make a policy to use cement blocks instead of burnt bricks etc. Make.then roving tax on any cement blocks making business.

  15. keyboard says:

    Do a root cause analysis, then you will know where the problem is.If charcoal business is booming, only secoind to body parts business and prostitution, then surely there is demand. Why is there demand for charcoal? I am sure some of those soldiers have charcoal at their homes. Malawi is a country always in self denial.

  16. Well done government actually ‘good morning’ from a long deep sleep. We need to protect our forest – show people/community that there is a law to protect natural resources. Do not listen to some idiots who want our country to remain bare desert. The stupidity in this country has been too much. So bravo government and bravo our soldiers show people that there are many ways they can make a living. I have never met a millionaire from charcoal burning !

  17. Mweneh says:

    Happy New Year Malawi!!!!The battle against deforestation cannot be won by bruising the communities with the presence of soldiers. Address the root cause: Provide the poor with affordable solar stoves, and the demand for charcoal will wither away. Plz give the people alternatives. What is there for the poor if not charcoal?? I’m against charcoal burning and the way you fight it.

  18. advisory committee says:

    This is a mixed bsg story from charcoal to fertlizer but thanks to the security agents for protecting the forests

  19. helbert HB Mhango says:

    moti muzikalimbana ndi akuba m’matauni….. non sense

  20. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Going south. Ma rubbish business, this is a manifestation of poverty.

  21. Chindidalipo says:

    please use the pictures you captured. The picture you have used for MDF vehicle is of July 2010 while on patrol and this was in MZUZU city not Dedza pls.

  22. Mtsikana sachepa. says:

    Bravo! MDF. I hate charcoal burners , I hate poachers , I hate robbers. They are enemies of our country. Malawi society is now so sick that no any voice of reason can work. Everybody thinks stealing and destruction is right. Such people needs tough measures.

  23. Limbani Maxwell Teputepu says:

    I don’t understand with our government. Ministry of Defence must not just accept any proposals from other departments or ministries. Malawi Defence Force is being misused now. what is the benefit of kulanda makala..what is important is to stop people for burning charcoal illegally than taking the charcoal that has been burnt already. what’s the role of the Ministry of Agriculture and Police? One day you will deploy the soldiers into the streets and it will be difficult to take them out of the streets. With ESCOM mess, I believe firewood and charcoal is the only source of power for domestic use. #DontAbuseOurSoldiersAtMDF

  24. Lydia Phiri says:

    Govt should use the same criteria to chase land encroachers in Soche, Mpingwe, Chilobwe and other areas. BOMA lisaope anthu amene akukhala malo olakwika opangitsa boma kumaluza ndalama, komanso Boma lisawaope anthuwo chifukwa ambiri adatengera mwai wa ndale kupeza malowo. Kale a City ndi a Housing samalora zimenezo why today please.

  25. Bandawe says:

    We need of this, our country is going as we happily watch. They must stop this trade its divisive and mad for us and for the generations to come

  26. Mwangophatikiza nkhani za fertilizer ndi makala ndiye tiyambe ndi yamakalayo ngati boma likufuna kuthetsa mchitidwe owotcha makala choyamba apeze kaye solution pa nkhani ya maphikidwe zikakhala za fertilizer musova

  27. anadimba says:

    muwapatse chochita apo biii simuwatha.dziko lavuta ili. Kujoni, xenophobia. Ku malawi ,forestphobia, no employment aIPTe ango kkhala no hope for employment, apolice ndiye akudya mmisewu mwa driver. Iiii tilowere kuti?

  28. nkhuku mkumwa says:

    Lucky of jobs what else can we do to earn our living? Danm our government

  29. People of the Land says:

    We must provide solutions to these people, if these people had an alternative they would bot have been involved in burbing charcoal. Azi gwatu anthuwa alibe pogwira.

    Am just imagining how much money has gone into this operation? How much difference would it make if same amount of money is provided to the charcoal guys to venture into meaningful business other than charcoal? Alot of money has gone towards fuel, allowances and other logistical items in a very short period of time but providing seed money to these guys would mean life transformation for a long period of time.

    What next: crimes shud expect to go up in the country, ufiti shud be in rise, stress, divorces cases will be high, deaths due to stress will be order of the day among many other effects that we may not anticipate now.

    I PRAY FOR MALAWI TO HAVE LEADERS AT DIFFERENT LEVELS WHO HAVE SUSTAINABLE MEANS TO END SOXIAL AND ANY OTHER PROBLEMS WE HAVE. SELFISH leaders will kill this country, allowances are a priority and self interest in each program and how do we move forward as a country. Holy ghost fireeeeee to all selfish leaders at all levels in our country firee fireeeeee

  30. nasimati says:

    Its all very well but what is the altenative outthere for people to use?

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