Malawi Speaker hit biker dead: Sifro boss dies in car crash

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya is reported to have been involved in a road accident as he was driving himself an official car hitting a cyclist dead, Police said they are investigating.

Sifro car which was involved in anaccident killing its boss.--Phoro by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

Sifro car which was involved in anaccident killing its boss.–Phoro by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

The Sifro car --Phoro by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

The Sifro car –Phoro by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

Msowoya reportedly hit the bitter at Chisemphere in Kasungu.

The car damaged.-Phoro by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

The car damaged.-Phoro by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

While the cyclist died, the Speaker escaped with only a few bruises and did not require hospital treatment.

Police said they are investigating the incident.

“An investigation into this matter is already underway,” a police spokesman in Kasungu said.

In another development involving a road accident, a31 year old Malawian of Indian origin, Sifro Company Manager has died and his driver injured in a road accident when the car they were travelling in overturned on Thursday near Cross Roads Hotel, along Kamuzu procession road in Lilongwe.

The car swerved off the road after his driver lost control and over turned several times before hitting a tree.

Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer, Kingsley Dandaula, said the accident was tragic killing Belala on the spot while his driver, Shafik Jusabu, is in battling for his life at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

“The accident happened at Santa Plaza along Kamuzu Procession Road because the driver lost control of the vehicle and it swerved off the road, overturned several times before hitting a tree,” explained Dandaula

He added that: “The victims were taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital where Belala was confirmed dead but his driver survived and is in a serious condition at the hospital.”

The vehicle registration number is DA 4664, A Land Rover, and the victims were heading to Lilongwe Hotel.

According to Police, the driver, Jusabu comes from Mundawa Village, T/A Chikumbu in Mulanje.

Dandaula said preparations by Belala relatives are underway to fly the body to India for burial. –Additional reporting by Agrippa Ngwenya – LINA

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52 thoughts on “Malawi Speaker hit biker dead: Sifro boss dies in car crash”

  1. ZZ Junior says:

    This man should step down.

  2. Prof opanda zeru banda says:

    Kodi sanavulare guys

  3. Brino says:

    I gave just read n not commented

  4. Chimwere Kumunda says:

    ngozi ina iliyonse pamene moyo wa munthu watayika ndiyomvetsa chisoni posatengera kuti munthu ndiwamtundu wanji.Tipepese kubanja la anamfedwa potaya mbale wao.Tipemphe aMalawi wonse kuti tizisamala pamseu,tisatengeke ndikusangalatsa kwa liwiro pamseupa.Let us observe road safety!

  5. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    The Speaker not showing good judgement here at all; if he was aware that he was involved in a fatal accident. If not stopping to help the victim is not a crime, it certainly wrong morally. Regardless of perceived fear of being assaulted by witnesses or passersby.
    The Speaker’s moral standing is now in question. Perhaps he should reconsider his position in parliament. I wonder what the opinion of Rev. Chakwera is on this subject. Or that of Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula. Principles before favoritism, please.

  6. Matilda says:

    Bola M’malawi wathu sanafe ndipo achila!wonzunza amwenye athe basi!

  7. mpimpa says:

    seriously pamenepaja Galimoto singafike pamenepa inu mumathamangira chani? Komaso DPP mukufuna kutiphera speaker shame on you. Richard wathu will mot die.

  8. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    I m sudden by cruel comments by fellow contributors .where is my lovely nation heading to, we used to feel sorry for any death but some people are competing as if they are eating waste of humans no wonder we are killing each other without mercy

  9. Lilongwe says:


  10. Ambolozio says:

    Ngozi siwona malo zachika zatha R.I.P Belala, Iam say sorry 2 Saifro staff for lose a great man u have 2 pray hard so dat Allah shall give u another boss lyk mr Belala ameen.

  11. Mchenje says:

    My Hsrip Wishing Quick Recovery to the injured

  12. Mchenje says:

    Ngozi Ilibe Ukatswiri Sibwino Commenting For The Sake Of Commenting

  13. Biswel says:

    Speed kills pliz my fellow drivers

  14. Jika says:

    He was my boss
    may he’s soul rest in peace.
    Get well soon shafiq.

  15. Kwangwagwa says:

    Amwenye mutengerepo phunziro. Mutha nonse ndi ngozi zamagalimoto chifukwa simiyendesa bwino ayi. Ndipo zachita bwino wafa wekha musanatigunde ife woyenda pansi kapena pa kabaza

  16. G.M. Ngwira says:

    I hope traffic police are not out of road otherwise this is what we projected. The intensity of crash damages reflects the accident was involved @ crash speed far above the set speed limit (50km/hr) for urban roads, which cannot be accepted and has to stop. Motorists please don’t be enthusiastic with speeding because speed is a major influencing factor of high severity crashes. Research has shown that speed violation is @ the core of crash and injury problems globally and in Malawi. Thanks for reading this.

  17. zione says:

    Pepani amdala mwapona…..yewo Yesu!!!!

  18. Bingu anayika ma hump Malo ena mwaiwo amakonda kuchitika ngozi ngati
    Pa Dedza ndi Ntcheu,ngozi zinachepa mmalo amenewa ngakhale nkhutukunve zina zimathamangabe
    Vuto pa MW ndi overspeeding basi,how can someone lose control at crossroads?

  19. Joe Nkhata says:

    Sad news

  20. will says:

    if the church cant wake-up and pray against these accidents, then we are yet to see many dying on the roads of Malawi. How can the whole Speaker drive on his own at a long distance like that? God should be merciful to us we’ve so far experienced more road accidents than ever yet more traffic police men are on the road. HELP US OUR MERCIFUL FATHER!

    1. Analyst says:

      It is this attitude of bringing in the church in everything that has made Malawi remain poor as it is. The roads are bad. Period. Single carriage ways throughout and in bad conditions. At the same time, as small as the roads are, cyclists also come in demanding a good portion of the same road. Driving licenses are sold like CDs. Traffic police is just there to get bribes. Do you mean when the church prays God will come down and construct good roads for you? Do you mean when your church prays, people will stop driving while drunk? This is the duty of government through the roads authority and police to bring sanity on the roads and in the end reduce accidents. Stop blaming God or running to the church for all your failures. Because you are just brainwashed you cannot see the simple real cause of these accidents mpaka kuyamba kuganiza kuti mwina ndi Satanic. Wake up and accept some of these realities

  21. Boyd Kilembey says:

    How can any driver lose control of a car at Crossroads. This was solicited death. They were overspeeding basi…They wanted to become motor racing drivers in a City. I have no sympathy for such deaths.

  22. Ha ha ha says:

    Bcoz it was wakwinu Msowoya ndiyevosapanga report kuti it was hit and run? Mapwevupwevu mukuwawona nokha sopano

  23. Blessings Soko says:

    It was just an accident,tiyeni tisiye zonse mmanja mwa JEHOVAH iye ndi yemwe amaziwa tsiku lakufa munthu,ause muntendele ndipo mulungu asamalire osalawo,ineso ndizikupemphelelani.

  24. chester chaguma says:

    ngati zayamba choncho kutsogoloko zilibwanji

  25. Sapitwa says:

    Byron, which Israel are you referring to? Jerusalem is an old City with many narrow streets. Many of its cars have scratches. Yes, they have freeways from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and wider roads from Jerusalem to Nazareth,Tiberius etc and they are very rich to be compared to Malawi.
    To solve this problem, the Government MUST be tough on:
    1. Issuing of Drivers Licenses( strictly to those who have passed Theory and Practices)
    2. Road Signs MUST be improved and adhered to.
    3. Increase speed Cameramen
    4. Traffic Fines heavily imposed
    5. Remove unworthy vehicles from the roads.
    6. All Radio Stations should have a Time Stint on Road Traffic Program to teach the public.
    7. Diffensive Driving course a MUST for every Driver
    8. Revoke drivers licenses from offenders and they should go back to the Driving School, pass and re-issued one.
    Tough Traffic Laws introduced.
    May be we can see some changes and feel safe on our roads.

    1. Soccer Fan says:

      The road from Lumbadzi to Jenda is too narrow. It becomes very difficult to pass each other worse when it is a Track… Overtaking is always at your own risk.
      The Government should widen the road shoulders like the Late Bingu did with the Dedza, Blantyre via Zalewa Road…

  26. Mapuya says:

    Ngozi ndi ngozi that’s why kunabwera dzina loti ngozi’ may their souls rest in peace’



  28. Malo akeo over speeding it better afa woka

  29. such is life. Palibe cachilendo

  30. Namulondola says:

    Lilongwe City Speed Limit is 50km/hour whatsoever. Out of negligence we are tempted to exceed prescribed limit.

  31. chingolopiyo says:

    No1 all accident does not happen due to careless driving. There are a number of factors that Malawians should think of before jumping into the car.
    1 The condition of the tyres
    2. The tyre pressure not being correct. Look where we inflate our tyres, there is no correct gauge
    3. Poor shock absorbers. Most of the cars we have are old
    4. Lack of proper services
    5. Most cars have road tax but do not qualify to be fit and some get the certificate of fitness while at the house- Corruption at Road traffic is contributing to deaths
    6. Poor police performance to enforce the road traffic laws allowing poor cars operate on the road.
    7 Poor driving standards. Most malawians have driving licence when they have not qualified because someone has taught them where the gas pedal, brake and clutch and now with automatic cars, its getting worse.
    8 No good driving schools with qualified instructors.
    We have a long way to go. Let the traffic police impound all vehicles that are not road worthy. The insurance companies should change only insured drivers should drive not everyone cause they have a fake driving licence.
    Let road traffic be overhauled and new and authentic processes should be put into place. End corruption.

    1. Analyst says:

      Nothing really to add. Well said. But you should also take not that the roads are too bad and small

  32. wotchani says:

    Basi malemuyu since he is a Malawian awotchedwe and phulusa lake mukataye ku Shire kuti anthu amene akupanga irrigation apatepo fertiliser wa bhoo

  33. Chimani. Game says:

    City speed clear he was overspeeding

  34. che kamba says:

    Zitsilu inu munenanso kut ndi dpp yachititsa

  35. truemalawi2019 says:

    @ ngwazi, please read carefully, it wasn’t the “mwenye” driving,it was hisd driver who is Malawian. Let’s stop assuming the cause of the accident. neither of us were in the car to know what happened. We should be asking God to save the injured and bless the soul of the deceased.

  36. Nchifukwa amati ngozi coz pafupi ndi roundabout timakhala titachepetsa speed tisanene zambili ngozi basi

  37. Mhesha says:

    Spear? Sorry that’s man slaughter!!!

  38. Byron says:

    Malawian roads are pathetic and too narrow.It is time a network of highways was introduced countrywide with drivers being comfortable on different lanes.

    It is easy to implement a highway system in Malawi because the country is small.Why can’t Malawian leaders learn from Israel which has a sophisticated highway system and yet it’s size is similar to that of Malawi? The country needs replanning and creating a transportation policy that will put it at a different level.It is sad that almost every week we hear of accidents.

  39. pat says:

    Money speaks. Poti ndi a speaker ‘the police are investigating. Akanakhala minibus driver bwezi mukuti ‘driver arrested, pending court trial tomorrow with a possible life sentence. Lord have mercy!

  40. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Mwati a Speaker amayendetsa yekha

  41. Vyanje says:

    Is this the image of the vehicle that involved the Speaker in the accident with the pedestrian in Kasungu or Sifro’s accident along
    Kamuzu Procession road. Show us images of both accident! Scaring…eh?! Is Nyasa Times verge by design here…?!

  42. naphiri says:

    Rest in peace my brother.

  43. In the know says:

    Nyasa you are so careless with spelling. What is phor or you you meant photo?

  44. dennis says:

    Malowa ayamba kudabwitsa chonde chonde boma do something remember two weeks ago same place some one dead on ghe spot after mec benz and audi hit head own even though before many people are dyeing there in the cause of accident please put hamps
    May his soul rest in peace

  45. Nkhedu says:


  46. Amwene Ngozi ya mwenyeyu sichinaso ayi koma careless driving and overspeeding..taonani mene yaphwanyikila galimoto a clear sign it was over speeeding..

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