Malawi spy chief Dausi misleads Mutharika on clergy

Chief spy Nicholus Dausi lied to President Peter Mutharika that Catholic Archbishop Thomas Msusa and Evangelical Lutheran Church leader Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe’s sermons at the Independence interdenominational prayers on July 5 were calling the President to step down.

Dausi:  Told Mutharika the clergy meant the President should step down

Dausi: Told Mutharika the clergy meant the President should step down

Nyasa Times sources said Dausi in his security briefing to the Head of State, indicated that he analysed and ‘gathered’ that the two Bishops sermon meant that Mutharika should step down.

“The President was so angry at this kind of analysis,” said State House source.

In his sermon, Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa warned that Malawi will remain underdeveloped unless its leaders embrace an ideology that seeks to transform the country despite the many challenges Malawians are currently facing.

He also questioned the integrity of local leaders from both government and the opposition sides.

The Bishop also said the conduct of some leaders has led to the economic underperformance of the country as they in most cases indulge in corruption.

The Archbishop also wondered why leaders appoint many advisers to help them in various affairs of the state.

According to Bishop Msusa, some of the advisers make the leaders fail.

“Sometimes the advisers that we appoint (contribute) to the downfall of our leadership. We need to be clear on why we need some of these advisers.”

“On this point I want to emphasise that I am not specific on one leader but all of us leaders either in the church, civil society organisations, and politics. As we are now, Malawi needs leaders who are transformative if (the country) is to enjoy economic growth,” said Archbishop Msusa.

Bishop Bvumbwe gave out his sermon in Chichewa which centred on how people are self-centred and how freedoms and rights are being exercised without responsibility.

The irony of it all is that the President himself read the first reading of the day which was taken from the book of Genesis: “Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream”.

It is not known whether the President understood the scriptures before reading or he waited for this notorious spy chief to deliberately mislead him.

Nyasa Times source who is privy to the going-ons at State House said many people are wondering why such straight forward sermons are not easily understood as teachings of the clergy to God’s people.

“Should it really take one Nicholas Dausi to pretend to be a “man of God” and mislead the President for us to see the light?”

“We are stunned by the accusation of the clergy as, just like many Malawians, we thought that the sermons were a true reflection of our position as a state 51 years after independence. With overzealous characters like Mr. Dausi, we can rest assured that the next 50 years will be the same where the leadership is taken for a ride and lied to as if there is no tomorrow,” said the source who said he has decided to let the ‘cat out of the bag’ for Malawians to know the truth.

He said Dausi needs to concentrate his energies on the security breakdown in the country as part of his key roles in collaboration with the Malawi Police Service.

“Elsewhere, the intelligence people play a crucial role in National Security issues not bringing confusion between the government and the church. Dausi’s job is in National Intelligence and that cause for an intelligent person. Otherwise, we need to rename the NIB to NGB – National Gossip Bureau,” said the source.

Dausi did not respond to our requests for comments.

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59 thoughts on “Malawi spy chief Dausi misleads Mutharika on clergy”

  1. Obster says:

    This is bad gossip and cowardly, why not himself tell the president to step down and not using crergies attack, Indeed we don’t have leaders in Malawi neh, stop gossiping and let us all build our Malawi.

  2. Haxormon says:

    I think Malawi should establish a good bureau like CIA which is in the constitution not the MW's current version

  3. Emmanuel Kandikana says:

    poor background is what made him to do that

  4. patriot weniweni says:

    This clown of an intelligence man will increasingly confuse the already confused Pitala.Uyu kazitape wa nthawi ya Kamuzu will not help Pitala and he is just a waste of tax payers money with his cooked up stories to save his butter and bread.

  5. vavlov says:

    The president should have known that he appointed a very useless, ex-Malawi young pioneer as head of intelligence. The man is excessively dull, in fact he cant even manage a small chicken farm. So how do you expect him to head intelligence? His understanding of issue is below a kindergarten child. All he knows is create confusion through lies, what an idiot!!! The best job for this man is to be a bodyguard, or driver of the president, since he likes to ass-lick

  6. Hino says:

    You call Dausi intelligence? KKKKKKKKK. Ask JZU, or Kamuzu. These people will tell you how miserable gossiper Dausi is? He don’t have any credentials and all he knows is gossip.

  7. Real Patriot says:

    Pitala claims to be a high profile lawyer.Why did he have to wait for sanjika gateman kazitape Nicholas Dausi to interpret the clergy sermon?Pitala anagontha makutu samva?Eee muchokedi dziko lakukanikani kuyendetsa ndikubera mavoti.Palibe chimene chikuyenda.Just a total time waster.

  8. Mwana Mulanje says:

    You call this dunderhead intelligence chief? He is just chief gossiper and misinterpreter!

  9. ndadabwa says:

    a Peter mukukwiya chiani. a Malawi sitikukufunani muchokedi. ndiponso mumatichititsa manyazi chinkhope chanu chonyasacho

  10. Its long over due! A dausi anena zomwe anauzidwa komaso akuona. Uthenga sulemera aPresident ziko lakanika chinthu cha nzeru angachite ndikupanga resign nde poti Green Card uli nthumba muntha kupita Ku America chifukwa nanuso K92bn cashgate ikupezelelani.Taonani lero kwacha yagwa sopano timva kuti Mafuta, bonya,feteleza,zakwera kuchipatala makhwala kulibe ambulance sikuenda chifukwa mafuta kulibe. Resigning is the only best thing you can do and Malawian will remember you for that!

  11. govala says:

    Thats why i dont envy these recycled politicians cos zomwe amalangiza atsogoleri ena mbuyomo ndi zomwe akuchitabe panopo. After all mbuyomo palibe anatithandiza, we need new blood,.

  12. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Now you will why JZU was not recognising this man in MCP, Its becoz of his well sharpened lips for lies.

  13. Dr Ben says:

    Kodi ma PHD aku Cypress amapelekedwa weekend anakuphonyani bwanji bwenzi pano tikuti Dr Dausi. Intelligence inalepheleka pamenepa amzanu pano ndife ma Dr. Kumachenjela pa town osamangokhalira miseche

  14. kholowa mkabudula says:

    kkkkkkkkk mayoooo ine Dausi chief intelligence officer! kodi ndiye amavalanso magalasi a tintedi adausiwa ngati wa intelligence abale?

  15. Ha!ha!ha!banana republic for sure,Peter you must flog dausi head first because he is not helping you one bit, blunder after blunder, not good for your stress baba.

  16. First offender says:

    Zilibe umboni mukufuna Dausi atani pa ntchito yake?

  17. First offender says:

    37 ukasumilidwe ndiwe ndaninso kudziko lamalawi.ngakhale kumudzi kwanu anthu samakuziwa iweyo

  18. ophiri says:

    kkkkkkk aya aya aya dausi the misinterpreter

  19. Chalume says:

    What can I say? The most important asset in an intelligence organization is INTELLIGENCE. If we don’t have it in those running the organization, this should not be surprising.

  20. Steven says:

    This then means that Presidential adviser on Religious affairs is not doing his job properly because he is the right man to interpret to the President

  21. Chozemba chidzakumana ndi chokwawa!!! says:

    2 points to Dausi for a very smart and straight forward conclusion of the whole matter!!! Iwedi ndi okhwima maganizo!! Kumeneko ndiko kulankhula, munthu osamamunamiza koma kumuuza zoona zokha zokha!! Chachikulu wamva uthengawo!! Iweyo Dausi ungoyesetsa kusamala, chifukwa kunjaku kwagwa ngozi zapamseu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Evangelist Blessings Mduli Chirwa says:

    In normal circumstances Peter Wa Mthalika is supposed to be at home eating his pension money not to be in a buzy office like the OPC. That’s why he is easily deceived by uneducated savages like Dausi. People who only read the dictionary and memorize bombastic words and put them in their memorized speech. Listen and listen and listen very carefully:::::::: Your times to play with us Malawians is gone!!!!!!!!!!! very soon you will see how Malawians will be reacting to your stupid activities. Know that Malawian are not fools!!!!!!! we are watching you!!!!!( Can Nyasatimes contact me please on +2789747505 that i can briefly explain what a strongly formed task force (in Cape Town,South Africa) towards end of such stupidity in Malawi political life has set to do.

  23. fredpa says:

    koma utsogoleri winawu, umwana wokhawokha.Zomapita ku university through quota ndi izi zizindikiro zake tsono,PhD yako ili apo koma zochitika kumanamizidwa ndi takataka ngati amene yoyo.Koma ife nde tilibe msogoleri,kaya mukandisumila koma bola ndanena.Mr president anthu akulandani upresident mukuwona wake up,what kind of aleader are you?

  24. Really says:

    Does this mean that the President is deaf or what? I thought he was in attendance too. So did Dausi had to go and tell the President what was said. The speeches were not in parables either. If that is the case Malawians we got to be scared about the state of mind of our Leader. Please stop confusing the Leader. The country is not heading the right direction. The more you confuse him the worse things will get. Why not tell him what to do in order to develop the country. Is gossip the only thing you can go and tell the President? People are suffering and yet someone sees that the priority is telling the President about baseless gossip. Look now , the President is suing. Are u going to advise him to sue these guys too? Please Dausi, grow up and have the heart for the people of Malawi. Things are tough. This won’t solve anything other than squeezing the Country that is barely breathing.

  25. BAZUZU B. says:

    That’s the best Malawian leaders know: gossip. Gossip is the sauce to rivet one’s position and pursue one’s desires with favours from the topmost gurus.

  26. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    How transformative are Catholic Clergy themselves?

  27. Tholo says:

    This is very bad of Dausi. By the way, where is his former Deputy Mwandidya? I think the young man started doing us proud. The only unfortunate thing is that our system don’t like courageous and honest young men like him.

  28. André Lucas Henriques Moenda says:

    Mr President take him (Dausi) out of your government because he’s not a good friend.

  29. Change says:

    Dausi was a mere photographer of Mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira. He has no ideal about gathering and reporting any intelligence. This Dausi can not even write on a computer. Shame on our intelligence and shame on our country.

  30. Tiuanjane says:

    Thanks God that the concerned clergy were not from a place which would have resulted into this debate turning into ugly and cheap ethnic remarks.

  31. Billy says:

    very sorry state how can Dausi a catholic christian for that matter say that to the Presdent of a state i hope the PRESDENT will do some thing to these type of people.

  32. john says:


  33. Patrick Phiri says:

    This story is a total fabrication.

  34. mopia says:

    are aware that terror acts going on in the country is Dausi’s making as the Nigerian incumbent did with Boko Haram to frustrate Goodluck’s government. This is a piece of advice to the IG and MDF commander. Please advise the president. CIA source

  35. 0888154110 0997236470 says:

    Dausi ameneyi agwetsedwe mu Mpingo. Amangidwe ma Sacrament. That Guy is a Catholic. Ameneyi awone zinawona Mai Hilda Manjakhosi nthawi ya Kamuzu Banda. Nchifukwa dziko la Malawi silikutukuka. Anthu akumamunamidza President kwambiri

  36. Alinafe Nedi says:

    I fail to understand how Dausi misinformed the President as the article does not clearly explain what is the issue. With due respect, Dausi, whether dramatizing or real has demonstrated that in season and out of season, he is a Catholic. He “acted” the altar boy at Bingu’s funeral and would know exactly what goes on during mass. Like him or hate him, I have followed him on his path to fame. The man underwent both strict Catholic training for a while and later para-military training. He is probably one of the loyal sons of this nation. Would he really betray the Arch Bishop? I give him the benefit of the doubt. My take would be that he is a mature and God fearing individual. I need to be convinced about the opposite. Otherwise, the article is poorly constructed. Thanks!

  37. apundi says:

    musawatseke pakamwa malemba adalemba ndi MULUNGU, sa bishop adalemba iwe dausi samala

  38. Mwna wa Auze says:

    We need had prayers.. Fastings must go on inorder God to be with us. Atimenyere nkhondo

  39. Chisomo Kaliyeka says:

    God speaks to an individual as the message is being shared by the Man of God. It doesn’t require a Dausi to make the message sink. God spoke to Mutharika as an individual.
    It is very improper for one to say ill of Men of God, more especially when trying to satisfy your evil interests. God’s men speak by the Spirit of the Lord. Do not politicize every sermon.

  40. tain kutala says:

    The problem we have in this failed state is to allow mediocrity like this Dausi to be given important positions like NIB chief. What else can you expect from him? Lies..

  41. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    If the president did not understand that straight forward message from the bishop then he is indeed a headless cock. Malawians, let us not forget that it was this same Dausi that influenced MCP to deal with the mighty Catholic Bishops prior to the dawn of multiparty democracy. Chigalu ichimwee! These old politicians should never be given a chance to rule this country again! The whole president failing to analyse issues! idiot!

  42. Likoma Economist says:

    Dausi (NIB) Should also investigate a possible link between the sudden surge of armed robberies and terrorists, like al queda. These groups flourish in weak or failed states like Malawi. The’re probably testing your security: how quickly can the police react to a possible attack? Probably they want to divert the police’s attention to the (sponsored) armed robberies, while they’re planning a major attack right under their noses.
    These are some of the issues NIB should be worried about rather than what Bishops are saying.

  43. Bob says:

    Some people resort to lying to their just to be seen that they are working. But lying against men of God is a sin that cant go unpunished.

  44. Zwangendawa says:

    Kudyera pakamwa !!! Bola osadwala ma shingles pakamwapo , he will continue lying

  45. Zwangendawa says:

    Kudyera pa kamwa !!! Bola osadwala pakamwapo , he will keep on lying

  46. Soothsayer says:

    Who asked Dausi for an interpretation of the Clergy’s ceremonies when the HE himself was also there? If it is Peter himself, then that is what he expected to hear. Dausi may not be whole wrong and perhaps that is what he wants the president to do.

  47. Kenkkk says:

    Really? Shocking. Is our president not educated or intelligent enough to interpret on his own what the preachers are saying at a sermon he attended and himself read a verse? Is our president so deaf requiring someone to tell him later what was being said in church?

    And why Dausi of all the people and a myriad of advisers? Is this the start of the new clergy purge now? Accident again, remember Bishop Zuze?

  48. Likoma Intelligence Services says:

    Intelligence service by definition, requires intelligent people. It is a serious security service. Dausi is far from being intelligent. This is why our country is so vulnerable and insecure.
    It is the only country on earth where foreigners (including illigal immigrants) can walk in and out with impunity.

    The only country on earth that does not have a national registration system, but spends millions trying to perfect a “vehicle registration system”.
    Nobody checks these dubios pakistans etc flooding our country. What are they up to? What is the link to so many (mosques) and other dubious churches flooding our country? Soon, we will have Boko Haram or al queda or al shabab right in the centre of country.
    If it happened in Kenya or next door Tanzania, what makes us think it cannot happen in Lilongwe?
    NIB work up! Read the signs. Likoma Intelligence Service has warned you!

  49. Mwama Du says:

    Ill minds at work in ill party. Dausi can accecelarate the ruining of already ruined party. THE GOOD THING WE CAN EXPECT FROM DPP ZEALOTS IS HANDSCLAPPINGS AND CONFUSING THEIR CONFUSED NYAPAPI.

  50. Njolinjo says:

    A church sermon does not need any further explanation other than the one done by the men in white collar.

  51. Ganyavu says:

    Kodi inunso nanu Dausi ndi munthu oti mkudalila mbuzi yachabechabe

  52. goodwill says:

    Dausi ndiosamva anazolowera za Paonieer akufuna kuphetsanso ma Bishop.

  53. The Brains says:

    Mr Dausi, a Librarian, can’t make a good adviser. Leave men of God alone you fools of first class distinction.

  54. gwepenya says:

    A aaa! Ozanga obentha bentha(Dausi) koma mzoona zimeezi moti mkapita ku tchalitchi m’matere m’solakwitse opulezidentiwa ka ‘nga? Angupumani obenthabentha wati?

  55. Chimani. Game says:

    Hahaha causing confusion to to already confused boss too bad

  56. Benga Bush says:

    Inunso a Dausi mfuna anthu adzikhala wemphawempha chifukwa cha inu? Dont u see for yourself how dull your so called president is? Dont take Malawians to be kids guys

  57. Dr Ben Phiri says:

    Kkkkkkk mapwevu pwevu.. Che Dausi am the president of DPP in waiting. Samalani nonse

  58. Mr. Dausi apa nde mukufuna Kunamiza President ndi anthu. Mr APM just dismiss dausi akuononga mbiri ya chipani chathu cha DPP

  59. mphepo zinai says:

    This tells of the incompetence of this government. Dausi is just some buffon and one wonders how such a character could be given such an important responsibility as the one he holds.

    There are many more idiots in this government and this is just one of them. No wonder Malawi is just wallowing aimlessly and sinking fast!

Comments are closed.

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