Malawi spy chief Dausi misleads Mutharika on clergy

Chief spy Nicholus Dausi lied to President Peter Mutharika that Catholic Archbishop Thomas Msusa and Evangelical Lutheran Church leader Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe’s sermons at the Independence interdenominational prayers on July 5 were calling the President to step down.

Dausi:  Told Mutharika the clergy meant the President should step down

Dausi: Told Mutharika the clergy meant the President should step down

Nyasa Times sources said Dausi in his security briefing to the Head of State, indicated that he analysed and ‘gathered’ that the two Bishops sermon meant that Mutharika should step down.

“The President was so angry at this kind of analysis,” said State House source.

In his sermon, Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa warned that Malawi will remain underdeveloped unless its leaders embrace an ideology that seeks to transform the country despite the many challenges Malawians are currently facing.

He also questioned the integrity of local leaders from both government and the opposition sides.

The Bishop also said the conduct of some leaders has led to the economic underperformance of the country as they in most cases indulge in corruption.

The Archbishop also wondered why leaders appoint many advisers to help them in various affairs of the state.

According to Bishop Msusa, some of the advisers make the leaders fail.

“Sometimes the advisers that we appoint (contribute) to the downfall of our leadership. We need to be clear on why we need some of these advisers.”

“On this point I want to emphasise that I am not specific on one leader but all of us leaders either in the church, civil society organisations, and politics. As we are now, Malawi needs leaders who are transformative if (the country) is to enjoy economic growth,” said Archbishop Msusa.

Bishop Bvumbwe gave out his sermon in Chichewa which centred on how people are self-centred and how freedoms and rights are being exercised without responsibility.

The irony of it all is that the President himself read the first reading of the day which was taken from the book of Genesis: “Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream”.

It is not known whether the President understood the scriptures before reading or he waited for this notorious spy chief to deliberately mislead him.

Nyasa Times source who is privy to the going-ons at State House said many people are wondering why such straight forward sermons are not easily understood as teachings of the clergy to God’s people.

“Should it really take one Nicholas Dausi to pretend to be a “man of God” and mislead the President for us to see the light?”

“We are stunned by the accusation of the clergy as, just like many Malawians, we thought that the sermons were a true reflection of our position as a state 51 years after independence. With overzealous characters like Mr. Dausi, we can rest assured that the next 50 years will be the same where the leadership is taken for a ride and lied to as if there is no tomorrow,” said the source who said he has decided to let the ‘cat out of the bag’ for Malawians to know the truth.

He said Dausi needs to concentrate his energies on the security breakdown in the country as part of his key roles in collaboration with the Malawi Police Service.

“Elsewhere, the intelligence people play a crucial role in National Security issues not bringing confusion between the government and the church. Dausi’s job is in National Intelligence and that cause for an intelligent person. Otherwise, we need to rename the NIB to NGB – National Gossip Bureau,” said the source.

Dausi did not respond to our requests for comments.

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This is bad gossip and cowardly, why not himself tell the president to step down and not using crergies attack, Indeed we don’t have leaders in Malawi neh, stop gossiping and let us all build our Malawi.


I think Malawi should establish a good bureau like CIA which is in the constitution not the MW's current version

Emmanuel Kandikana

poor background is what made him to do that

patriot weniweni

This clown of an intelligence man will increasingly confuse the already confused Pitala.Uyu kazitape wa nthawi ya Kamuzu will not help Pitala and he is just a waste of tax payers money with his cooked up stories to save his butter and bread.


The president should have known that he appointed a very useless, ex-Malawi young pioneer as head of intelligence. The man is excessively dull, in fact he cant even manage a small chicken farm. So how do you expect him to head intelligence? His understanding of issue is below a kindergarten child. All he knows is create confusion through lies, what an idiot!!! The best job for this man is to be a bodyguard, or driver of the president, since he likes to ass-lick


You call Dausi intelligence? KKKKKKKKK. Ask JZU, or Kamuzu. These people will tell you how miserable gossiper Dausi is? He don’t have any credentials and all he knows is gossip.

Real Patriot

Pitala claims to be a high profile lawyer.Why did he have to wait for sanjika gateman kazitape Nicholas Dausi to interpret the clergy sermon?Pitala anagontha makutu samva?Eee muchokedi dziko lakukanikani kuyendetsa ndikubera mavoti.Palibe chimene chikuyenda.Just a total time waster.

Mwana Mulanje

You call this dunderhead intelligence chief? He is just chief gossiper and misinterpreter!


a Peter mukukwiya chiani. a Malawi sitikukufunani muchokedi. ndiponso mumatichititsa manyazi chinkhope chanu chonyasacho

swalalahi walehi wasaalaam

Its long over due! A dausi anena zomwe anauzidwa komaso akuona. Uthenga sulemera aPresident ziko lakanika chinthu cha nzeru angachite ndikupanga resign nde poti Green Card uli nthumba muntha kupita Ku America chifukwa nanuso K92bn cashgate ikupezelelani.Taonani lero kwacha yagwa sopano timva kuti Mafuta, bonya,feteleza,zakwera kuchipatala makhwala kulibe ambulance sikuenda chifukwa mafuta kulibe. Resigning is the only best thing you can do and Malawian will remember you for that!

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